Local Marketing Success Story: Ohio Dentist Doubles Dental Implant Revenue


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Local websites are a cost-effective and successful way for national brands to improve their online presence and for local health providers to increase business. This particular dentist implemented Balihoo's Local Web program and experienced 200% growth in dental implant procedures and a 28% increase in his practice's overall revenue.

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Local Marketing Success Story: Ohio Dentist Doubles Dental Implant Revenue

  1. 1. SUCCESSDr. Daniel Camm, DDS » Ohio Dentist Doubles Dental Implant Revenue with Balihoo SUCCESS STORY Background When Dr. Daniel P. Camm, DDS, began his practice in 1976, it was relatively uncommon for a dentist to spearhead a marketing campaign. After all, if someone liked their family dentist, they were sure to spread the word. And, having recently moved into a close-knit community, Dr. Camm experienced nearly instantaneous success by means of such word-of-mouth marketing. But in recent years, the community dentist has become a thing of the past. With the introduction of new technologies, increased areas of specialization, and growing population centers, it’s now crucial that dental professionals adapt to these changes. Having embraced dental implant technology, Dr. Camm recognized this shift and stepped up his marketing efforts. He began experimenting with various forms of advertising—everything from running ads in the local newspaper to engaging in community service projects. Dr. Camm’s“trial and error”approach increased the practice’s general visibility, but the programs in place didn’t yield consistent, ongoing results. More recently, he began conducting public information seminars, promoting the events in three local papers a week prior to the seminar dates. This endeavor generated more business than previous tactics. - Dr. Daniel P. Camm, DDS When most practices are trying to break even, my accountant was amazed to see my business was up 20 percent. “ “
  2. 2. Opportunity In 2011, Dr. Camm was seeking to shift his focus from general dentistry to exclusively dental implants—with the personal goal of maintaining his income level and freeing up time to pursue volunteer work abroad.“My wife and I have gone on 15 or 16 trips all over the world,”he says.“We want to have, not only the time to do more of that, but also the financial resources to give to the organization that helps us organize these trips.” Initially, Dr. Camm believed he was well on his way to achieving his professional and personal goals. He was satisfied with his current marketing campaign and the success of the public information seminars. After all, in 2010, he placed 84 implants, a number substantially higher than the typical 30-40 of previous years. Dr. Camm was then introduced to Balihoo Dental (a division of Balihoo, Inc.) via a vendor partner. Having supported hundreds of dental professionals nationwide, Balihoo Dental saw the potential to add incremental value to his marketing efforts. Key Objectives • Build and execute a marketing campaign that increases awareness of Dr. Camm’s dental implant specialty. • Generate quality leads so that Dr. Camm could increase the number of implants placed within the upcoming year. • Position Dr. Camm as the local dental implant expert. • Measure results and maximize return on investment (ROI). MICROSITE Solution After reviewing Dr. Camm’s marketing strategy, Balihoo determined a more cost-effective approach that would help grow his dental implant practice. These marketing efforts would work in tandem with Dr. Camm’s existing advertising campaign. Using data provided by Dr. Camm, Balihoo implemented a high-quality microsite (separate from his general practice site) that drew attention to his dental implant specialty. To ensure that his brand was represented, Dr. Camm received a login account, enabling a full customization of creative and execution of production or media—all within a matter of minutes.“I’m able to input data, like the dates I’m going to be doing a public information seminar, without having to call [Balihoo],”he says.
  3. 3. In addition, by implementing Balihoo’s Local Web Program, Dr. Camm’s practice and website were registered across all major search engines and directories. Balihoo also created and executed paid search advertising to drive traffic and leads to his website. His website is now optimized for lead generation and search. Lastly, Balihoo placed weekly quarter-page newspaper advertisements promoting Dr. Camm and his dental implant technology. Both the microsite and the newspaper ad featured a unique telephone number, which allowed for measurable results, and in turn, aided in front office training efforts.“Balihoo helped me track how many people called and would record the conversation so I could hear how my staff was presenting themselves to these prospective clients,”says Dr. Camm. DIRECTORIES NEWSPAPER If you wear dentures or are missing one or more of your teeth, Dr. Camm can help transform your smile and your life. Our breakthrough technique utilizes biocompatible titanium to permanently anchor custom replacement teeth and maintain bone structure, restoring the look, feel and function of your natural teeth. Call our office today to learn more about dental implants at our upcoming Education Seminars held in the Brunswick Recreation Center. Live without the limitations of dentures. CALL 330-577-1906OR VISIT www.dentalimplantsbrunswick.com FREE IMPLANT SCREENING EXAM INCLUDING PANORAMIC X-RAY CALL TRACKING Results • Dr. Camm’s microsite and newspaper ad yielded immediate results. He recalls a substantial increase in the number of dental-implant-related phone calls within the first month. By providing and listing a unique telephone number on the microsite and in the newspaper ad, Balihoo was able to track an additional 100 calls within just ten months. • Dr. Camm’s practice experienced a 28% increase in revenue from 2010 to 2011. •Due to the integration of Local Web elements implemented through the program and newfound trackability, Dr. Camm has determined that dental implant procedures increased 200% (from 84 implants in 2010 to 173 implants in 2011), a record for his office. These are patients—and leads— that were not previously captured. • The increased marketing effort also impacted Dr. Camm’s general dentistry practice. He cites an 8% patient growth rate from 2010 to 2011.
  4. 4. Conclusion Balihoo played a significant role in increasing Dr. Camm’s bottom-line growth and revenue.“When most practices are trying to break even,”he says,“my accountant was amazed to see my business was up 20 percent.” Due to his increased visibility as an implant specialist, the practice’s general dentistry side has benefitted as well. Not only has his office received more new inquiries from the microsite, patient feedback substantiates the newspaper advertising has been viewed—comments are often made regarding the“I’m not wearing dentures”ad, which depicts a motorcyclist—presumably wearing implants—smiling broadly. In retrospect, Dr. Camm admits that his“trial-and-error”approach was not foolproof.“If you’re not a marketing specialist, you’re going to waste money,”he says.“You might as well hire somebody who knows something about marketing. That service will pay for itself.”Regarding Balihoo, Dr. Camm comments,“I don’t have any complaints. When I’ve had any questions at all, either through an email or a phone call, the response has been almost instantaneous.” Dr. Camm recognizes the value of a strategic, focused approach. He believes that, without Balihoo’s services, his practice wouldn’t be nearly as successful.“I would be doing fewer implants—to the point where I might be questioning whether I could support myself or do the things I want to do, just by doing dental implants,” he comments. At the current rate of growth, however, Dr. Camm foresees meeting his personal travel goals sooner than expected.“The way things are working out,”he comments,“there’s no question in my mind that I can do it.” 877-870-4917 dentalmarketing@balihoo.com Balihoo.com @Balihoo 2012 Balihoo, Inc. All rights reserved. ©