National Brand Use of Local Marketing and ROI - a Research Micro Study


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Download this micro study and learn more about budget allocations, ROI benchmarks and the 66% of national brands who are investing in local marketing (as well as the challenges of the 34% who are not investing in local marketing). Also, use these findings to better understand how your ROI benchmarks compare to your peers.

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National Brand Use of Local Marketing and ROI - a Research Micro Study

  1. 1. Research Micro Study: National Brand Use of Local Marketing & ROI Metrics NATIONAL BRANDS INVESTING IN LOCAL MARKETING COMPANIESTHATTRACK ROI FOR NATIONAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS EXPECT LOCAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN ROITO BE % OF OVERALL MARKETING BUDGET USED FOR LOCAL MARKETING % OF COMPANIESWHO USE ROI AS A MARKETING METRIC Not Investing in Local Marketing Investing in Local Marketing % ofRespondents 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 % of Overall Marketing Budget Used for Local marketing NOTE: Over 20% of national brands are spending 25+% of their budget on local marketing Use ROIUse ROI For National Marketing Campaigns For Local Marketing Campaigns Don’t Use ROI Don’t Use ROI Same as National Campaign ROI Lower than National Campaign ROI 44% 56% 42%44% 58% 19%37% Higher than National Campaign ROI 1-5% 0% 6-10% 11-15% 16-20% 21-25% 25+%
  2. 2. there was no clear consensus for how ROI varies between national marketing campaigns & local marketing campaigns; HOWEVER OF companies that use ROI metrics: EXPECTED ROI FROM NATIONAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS 20% 18% 16% 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% 1.5:1 2:01 2.5:1 3:01 3.5:1 4:01 4.5:1 5:01 Greater than 5:1 ROI 24% 36% 31.4% 38.6% 39.7% When asked about local marketing ROI, 25% of companies are “not able to track ROI at the local level” Related to the % of companies investing in local marketing, • Larger national brands ($1 billion+ revenue) are 49% more likely to invest in local marketing than smaller national brands ($100-250 million revenue) • Companies that use ROI metrics to measure national campaigns are 35% more likely to invest in local marketing than companies who do not use ROI as a marketing metric Lack of Budget Tracking & Metrics Lead Generation Top 3 Marketing Challenges of 2012 (Respondents could select up to 3) 37.9% 48.2% 57.7% Top 3 Sources of Marketing Knowledge Industry Research Marketing & Advertising Publications National Industry Organization Expect National Marketing Campaigns to generate an ROI of 4:1 or higher, while Expect Local Marketing Campaigns to generate an ROI of 4:1 of higher Research Scope:This study was fielded via email surveys distributed March /April 2012 . Results are based on 273 completed responses from individual companies. Respondents met the criteria of marketing professional, companies based in North America , companies with $100 Million or greater annual revenue 866-446-9914 @balihoo