Arrow to Eagle 2013 University of Scouting


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presentation (PDF) is about Webelos Transition to Boy Scouts. if you are looking for information on what to do, what to look for, how to get started, and some tips, this is the document for you. Webelos are an exciting time for a boy, and to help them grow into Boy Scouting is even more rewarding. Enjoy.

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Arrow to Eagle 2013 University of Scouting

  1. 1. Webelos Transition: Arrow to Eagle University of Scouting 2013 Capitol Area Council
  2. 2. Goals:As Leaders, Parents and Mentors, howcan you help Webelos Scouts transition from Cub Scouts into Boy ScoutsAgenda:• Share Success: Stepping Stones• Explore Options• Helping Him Decide• Crossing Over• Tips on Evaluating Troops
  3. 3. Share the Success: Stepping StonesThe Webelos ProgramFun / Fun • The Golden RuleCamping and more Camping • Where to go / Who to Camp withArrow of Light • How to Plan to AchieveOrganize • Patrol MethodUniform • Pride in owning
  4. 4. Exploring the OptionsGet Familiar with the Troops in your area • Where and WhoAs Webelos Leaders you can help • Share what you know • Network / Round Tables / District EventsAsk Boy Scout Troops • Visits • Camp Outs • Troop Meetings
  5. 5. Helping Him DecideExposing what it means to be a Scout • Let him see the scouts in action • What have they done / what is nextFeel of a Troop • Let him get the vibe of the troop • More visits mean more opportunityGUIDE don’t chose for him • Let them take ownership • Better chance of success
  6. 6. Helping Him Decide (part deux)Start Looking • Webelos First Year: December …. • Gives 12-14 months for visits / camping • Helps with Arrow of Light, Scout Master ConferenceImpact: Cross Over • As a Patrol • As an Individual
  7. 7. Crossing Over Memories and Fun • Celebration of Success • Crossing Over to Scouting • Awards Bridging over to something new • Boy Scouts there to welcome the new Scout • Change Uniform When • Different Packs Different WaysKintai Bridge Japan
  8. 8. Tips on Evaluating TroopsProgram • Meeting (when) • Camping / Outings (type) • High Adventure • Planning (boy vs adult led)Leadership • Youth (Participation / Training) • Adult (Participation / Training)
  9. 9. Tips on Evaluating TroopsChemistry • Family / Friends already there • Troop treatment of new visitorStability • Troop Participation (number of boys per event) • Funding (accounts, fund raising, pay as you go) • Recruitment
  10. 10. Tips on Evaluating TroopsAdvancement / Merit Badges • RANK & Merit Badges • Joining the Troop • Meeting with Scout Master • First Year • Plan / Mentors • Goal “First Class” • Beyond the First Year • Leadership / Training / Giving Back • Eagle Program • Projects, Support & Execution
  11. 11. Leading, teaching and sharing acampfire program
  12. 12. Having Earned hisEagle and now givesback to the program
  13. 13. As your Journey Begins Remember to have fun Network, Network, Network Talk to others Tons of information out there Some of the best memories