Computer system


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Computer system

  1. 1. Computer Systems Balwinder Badwal
  2. 2. DesktopA desktop is a personal computer which is regular used in a single location.A computer consists of components such as CPU,Hard Disk and the RAM within the base unit which sits horizontally on a desk.The keyboard and mouse is connect to the base unit by a cable.The monitor will usually sit on top of the desk which would have a cable attached to the base unit.
  3. 3. LaptopA laptop can also be referred to as a notebookcomputer or a notebookA laptop is personal computer system which hasmost of the typical components of a desktopintegrated such as the Display, Keyboard,Touchpad and Speakers.A laptop is powered by a electrical socket via an ACAdapter but can also be powered away from anoutlet by using a rechargeable battery.A laptop generally costs more than a desktopbecause it is more difficulty to design andmanufacture as it is small and compact.A laptop can also connect to wirelessly connect tothe internet.
  4. 4. TabletA Tablet is a flat panel portable computer. A Tablet canwirelessly connect to the internet.Tablets can also be referred to as a Tablet PC.Tablets typically are about the size of a thin book andusually weigh less than 2 or 3 pounds.The size of the tablet is convenient for businesspeople,students and teachers as it is compact, small andportable.the user on a Tablet can tap on the screen as it is touchscreen or use a stylus to operate the Tablet.A Tablet computer allows the user to downloadApplications that work only on specific brands or typesof devices.
  5. 5. SmartphoneA Smartphone refers to a multi-functional mobile handset andconsists of features such as a camera, web-browser, highdensity display, it also has space for a micros SD card slotwhich allows you to upgrade further and some Smartphonesare touch screen user interfaces which allows the user toaccess the handset quicker.Most Smartphones will be based on a OS [Operating System]that allows it to run applications.Apple Iphones run the iOS and a Blackberry runs the BlackberryOS where as other devices run Google’s Android OS, HP’swebOS and Microsoft Windows Phones.Smartphones can also access the web at a higher speed due tothe growth of 4G and 3G data network, while not allSmartphones offer higher speeds but they offer some sort ofsuccess to the internet.
  6. 6. Games ConsoleOn a games console the player uses acontroller which consists of buttons, ajoystick or pad which is hand held.This allows the player to interact with Here are the core componentsthe gaming system. found inside must games consoles:The gamer receives video and soundthough a television or a monitor. -CPU -RAMA games console can also be referred -User Control Interface -Video Outputto as a video game. -Audio Output -Power SupplyMost games console systems have the -Software Kernelsame CPUs [Central Processing Units]as desktop computer.
  7. 7. ServerA server is a computer which sits on a network waiting fora client to ask it for commands,It receives data through its network cables.A server does not normally need a keyboard or a screenas it only stores data.At the present time a server has become so rich, complexand varied in nature that there is a whole computer whichis dedicated to being exclusively to servers.A server is a machine which stores files, images andallows the clients to upload or download the files from theserver whenever the files are needed.
  8. 8. Embedded SystemsAn Embedded System is a combination of computersoftware and hardware, which is fixed and programmablethat is specifically designed for a particular function.These computer systems are specialized which arehoused on a single microprocessor board with theprograms stored in the ROM.Some embedded system can also include an OS[Operating System].