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Social Media Optimization for SEO
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Social Media Optimization for SEO


Published on

This is the PowerPoint presentation that I made for PodCampPhilly2009.

This is the PowerPoint presentation that I made for PodCampPhilly2009.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Social Media Optimization for SEO Adam Donkus @emperoranton
  • 2. Getting More Links from Social Media By Not Selling to Social Media Users
  • 3. Do You Want SM Links?
    • Yes, but not really
    • You want the traffic that SM can potentially bring.
      • But that is not the end Goal
    • You want links from the SM users that result from:
  • 4. Getting SM User Links
    • Digg effect
    • Stumbleupon
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
  • 5. SM Users are Bloggers
    • SM users are frequently bloggers
    • To utilize SM the best, you need a blog.
      • Businesses must have a Blog if they want to succeed in using SM.
      • I believe everyone should have a blog.
  • 6. Can’t I Just Create SM Profiles?
    • Sure you can, but I feel all SM campaigns will be more effective if done in conjunction with a blog.
    • I feel, that SM profiles that are linked to sites with out a means of connecting with users are seen as spammy.
  • 7. What Other Reasons do I need a Blog?
    • Search Engines Love Blogs
    • If you are going to use Blogs for your SEO campaigns, you need a blog.
      • Join the Club..get a blog.
      • I myself delete blog comments left to sites that do not have an associated blog. (unless they are really, really good comments)
  • 8. Optimize Your Blog for SM
    • Make it easy for people to Bookmark/submit to SM
      • Use Addthis button(multiple SM Sites)
      • Stumble thumbs
      • Digg Button
      • TweetThis Button
    • Ask readers to Stumble/Digg or just to Share
  • 9. Optimize Your Blog for SM
    • Readers that comment are more likely to share.
    • Get readers to ask questions by:
      • Asking questions at the end of your post.
      • Don’t give all the answers.
      • Ask friends real and virtual to comment
        • DM on Twitter
        • Message on Stumblupon
  • 10. Optimize Your Blog for SM How does it Look?
    • Use eye catching graphics
    • Use great titles
    • Lots of White Space
    • Break it down into Chunks
    • Use Htags properly
      • Headings make it easier to scan
  • 11. SEO Your Blog
    • Keyword Research prior to publishing
    • Use Your desired Keywords in your Title if possible
      • Title tags are SEO Gold..don’t squander them.
    • Tags(not Technorati)Use your keywords as tags
    • Tag Cloud on blog somewhere.(page, sidebar)
    • Use the Keywords throughout content
    • Link to the post using Keywords
      • Deep link on directories (
      • Leave the url to the post in the comments of other blogs(friends blogs or blogs that use the keywordluv pluggin.
      • Link to older posts with the desired keywords.
        • This is great to do for friends/associates blog posts as well.
  • 12. Optimizing Your Blog
    • Avoid clutter..don’t use too many widgets
    • Embed Videos
    • The Message
      • Have a great title
      • Put the reader into the post… use “you” instead of “I”
      • Opening paragraph is key to drawing readers in, so make it great.
      • Do one of two things for your reader:
  • 13. Do One of Two Things:
    • Entertain
    • Solve a problem
      • How to posts/videos
      • List posts that share resources
  • 14. Several List Posts
    • Two List posts on Digg this Morning
      • 95 Websites You should Bookmark Today
      • 7 Hilariously Failed Attempts at Politically Correct Toys
  • 15. Blogging Questions or suggestions
    • Got any questions?
  • 16. SocialNetworks
    • Primary Social Media Sites
      • Digg
      • Stumbleupon
      • Twitter
      • YouTube
    • Secondary Social Networks
      • Find and use social networks that pertain to your niche.
  • 17. Using Digg
    • Develop your Digg profile
      • Add friends
        • Add people who have submitted stuff that makes it to the front page.
        • Add other Digg Users that might be bloggers in your niche*
          • Find on Niche SM Sites.(second tier SM)
        • Submit great content
          • Other peoples stuff(not your own)
        • Ask other Digg users(people whose stuff you have Dugg) to check out your stuff and submit if it is worthy.
      • Digg friends stuff
      • Digg stuff that is already on the front page
      • Post comments and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful manner.
  • 18. Using Digg 2
    • Hang out on the front page of Digg
      • Notice what types of stuff make it to the front page
      • Participate in the conversations of front page resources.
      • Add people who contribute to the conversation as friends.
      • Find articles in your niche that have been on the front page.
        • Network with those who submitted
        • Network with those who commented
  • 19. Digg Don’ts
    • Don’t abuse the shout feature.
    • Don’t submit only your own stuff
    • Don’t submit SEO type stuff(go to Sphinn)
    • Don’t be negative
      • Cursing
      • Critical
      • Name calling
  • 20. Digg Questions and suggestions
    • Got any Questions about Digg?
    • What do you do?
  • 21. Using Stumbleupon –Building a Powerful Stumbleupon Profile
    • Use the Firefox toolbar for Stumbleupon
    • Stumble often
    • Practice a high ratio of submitting your own stuff no less than 10:1 ratio…20:1 is better.
    • Review other Stumblers and ask for reviews
    • Submit high quality
    • Say no to submitting crap
    • Get as many friends as possible
  • 22. Stumbleupon 2
    • Check out who has reviewed Stumbleupon submissions and has left comments. Friend these people.
    • Friend Top Stumblers and check out their Stumles. Google “Top Stumblers”.
    • Ask for stumbles from readers of your blog.
    • Put the Stumbleupon thumb at the end of posts
    • Realize:
  • 23. Stumbleupon 3
    • Realize that Stumbleupon traffic does not stick around for long.
    • Make your post/video fun.
    • Content doesn’t do well.
    • Use it as a tool to network.
      • Give thumbs up to people that you would like to network.
      • Give thumbs up to potential clients.
    • Ask other Stumblers to review/thumbs up your stuff via the Stumblepon toolbar send feature.
    • Give thumbs ups to other peopls stuff:
  • 24. Thumbs up for Other Peoples Stuff
    • Guest Blog posts you do
    • Blog posts were you drop a comment.
    • Stuff you discover.
      • If you are the first( you want to be first) be sure to leave a short concise review, and use good tags.
  • 25. Stumbleupon Questions Suggestions
    • Any Questions on Stumbleupon
  • 26. Why Use Twitter
    • Twitter Links are nofollow, so why use Twitter for linkbuilding.
    • Twitter users do often click on links.
    • It is traffic.
  • 27. Twitter Spam
    • Put links to crap in every Tweet and stuff keywords into each tweet.
    • Twitter Profiles that are created for affiliate programs.
    • Totally automated Twitter profiles.
  • 28. Twitter Automation
    • Is it good or bad?
    • I would suggest not automating fulling(partially is fine)
      • Use
        • Add your blog/site feeds
        • Add feeds from other sites related to your niche.
          • Google Blog search feed for niche keywords
        • for scheduled automated tweets. Is now
          • Hello DM for new followers
          • Some premium features as well
  • 29. Automating Twitter
      • Use this to find new followers
      • Optimize followers automatically
      • Be careful with your Automation..don’t get lazy.
    • Use a variety of Tools to keep track of your followers. Google “Twitter follower optimization”
  • 30. Twitter Follower Optimization
    • Currently have an initial 2000 follower limit.
      • Must unfollow those that don’t reciprocate
      • Won’t be able to follow other cool people so you will be forced to unfollow someone
      • Who to Unfollow:
        • Those who have not updated recently or ever
        • Those who have not taken the time to put in a nice picture for their profile pic
        • Those who don’t have a picture of a person.
        • Those with scantily clad girls.
  • 31. Twitter Do’s
    • Do Rt(retweet)
      • Rt often
      • Rt good stuff
    • Be Thankful
      • Thank others for Rts of your tweets
    • Thank others for sharing info you like by @ or DM
    • Don’t abuse DMs
  • 32. More Twitter Dos
    • Follow influential Tweeters
    • If not using automated tools - How to find people to follow:
      • Use the search tool in the sidebar, and using your niche keywords find people to follow.
      • Use location keywords to find people near you to follow.
      • Use the keyword tool to find customers.
        • Do a search for your keywords and save the RSS feed to your feed reader and monitor.
    • Just do it.
  • 33. Twitter Questions/suggestions
    • What do you do?
    • Check out:
      • Moonfruit Twittorials for some helpful Twitter tutorial videos.
  • 34. Optimizing Videos
    • I suggest using multiple video hosting sites:
      • YouTube the second largest search engine.Use it.
      • Optimize it with
        • Tags
        • Videos under 3 minutes
        • Keyword title
        • Profile should be your domain name.
        • Videos should again:
          • Entertain
          • Solve a problem
  • 35. Other Video Hosting sites
    • I use
    • Lots of others.
    • Use Tubemogul to upload to multiple, but must login to each account to fully optimize.
    • Embed videos on your blog/site.
      • Can do transcription of video to create content.
        • Would suggest doing this as some people don’t have sound.
        • For hearing impaired
        • For Search Engines
  • 36. Optimizing Video suggestions/questions
    • Any questions or suggestions.
  • 37. Social Media Optimization
    • Use the social media for link building, but realize that Social Media traffic isn’t the best traffic. Often is leaves as soon as it arrives.
    • But if you take the effort to create a good site/blog you will benefit from it.
    • The Goal is:
  • 38. The Goal is to Get Links
    • Links received from Social sites are great for SEO because they are gained in a natural manner. They don’t appear to be gained through a link building campaign. Much like applying makeup, The art of SEO is to make it look like you are not using SEO.
    • If you do link building campaigns, links received through Social Media will add variety to your incoming links.
  • 39. Any Questions
    • So what nuggets did you get if any?
  • 40. Find me, Adam Donkus @:
    • All-Travel-
    • On Twitter at
      • @ emperoranton
      • @ alltravelsites