Case Study: Snap Fitness uses Automation and PPC to Increase Engagement and ROI

Case Study: Snap Fitness uses Automation and PPC to Increase Engagement and ROI



By employing the use of Balihoo's platform, this leading fitness brand has streamlined its local marketing activities and experienced record growth at the local level.

By employing the use of Balihoo's platform, this leading fitness brand has streamlined its local marketing activities and experienced record growth at the local level.



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Case Study: Snap Fitness uses Automation and PPC to Increase Engagement and ROI Case Study: Snap Fitness uses Automation and PPC to Increase Engagement and ROI Document Transcript

  • Over 75% of affiliates have partnered with Balihoo & Snap Fitness Solutions In partnering with Balihoo, Snap Fitness streamlined its local marketing activities by decreasing its dependence on multiple vendors. Simultaneously, additional marketing opportunities are now available to participating franchisees. The following strategies have been implemented: Paid search. Before working with Balihoo, Snap Fitness ran a PPC campaign for franchise sales, but each franchise was responsible for running its own pay-per-click campaign. Snap Fitness then expanded its efforts to individual clubs when Balihoo began running a PPC campaign that optimized results across Snap’s entire affiliate network and aligned the program with the company’s national network. Direct mail. Snap Fitness instituted“The New Movers”direct mail campaign to reach a desirable audience: new residents to an area. Thissubscription-basedprogramgivesfranchiseestheabilitytoidentifynewcontacts/addressesandfurtherdelineatedemographic data such as age, gender, and household income, then customize direct mail pieces that are sent at regular intervals. The process is simple and straightforward for affiliates, yet brings enterprise marketing to the local level. Trigger-based emails. Trigger marketing is not new, nor is marketing automation, but the ability to automate a trigger marketing campaign and scale it to 1200 locations is. A fully automated email marketing system was designed to facilitate ongoing communications with an existing customer base, thereby improving retention rates. In Q4 of 2012, the Member Engager program was launched. Franchisees have the ability to deliver automated emails to members as well as customize and send one-off emails. Challenge Consumers’prevalent use of the Internet has necessitated adjustments in how Snap Fitness–and the entire fitness industry– engages with its local communities and club members. While the core objectives of marketing a successful gym are the same (attaining new customers, retention, engaging members, maintaining a clean club and remaining active in the community), a fitness brand now needs to incorporate online tactics in its overall marketing strategy. Its diverse ownership base also presents Snap Fitness with the challenge of maintaining consistent marketing messaging and easy replication of effective marketing tactics. Further, local business owners are often constrained by limited budgets and minimal marketing expertise. TM READ ON FOR MORE RESULTS » Objectives » Give franchisees the ability to reach prospects and members via expanding online channels. » Continue working with a select few existing partners and bring in future partners as needed. » Provide franchisees with a single marketing platform that would expand their marketing options (such as PPC and email) and eliminate the need to contact multiple vendors. » Offer a marketing platform that offers flexibility to support 1200 US and Canada locations’marketing efforts while staying within budget. » Improve affiliate adoption rates of the platform. » Align with a like-minded partner that embraces forward-thinking strategies and places high importance on continued innovation. ABOUT SNAP FITNESS » Snap Fitness is a franchisor of state-of-the-art, 24/7 fitness centers worldwide. The company offers its franchisees a business model that enables absentee ownership and provides members a fast, convenient, and affordable workout alternative to oversized, overpriced, and overcrowded health clubs. Snap Fitness was ranked as No. 1 “Best in Category” for fitness franchises and the editors of Inc. Magazine placed the company at No. 16 on its annual“Inc. 500” list of privately owned businesses.
  • SUCCESS STORY: SNAP FITNESS Results By using a single platform, Snap Fitness increased the ease in which new campaigns are released. Balihoo’s cross medium ad builder allows franchisees to execute both traditional and digital campaigns, but the real value lies in the automation of these marketing programs. On average, 200 clubs now run PPC campaigns with Balihoo. Participating franchisees have increased their individual club’s site traffic and acquired customers and leads at 30% less cost than typical national efforts. Since the program’s inception, conversion rates have increased while cost per click has decreased. A typical club sees an average of 13 conversions per month (from the phone and the online form). This means that just two monthly online submissions cover that month’s PPC costs for an average club. Due in part to the ease of executing direct mail campaigns, this channel proves to be popular among affiliates. Since the inception of this program, 78% of eligible franchisees have participated. While it’s too early to discern conclusive results from its Member Engager emails, initial tests revealed high adoption rates from local affiliates and a 20x higher ROI. Snap Fitness holds high expectations based on these results and is looking forward to seeing this form of engagement help build its franchisees’ businesses. In Conclusion Snap Fitness’s forward-thinking policies and member-friendly clubs have made for a fast-growing company poised for continued success. We are proud to work alongside them and look forward to sharing in their successes as we continue to launch new campaigns. Honesty + integrity “Our success has hinged on our open communication style and strong work ethic on both sides. We know thatwearegoingtogetawellthought-outexecution on the part of Balihoo for any new initiative. We also know that Balihoo will not be afraid to push back, if need be–both to keep Snap aligned with our ultimate goal and to make sure that the products are scalable for their other clients as well. I can appreciate that level of honesty and corporate integrity.” –BrantSchmitz, OnlineMarketingManager,SnapFitness THE RELATIONSHIP: Balihoo + Snap Fitness “From a corporate perspective, it has made it much easier for us to release new campaigns across a single platform. From a financial angle it is also easier for us to work with our vendors and payments when it is handled by Balihoo directly. Also, it is nice to have a visionary partner to help us keep abreast of what else we should be doing as well as remain open when we come to them with the latest grand idea we may have. From our Franchisees perspective, it is much easier for them (and for us to point them in the right direction) when they can go to one location for all their needs. They are familiar with the software so whethertheyneedtoorderdirectmailordoorhangers or email, it’s all the same simple process for them.“ –BrantSchmitz, OnlineMarketingManager,SnapFitness 2013 Balihoo, Inc. All rights reserved. @balihoo 866-446-9914 ©