What are Local Websites and How Do I Implement Them Successfully?

What are Local Websites and How Do I Implement Them Successfully?



Why are local websites important to national brands? This presentation describes the multiple forms they take and how to implement and manage 100s or 1000s of nationally branded local websites. Visit ...

Why are local websites important to national brands? This presentation describes the multiple forms they take and how to implement and manage 100s or 1000s of nationally branded local websites. Visit Balihoo.com to learn more.



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What are Local Websites and How Do I Implement Them Successfully? What are Local Websites and How Do I Implement Them Successfully? Presentation Transcript

  • Blank Part 1: How to Implement Local Websites May 8, 2012Blank Balihoo :: 2012 1
  • How to Implement Local Websites Presenter Susan Tormollen Director of Marketing Balihoo Guest Speaker Zac Monahan Director of Professional Services Balihoo 2
  • Agenda• Importance of local marketing• What are local websites?• The Local Web Test• Implementing local websites – Setting strategy – Implementation best practices 3
  • The Importance of Local Marketing80% of budgets are spent within 50 miles of the home 170% of U.S. households now use the Internet when shoppinglocally for products and services282% of local searches follow up offline via an in-store visit,phone call or purchase395% of smartphone users have looked for local informationvia mobile and 88% of these users take action within a day4 1 DMA 2 The Kelsey Group; ConStat 3 TMP / comScore 4 Google 4
  • The Importance of Local MarketingLocal Marketing = the “last mile” of marketing, i.e. communication apotential customer receives when they are at their closest point tomaking an actual purchase decision. 5
  • What is the Local Web?Local Web = thelinchpin to successfullocal marketingIt is the integrated, growingecosystem of online channels thatcollectively drive local onlinemarketing. 6
  • What are Local Websites? Local WebsiteCo-branded,geographic-specificsites…carrying throughbrand-approvedimages and messages. Corporate Website 7
  • Types of Local Websites: 3 Examples • Created for each of the brand’s agents, distributors, dealers, etc. Co-brandedAffiliate Sites • Enable partner/affiliate locations to show up individually in location searches and maps • Focused on the corporate brand • Enable all brand locations in a particular city to be listed in one spot City Sites • Enable nationally branded site to be found in organic search listings for a particular cityPromotional • Enable a brand’s new offers or products to be found in organic Sites searches in each relevant city 8
  • Example: Co-Branded Affiliate SiteCo-Branded Affiliate Site Corporate Website 9
  • Example: City SiteCity Site Corporate Website 10
  • Example: Promotional SitePromotional Site Corporate Website 11
  • How well is YOUR brand represented locally?Will your brand perform better thanothers?• Only 1 out of 5 brands tested for our whitepaper example had significant presence at the local level• NONE of the 10 national brands tested at Ad Age Digital Conference had more than 2 listings (organic, local or paid)• We tested 5 national brands who registered for today’s webinar, and • All tested well for brand search • 0% had presence when a category was used + Boston • 3 of 5 brands owned 10% of paid coverage with category + Austin, TX 12
  • Let’s Try it Out: Brand Name SearchBrand NameSearch 13
  • Let’s Try it Out: Product Category SearchProductCategorySearch w/GeographicModifier 14
  • Implementing Local WebsitesNational brands/ Determine Local Website Strategyagencies canlaunch with orwithout local Create Local Website Templatesaffiliate input, + Gather Local Databut affiliatepersonalization Local Affiliate Personalizationtypically leads to (Optional, but improves results)better results. Launch 15
  • Automating Local Websites = ResultsWith automation, it’s possible to launch and update Corporate Websites1,000s of local websites simultaneously, resulting in:• Top line growth and market share• Simple way for resellers/local marketers to engage• Brand control; consistent messaging and branding• Ability to track and measure local ROI 16
  • Local Website Strategy DevelopmentStakeholders Infrastructure/Process  National brand  Existing  Local affiliates  Manual  Customers  AutomatedContent Management Measurement/Tracking  Fairly static  SEO  Frequent updates  Traffic  National brand  Lead Capture  Affiliate participation  Call Tracking  Sales/ROI 17
  • Steps for Successful Implementation Step 1 What is the site supposed to accomplish? • Leads Transform • Brand content interaction Strategy • Social into Objectives • Marketing hub Step 2 For example: • Are phone calls more desired than emails? Refine Prioritize and • Is viewing a page less valuable than a .pdf download?Objectives Define Tactics • Do you prefer Facebook fans to Twitter followers? Step 3 • What events/goals are associated with your Define Success objectives? Measurements • What specific activities constitute an event or goal? • Design should lead users to convert Step 4 • Make it obvious from “across the room” Design with Intent • Constantly validate design against previous steps 18
  • Putting Strategy on a PageVersion 1 Aug 2011 Version 2 April 2012 19
  • ConclusionA strategy for Local Websitesbenefits national brands that: “By 2015, companies• Sell through local affiliates/channels that focus on• Execute local marketing campaigns integrated processes for local marketingLocal Websites are a strategic way enablement willfor national brands to: increase revenue• Be found online by 15 to 20%.”• Expand your brand’s reach• Extend message control through Source: Gartner Research, Top 10 Marketing Processes sales cycle for 2012, 21 March 2012, Kimberly Collins• Leverage changing consumer behavior 20
  • Additional ResourcesRelated resources available for download:• The Local Web: Linchpin to Successful Local Marketing• Local Websites: Driving Sales Growth for National Brands• 8 Steps for Implementing Local Marketing Automation• Plus, – The Local Web Test (download in webinar classroom) – Local Web Infographic 21
  • Thank you.Please contact Susan stormollen@balihoo.com tolearn more or to ask questions to be answered in theFAQ.Join us next week for Part 2 in our webinar series:“How to Optimize Local Online Listings.”http://balihoo.com/webseries/May2012