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it is a project report on state bank of patiala

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State bank of patiala

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION<br />The rich heritage of State Bank of Patiala dates back to the year 1917, when it was founded by Late His Highness Bhupinder Singh, Maharaja of erstwhile Patiala state, with one branch by the name of 'Chowk Fort, Patiala' to begin with. The Bank, then known as the 'Patiala State Bank' was state owned and setup for the explicit purpose of fostering growth of agriculture, trade and industry. The constitution, scope and operations of the Bank underwent a sea change with the formation of the Patiala and east Punjab States Union (PEPSU) in 1948.The Bank was then reorganized and brought under the control of Reserve Bank of India.<br />It was christened as the Bank of Patiala. Another milestone in history of the Bank was its becoming a subsidiary of the State Bank of India on 1st April,1960 when it was named as the State Bank of Patiala and since then it has grown significantly both in size and volume of business. During these glorious years, the Bank has been playing an important role in banking sphere.<br />Our bank has now added a golden chapter to its history by fully networking all its brances on Core Banking Solutions on 08.08.2005 and become the first fully networked Public Sector Bank in the country.<br />Performance Highlights for 2009-10 <br />Total Business crossed Rs. 1,11,111 crores.  <br />Operating Profit is Rs.1307.71 crore (growth 35.45%). <br />The Capital Adequacy Ratio under Basel-II is 13.26%. <br />NIM increased to 2.61% from 2.17% last year.  <br />Provisioning Coverage Ratio is 63.78%. <br />Bank’s Credit-Deposit Ratio stood at 73.31%. <br />Book value of Rs.100 per share improved from Rs.1141 to Rs.1271. <br />Cost of Deposit decreased to 6.82% from 7.89% on last year.<br />Performance for the last 5 years<br />(Rs. in crores)Particulars2005-062006-072007-082008-092009-10Total Income2808.583507.354905.946435.696649.71Total Expenditure including provisions2505.473140.824492.215904.156098.82Net Profit303.11366.53413.73531.54550.89Earning per share of Rs.100 each (Rs.)122514811672193*200**Return on Average Assets (%)0.730.770.830.830.79Return on Equity (%)13.5614.7315.2716.9614.70Yield on Advances (%)8.068.9010.5311.3210.75Cost of Deposits4.905.527.317.896.82 Paid up Capital & Reserve & Surplus22352488270931343747Deposits33777.7139183.6248570.5460006.1864551.94Advances (including Bills)22180.0229055.7636400.0443634.1246347.23Total Assets/Liabilities41416.9747460.7059060.0469665.4476076.97Number of Branches758766798846886Capital Adequacy Ratio(%) Basel-IBasel-II 13.55-- 12.38-- 12.5013.56 11.4412.60 12.4513.26Net NPAs (%)0.990.830.600.601.04Business per Branch74.2589.09106.48122.51125.17<br />* Bank raised its capital from Rs.24.75 crores to Rs.274.75 crores.<br />** Bank raised its capital from Rs.274.75 crores to Rs.294.75 crores.<br />INTEREST RATE<br />DOMESTIC DEPOSITS : INTEREST RATE<br />PERIODPUBLICSENIOR7 to 14 days6.256.2515 to 45 days6.256.2546 to 90 days6.256.2546 to 90 days7.257.25181 days to < 1 year8.258.251year to 554 days9.5010.00555 days9.7510.25556 days to 2 years9.259.752 years to 998 days9.2510.25999 days9.259.751000 days to < 3 years9.259.253 years to < 5 years8.759.255 years to < 8 years8.759.258 years to 10 years8.759.25Deposit for 18 years ( for girlchild) Cir. No. PSB/PNS/34 dated24.09.20109.00----<br />AGRICULTURE FINANCE<br />INTEREST RATE STRUCTURE FOR AGRICULTURE LOANS <br />FOR DIRECT & INDIRECT FINANCE Effective from 01-03-2010<br />SHORT TERM LOANS – (AMOUNT UPTO Rs.25.00 LACS) <br />Size of Credit Limit(BPLR@14.50 TO 15.00%) w.e.f 17.08.2011 (P.A.)Upto Rs. 50,000/-3.25% below BPLR i.e.   9.00% p.a.Above Rs.50,000/- and upto Rs.2.00 lacs2.25% below BPLR i.e. 10.00% p.a.Above Rs.2.00 lacs and upto Rs.3.00 lacs1.50% below BPLR i.e. 10.75% p.a.Above Rs.3.00 lacs and upto Rs.5.00 lacs0.50% below BPLR i.e. 11.75% p.a.Above Rs.5.00 lacs and upto Rs.25.00 lacs0.50% above BPLR i.e. 12.75% p.a.<br /> <br />SHORT TERM LOANS – (AMOUNT ABOVE Rs.25.00 LACS) <br />CRA Rating (BPLR@14.50 TO 15.00%) w.e.f 17.08.2011 (P.A.)SB 1-2BPLR i.e. 12.25 %p.a.SB 3-50.75% above BPLR i.e. 13.00 %p.a.SB 6-71.25% above BPLR i.e. 13.50 %p.a.SB 8-161.50% above BPLR i.e. 13.75 %p.a.<br />Note:<br />1. Crop loans/ production loans upto Rs. 3.00 lacs will be charged @7% p.a. on eligible accounts, as per directives of RBI. In all other cases normal rate of interest as stated above will be applicable. Additional concession of 1% in rate of interest will also be available to prompt paying farmers.<br /> 2. However, in respect of individual farmers availing loans above Rs. 25.00 Lacs for Direct agricultural advances credit rating norms are waived. For these borrowers proposed rate of interest is 0.50 % above BPLR (i.e. 12.75%).<br />BOARD OF DIRECTORS <br />Shri Pratip Chaudhuri,Chairman,State Bank of India,Corporate Centre,MUMBAIShri R.SridharanManaging Director& Group Executive(Associates & Subsidiaries)State Bank of IndiaCorporate CentreMumbaiShri Ashok Nayar,Managing Director,State Bank of Patiala,Head Office, The Mall,PATIALA 147001Shri B. Ramesh Babu,Dy. General Manager(Associates & Subsidiaries),State Bank of India,Corporate Centre,MUMBAIShri B.S. Gopalakrishna,General Manager(Associate Banks),State Bank of India,Corporate Centre,MUMBAI 400021Shri Rakesh Chander Jasra,Non-Workmen Director,State Bank of Patiala, Zonal Office, NEW DELHIShri Ashwani Kumar Gupta,85, Green Park,Cool Road,JALANDHAR CITYShri Swarn Singh Boparai,67, Sector 9 A,CHANDIGARHDr. Abhijit Mukherjee,Director,Thapar University,PATIALAShri R.K. Sood,Under Secretary,Government of India,Ministry of Finance,Department of Financial Services,Jeevan Deep Building,Sansad Marg,NEW DELHI 110001Shri Jagdish SharmaWorkmen Director,State Bank of Patiala,Shastri BhawanNEW DELHIShri Verjinder Kumar Gupta,261, Dalima Vihar,RAJPURA 140401Dr. Amarendra Sahoo,Regional Director,Reserve Bank of India,LUCKNOW<br />