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2011 Buick Enclave Toledo Navigation

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2011 Buick Enclave navigation manual from Toledo Buick dealer Balls Buick GMC www.ballasbuickgmc.com

2011 Buick Enclave navigation manual from Toledo Buick dealer Balls Buick GMC www.ballasbuickgmc.com

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  • 1. 2011 Acadia, Acadia Denali, Enclave, Traverse, Lucerne Navigation System MInfotainment System . . . . . . 3 Navigation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 If the System Needs Using the Navigation Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Ordering Map DVDs . . . . . . . . . . 70 Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Database Coverage Navigation Symbols . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Destination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 AM-FM Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Configure Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Voice Recognition . . . . . . . . 71 Satellite Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Global Positioning Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i-1 System (GPS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68Audio Players . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Vehicle Positioning . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 CD/DVD Player . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Problems with Route Auxiliary Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70
  • 2. Infotainment System 3Introduction GENERAL MOTORS, GM, the GM Emblem, CHEVROLET, the Surround are registered trademarks and the DTS logos and Symbol CHEVROLET Emblem, BUICK, are trademarks of DTS, Inc. the BUICK Emblem, GMC and © 1996-2010 DTS, Inc. All Rights the GMC Truck Emblem, and the Reserved. name LUCERNE are registered trademarks. The names ACADIA, ACADIA DENALI, ENCLAVE, and TRAVERSE are trademarks of General Motors LLC. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Copyright 1992-2010 Dolby Laboratories. All Manufactured under license under rights reserved. U.S. Patent #s: 5,451,942; 5,956,674; 5,974,380; 5,978,762; The information in this manual 6,487,535 & other U.S. and supplements the owner manual. worldwide patents issued & pending. DTS and DTS DigitalLitho in U.S.A. ©Part No. 25986869 B Second Printing 2010 General Motors LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  • 3. 4 Infotainment SystemThis manual describes features that Canadian Vehicle Owners While entering the vehicle or whenmay or may not be on your specific (Propriétaires des Véhicules turning the vehicle off, some DVDvehicle either because they are Canadiens) Map Disc noise is normal.options that you did not purchase Keeping your eyes on the road andor due to changes subsequent to A French language copy of this manual can be obtained from your mind on the drive is importantthe printing of this owner manual. for safe driving. The navigationPlease refer to the purchase your dealer or from: system has built-in featuresdocumentation relating to your On peut obtenir un exemplaire de intended to help keep your eyes onspecific vehicle to confirm each of ce guide en français auprès du the road and mind on the drive.the features found on your vehicle. concessionnaire ou à ladresse Some features may be disabledFor vehicles first sold in Canada, suivante: while driving. Note that thesesubstitute the name “General functions will be grayed-out.Motors of Canada Limited” for Buick Helm, Incorporated P.O. Box 07130 A grayed-out function indicates it isMotor Division, Chevrolet Motor not available when the vehicle isDivision, or GMC wherever it Detroit, MI 48207 moving.appears in this manual. 1-800-551-4123 . Become familiar with theKeep this manual with the owner Numéro de poste 6438 de langue française navigation system operation,manual in the vehicle, so it will be buttons on the faceplate, andthere if it is needed. If the vehicle is www.helminc.com touch-sensitive screen buttons ofsold, leave this manual in the the navigation system.vehicle. Overview Read this manual thoroughly to . Set up the audio by presetting become familiar with how the favorite stations, setting the navigation system operates. tone, and adjusting the speakers. The navigation system includes navigation and audio functions.
  • 4. Infotainment System 5. Set up the navigation features that does not include all traffic before beginning driving, such { WARNING restrictions or the latest road as entering an address or a changes, it may suggest using a preset destination. Avoid looking too long or too road that is now closed for often at the moving map on the construction or a turn that is. Set up your phone numbers navigation screen. This could prohibited by signs at the in advance so they can be called easily with the press of a cause a crash and you or others intersection. Because the system single button or a single voice can be injured or killed. Use the uses limited information, you must command (for navigation turn-by-turn voice guidance always evaluate whether following systems equipped with phone directions whenever possible. the systems directions is safe and capability). legal for the current conditions. Use the navigation system to: When the navigation system is { WARNING . Plan a route. turned on, a screen may appear with the information below, and you Taking your eyes off the road too . Select a destination using must read and acknowledge the long or too often while using the various methods and choices. information it contains. navigation system could cause a . Follow turn-by-turn route and crash resulting in injury or death to you or others. Focus your map guidance with voice { WARNING prompts, only if permitted by attention on driving. traffic laws, controls, and Taking your eyes off the road for conditions. extended periods could cause a crash resulting in injury or death You should always be alert and obey traffic and roadway laws and to you or others. instructions, regardless of the guidance from the navigation system. Because the navigation system uses street map information
  • 5. 6 Infotainment SystemTo help avoid a crash in which you After you acknowledge the start Every fifty times the vehicle isor others could be killed: up information you will be able started and the navigation system is. Always concentrate on your to access the NAV and DEST turned on, the Caution screen driving first by keeping your eyes functions. Once accessed, you can appears. After reading the caution, and mind on the road, and your enter or delete information in the press OK to load the map DVD hands on the wheel. navigation system or access other information. If OK is not pressed, all functions. See instructions later in buttons except for NAV and DEST. Follow system directions only if this section. can be accessed. You can also permitted by traffic laws, press the NAV or DEST button to controls, and conditions. have this Caution screen appear.. Before using this system, read When getting started, set the the owners manual and learn navigation system to your how it operates. preference or delete information you. Some system controls cannot may have entered using various be used the when vehicle is options. moving.
  • 6. Infotainment System 7Navigation System Overview A. RPT (Repeat) B. DEST (Destination) C. NAV (Navigation) D. North Up/Heading Up Symbol E. O (Power/Volume) F. No GPS Symbol G. FULL MAP Screen Button H. Map DVD I. CD/DVD Slot J. Source (AM, FM, XM (if equipped), CD, etc.) Screen Button K. Z (CD/DVD Eject) L. Auxiliary Jack M. Clock Screen Button N. f (Tune/Sound) O. AUDIO P. MENU Q. ¨ SEEK Screen Shown with Map Disc Inserted R. © SEEK
  • 7. 8 Infotainment SystemS. FAV (Favorite) English/Metric Units Deleting Personal InformationT. Map Scale To change the navigation screens This navigation system can record from English or metric, see “Driver and store personal information suchU. 0 (Zoom In) Screen Button Information Center (DIC)” in the as names and addresses. It isV. Mark Screen Button Index of the vehicles owner manual. recommended that stored personal information is deleted whenW. POI (Point of Interest) Screen Limit Features While Driving disposing the vehicle. See Button The navigation system may have Configure Menu on page 57 forX. 1 (Zoom Out) Screen Button this feature. deleting information from the address book.Language Press the Limit Features While Driving screen button to turn on Storing Radio Station PresetsFor vehicles with a Driver and off the ability to limit functionsInformation Center (DIC), see while driving. When this button is To set preset radio stations:“Vehicle Personalization” in the highlighted, the following functions 1. Press O to turn the system on.Index of the vehicles owner manual are limited while driving:to change the language of the 2. Press AUDIO and select thenavigation screens. . Music Navigator Scrolling desired band (AM, FM1, FM2, . Radio Category Scrolling XM1, or XM2 (if equipped)).For vehicles without a DriverInformation Center (DIC), the . Navigation Menu Scrolling and 3. Use f or ¨ © SEEK to theradio can be used to change the some functions desired station.language of the navigation screens: See “Category” under AM-FM Radio 4. Press and hold one of the1. Press O to turn the system on. on page 14 for more information. five preset screen buttons, at See “From Map” under Destination the bottom of the screen, until a2. Press MENU and select the on page 44 for more information. beep is heard or see the station Display screen button. Some functions remain limited displayed on the selected preset3. Select the language; English, regardless of the setting. button. Francais, Espanol.
  • 8. Infotainment System 95. Repeat the steps for each Entering a Destination by 6. Press the 2 Address preset. Using Address, Point of Entry icon.See “Storing Radio Station Presets” Interest, Previous Destination, 7. Press the state/province screenunder AM-FM Radio on page 14 for or the Map Method and Storing button, if needed, to change themore information. Preset Destinations current state or province.Setting the Clock Entering an Address . Enter the name or enter the To enter a destination by entering two-letter abbreviation.1. Press O to turn the system on. A list displays. the city name first:2. Press MENU to enter the . Press the List screen button Configure Menu options, then 1. If the radio is on with a map disc inserted, skip to Step 5. and select the state or press MENU repeatedly until the province. time is selected or press the 2. Press O to turn the system on. time screen button. 8. Press the City name screen 3. Insert the DVD map disc. See button and start entering the3. Press the Set screen button. “Installing the Map DVD” under city name.4. Press the Hours and Minutes − Maps on page 37 for more . If five or less names are and + to decrease or to increase information. available, a list displays. the time. 4. A caution may appear. Press OK . If more than five areSee “Setting the Clock” under to proceed. available, the List screenConfigure Menu on page 57 for 5. Press DEST. If guidance is button has a number in itmore information. already active, or if an entry is in that represents the number place, you will have to press of available cities. Press either “Add Stopover” or “ADD” this button to view the list above or below the entry, and select a city. depending on where you would like to place the next waypoint.
  • 9. 10 Infotainment System9. Once a city has been selected, streets. Press this button to Entering a Point of Interest (POI) the Street name category is view the list and select a To set a destination by entering a automatically selected for entry. street. Point of Interest (POI): Do not enter directional 10. Once a street has been 1. If the radio is on with a map disc information or street type. Use selected, select the House # inserted, skip to Step 5. the space symbol screen button screen button to enter the U between street or city house number. The system 2. Press O to turn the system on. names. Use the backspace V displays the house number 3. Insert the DVD map disc. See screen button if an incorrect range that is available for the street. “Installing the Map DVD” under character has been entered. Maps on page 37 for more . If five or less streets are 11. Press Go. A map screen, with information. available for the selected the destination marked appears. 4. A caution may appear. Press OK city, the system displays to proceed. the list of streets. 12. Select the route preference for Fastest, Shortest, or Other. 5. Press DEST. If guidance is . If more than five streets The system calculates and already active, or if an entry is are available the system in place, you will have to select displays the alpha highlights the route. either the “Add Stopover” or the keyboard. Start entering the 13. Press the Start Guidance “ADD” screen buttons above or street name. If five or less screen button. The fastest below the entry, depending on names are available, a list route automatically begins if where you would like to place displays. If more than five the car starts moving forward. the next waypoint. are available, the List screen button has a See “Address Entry ” under 6. Press POI (Point of Interest) number in it that represents Destination on page 44 and “Voice screen button. Tag Commands” under Voice the number of available Recognition on page 71 for more information.
  • 10. Infotainment System 117. Press the state/province screen 11. Press the Start Guidance 4. Press the Start Guidance screen button, if needed, to change the screen button. The fastest button. The fastest route current state or province. route automatically begins if automatically begins if the . Enter the name or enter the the car starts moving forward. car starts moving forward. two-letter abbreviation. See “Point of Interest (POI)” under Map Method A list displays. Destination on page 44 for more information. 1. Press the screen where you . Press the List screen button want to go. The system shows and select the state or Entering Previous Destination the location, and possibly an province. address as well. You can scroll Choose from a list of recent8. Enter the specific title of the POI destinations with this method: out to a larger view by first using in the POI name space. the + or − screen buttons at the 1. Press DEST. Press Previous lower left and right of the map to . If five or less names are Destination to show a list of select an appropriate viewing available, a list displays. previous destinations. This list is range. . If more than five are empty at first when the radio is new or is erased when the 2. Press Go, that appears when available, the List screen you are ready to begin routing. button has a number in it, it battery is disconnected. represents the number of 2. Press your selection. You may 3. Select the route preference for available POIs. Press this not be able to scroll down the list Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The button to view the list. while the vehicle is in motion, system calculates and highlights depending on the settings. See the route.9. Press Go, located next to the POI. A map screen, with the “Limit Features While Driving” in 4. Press the Start Guidance screen destination marked appears. this section. button. The fastest route 3. Select the route preference for automatically begins if the car10. Select the route preference for starts moving forward. Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The system calculates and system calculates and highlights highlights the route. the route.
  • 11. 12 Infotainment SystemStoring Preset Destinations 8. Press the Name screen button. See “Using the Stored Preset1. If the radio is on with a map disc An alpha-keyboard displays. Destinations” in this section to inserted, skip to Step 5. Enter the name. If you have select it as a destination. stored the location with a name A voice recognition tag can also2. Press O to turn the system on. automatically assigned by the be assigned to the preset system, use the “BACKSPACE” destinations.3. Insert the DVD map disc. See screen button (not “BACK”) to “Installing the Map DVD” under erase the letters and begin See Destination on page 44 for Maps on page 37 for more typing your preferred title for more information on how to add information. this destination. For example, preset destinations.4. A caution may appear. Press OK choosing a destination by Using the Stored Preset to proceed. address and storing it to the Address Book, stores the actual Destinations5. Press DEST. address, which may not be easy These destinations are available for Enter a destination. See to display in a short Preset selection while driving. Destination on page 44 for more button that has 8 digits, so name information on how to enter a 1. If the radio is on with a map disc it something shorter. destination. inserted, skip to Step 5. 9. Press and hold one of the6. Press the Map screen button screen buttons at the bottom 2. Press O to turn the system on. after entering the destination. of the screen until the name 3. Insert the DVD map disc. See7. Press the Mark screen button appears in the screen button “Installing the Map DVD” under from the map display. The on the display. A beep may be Maps on page 37 for more address book screen appears. heard. information. Five preset destinations can be The name appears in that preset 4. A caution may appear. Press OK stored, but you must set them destination screen button and is to proceed. from the Address Book screen. now available to select from the There are other ways to get to Destination Entry screen. 5. Press DEST. the Address Book as well.
  • 12. Infotainment System 136. Select one of the available See “Preset Destination” under 3. Press On if voice guidance is preset destination screen Destination on page 44 for more not on. buttons. A map screen, with the information. 4. Press the + or – screen buttons destination marked, appears and to increase or to decrease the the system immediately begins Canceling Guidance volume of the voice prompts. to route to that destination. Guidance is canceled once you The system responds with the The preset destination buttons arrive at your final destination. To adjusted voice level. overwrite and provides guidance cancel guidance prior to arrival at the final destination: See “Voice Prompt ” under to the selected destination even Configure Menu on page 57 for if the guidance is in place. 1. Press DEST. more information. Pressing a preset destination 2. Press the Cancel Guidance cancels the current route and screen button. Turning the O (Power/Volume) knob then, routes to the single preset during a voice or navigation prompt destination. 3. A pop-up confirmation appears. also changes the volume. Press OK to cancel guidance or If more waypoints or stops are Cleaning the Display press Cancel to cancel the desired after the preset is used, request. Use a soft clean cotton cloth follow the adding stopover method to load a total of four Guidance Volume dampened with clean water. waypoints. To adjust the volume of voice7. Select the route preference for guidance prompts: Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The system calculates and highlights 1. Press MENU to enter the menu the route. options, then press MENU repeatedly until Nav is selected8. Press the Start Guidance screen or press the Nav screen button. button. The fastest route automatically begins if the car 2. Press the Voice Prompt screen starts moving forward. button.
  • 13. 14 Infotainment SystemRadio replaced or additional equipment f (Tuning/Tone): is added to the vehicle, the chimes may not work. Make sure . Turn to go to the next orAM-FM Radio that replacement or additional previous frequency.Notice: Before adding any sound equipment is compatible with the . Press to go to the Sound menu.equipment to the vehicle, such vehicle before installing it. See AUDIO:as an audio system, CD player, “Accessories and Modifications”CB radio, mobile telephone, in the vehicles owner manual. . Press to display the audioor two-way radio, make sure that screen. Playing the Radioit can be added by checking with . Press to switch between AM,your dealer. Also, check federal O (Power/Volume): FM, or XM (if equipped), DISC,rules covering mobile radio and . Press to turn the audio system AUX (Auxiliary), or press thetelephone units. If sound on and off. screen button. Read throughequipment can be added, it is this section, Satellite Radio onvery important to do it properly. . Turn to increase or to decrease page 20 (if equipped), CD/DVDAdded sound equipment can the volume. Player on page 20, or Auxiliaryinterfere with the operation of the . Press and hold for more than Devices on page 34 for morevehicles engine, radio, or other two seconds to turn off the information.systems, and even damage them. navigation system, the RearThe vehicles systems can Seat Entertainment (RSE) video Finding a Stationinterfere with the operation of screen, and Rear Seat Audio There are three ways to find/changesound equipment that has been (RSA). If the vehicle has not stations:added. been turned off, the RSE and . If viewing a full map screen, useNotice: The chime signals related the RSA can be turned back on by pressing this knob. The last ¨ © SEEK or f. Preset stationsto safety belts, parking brake, and cannot be directly changed fromother functions of the vehicle active source resumes playing. the full map screen, but can beoperate through the navigation selected by using the steeringsystem. If that equipment is
  • 14. Infotainment System 15 wheel control w or x buttons. AM/FM/XM: Press the source (AM, The station will display at the top FM, or XM, if equipped) screen for the screen. button or press AUDIO repeatedly until the desired source is selected. FM Source Shown, Other Sources Similar . If you do not want to view a splitAM Source Shown, Other Sources screen or you are not on a map Similar screen, press the AUDIO button FM Source Shown, Other Sources to enter the audio menu screen. Similar. If viewing a full map screen, select the source screen (AM, FM, XM (if equipped), CD, etc.) button. The display splits between the audio screen and the map screen. All station-changing functions can be performed from this screen.
  • 15. 16 Infotainment SystemCategory: FM lists may contain a category to Storing Radio Station Presets1. Press the screen button, located select if stations in the area support This feature allows up to 30 preset in the middle of the screen, to Radio Data Systems (RDS). stations (six FAV pages) to be receive a list of all of the 2 Refresh List: Select this screen stored. You can mix AM, FM, and selected band stations in button to refresh the list of stations. XM (if equipped). To store presets: the area. When viewing a map screen the 1. Press O to turn the system on.2. Use the up and down arrow name of the station or channel screen buttons to scroll the displays in the top center tab. 2. If viewing a map screen, press frequencies. the source screen button, press ¨ SEEK / © SEEK: To seek the AUDIO or FAV (favorite)3. Select the desired frequency. stations, press the right or left button. The number of presets isXM (if equipped) lists also contain a arrows to go to the next or previous determined by your selection ofcategory to select and the stations station. how many FAV pages you haveor channels that pertain to the This function is also available on selected. See more informationcategory. For XM, select the left the steering wheel controls. See on “Number of Preset Pages” inand right arrow screen buttons to “Steering Wheel Controls” in the this section.change categories. The station index of the vehicles owner manual 3. Select the band.information displays. See “Radio for more information.Menu” in this section to add and 4. Seek, scan, or tune to the To scan stations, press and hold desired station.remove XM categories from the either arrow for more thancategory list. When listening to XM two seconds. The radio goes to a 5. Press and hold one of the presetstations, all of the categories can be station, plays for a few seconds, screen buttons for more thanselected when using the right and then goes on to the next station. To two seconds or until a beep isleft arrow screen buttons on the stop scanning, press either arrow heard.main audio screen. Categories again.cannot be selected from the 6. Repeat the steps for eachcategory list screen when they preset.have been removed.
  • 16. Infotainment System 17Sound Menu Setting the Tone Fading back to the center speakers TREBLE: Press and hold the + or will re-engage the surround sound − to increase or decrease. If a if it was on before fading was station is weak or noisy, decrease adjusted. See CD/DVD Player on the treble. page 20 for more information. MID (Midrange): Press and hold Automatic Equalization the + or − to increase or decrease. With automatic equalization BASS: Press and hold the + or − to customized equalization settings increase or decrease. designed for Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, and Talk can be selected. Adjusting the Speakers Press one of the equalization L/R (Left/Right) (Balance): To screen buttons to hear the change adjust the balance between the left in sound. Base Shown; Uplevel Similar and the right speakers, press and Custom: Press to adjust the bass,Sound: Press this button or press hold the L or R screen buttons. treble, and midrange settings asMENU to access the Sound menu Front/Rear (Fade): To adjust the desired.to adjust the treble, midrange, bass, fade between the front and the rearfade, balance, and equalization. The system saves separate settings speakers, press and hold the Front for each source.Settings for treble, midrange, and or Rear screen buttons.bass are remembered for each Talk: Press to adjust the tonesource, such as AM/FM, XM (if If a DVD movie with surround sound settings to an automatic presetequipped), CD/DVD, and AUX. is playing, fading to the rear for talk radio. speakers will automatically cause the radio to play stereo sound.
  • 17. 18 Infotainment SystemRear Seat Audio (RSA) Radio Menu Limit Features While DrivingWith this feature, if the Rear Seat Press the Limit Features WhileAudio (RSA) system has been Driving screen button to turn on andturned on, it can be turned off by off the ability to limit functions whileselecting the Rear Seat Audio Off driving. When this screen button isscreen button. See “Rear Seat highlighted, the following functionsAudio (RSA)” in the Index of your will be limited while driving:vehicles owner manual. . Music Navigator ScrollingIf a DVD movie with surround sound . Radio Category Scrollingis active, turning RSA on will force astereo downmix of the audio. Some . Navigation Menu Scrolling andDVDs do not contain downmix some functionsinformation. In this case, no sound See “Category” earlier in thisthrough RSA headphones may section for more information. Seeoccur. Press MENU to enter the configure “From Map” under Maps on page 37 menu screen, then press it for more information. repeatedly until Radio is selected, or press the Radio screen button to Number of Preset Pages make changes for radio information Press the Number of Preset Pages displayed, number of preset pages, screen button to change the number XM categories (if equipped), and of preset pages, 1 through 6. Each automatic volume control. preset page can contain five preset stations. Press on the desired numbered screen button.
  • 18. Infotainment System 19Automatic Volume Control driving. To turn automatic volume Radio Data System (RDS)With automatic volume control, the control off, press the OFF screen The audio system has a Radio Dataaudio system adjusts automatically button. System (RDS). RDS features areto make up for road and wind noise Remove/Add XM Categories available for use only on FMwhile driving. (If Equipped) stations that broadcast RDSTo use Automatic Volume Control: 1. Press the Remove/Add XM information. With RDS, the Categories screen button to radio can:1. Set the volume at the desired level. remove or add XM categories . Receive announcements when selecting from the concerning local and national2. Press MENU to enter the menu category list screen. The list of emergencies screen, then press it repeatedly XM categories appear on the until Radio is selected, or press . Display messages from radio screen. stations the Radio screen button. 2. Use the up and down arrow This system relies on receiving3. Press the Automatic Volume screen buttons to scroll through Control screen button. specific information from these the list. The categories to stations and only work when the4. Press the LOW, MEDIUM, remove highlights and the information is available. In rare or HIGH screen buttons. Each categories to add are dark in cases, a radio station may higher setting allows for more color. broadcast incorrect information that compensation at faster vehicle 3. Select the category that you can cause the radio features to work speeds. would like to add or remove. improperly. If this happens, contactThen, as the vehicle is being 4. Press the Restore All Categories the radio station.driven, automatic volume control screen button to add allautomatically increases the volume, categories that have beenas necessary, to overcome noise at removed.any speed. The volume level shouldalways sound consistent while
  • 19. 20 Infotainment SystemThe RDS system is always on. A service fee is required to receive Audio PlayersWhen information is broadcast from the XM service. For morethe FM station you are listening to, information, contact XM atthe station name or call letters www.xmradio.com or call CD/DVD Playerdisplay on the audio screen. RDS 1-800-929-2100 in the U.S. and Playing a CDmay provide a program type (PTY) www.xmradio.ca or callfor current programming and the 1-877-438-9677 in Canada. The player can be used for CDsname of the program being with conventional CD audio, MP3, When XM is active, the channel or WMA compressed files and maybroadcast. name and number, song title, and have the capability to play DVD artist displays on the screen. audio and DVD video. See “PlayingSatellite Radio XM Radio Messages a Audio DVD and/or DVD Video”XM™ Satellite Radio Service later in this section for more See “XM Radio Messages” in the information about DVD audioXM is a satellite radio service that is vehicles owner manual for a list of and video.based in the 48 contiguous United possible XM messages.States and 10 Canadian provinces. With the ignition on, insert a CDXM Satellite Radio has a wide partway into the slot, label sidevariety of programming and up. The player pulls it in andcommercial-free music, the CD should begin playing. Thecoast-to-coast, and in digital-quality navigation system can be usedsound. During the trial or when you while playing a CD.subscribe, you will get unlimited When a CD is inserted, the CD tabaccess to XM Radio Online for displays. If an equalization setting iswhen you are not in the vehicle. selected for the CD, it is activated each time a CD is played.
  • 20. Infotainment System 21If the ignition or radio is turned off Playing an Audio CD r (Rewind):with a CD in the player, it stays inthe player. When the ignition or 1. Press and hold to rewind quicklyradio is turned on, the CD starts through a track selection. Soundplaying where it stopped, if it was is heard at a muted or a reducedthe last selected audio source. volume.As each new track starts to play, the 2. Release this button to stoptrack number displays. rewinding. The display shows the elapsed time of the track.If an error displays, see “CD/DVDMessages” in this section. [ (Forward):If viewing a map screen, press the 1. Press and hold to fast forwardCD screen button or the NAV quickly through a track selection.button. The display splits between Sound is heard at a muted or athe audio screen and the map reduced volume. j / r (Pause/Play):screen. If you do not want to view a 2. Release this button to stop fastsplit screen or you are not on a map 1. Press to pause the CD. This forwarding. The display showsscreen, press AUDIO, then press button then changes to the play the elapsed time of the track.AUDIO again, repeatedly until CD is button.selected or press the CD screen ¨ SEEK / © SEEK: 2. Press the play button to playbutton. the CD. 1. To seek tracks, press the up arrow to go to the next track. Random: 2. Press the down arrow to go to 1. Press to hear the tracks in the start of the current track, random, rather than sequential if more than eight seconds have order. played. 2. Press Random again to turn off random play.
  • 21. 22 Infotainment System3. If either arrow is pressed more Using a Compressed Audio . Create a folder structure that than once, the player continues CD/DVD makes it easy to find songs moving backward or forward while driving. Organize songs through the CD. The sound Compressed Audio CD/DVD by albums using one folder for mutes while seeking. Format each album.f (Tuning Knob): There are guidelines that must be . All playlist files (.m3u or .pls) met, when creating an MP3, WMA, must be removed from disc1. Turn counterclockwise one notch or mixed disc. If the guidelines are contents. Playlists are not to go to the start of the current not met when recording a burned supported. track, turn it again to go to the disc, the disc may not play. The previous track. . It is recommended that there is a guidelines are: maximum of 192 files on a2. Turn clockwise to go to the next . ID3 tag information is displayed CD-R(W) disc. track. by the radio if it is available. . It is recommended that thereWhile playing an audio CD the rear The radio supports ID3 tag is a maximum of 200 files onseat operator can power on the information v1.0, v1.1, and v2.0. a DVD+R(W) disc.RSE video screen and use the The radio displays a filename,remote control to navigate through song name, artist name, album . The files can be recorded on athe tracks on the CD. name, and directory name. CD-R(W) or DVD+R(W). . Copy protected WMA files are . Maximum 32 characters, including spaces, in a file or not supported. folder name. . The recommended maximum number of folders is 100 with a maximum hierarchy of three folders.
  • 22. Infotainment System 23Scanning Compressed Audio Disc All files contained directly under the Order of PlayScanning a compressed audio disc root directory is accessed prior to Tracks are played in the followingcategorizes and allows sorting of any root directory folders. order:songs by folder artist or album. Empty Directory or Folder . The radio does not support. Press center folder/artist/album If a root directory or a folder exists playlist files. screen button to initiate somewhere in the file structure that . Order of play differs depending if scanning mode. The radio plays contains only folders/subfolders the compressed audio disc is and a progress bar displays. and no compressed files directly fully scanned or unscanned. See. Background scanning occurs beneath them, the player advances “Scanning Compressed Audio with the radio on and the to the next folder in the file structure Disc” previously in this section. compressed audio disc inserted that contains compressed audio files and the empty folder is . When playing an unscanned but not being played. disc, the next and previous displayed or numbered.. Only the first 200 songs appears screen buttons may be required in the compressed audio music No Folder to switch away from the current navigator. When the disc contains only folder when quickly seeking. Scanning time varies depending compressed files, the files are rather than allowing the last on the number of files and located under the root folder. The song of a folder to play to folders on the disc. next and previous folder functions completion. have no function on a disc that was . Play begins from the first trackRoot Directory recorded without folders. When under the root directory. WhenThe root directory is treated as a displaying the name of the folder all tracks from the root directoryfolder. If the root directory has the radio displays ROOT. have been played, playcompressed audio files, the continues from files according todirectory is displayed as ROOT. their numerical listing. After playing the last track from the
  • 23. 24 Infotainment System last folder, play begins again at Track names longer than j / r (Pause/Play): the first track of the first folder or 32 characters or four pages are root directory. shortened. The display does not 1. Press to pause the CD. This show parts of words on the last button then changes to the play. A scanned compressed audio button. disc in artist/album modes only page of text and the extension of play songs within the current the filename does not display. 2. Press the play button to play category. The next and previous the CD. Playing a Compressed Audio Disc screen buttons change to Random: different artists or albums. As stated earlier in this section, the player can be used for CDs with 1. Press to hear the tracks inWhen play enters a new folder, the conventional CD audio, MP3, random, rather than sequential,display does not automatically show or WMA compressed files. Read the order.the new folder name. The new track information under “CD Player” for 2. Press Random again to turn offname displays. more information on playing an random play.File System and Naming audio disc. r (Rewind):The song name that displays is the 1. Press and hold to rewind quicklyname that is contained in the ID3 through a track selection. Soundtag. If the song name is not present is heard at a muted or reducedin the ID3 tag, then the radio volume.displays the file name without theextension (such as .mp3) as the 2. Release to stop rewinding. Thetrack name. display shows the elapsed time of the track.
  • 24. Infotainment System 25[ (Forward): ¨ SEEK / © SEEK: Playing a DVD Video1. Press and hold to fast forward 1. Press ¨ SEEK to go to the next The player can be used for DVD quickly through a track selection. track. video. Sound is heard at a muted or With this feature, movies/pictures reduced volume. 2. Press © SEEK to go to the start do not appear on the navigation2. Release to stop fast forwarding. of the current track, if more than screen, unless the vehicle is in The display shows the elapsed eight seconds have played. P (Park). It operates on the Rear time of the track. 3. If either arrow is pressed more Seat Entertainment (RSE) screen than once, the player continues while the vehicle is moving. Theq r (Folder/Artist/Album): moving backward or forward RSE video screen starts play of the1. Press the left or right arrow to go through the CD. The sound DVD when a DVD is inserted into to the previous or next folder, mutes while seeking. the navigation system. The DVD artist, or album on the disc. player can be controlled by the f (Tuning Knob): buttons on the navigation system,2. Press the middle screen button, with the folder, artist, or album 1. Turn counterclockwise one notch the Rear Seat Audio (RSA) system, name, to sort the compressed to go to the start of the current and the remote control. The DVD audio file by folder, artist, track, turn it again to go to the player can also be used for the rear or album. It may take a few previous track. seat passengers with the radio off. minutes for the system to sort 2. Turn clockwise to go to the next The rear seat passengers can the compressed audio files. See track. power on the video screen and use “Scanning Compressed Audio the remote control to navigate the Vehicles with Rear Seat Audio disc. See “Rear Seat Entertainment Disc” previously in this section. (RSA) can use RSA to change System” in the Index of your tracks/chapters. Vehicles with vehicles owner manual for more RSE can use the remote control information. to change tracks/chapters.
  • 25. 26 Infotainment SystemThe DVD player is only compatible DVD-Video media. DTS and . The r (play) button must bewith DVDs of the appropriate region DTS 2.0 are trademarks of Digital pressed for the movie to resumecode that is printed on the jacket of Theater Systems, Inc. AC-3 is Dolby play when the vehicle has beenmost DVDs. Digital Surround technology. turned OFF and then back ON.The DVD slot is compatible with The system is optimized to use When a DVD is loaded, the rearmost audio CDs, CD-R, CD-RW, 5.1 audio surround sound before seat passengers can turn the RSEDVD-Video, DVD+R/RW single stereo tracks. Stereo modes are video screen power on and use thelayer media along with MP3 and typically available if manually remote control to navigate throughWMA formats. DVD Audio, DVD-R, selected. Press the Options screen the DVD.DVD-RW, and DVD+R dual layer button, then the Audio button ormedia is not supported. DVD main or top menu. O (Power/Volume): 1. Press to turn the system onIf an error displays, see “CD/DVD Playing a DVD and off.Messages” later in this section. There are three ways to play 2. Turn to increase or decrease theNavigation DVD Radio with a DVD: volume of the audio system.Bose® Surround Sound . Once a DVD is inserted, the 3. Press and hold for more thanSystem (If Equipped) system automatically starts play two seconds to turn off theIf the vehicle has a Rear Seat of the DVD up to the DVD top navigation system, RSE videoEntertainment (RSE) system, it has menu. The r (play) button must screen, and RSA. If the vehiclea radio capable of playing both CD be pressed to start the movie has not been tuned off, the RSEand DVD discs. See “Rear Seat from the DVDs menu screen. and the RSA can be turned backEntertainment” in the Index of the . on by pressing this knob and If you are on a map screen,vehicles owner manual. continues play of the last active select the DVD screen button.The CD/DVD player is the top slot source. . Press AUDIO, then select theon the radio faceplate. The player DVD screen button.is capable of reading the DTSprogrammed DVD-Audio or
  • 26. Infotainment System 27DVD Menu Options Return: Press to go back to the r (Rewind): previous DVD menu.Once a DVD starts to play, the 1. Press and release to rewindmenu options and cursor screen Back: Press to go back to the main through the scene, chapters,buttons automatically appear. To DVD display screen. and titles.display the menu Options screen Move: Press to move the cursorbutton while a DVD is playing, touch 2. Press again to increase the buttons back and forth from the rewinding speed.anywhere on the screen. bottom-right corner to the top-leftOptions: Press to view the corner of the screen. 3. Press the play button to stop rewinding. This button may notmenu option screen buttons. Menu j / r (Pause/Play): work when the DVD is playingoptions are available when they arehighlighted. Some menu options are 1. Press to pause the DVD. This the copyright information or the button then changes to the play previews.only available when the DVD is notplaying. button. [ (Forward):Cursor: Press to access the cursor 2. Press the play button to play 1. Press and release to advancemenu. The arrows and other cursor the DVD. rapidly through the scene,options let you navigate the DVD 3. Press this button in a DVD disc chapters, and titles.menu options. The cursor menu main menu to start the DVD. 2. Press again to increase the fastoptions are only available if a DVDhas a menu. Use the cursor menu c (Stop): forwarding speed.to start a DVD video from the disc 1. Press to stop play of the DVD. 3. Press the play button to stop fastmain menu. forwarding. This button may not 2. Press the play button to continue work when the DVD is playingq, Q, r, R (Arrow Buttons): Use playing the DVD from where the the copyright information or thethese arrows to navigate through DVD was stopped. previews.the DVD menu. 3. Press this button twice to returnEnter: Press to choose the to the beginning of the DVD.highlighted option.
  • 27. 28 Infotainment System Audio: Search: 1. Press to display the audio 1. Press to display the search options. screen. 2. Press the audio options that best 2. Press Title or Chapter Search for improve sound quality. This is DVD video. The keyboard allows not available on all DVDs or you to type in the title/chapter/ when the DVD is stopped. See group/track number that you “Fading With a Bose® Surround would like to watch or listen to. Sound System” later in this This button does not work when section. the DVD is stopped. Subtitle: Press to play the video Setup: Press to display the DVD with subtitles. This is not available Setup screen. This button is onlyHide Options: Press to remove on all DVDs or when the DVD is available when the DVD is notall menu options from the display, stopped. playing. The DVD Setup screenexcept Options and Cursor. Angle: allows you to change the brightness, contrast, and theTop Menu: Press to display the 1. Press to adjust the viewing viewing aspect on the monitor.first menu of the DVD. This is not angle of the DVD.available on all DVDs. ! (Brightness): Press the up or 2. Repeatedly press this button to down screen arrows to increaseMenu: Press to display the DVD toggle through the angles. This or decrease the brightness of themenu of the current area of the is not available on all DVDs or navigation screen.DVD that is playing. when the DVD is stopped. _ (Contrast): Press the up or down screen arrows to increase or decrease the contrast of the navigation screen.
  • 28. Infotainment System 29Monitor: From the DVD Setup © SEEK (Previous Track/Chapter): The following methods allow forscreen, press to adjust the aspect switching surround sound into aratio of the DVD on the navigation 1. Press to return to the start of the 2 channel stereo mode:screen. This is not available on all current track or chapter. . Select a stereo or 2 channelDVDs. This button is not available 2. Press again to go to the mode using the DVD-Videofor DVD audio. previous track or chapter. This top menu. Most commercial button may not work when the DVD-Video top menus containPress e to close the screen in from DVD is playing the copyrightthe left and right sides. audio configuration settings. information or the previews. . While the movie is playing,Press J to fill the screen on the f (Tuning Knob): select Options to show allleft and right sides. available DVD options, then 1. Turn counterclockwise one notchPress d to fill the screen on the to go to the start of the current press the Audio screen buttontop and bottom. chapter/track, turn it again to go to switch between the multiple to the previous chapter/track. audio sources on the DVD.SEEK ¨ (Next Track/Chapter): . Fade the radio two steps to the 2. Turn clockwise to go to the nextPress to go to the next track or chapter/track. rear. When returning to thechapter if the time elapsed is center area, the surround trackgreater than 10 seconds. This Fading With a Bose® Surround will turn on again if it was onbutton may not work when the DVD Sound System (If Equipped) before the rear speakers wereis playing the copyright information faded.or the previews. If the Rear Seat Audio (RSA) is turned on, the radio disables fade Press AUDIO to change current and mutes the rear speakers. DVD audio track. Some DVD-Video discs only contain Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC-3) or DTS 5.1 audio tracks and may not allow conversions into stereo modes.
  • 29. 30 Infotainment SystemCD/DVD Messages . There may have been a problem If the surface is soiled, see “Care of while burning a CD/DVD. Your CDs and DVDs” in the Index ofIf Disc Read Error displays and/or . The label may be caught in the the vehicles owner manual.the CD/DVD comes out, it could befor one of the following reasons: CD/DVD player. If there is no apparent damage, try a If any error occurs repeatedly or if known good CD or DVD.. A disc was inserted with an invalid or unknown format. an error cannot be corrected, Notice: If a label is added to a CD contact your dealer. or DVD, or more than one CD or. The map CD/DVD disc is not If playing recorded media such as DVD is inserted into the slot at a from a correct region. a CD or DVD, the sound quality time, or an attempt is made to. The map DVD disc was installed may be reduced due to CD or DVD play scratched or damaged CDs into the CD slot. See “Installing quality, the method of recording, the or DVDs, the player could be the Map DVD” under Maps on quality of the music that has been damaged. While using the CD or page 37. recorded, recording speed, max DVD player, use only CDs or. It is very hot. When the media recording speed, and the way DVDs in good condition without temperature returns to normal, the CD or DVD has been handled. any label, load one CD or DVD at the CD/DVD should play. There may be an increase in a time, and keep the player and skipping, difficulty in finding tracks, the loading slot free of foreign. The vehicle is being driven on a and/or difficulty in loading and materials, liquids, and debris. very rough road. When the road ejecting. If these problems occur, becomes smoother, the CD/DVD Do not add any label to a CD or check the bottom surface of the CD DVD, it could get caught in the should play. or DVD. If the surface is damaged, player. If a CD or DVD is recorded. The CD/DVD is dirty, scratched, such as cracked, broken, or on a personal computer and a wet, or upside down. scratched, it will not play properly. description label is needed, try. The air is very humid. If so, wait labeling the top of the recorded CD about an hour and try again. or DVD with a soft marker.
  • 30. Infotainment System 31Connecting a USB Storage The iPod charges while it is . Files with an .mp3 or .wma fileDevice or iPod® connected to the vehicle if the extension. vehicle is in the ACC/ACCESSORY . AAC files stored on an iPod.If the vehicle has a USB Port, it can or ON/RUN position. When thebe used to control an iPod or a USB vehicle is turned off, the iPod . FAT16storage device. automatically powers off and will . FAT32To avoid connection problems, not charge or draw power from the . m3u or pls playlists areextension cords are not vehicles battery. supported with compatiblerecommended. Use only the If you have an older iPod model that USB devices.cable that came with the device. is not supported, it can still be usedTo connect a USB storage device, by connecting it to the Auxiliary Using the Navigation Audioconnect the device to the USB port Input Jack using a standard 3.5 mm System to Control a USBlocated in the center console. (1/8 in) stereo cable. See Auxiliary Storage Device or iPod Devices on page 34 for more If the navigation audio system has aTo connect an iPod, connect one information. USB storage device or an iPod, itend of the USB cable that camewith the iPod to the iPod’s dock USB Supported File and Folder can be controlled by using the radioconnector and connect the other Structure screens and steering wheelend to the USB port. If the vehicle is controls. The guidelines that must be meton and the USB connection works, 1. Press the center screen button while using USB supported files and“OK to disconnect” and a GM logo to enter the music navigation folders are:may appear on the iPod and iPod main screen.appears on the radios display. The . Up to 700 folders.iPod music appears on the radio’s . Up to 8 folders in depth.display and begins playing. . Up to 65,535 files. . Folder and file names up to 64 bytes.
  • 31. 32 Infotainment System2. Press AUX and then the iPod 4. Select an Artist, Album, or Track 5. Touch-tap the up or down arrows screen button. from that list. located on the side of the screen3. Touch-tap the left or right arrow to select one page up or down to select desired Category such at a time, or press the top or as: Artist, Album, Genre, etc. bottom arrow to move faster to A list of that category will the start or end of the item list. display. 6. Press the Back screen button to go back to the previous screen. 7. Press the Exit screen button to go back to the main audio screen.
  • 32. Infotainment System 33The iPod or USB storage device A warning message will display for a A message to safely remove theshould not be pulled out from the few seconds. device displays.USB dock. To safely remove it,press Eject.
  • 33. 34 Infotainment SystemAuxiliary Devices Drivers are encouraged to set The rear auxiliary device system up any auxiliary device while requires all video and audioThe vehicle may have a Rear the vehicle is in P (Park). See inputs to be connected to ensureEntertainment System (RSE). The “Defensive Driving” in the Index of proper audio fidelity of the rearRSE has RCA jacks that are color the vehicles owner manual for more auxiliary device.coded as: information on driver distraction. The rear seat passengers can also. White (left) To switch the RSE system to use an use the remote control to change. Red (right) auxiliary device: the functions of the RSE. See “Rear 1. Connect the auxiliary device to Seat Entertainment System” in the. Yellow (composite video) Index of the vehicles owner manual the RSE system, or to the frontThe RCA jacks let you connect jack on the radio faceplate. for more information.auxiliary devices. The audio canbe heard through the speakers 2. Press AUDIO. Then press Using the USB Portor through the wireless or wired AUDIO again, repeatedly until Radios with a USB port can controlheadphones. See “Audio/Video AUX (auxiliary) is selected, a USB storage device or an iPodJacks” under “Rear Seat or press the AUX screen button. using the radio buttons and knobs.Entertainment System” in the Index A front auxiliary device must be See “Using the Radio to Control aof the vehicles owner manual for connected before the front USB Storage Device or iPod” earliermore information. auxiliary device can be selected. for information about how to connect The rear auxiliary device can be and control a USB storage device or selected by pressing the REAR an iPod. AUX screen button.
  • 34. Infotainment System 35USB Support Navigation Rear Seat Audio (RSA). If theThe USB connector is in the center vehicle has not been turned off, the RSE and the RSA can beconsole and uses the USB 2.0 Using the Navigation turned back on by pressing Ostandard. System and continues playback of theUSB Supported Devices last active source. This section includes basic. USB Flash Drives information to operate the f (Tune/Speaker Adjustment):. Portable USB Hard Drives navigation system. Press to access the Sound screen. Use the buttons and the touch to adjust bass, midrange, treble, Fifth generation or later iPod screen buttons on the navigation and equalization.. iPod nano screen to operate the system. See . Turn f to go to the next or. iPod touch Overview on page 4 for more information. previous radio station. See. iPod classic AM-FM Radio on page 14 and Once the vehicle is moving, some Satellite Radio on page 20 (ifNot all iPod or USB mass storage functions become disabled to equipped) for more information.devices are compatible with the reduce driver distractions.infotainment system. Z (CD/DVD Eject): Press to eject Navigation Buttons CDs and DVDs.Make sure the iPod has the latestfirmware from Apple® for proper O (Power/Volume): Press to turn NAV (Navigation): Press to viewoperation. iPod firmware can be the system on and off. the vehicles current position on theupdated using the latest iTunes® map screen.application. See www.apple.com/ . Turn O to increase or decrease the volume to the audio system. . Press NAV multiple times toitunes. cycle through Full Map with theFor help with identifying your iPod, . Press and hold O for more than tab that displays the currentgo to www.apple.com/support. two seconds to turn off the audio source (AM, FM, CD, etc.). navigation system, the Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE), and
  • 35. 36 Infotainment System Split screen displays half audio AUDIO: Press to access the full Alpha-Numeric Keyboard and half Nav, and the XM Traffic Audio screen to change AM, FM, Letters of the alphabet, symbols, list (if equipped and with XM (if equipped), CD, DVD, if punctuation, and numbers, when subscription). equipped, and auxiliary input. See available, display on the navigation. Press the audio tab to split the CD/DVD Player on page 20 for screen as an alpha or numeric screen between the map screen more information. keyboard. The alpha keyboard and the current audio source MENU: Press to adjust features for displays when the system requires screen menu. See AM-FM Radio sound, radio, navigation, the display, entry of a city or street name. on page 14 and Satellite Radio and for adjusting the time. See All characters are touch screen on page 20 (if equipped) for Configure Menu on page 57 for buttons. Press a character to more information. more information. select it.DEST (Destination): Press to ¨ SEEK / © SEEK: Press either A-Y (Accent Alphabet): Select toaccess the Destination Entry arrow to seek and scan radio get letters with accent symbols. Thisscreen to plan a destination. See stations, to seek tracks on a CD, button may toggle to A-Z.Destination on page 44 for more or to seek chapters on a DVD,information. if equipped. See AM-FM Radio on A-Z (Alphabet): Select to get page 14 or CD/DVD Player on letters from the alphabet. ThisRPT (Navigation Repeat): Press page 20 for more information. button may toggle to A-Y.to repeat the last voice guidanceprompt. Touch Screen Buttons 0-9 (Numbers): Select to get numbers and punctuation marks.FAV (Favorite): Press to access up These buttons are located on theto six pages of preset stations. See screen. When selected, a beep U (Space): Select to enter a“Storing Radio Station Presets” sounds. Screen buttons are space between characters or theunder AM-FM Radio on page 14 for highlighted when a feature is words of a name.more information. available. Backspace: Select if an incorrect character has been entered.
  • 36. Infotainment System 37To make name selections easier, This manual is in the map DVD Notice: Pressing directly on thethe system only highlights the case when the vehicle is delivered navigation screen may causecharacters that can follow the last from the factory. damage. Repairs would not beone entered. For example, if a Z is covered by the vehicles warranty.entered, a T may not be available Installing the DVD Map Disc Do not press directly on thefor selection. Your dealer may have installed the navigation screen.If a name does not display after map DVD. If the map DVD was notentry, it may need to be entered installed, do the following to load it:differently or the map DVD disc may Read the following steps completely.not contain that information. See 1. Start the vehicle to perform theDatabase Coverage Explanations map updating. The vehicle muston page 71 for more information. be in P (Park) to perform this operation.Maps 2. Press O to turn the navigationThis section includes basicinformation about the map system on.database. 3. Press NAV.Map Coverage 4. Press the Insert Map Disc screen button. The screen opens 6. To close the screen, slightlyThe maps are stored on a DVD. to access the map DVD slot. push up on the two outerSome regions are contained on 5. Load the map DVD partway into corners until the screen is inone disc; others may need more the slot. The system pulls it in. position. Then push the screenthan one. in by pushing on the four outerRefer to the “Navigation System The screen cannot be closed corners until a click is heard.Map Disc” manual for a detailed until a double beep is heard.explanation of map coverage anddetailed city lists in each region.
  • 37. 38 Infotainment SystemEjecting the DVD Map Disc 5. To close the screen, slightly . Do not keep the disc in direct push up on the two outer sunlight, high temperatures,The navigation portion of the system or humidity. corners until the screen is incannot be used if the DVD map disc position. Then push the screen . After using the disc, place itis not loaded. in by pushing on the four outer back into the original case.1. Press MENU to enter the Menu corners until a click is heard. options, then press it repeatedly Map Adjustments until Nav is selected or press the Handling the DVD Map Disc The scale of view on the map can Nav screen button. To properly handle the DVD be adjusted. While driving, the map2. Press the Map Database map disc: scrolls automatically based on the Information screen button. . Handle the disc very carefully direction of travel.3. Press the Eject Map Disc to avoid contamination or flaws. Map Scales screen button. The screen tilts, Signals may not read out exposing the map DVD slot. properly if the disc gets 0 / 1 (Zoom In/Zoom Out): Press contaminated or flawed. the zoom in or out screen buttons or4. Press eject, located next to the the scale on the bar to change the DVD map disc slot, and the disc . Do not use photographic record level of map detail. The scale ejects. Pull the disc out. cleaner, solvents, or other appears on the screen once the cleaners if the disc gets soiled. zoom in or zoom out screen buttons The screen cannot be closed Use a soft cloth to gently wipe it until a double beep is heard. are selected. out from the center of the disc toNotice: Pressing directly on the the outside. . The system adjusts the mapnavigation screen may cause accordingly. The scale of a map . Do not use the disc to rest on can range from 50 m (1/32 mi) todamage. Repairs would not be while writing or drawing with anycovered by the vehicles warranty. 400 km (256 mi). writing utensil. Do not attach aDo not press directly on the seal to the disc.navigation screen.
  • 38. Infotainment System 39. See “Driver Information Center (DIC)” in the Index of your ‐ If scrolling while the vehicle is Navigation Symbols in motion, there is one scroll vehicles owner manual to speed and the distance is The following symbols are the most change between English or limited. Keep pressing on the common symbols that appear on a metric. map screen to scroll for a map screen.Scrolling the Map longer distance. . Press NAV to return to the current vehicle location on the map if the vehicle icon disappears from the screen. . Use the scroll feature on the map to set a destination. See The vehicle is shown as this “From Map” under Destination symbol. It indicates the currentPress anywhere on the map screen on page 44 for more information. position and the direction theand the scroll symbol appears. Use vehicle is traveling on the map. . Press Go to calculate the routethis feature to scroll across the map. from the current position to the. Move your finger in any direction destination mark, while scrolling on the map screen and the map on the map without a planned continues to scroll in that route. direction. ‐ If scrolling while the vehicle is in P (Park), the system initially scrolls at a slower rate. The The distance to destination symbol scroll speed increases if you indicates the distance to the final continue pressing on the map destination. screen.
  • 39. 40 Infotainment SystemThe stopover symbol displays onthe map after a stopover has beenadded to the route.The stopover symbols arenumbered one through three,depending on how many stopovershave been set. The distance and time to destination The straight line to distance symbol symbol indicates the distance and indicates the straight-line distance the estimated time remaining to the to the destination. final destination, depending on the This symbol appears before driving option selected. begins on the route or if on a road where navigation guidance cannot be given.This symbol appears when the timeto the destination is not available orwhile you are scrolling on the map.
  • 40. Infotainment System 41 The shaded triangle indicates the North direction. While in Heading Up mode the direction at the top of the screen and the way the vehicle icon is heading indicates the direction the vehicle is traveling.The north up symbol indicates the Press on this screen symbol to Press the Mark screen button tomap with North Up, known as North switch between Heading Up, North store the location on the screen inUp mode. Up, and 3–D view modes. your address book.While in North Up mode, the vehicle Three-dimensional (3–D) view mode The system automatically stores theicon follows the north direction on changes the appearance of the map point in the address book. Seethe map regardless of which display to a road level view. Destination on page 44 for moredirection the vehicle is traveling. information.Press on this screen symbol toswitch between North Up, Heading Displaying Points of Interest (POI)Up, and 3–D view modes. on the Map Screen The No GPS symbol appears when the vehicle is acquiring or not receiving a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite signal. Press the POI screen button toThe heading up symbol indicates See Global Positioning Systemthat the vehicle is traveling up on display or delete POI icons from (GPS) on page 68 for morethe map and is known as Heading the map. information.Up mode.
  • 41. 42 Infotainment SystemDisplaying POI icons on the 2. Select up to five categories to The list provides the POI icon,map indicates where POIs (e.g., display on the map screen. the name, the direction, and therestaurants, gas stations, etc.) are When a category is selected distance to the POI from thelocated. This screen appears after those POI icons display on vehicles current position.pressing the POI screen button. the map. 1. Use the scroll arrows to move up 3. Press the POI screen button and down the list. again to add more POI icons. 2. Use the sorting screen More: Press to view more POI buttons: Dist (distance), Icon, categories. Name, and on Route as needed. 3. Press Go, next to the desired POI, to make this POI a destination or a stopover. 4. Select a POI name to receive information about the POI. From this screen press: Address Book, Go, Map, or Call (if equipped with OnStar, or if the1. Select one of the POI categories OnStar account is active, and if to display or to delete POI icons there are Hands-Free Calling from the map screen. Once a minutes available). category has been selected the POI icon displays at the top of Address Book: Press to add this the screen. POI Close to: Once a category has POI to the address book. See “Nav” been selected, press on this screen under Configure Menu on page 57 button to display the list of available for information on editing address POIs for the selected POI category. book entries.
  • 42. Infotainment System 43Go: Press to make this POI a Delete: To delete a specific POIdestination or a stopover. category, select the category.Map: Press to display the map Clear All: Press this screen buttonshowing the location of the POI. to clear all selected POI categories.Call (If Equipped): Select to dial Driving on a Routethe phone number for the POI usingthe OnStar Hands-Free system. The When a destination has been routedCall button is only available if: while driving on route, the map screen automatically displays the. OnStar (if equipped) Hands-Free next maneuver. Calling is activated and calling minutes are available.. A paired Bluetooth phone is When you are approximately 400 m connected. For more (0.25 mi) from the next maneuver in information, see OnStar (if city driving, the screen displays the equipped) and Bluetooth in the name and a detailed view of the index of the vehicles owner next maneuver. On the highway, manual. these details appear at 1200 m (1.0 mi) from the maneuver.OK: Press to display the mapscreen.Show POI: Press to display orremove the POI icons from the mapscreen. The pop-up displays the nextList all Categories: Press to list all maneuver direction and how manyPOIs sorted alphabetically. kilometers or miles the vehicle is from it.
  • 43. 44 Infotainment System3–D Lane Guidance Dual Mode Destination To Use the destination feature on the navigation system: 1. Press DEST to access the Destination Entry screen. 2. Select one of five destination options from this screen. This dual screen symbol displays when the screen is in dual mode. Dual mode displays the route (map) on half of the screen and a maneuver or turn list on the other half. Press this screen button toSome major metropolitan areas may switch between dual screen and fullinclude a 3–D lane guidance feature screen which displays the entirefor highway exits and junctions. route. On the highway, this screenThis feature gives a more detailed button turns the exit informationrepresentation of the exits and feature on and off.junctions on the route. Cities thatinclude this feature are New York, Auto RerouteLos Angeles, Chicago, Detroit,and San Francisco, and may also When the destination is set and The Address Entry and POI Entryinclude Philadelphia, Washington you are off the planned route, the are not available while the vehicle is system automatically plans a new in motion. Also, if a route is initiatedD.C., and other major highway route and begins to reroute. The while the vehicle is in motion, routejunctions. new route is highlighted on the preference automatically selects screen. fastest.
  • 44. Infotainment System 45Address Entry 3. Press the state/province screen 6. If using the alpha keyboard,2 Address Entry: Enter an button, if the current state or finish entering the city name.address by providing the system province needs to change. If four or less names arewith a city name or a street name. 4. Enter the name or enter the available, a list displays. If two-letter abbreviation. A list more than four are available, displays. The List screen button a number appears in the List could also be pressed, then screen button. This number select the state or province. represents the number of available cities. 5. Press the City name screen button. . Press this button to view the list. . Enter the City Name or select the Last 5 Cities . Select a city. screen button. The Last 7. Once a city has been selected 5 Cities screen displays the Street name category is a list of the last five city automatically selected for names that had been entry. Start entering the street entered. name. If five or less names areEnter the city name first: available, a list displays. If more . Select a city from the list1. Press DEST. and it appears in the City than five are available, a number name area. appears in the List screen2. Press 2 (Address Entry). button. This number represents the number of available streets. . Press this number to view the list. . Select a street name.
  • 45. 46 Infotainment System8. Once a street has been To enter a destination by entering 6. If using the alpha keyboard, selected, press the House # the street name first: finish entering the street screen button to enter the house 1. Press DEST. name. If five or less names are number. The system displays available, a list displays. If more the house number range that is 2. Press 2 (Address Entry). than five are available, a number available for the street. Select a appears in the List screen house number. There is also a 3. Press the state/province screen button. This represents the Cross Street screen option at button, if the current state or number of available streets. this point. province needs to change. . Press this button to view9. Press Go. The map screen 4. Enter the name or enter the the list. displays with the destination two-letter abbreviation. A list displays. The List screen button . Select a street. marked. could also be pressed, then Do not enter N for10. Select the route preference select the state or province. North or S for South in for Fastest, Shortest, or Other. the street name. This will The system calculates and 5. Once a city has been selected, the street name category is automatically show later for highlights the route. selection if required, after automatically selected for entry.11. Press the Start Guidance the street address number screen button. The route . Select a street from the list entry. can now be started. and it appears in the Street name area. 7. Once a street has been See “Getting Started on Your selected, press the House # Route” later in this section for screen button to enter the house more information. number. The system displays the house number range that is available for the street. Select the house number.
  • 46. Infotainment System 478. Press Go. The map screen To enter a destination by entering a If using the alpha keyboard, displays with the destination cross street: finish entering the city or street marked. 1. Press DEST. name. If five or less names are9. Once the house number is available, a list displays. If more selected, the city name 2. Press 2 (Address Entry). than five are available, a number automatically populates. If there appears in the List screen 3. Press the state/province screen button. This represents the is more than one city available button, if needed, to change the for selection, a list of cities number of available cities or current state or province. streets. displays. Select the city. 4. Enter the name or enter the . Press this button to view10. Press the route preference for two-letter abbreviation. A list Fastest, Shortest, or Other. the list. displays. The List screen button The system calculates and could also be pressed, then . Select a city or street. highlights the route. select the state or province. 6. Once a city and a street have11. Press the Start Guidance 5. Select the City or Street screen been selected, press the Cross screen button. The route button. Street screen button and start can now be started. entering the cross street name. The Last 5 Cities or Streets If five or less names are See “Getting Started on Your screen button displays a list of Route” later in this section for available, a list displays. If more the last five city or street names than five are available, a number more information. that had been entered. Select a appears in the List screen city or street from the list and it button. This represents the appears in the City or Street number of available streets. name area. . Press this button to view the list. . Select a street.
  • 47. 48 Infotainment System7. Press Go. The map screen To use the point of interest displays with the destination destination entry method by marked. entering the name:8. Select the route preference for 1. Press DEST. Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The 2. Press the POI screen button. system calculates and highlights the route. 3. Press the state/province screen button, if needed, to change the9. Press the Start Guidance screen current state or province. button. The route can now be started. 4. Enter the name or enter the two-letter abbreviation. A list See “Getting Started on Your displays. The List screen button Route” in this section for more could also be pressed, then information. POI (Point of Interest): Select to select the state or province. access the POI (Point of Interest)Point of Interest (POI) 5. Enter the POI name. screen. From this screen you haveThe Point of Interest (POI) two options to select/enter a If four or less names aredestination entry method lets destination: available, a list displays. Ifyou select a destination from more than four are available, . Enter the name using the alphathe POI list. a number appears in the List keyboard. screen button. This represents . Select a category from the the number of available POIs. category list. Press this button to view the list.
  • 48. Infotainment System 496. Press Go, located next to the 4. Select a category, and then a 6. Select the route preference for POI. The map screen displays sub-category. The system Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The with the destination marked. displays available POI names system calculates and highlights7. Select the route preference for in the selected sub-category. the route. Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The . Select the POI, or once the 7. Press the Start Guidance screen system calculates and highlights Browse POI Categories button. The route is now ready the route. button is pressed, a List All to be started.8. Press the Start Guidance screen Categories screen button See “Getting Started on Your button. The route can now be displays. Route” in this section for more started. . Press this button to view a information. See “Getting Started on Your list of all categories. Route” later in this section for . Select one of the categories more information. and a list of all locations forTo use the point of interest the selected category for adestination entry method by particular area displays.selecting a category: . Select the location.1. Press DEST. 5. Press Go, located next to the2. Press the POI screen button. POI. The map screen displays with the destination marked.3. Press the Browse POI Categories screen button to view the list of POI categories.
  • 49. 50 Infotainment SystemAddress Book This option is available while the See “Getting Started on YourThe address book entry method vehicle is in motion, but you may Route” in this section for morelets you select a destination by not scroll through all screen pages. information.selecting an address that has been To use the address book entry See “Adding Destinations to thestored in your address book. Up to method: Address Book” in this section.150 entries can be stored here. 1. Press DEST. Previous Destination 2. Press g (Address Book). Up to 20 previous destinations are automatically stored here for recall A list of your address book later. They can also be deleted from addresses display. Use the this screen as well. This option is arrows on the left side of the available while the vehicle is in screen to scroll through the list. motion, but you may not scroll 3. Press Go, located next to the through all screen pages. destination. The map screen displays with the destination Using the Map for Destination marked displays. Press the map to scroll to your 4. Select the route preference for destination choice. Use 0 / 1 Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The (Zoom In/Zoom Out) to fine tune the system calculates and highlights selection. Press Go to begin routeg Address Book: Press to the route. guidance. You can also Mark thisaccess the Address Book screen. location to the Address Book at this 5. Press the Start Guidance screenFrom this screen, select an address time. This option is available while button. The route can now bethat already exists as the the vehicle is in motion. started.destination.
  • 50. Infotainment System 51OnStar® Destination Download Using Destination Download(If Equipped) If the map disc is not installed andThe Destination download lets an the radio receives a destinationOnStar subscriber (if equipped), ask download, a message displaysthe OnStar call center to download showing that the map disc isa destination. OnStar will send required or it accepts the downloadaddress information and location so that it can be added to the If the address is not found within thecoordinates of the destination into address book. map database, the system may usethe navigation system. If the navigation radio screen is latitude and longitude coordinates to turned off before a download, the locate the destination. In this case, system automatically turns the “Using Coordinates” displays on the screen on and displays a download downloaded screen. confirmation message. The radio If the system is unable to locate remains on after the download. the address, the Destination Not The navigation system displays Found screen below displays. Some Searching – Please Wait as the screen buttons, such as Map and address is searched within the Go, grays out. The Call button grays map database. out when there is no phone number available and while connected to OnStar. OnStar Destination Download Screen
  • 51. 52 Infotainment System . Press the Call screen button, Route Guidance Active the navigation system initiates a call with Bluetooth Phone (if If an OnStar destination is available) or OnStar Personal downloaded while route guidance is Call (if equipped). already active, the system displays a pop-up screen and does the . Press the Add To Address Book following screen function: screen button, the navigation . system copies the downloaded Press Go, the navigation system destination to the address book adds the downloaded destination and display the new address before the next waypoint of the book entry. The destination existing route (closest to the saves this download even if it is current vehicle position). If all only partial information such as waypoints are in use before Go Destination Not Found Screen a phone number. is pressed, the furthest waypointRoute Guidance Not Active (final destination) is . Press the Back screen button, automatically deleted.If an OnStar destination is the navigation system cancelsdownloaded while route guidance is the OnStar destination download . All other buttons on the pop-upnot active, the navigation system and returns to the previous screen operate as describeddisplays a pop-up screen and does screen. The downloaded under Route Guidance Notthe following screen functions: address is not added to the Active.. Press Go, the navigation system previous destinations. Previous Destinations starts route calculation to the Previously downloaded OnStar destination(s) received. destinations are saved under. Press the Map screen button, Previous Destinations in the the navigation system displays navigation system where they can the Destination Map Screen. be accessed or saved to the address book.
  • 52. Infotainment System 53Map Destination Screen Functions Getting Started on Your Route Turn List: Press to view the list ofIf the map screen is used to show turn maneuvers for the entire route Once a destination has beendestination, it has map screen and to avoid turns on the route. entered, select the route preferencecapabilities such as Go, Mark, (if available), then press the StartZoom, Scroll, etc. The address is Guidance screen button, or justshown at the top of the screen. begin driving. The route guidance will start. Press DEST to access the Route screen. r / q (Scroll Arrows): Press the up and down arrows to scroll through the list of maneuvers. Destination Map Screen Avoid: Press this screen button, next to the adjacent street name, to avoid the maneuver. The map screen displays. The route recalculates without that maneuver.
  • 53. 54 Infotainment System r / [ (Fast Forward Scroll): Add Stopover Press to scroll to the next stopover or to the final destination. The u button changes to a fast speed fast forward. u (Fast Forward Skip): Press to go to the next stopover or to the final destination. Detour Press this screen button from the Route screen, then select to detourRoute Preview: Press to preview 1 km, 3 km, 5 km (1 mile, 3 miles,the entire route in either direction. or 5 miles) around the current route.This option is not available when You may also select to detour the Add Stopover: Press this screenthe vehicle is in motion. whole route if necessary. This button from the Route screen. This option is only available while you feature lets you add up to threet (Reverse Skip) : Press to go are driving on your current planned stopovers to the current route,back to the start point or previous route.stopover. between your start point and final Voice Volume destination. Once a stopover hasq / r (Reverse Scroll): Press to been added, the points can bescroll to the start point or previous Press this screen button from the edited or deleted. Route screen to turn voice guidancestopover. The t button changes to on or off and to change the volumea fast reverse screen button. of voice prompts. See “Nav” underj (Pause): Press to pause the Configure Menu on page 57 forroute preview, while in reverse or more information.fast forward scroll.
  • 54. Infotainment System 55To add a stopover: 8. Press the Start Guidance screen Suspend Guidance1. Press DEST. button. The route can now be Press this screen button from the started. Route screen to put the current2. Press the Add or Add Stopover screen button. This button only To delete a stopover from the route on hold. appears if a route has been current route: Resume Guidance calculated. Delete a Stopover From the Press this screen button from the3. Using the desired method of Current Route Route screen to resume guidance entering a destination, enter 1. Press DEST. on the current route. the stopover. See “Destination” 2. Press the Delete screen button Cancel Guidance previously for more information. for a stopover to be deleted.4. Select the route preference for Press this screen button from the 3. The system displays a pop-up Route screen to cancel the current Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The confirmation message. Press OK route. system calculates and highlights the route. to delete the stopover; press the Cancel screen button to cancel Adding Destinations to the5. Press the Start Guidance screen this operation. Address Book button. The route can now be 4. Select the route preference for There are two ways to add a started. Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The destination to the address book:6. To add the second and third system calculates and highlights . To add the current final stopovers, press DEST, then the route. destination to the address book, press the Add screen button, 5. Press the Start Guidance screen select the Mark screen button where the next stopover should button. The route can now be from the map screen. The display on the route. started. system automatically saves the7. Select the route preference for final destination information in Fastest, Shortest, or Other. The the address book. system calculates and highlights the route.
  • 55. 56 Infotainment System. Under the address book To store the current final destination To store an address book entry as a information, you could choose a as a preset destination: preset destination: name and an icon for the entry as well as add a phone number 1. Press Mark from the map 1. Press MENU, then press it to the entry. screen to add the current final repeatedly until Nav is selected, destination. The Address Book or press the Nav screen button.. Press the Add to Address Book screen appears. screen button when available 2. Press the Edit/View screen on POI information screens, 2. Press the Name screen button. button. Destination Entry screens, An alpha-keyboard displays. 3. Select the address book entry or POI screens. The system Enter the name. to be stored as the preset automatically saves this 3. Press and hold one of the destination. Press the Name information in the address book. buttons at the bottom of the screen button to add a name, screen until the name appears in if needed.Adding or Changing Preset that preset destination screenDestinations 4. Press and hold one of the button. It is now available to buttons at the bottom of theThis feature lets you add or change select from the Destination Entry screen until the name appearsone of five preset destinations. screen. in that preset destination screenWhen a destination has been button. It is now available toadded as a preset destination, it is select from the Destination Entryavailable to be selected from the screen.Destination Entry screen. See“Preset Destination” previously forinformation on how to select apreset destination as a finaldestination.
  • 56. Infotainment System 57Configure Menu Sound Nav (Navigation) Press MENU to enter the menu options, then press it repeatedly until Sound is selected or press the Sound screen button. To make speaker and equalization adjustments. See AM-FM Radio on page 14 for more information. Radio Press MENU to enter the menu options, then press it repeatedly until Radio is selected or press Base shown; Uplevel similar the Radio screen button, to make changes for Limit Features While Press MENU to enter the menuThis sound menu page is also Driving, preset pages, XM™ options, then press it repeatedlyavailable by pressing f categories (if equipped), and until Nav is selected or press the(Tune/Tone). automatic volume control. See Nav screen button. AM-FM Radio on page 14 for moreThis function is also available using information.the Steering Wheel Controls SRCEbutton. See “Steering WheelControls” in the index of the ownermanual” for more information.
  • 57. 58 Infotainment SystemOff-Road Mode Voice Prompt Allow ferry: Ferries are used whenTo turn the Off-Road Mode on or off: Voice Prompt: Press to change calculating a planned route.1. Press MENU. the volume of the voice prompts or Allow time and seasonal to turn voice guidance on and off. restricted road: Time restricted2. Press the Nav screen button. and seasonal roads are used when Volume: Press + or − to increase3. Press the Off-Road Mode screen or to decrease the volume of the calculating a planned route. button. The active button will be voice prompts. The system respond Edit Address Book — How to Add highlighted. with the adjusted voice level. To add an address to the address When the off-road mode is Voice Guidance: Press On or Off book, see “Adding Destinations to turned on, the navigation system to turn voice instructions on and off the Address Book” under will show the path being traveled while traveling on a planned route. Destination on page 44. by the vehicle when not on a marked road. This path will be Route Preference Edit Address Book — Edit/View a simulation since the map Press this screen button to change To edit the name of an database coverage will not have route options when the system address book: these roads on the DVD. This calculates a route. path will be stored in the 1. Press MENU, then press it navigation systems memory, Allow Major Roads: Major roads repeatedly until Nav is selected see “Previous Destination” under are used when calculating a or press the Nav screen button. Destination on page 44 for more planned route. 2. Press the Edit/View Address information. Allow toll road: Toll roads are Book screen button. used when calculating a planned route. 3. Select the Address book entry.
  • 58. Infotainment System 59 4. Press the Phone # screen button 3. Press the Add Voice Tag screen and use the numeric keyboard to button. enter or change the phone 4. The system asks you to state number. the name. You have 5. Press OK to save the changes. four seconds to do this. The To change the map icon of an system repeats the name. address book entry: To delete an address book entry: 1. Press MENU then press it 1. Press MENU, then press it repeatedly until Nav is selected, repeatedly until Nav is selected, or press the Nav screen button. or press the Nav screen button. 2. Press the Edit/View Address 2. Press the Edit/View Address4. Press the Name screen button Book screen button. Book screen button. and use the alpha-keyboard to edit or add the name. 3. Select the address book entry to 3. Select the address book entry to change. delete.5. Press OK to save changes. 4. Press the Icon screen button. 4. Press the Delete screen buttonTo add or change the phone number to delete the address book entry.of an address book entry: 5. Select an icon from the list. To add a voice tag to an address 5. A confirmation pop-up displays.1. Press MENU, then press it Press the OK screen button to repeatedly until Nav is selected, book entry: delete; press No to cancel the or press the Nav screen button. 1. Press MENU, then press it operation.2. Press the Edit/View Address repeatedly until Nav is selected, Book screen button. or press the Nav screen button.3. Select the address book entry to 2. Press the Edit/View Address change. Book screen button.
  • 59. 60 Infotainment SystemTo delete the entire address book: Map Database Information XM NavTraffic™ (USA and1. Press MENU, then press it Canada) repeatedly until Nav is selected, Your vehicles navigation system or press the Nav screen button. may have an XM NavTraffic2. Press the Edit/View Address receiver. XM NavTraffic is a Book screen button. subscription service provided via XM Satellite Radio. XM NavTraffic3. A list of all the address book provides real-time traffic information entries display. Press and hold fully integrated to the navigation the Clear All screen button. system to display current traffic4. A confirmation pop-up displays. conditions for a driver’s chosen Press OK to delete; press No to route. XM NavTraffic allows drivers cancel the operation. to make the most informed, timesaving routing decisions. Press the Map Database Information screen button to view If the Traffic screen button is the coverage areas of the pressed or if the traffic display map DVD. in the Navigation Setup Menu is attempted to be turned on without Traffic Options (If Equipped) a subscription, a warning screen Read the following Options displays indicating that XM traffic is descriptions to understand not activated. how the XM NavTraffic™ operates.
  • 60. Infotainment System 61 Traffic information is delivered to 3. Press the Traffic screen button. the vehicle by the XM™ Radio This button is highlighted when it satellites. XM NavTraffic makes it is active. possible for the navigation system Selecting Alert for Approaching to provide continuously updated Traffic Events enables the traffic information personalized for a system to show a pop-up screen driver’s needs. that notifies of possible traffic XM NavTraffic currently broadcasts issues ahead. the traffic information for many When this feature is highlighted, markets nationally, and the while traveling on a route, you service may be available in are able to view and avoid more cities in the future. Visit accidents that are on the route.Three types of traffic information for www.xmnavtraffic.com for moremajor roadways are displayed on details on local coverage. Traffic Iconthe navigation system: A service fee is required in order to The Traffic Icon appears on the. Unscheduled traffic incident receive the XM NavTraffic service. Traffic Tab, next to the word Traffic, data, such as accidents and when traffic is found in the Turning XM NavTraffic On and Off local area. disabled vehicles To turn traffic on or off:. Scheduled traffic incident data, such as road construction and 1. Press MENU, then press it road closures repeatedly until Nav is selected or press the Nav screen button.. Traffic flow information (rate of speed data) 2. Press the Traffic Options screen button.
  • 61. 62 Infotainment SystemThe Traffic Icon has three different condition displays. These are: Locations and Information of Traffic Conditions Condition Traffic Status Icon The system may take some time . No XM NavTraffic™ to sort the information. The list of subscription. traffic conditions display in the order of distance from the vehicle, for up . No Traffic is found in the to approximately 240 km (150 mi). local area. If traveling on a planned route, the . The Traffic Feature is turned off. list can be filtered to see traffic conditions along the planned route. Not all traffic conditions may be listed.Traffic events are in the area, butnone are on route.Traffic events are on route.
  • 62. Infotainment System 63To view the traffic condition location Traffic: Press to enable or disableand information on the map: the traffic function. Show Traffic ICONS: Press to display traffic icons on the map screen. This function allows selection of the traffic information 2. Select a traffic condition to get that is displayed. more detailed information of the event. Traffic Options1. Press NAV, then press NAV again, repeatedly until Traffic is selected, or press the Traffic screen button. A list of traffic conditions may display with the direction and how far away the traffic conditions are from the vehicles current position. Press the Options screen button. A Traffic Options menu displays. Select the desired traffic related option.
  • 63. 64 Infotainment SystemTraffic Flow Status — This screen Alert for Approaching Traffic On-Routebutton is used to enable or disable Events: When On, if an Press the On Route screen buttonthe green, yellow, red and orange approaching traffic event is within to display all events ahead on thearrows shown beside the roads and the alert range, one of two traffic current active route. If no trafficused to show the traffic flow or alert pop-up screens display: events have been reported on route,extent of a traffic event. . With no route planned, while No Traffic Events Reported On. Black indicates a closed road on expressways, Approaching route displays. segment Traffic Event without Avoid. Red indicates significantly screen displays. impaired traffic flow with average . With route planned, Traffic Event speed between 25 and 45 mph. on Route screen displays with. Yellow indicates slightly impaired the option to use the Avoid traffic flow with average speed button unless the avoid route is between 25 and 45 mph. not available.. Green indicates normal traffic The alert pop-up screen does not flow with average speed above display if the Alert for Approaching 45 mph. Traffic Events is Off.. Orange indicates construction. If the Voice Guidance prompt is turned off, audible traffic alertsTraffic flow data arrows display will not be heard. See “Guidance Nameon the map when scaled up to Volume” under Overview on page 4eight miles. and “Traffic Voice Prompts” in this Press the Name screen button to section. display traffic events in alphabeticalClosed Road, Traffic Delays, order. Pressing Name again willIncidents, and Advisories — These reorder the list to the order offour screen buttons are used to distance from the current location.select the traffic event icons that The closest event is shown first.appear on the map screens.
  • 64. Infotainment System 65Avoid Scrolling to Traffic Events on Traffic Event Display CategoriesWhen a route is active, the Avoid the Map The following are traffic conditionscreen button is used to route categories and symbols that canaround the listed traffic event. appear on the display:After calculating a new route, the q (Road Closed): Road and/ornavigation system shows a new ramps closed.route on the full map screen. TheAvoid screen button is grayed out if o (Stopped Traffic): Trafficthe traffic event is not on route or no stopped, stop and go traffic, delayedroute is active, or if you are too and congested traffic.close to have the system provide an p (Alert): Object in the roadway,avoid method. disabled vehicle, or dangerous roadRefresh conditions.Press the Refresh screen button to t (Accident): Roadway obstructedupdate the screen with all of the due to accident. While scrolling the map, trafficlatest traffic events, miles, etc. condition icons may appear. To s (Road Works): Delayed traffic receive information about the traffic due to construction. condition, place the crosshairs over j / r (Road Condition): Delayed the traffic condition icon. After or stopped traffic, lane blocked or pressing the Info (information) closed due to a road condition. screen button, the type of traffic condition, the street name, and a k (Weather): Heavy rain, snow, description of the traffic condition or fog weather condition. displays. See “Scrolling the Map” m (Parking): Available under Maps on page 37 for more parking area. information.
  • 65. 66 Infotainment Systeml (Information): Special event, The Traffic Event screen is usedgeneral information, or warning. when the traffic event is not being approached on the expressway orDetailed Traffic Event Screens on a route. This screen mayThere are three different types of display if:detailed traffic event screens. Each . Scrolling to an event on the mapscreen is a variance of the one and then pressing INFO.shown on the Traffic Event Screen. . Selecting a traffic event listed on the Traffic Event List screen. Back, Map, More, and Avoid These buttons have common Map Traffic Event Icon with Back functions across all three Detailed Traffic Event screens. Screen Back: Press to return to the screen Scroll to the new traffic icon, and used to display the selected detailed the Info screen button displays for traffic event. that traffic event. Press Info and the detailed traffic event screen Map: Press to show the related displays. Press NAV to go back to traffic event on the map. If pressed, the Full Map screen. Traffic Event Screen the Map Traffic Event Icon screen displays. More: Press to display more of the traffic event description, if the whole event does not fit in the given display.
  • 66. Infotainment System 67Avoid: This button is used to avoid The RPT (Repeat) button is for Brightness/Contrast/Modethe location of an event on the navigation traffic maneuvers only.route. If pressed, a new route is It is not used to repeat trafficcalculated and the related traffic prompts. During a traffic voiceevent is avoided. After the new prompt, if the RPT button isroute has been calculated, the pressed, the current promptnavigation system goes to the full playback cancels.map screen and shows the new Anything that cancels the Alert forroute. Approaching Traffic, also cancelsTraffic Voice Prompts the related voice prompt.The traffic voice prompts are part Traffic prompts are disabled duringof the current navigation voice OnStar (if equipped) or Voiceprompts. If the navigation voice Recognition activity.prompts are turned off, all traffic Press this screen button to changeprompts are also turned off. Display the brightness, contrast, and mode Press MENU to enter the menu of the display.If the voice prompts are on, options, then press it repeatedlywhenever an Alert for Approaching ] (Brightness): Press and hold + until Display is selected, or pressTraffic or Alert if Better route or − to increase or decrease the the Display screen button.Available is displayed, the system brightness of the screen.gives the related voice prompt. Display OffThe content of the voice prompt _ (Contrast): Press and hold + or Press this button to turn the display − to increase or decrease thedepends on actual traffic event data. off. Press NAV, DEST, FAV, MENU, contrast of the screen. or f to view the display.
  • 67. 68 Infotainment SystemAuto (Automatic): Press this Eject Map Disc Global Positioningscreen button so the system canautomatically adjust the screen This screen option is available when System (GPS) the map disc has to be ejected forbackground depending on exterior replacement. The map disc should The navigation system determineslighting conditions. only be access when updating with the position of the vehicle by usingNight: Press to make the map an annual update or when and if a satellite signals, various vehiclebackground darker. map disc read error displays during signals, and map data.Day: Press to make the map normal use. See “Ejecting the DVD At times, other interferences suchbackground brighter. Map Disc” in this section for more as the satellite condition, road information. configuration, the condition of theRear Vision Camera Options vehicle and/or other circumstances(If Equipped) Language can interfere with the navigationThe vehicle may be equipped with a To change the language of the systems ability to determine theRear Vision Camera system and/or navigation screens, see “Vehicle accurate position of the vehicle.a Rear Park Assist to enhance Personalization” in the Index of the The GPS shows the current positionawareness of what is behind your vehicles owner manual. of the vehicle using signals sent byvehicle. These systems engage only Setting the Clock the GPS Satellites of the Unitedwhen the transmission shift position States Department of Defense.is in R (Reverse). See “Rear Vision Press the time screen button, then When the vehicle is not receivingCamera” and/or “Park Assist” in the press the Set screen button. signals from the satellites, a symbolindex of the vehicles owner manual Hours: Press and hold − or + to appears on the map screen. Referfor more information. decrease or increase the hours. to Navigation Symbols on page 39.VIDEO (for camera) and AUDIO Minutes: Press and hold − or + to(Park Assist) screen buttons may decrease or increase the minutes.display. Press either screen button 12/24 Format: Press the 12 screento turn these features on or off. Both button for standard time; press thefeatures are defaulted to on. 24 screen button for military time.
  • 68. Infotainment System 69This system may not be available or For more information if the GPS . The vehicle has just beeninterferences may occur if any of the is not functioning properly, see transferred by a vehicle carrierfollowing is true: Problems with Route Guidance on or a ferry.. Signals are obstructed by tall page 70 and If the System Needs . The current position calibration buildings, trees, large trucks, Service on page 70. is set incorrectly. or a tunnel. . The vehicle is traveling at high Vehicle Positioning speed.. Objects are located on the rear shelf of the vehicle. At times, the position of the vehicle . The vehicle changes directions on the map may be inaccurate due more than once, or when the. Satellites are being repaired or to one or more of the following improved. vehicle is turning on a turn table reasons: in a parking lot.. After-market glass tinting has . The road system has changed. been applied to the vehicles . The vehicle is entering and/or rear windshield. . The vehicle is driving on slippery exiting a parking lot, garage, or a road surfaces such as in sand, lot with a roof.Notice: Do not apply after-market gravel, and/or snow.glass tinting to the vehicles . The GPS signal is not received. . The vehicle is traveling onwindows. Glass tinting interferes . A roof carrier is installed on yourwith the systems ability to winding roads. vehicle.receive GPS signals and causes . The vehicle is on a long .the system to malfunction. The vehicle is being driven with straight road. tire chains.The window might have to bereplaced to correct the problem. . The vehicle is approaching a tall . The tires are replaced.This would not be covered by the building or a large vehicle. . The tire pressure for your tires iswarranty. . The surface streets run parallel incorrect. to a freeway. . The tires are worn.
  • 69. 70 Infotainment System. The first time the map DVD is . There is no route guidance when inserted. turning at an intersection. If the System Needs. . Service The battery is disconnected for Plural names of places may be several days. announced occasionally. If the navigation system needs service and the steps listed here. The vehicle is driving in heavy . It may take a long time to have been followed but there are traffic where driving is at low operate automatic rerouting still problems, see your dealer for speeds, and the vehicle is during high-speed driving. assistance. stopped and started repeatedly. . Automatic rerouting may displayIf problems are experienced with the a route returning to the set Ordering Map DVDsnavigation system, see your dealer. stopover if traveling to a destination without passing The map DVD in the vehicle is the most up-to-date informationProblems with Route through a set stopover. available when the vehicle wasGuidance . The route prohibits the entry of a produced. The map DVD is updated vehicle due to a regulation by periodically, provided that the mapInappropriate route guidance could time or season or any other information has changed.occur under one or more of the regulation which may be given.following conditions: For any questions about the . Some routes may not be operation of the navigation system. You have not turned onto the searched. or the update process, contact road indicated. . The route to the destination may the GM Nav Disc Center toll‐free. Route guidance may not be phone number, 1‐877‐NAV‐DISC not be shown if there are new available when using automatic (1‐877‐628‐3472) or go to roads, if roads have recently rerouting for the next right or the centers website, changed, or if certain roads left turn. www.gmnavdisc.com. For any are not listed on the map DVD.. The route may not be changed See Database Coverage updates or replacements, call the when using automatic rerouting. Explanations on page 71. GM Nav Disc Center or order a new disc online. Have the Vehicle
  • 70. Infotainment System 71Identification Number (VIN) Voice Recognition To use radio voice recognition:available when ordering to ensure 1. Push and hold SRCE (source)the correct and most up-to-date The navigation systems voice on the steering wheel controls,DVD map disc for the vehicle is recognition allows for hands-free if equipped, or AUDIO on thesent. See “Vehicle Identification operation of navigation and audio radio faceplate. A beep will beNumber (VIN)” in the Index of the system features. Voice recognition heard and the audio systemvehicles owner manual for more can be used when the ignition is on mutes.information. or in ACC/ACCESSORY or when Retained Accessory Power (RAP) is 2. Clearly state one of theAfter receiving the updated commands listed on the active.disc, replace the old disc in the following pages. For example,navigation system. See “Installing The radio commands feature only say “Radio Select FM” or justthe DVD Map Disc” and “Ejecting works if the map DVD is inserted. say, “Radio FM.”the DVD Map Disc” under Maps on Bluetooth® and OnStar functions (ifpage 37. Dispose of the old disc to equipped) will work without the map 3. The system tells you theavoid confusion about which disc is DVD inserted. See Bluetooth and command being implemented.the most current. OnStar in the index of the vehicles For example, the system says owner manual. “Radio Select FM” and changesDatabase Coverage the audio system to the FM The system may not hear you or source.Explanations may hear the incorrect word with the windows open or the convertible top You may end voice recognition byCoverage area depends upon the down due to background noise. not speaking any commands or bymap detail available. Some areas pressing SRCE again. After abouthave greater map detail than others. five seconds of silence, the systemThe navigation system works only automatically cancels voiceas well as the information provided recognition.on the map disc. See Ordering MapDVDs on page 70 on how to obtainupdated map information.
  • 71. 72 Infotainment SystemAt times, the system may not Voice Tag Commands Storing Voice Tagsunderstand a spoken command. The following are voice tag From the address book entryIf this happens, try again. If a commands that can be accessed information page, press the Addspoken command is not available, by clearly stating the commands Voice tag screen button. Thethe system provides feedback exactly as they are written. There system responds “Name Please?”based on availability. can be up to 40 voice tag entries for and you will have four seconds toWhile using voice recognition, make destinations. record a name. The system asks forsure to keep interior noise levels to Navigation go to [destination], confirmation of the name beforea minimum. Otherwise, the system navigation select: These saving it as a voice tag. Up tomight not recognize voice commands instruct the system to 40 destination voice tag entriescommands. select a destination saved under can be stored.The system recognizes commands the stored voice tag. The system Navigation Helpspoken in English, Spanish, or prompts for a destination name thenFrench depending on the global waits for the name to be stated. Navigation Help: This commandlanguage setting in the vehicle. See instructs the system to assist with If you are not currently driving on navigation commands.the vehicles owner manual for a route, the system automaticallydetails about changing languages. creates the voice tag destination Display CommandsVoice Recognition Commands as the final destination. If you are To set the display mode: currently driving on a route, theThe following list shows all of the Display [set] day [mode]: Sets the system automatically creates thevoice commands available for the display to daytime mode. voice tag destination as a stopover.navigation system with a brief Up to three stopovers can be Display [set] night [mode]: Setsdescription of each. The commands created. the display to night mode.are listed with the optional wordsin brackets. To use the voice Display [set] auto [mode]: Setscommands, refer to the instructions the display to automatic mode. Thelisted previously. system changes between day and night mode automatically.
  • 72. Infotainment System 73System help: This command CD Commands Auxiliary Commandsinstructs the system to assist The following are CD, MP3, and The following auxiliary commandswith display commands. DVD commands that can be can be accessed by clearly statingRadio Commands accessed by clearly stating the the commands exactly as written. commands exactly as written. The commands are available whenThe following are radio commands the auxiliary source is available.can be accessed by clearly stating CD, DVD, Disc: Selects a CD,the commands exactly as written. DVD, or disc that is currently Aux, Auxiliary: Selects the loaded. auxiliary device, when a deviceRadio [band] [select] AM, radio is connected.[band] [select] FM, radio [band] CD, DVD, Disc, [select] track (one,[select] XM, radio [band] [select] two, three, etc.): Instructs the OnStar Command (If Equipped)satellite: Instructs the system to system to select a specific track number. (May not be available OnStar: Instructs the system togo to either the AM, FM, or XM connect to OnStar. The OnStar(if equipped). during DVD movie play). voice recognition system must beRadio [select] (frequency) AM, CD, DVD, Disc select next entered. Refer to your OnStar userradio [select] (frequency) FM: folder: Selects the next folder on guide for more information.Instructs the system to go to a the MP3 or audio DVD.specific frequency on either Voice Help CD, DVD, Disc select previousAM or FM. folder: Selects the previous folder Voice help: Provides a descriptionRadio [select] (channel) XM, radio on the MP3 or audio DVD. of help commands that can be used.[select] (channel) satellite: CD help, DVD help, Disc help:Instructs the system to go to a Instructs the system to assist withspecific channel on the XM band CD and DVD commands.(if equipped).Radio help: This commandinstructs the system to assistwith radio commands.
  • 73. 74 Infotainment System 2 NOTES
  • 74. INDEX i-1 A C DAdding Destinations to the Canadian Vehicle Owners Database Coverage Address Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 (Propriétaires des Véhicules Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71Adding or Changing Preset Canadiens) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Deleting Personal Information . . . . 8 Destinations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Canceling Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Destination, Navigation . . . . . . . . . . 44Alpha-Numeric Keyboard . . . . . . . . 36 CD/DVD Messages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Devices, Auxiliary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34AM-FM Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 CD/DVD Player . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Display . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67Audio Players Cleaning the Display . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Driving on a Route . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 CD/DVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Configure Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 DVD Menu Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27Auto Reroute . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Connecting a USB Storage DVD/CD Player . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20Auxiliary Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Device or iPod® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
  • 75. i-2 INDEX E G LEjecting the DVD Map Disc . . . . . . 38 Getting Started on Your Route . . . 53 Language . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8English/Metric Units . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Global Positioning Limit Features While Driving . . . . . . 8Entering a Destination by Using System (GPS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Address, Point of Interest, Guidance Volume . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 M Previous Destination, or the Map Adjustments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Map Method and Storing H Map Coverage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Preset Destinations . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Handling the DVD Map Disc . . . . . 38 Map Scales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 F I MenuFading With a Bose® Installing the DVD Map Disc . . . . . 37 Configure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Surround Sound System Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 (If Equipped) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29Finding a Station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
  • 76. INDEX i-3 N O RNav (Navigation) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 OnStar® Destination Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57Navigation Download (If Equipped) . . . . . . . . 51 Radio Data System (RDS) . . . . . . . 19 Destination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Ordering Radio Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Symbols . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Map DVDs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Radios Using the System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Overview, Infotainment System . . . 4 AM-FM Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14Navigation Buttons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 CD/DVD Player . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20Navigation DVD Radio with P Satellite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Bose® Surround Sound Playing a CD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 System (If Equipped) . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Playing a DVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26Navigation System Overview . . . . . 7 Playing a DVD Video . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Playing the Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Previous Destination . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Problems with Route Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70
  • 77. i-4 INDEX S T VSatellite Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Touch Screen Buttons . . . . . . . . . . . 36 VehicleScrolling the Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Traffic Options (If Equipped) . . . . . 60 Positioning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69Setting the Clock . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9, 68 Voice Recognition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71Sound . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 U Voice Recognition Commands . . . 72Sound Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Using a Compressed AudioStoring Radio Station CD/DVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 X Presets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8, 16 Using Destination Download . . . . . 51 XM NavTraffic™ (USA andSymbols, Navigation . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Using the Map for Destination . . . 50 Canada) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60System Needs Service, If . . . . . . . . 70 Using the Navigation Audio XM™ Satellite Radio Service . . . . 20 System to Control a USB Storage Device or iPod . . . . . . . . 31 Using the Stored Preset Destinations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Using the USB Port . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34