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Introduction to Google AdWords/Pay Per Click Advertising


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A brief overview of Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising. What is Pay-per-Click and how can I utilize it for my National brand? How do I know what ads on Google are paid and which are …

A brief overview of Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising. What is Pay-per-Click and how can I utilize it for my National brand? How do I know what ads on Google are paid and which are natural? We'll cover the basics of Google Adwords and PPC advertising so that you can get started!

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Introduction to GoogleAdWords / Pay Per Click Advertising 1
  • 2. Overview1. PPC Defined2. Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)3. PPC Campaign4. Campaign Targeting5. Online Advertising Report Dashboard6. Report Term Definitions7. Additional Terms8. Average Position Reference9. ROI & PPC10. Benefits of PPC11. Frequently Asked Questions12. Additional Resources 2
  • 3. PPC Defined• What is Pay Per Click (PPC)? – Online advertising that allows advertisers to target specific sets of keywords or audiences in order to drive traffic to a website or phone number. – Pay per click literally means that a search participant must click on an ad in order for the advertiser to be charged. – Two PPC options that Balihoo currently offers. • Google (Search) – Online advertising that allows advertisers to target specific sets of keywords or phrases that people search. 3
  • 4. Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Paid PaidOrganic LocalOrganic 4
  • 5. PPC Campaign• What makes up a Pay-Per-Click campaign? – Ad Groups • A high level category that is directly related to the service or product you are advertising • Each ad group contains numerous keywords and ads – Keywords • The actual words or phrases we bid on that consumers potentially search for – Ads • No less than three text ads are created for each ad group • This is the copy that appears on the SERP 5
  • 6. PPC Campaign Create Relevant Keywords & Ad GroupsOptimize, Optimize, Optimize! Test Ads & Keywords Use Reporting Tools To Measure Results 6
  • 7. Campaign Targeting• Ads are targeted to a geographic location – During the initial setup of the account we determine a radius around a location where your ads will be shown • Your ads will only be shown to those searching in your area as well as those searching for your area 7
  • 8. Online Advertising Report Dashboard*1234*** *Reference Slide 9 for definitions corresponding to the chart above 8
  • 9. Report Term Definitions1. Cost: The total spend for that month − Please note that even though we are allocating a certain dollar amount per month this does not necessarily mean we will spend that in a month’s time. We are only charged when consumers click on our advertisements2. Impressions: The total number of times your advertisement was seen over the course of the month for that particular Ad Group3. Clicks: The total number of times your advertisement was clicked on by a consumer4. CPC (Average Cost Per Click ): Google AdWords is much like an auction where we bid on keywords related to your business. Average CPC shows how much we are paying for an individual click.*Conversions: The bottom portion of your dashboard will show your conversionsas defined by your brand. These can be phone calls, online enrollments, onlinepurchases, and more. 9
  • 10. Additional Terms• Click Thru Rate (CTR): The total number of times your advertisement was clicked on divided by the number of times your ad was shown (impressions)• Ad Group: A high-level category that is directly related to the keywords or phrases we are bidding on – For example, if a consumer searches for the keyword “Florist and Boise,” that would fall under the Florist Ad Group. Or, a search for “Balihoo Flowershop and Boise” would fall under the Branded Ad Group.• Average Position: This is the average position of where your advertisement falls on the SERP – As a standard we like to see our ads in the top 5 positions. – See next slide for Average Position Reference 10
  • 11. Average Position Reference 11
  • 12. ROI & PPC• Measuring ROI with Pay-Per-Click – Getting a consumer to click on your ad and visit your website is only half the battle – Once the consumer is on your website you may want them to: • Purchase a product • Fill out a form • Sign up for a giveaway • View a key page – Your ROI is going to be determined by your brand to help identify the benefit of your PPC marketing campaign 12
  • 13. Benefits of PPC• Reach – Access to ~80% of Internet users worldwide (Google)• Cost – Low cost for high ROI • No minimum spend – Only charged when consumers click on your ad• Timing – Ads are seen by users looking to purchase • Qualified leads – Reach your audience at the right time, with the right message• Flexibility – Gives you the ability to start advertising quickly – Target ads to the specific location(s) of your target consumers – Balihoo will monitor and optimize your ads continually 13
  • 14. Frequently Asked Questions• Why isn’t my ad showing up? – There are many reasons why you don’t see your ad, including geography settings, ad rotation, budget, and more. • The best way to search for your ad is by using the Google Ad Preview Tool because your ad may not appear in real-time on the SERP, due to the above factors.• Why is my competitor’s ad in a better position than mine? – Again, there are many reasons, including budget, keywords, landing page, and ad copy.• How do I get ranked higher in the organic results? – Organic results are based on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Contact your website developer to discuss these options.• How do I get my name on the Business Listings? – You can add your business to the Google Business Listings section at Google Places.• Can someone just keep clicking on my ad and spend all of my money? – Google has systems in place to protect their customers from this type of situation. Google AdWords looks at various data points for each click and filters out any potentially invalid clicks. 14
  • 15. Additional Resources• To learn more about Google Adwords/Pay-Per-Click visit the following sites: – Google AdWords Help – Google AdWords Advertising Policies – Google Adwords Optimization Center 15
  • 16. Thank You! 16