Cleaning protection solutions by bak2 basiks ltd 14.09.12


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Stone, concrete protection

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Cleaning protection solutions by bak2 basiks ltd 14.09.12

  1. 1. BusinessIntroduction.
  2. 2. Index• Protection Company Profile• Products & Services• Benefits Gained• Hydrophobic Impregnation Product Detail (How It Works !)• H&S- Environmental credentials• Application• Limitations & Guidance• Quality Endorsement• Customer & Project Endorsement• Testing Approvals, Guarantees, & Quality Endorsements• Sales / Product Development• Current Projects
  3. 3. Protection Company Profile• Manufacturing company Established 2007• Protected 3,000,000M2 To Date (UK’s Largest Supplier Of Fluropolymers)• Researched, Developed & Manufactured In The UK• Delivery Lead Time 3 – 5 Days• Main Contact / Supplier Neil Weston (Bak2Basiks Ltd) Construction / Commercial / Manufacturing Specialist.• Evas – UK Ltd supporting manufacture, technical support & research – product development• Onsite Application Training Available including Training Records ..etc• Full Chemical Design / Professional Support• Full H&S & Compliance Support
  4. 4. Products & Services• Protection / Impregnations• Cleaning Products• Rust Removers• Efflorescence Removers• Paints• Bespoke Sealants & Cleaners: Designed as per customers specification.• Full chemist design service available• Application Labour• Application Equipment
  5. 5. Product Range Product Description Primary Use Primary UseB2B 100 Protect Concrete & Stone Protection ImpregnationB2B 200 Protect Antichloride Reinforcement / Concrete Corrosion Protection. Road Salts. Crack reduction 100+B2B 300 Wood Wood Protection Decay Prevention & ProtectionB2B 400 Protection Stone / Concrete Enhancer Paved areas (Decorative) Enhances ColoursB2B 501 Cleaner Moss / Lichen Remover Acid free restorationB2B 600 Cleaner Concrete Cleaner Plant Equipment Concrete CleanerB2B 703 Cleaner Concrete / Stone Lime Stone - Marble - Concrete Cleaner / DegreaserB2B 704 Cleaner Multi Surface Industrial - Commercial & DomesticB2B 706 Cleaner Oxidisation Remover Removes the need to shot blastB2B 707 Cleaner Heavy Duty Cleaner Concrete - Steel - Plastic - Stainless Steel - Painted SurfacesB2B 708 Cleaner Graffiti Remover Concrete - Painted Surfaces …etcB2B 800 Cleaner Efflorescence / General Remover Concrete - Painted Surfaces - RubberB2B 901Protection Acid Erosion Prevention Concrete Pipes, Covers, Lids. Water Authorities
  6. 6. Product Specific Detail:B2B 100 Hydrophobic Surface Treatment
  7. 7. Benefits Gained Using B2B 100 HydrophobicSurface TreatmentGraffiti ResistancePrevents EfflorescenceFreeze Thaw preventionPrevents Organic Growth (Moss, Lichen)Protects From Environmental ErosionExtends Natural Life Of ConcreteAllows Treated Surface To BreathRepels External Surface WaterEasy Clean, Offering Quicker TurnaroundSuitable for Vertical & Horizontal Protection>10 Yrs Of Functionality. Guarantee Backed, Subject To Application.
  8. 8. B2B 100 Product Detail (How It Works !) Hydrphobic Surface Treatment Is An Engineered Aqueous FluoroPolymer Solution Flourine (Main Constituent) Is The Most Electronegative Element. Controlling the Flourine Distribution On The Substrate Generates The Products Protection Performance The Tighter The Distribution The Higher The Protection, The Interstitial Voids Allow Vapour To Pass Out ! The Water Leaves Via Evaporation, The Fluropolymer Is Left Behind, Delivering High Level Sustainable Protection
  9. 9. B2B 100 Product Detail (How It Works !) Fluropolymer Entropy Distribution Diagram Disordered DistributionSurface Energy = 20+ mN/m Controlled DistributionSurface Energy = 15-20 mN/m Ordered DistributionSurface Energy = <10 mN/mOrdered Distribution Offers High Performance Protection !
  10. 10. H&S / Environmental Credentials REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorisation & Restriction Of CHemicals ) HSE compliant VOC Free 95% + Bio Degradable Water Based Silicone & Solvent Free UV Resistant Resistant to Acids & Alkaline Chemically inert No H&S Restrictions No Specialised PPE Required
  11. 11. ApplicationSingle Process, 2 Coat Application “Wet On Wet”Ready To Use Solution On “Fresh” & Aged ConcreteOne Product For All Porous SubstratesEnhanced Wet Look & Pigmented Protection Available 5 -10M2 Coverage Per LitreApplied Via Low Pressure Spray Or Roller / Brush
  12. 12. Limitations & Guidanceo Surface Moisture Must Be Below < 5% NB: A Bespoke Blend Can Be Produced For Higher Moisture contentso Ambient Application Temperature Should Be above >5co Touch Dry In 4 Hrso Dry In 24 Hrso 5 – 7 Days Required For Optimum Graffiti Performance
  13. 13. Customers & Project Endorsementso Cross Railo Network Railo O2 Arenao Wembley Stadiumo Several Olympic Projectso Local Authorityo National Heavy Civil Product Producers (UK & Ireland)o National Main Contractors
  14. 14. Testing Approvals , Guarantees & QualityEndorsements1: AATCC 22-1985, Water Repellency, Spray Test, Score 100 (ISO 5).2: AATCC 118-1992, Oil Repellency, Hydrocarbon Resistance Test, Grade A.3: European DIN/Norm 52615, Vapour Permeability, Treated Surface Remains > 90% Permeable.4: Working To ISO 9001 – 14001 Standards
  15. 15. Sales / Product Development Processo Written Introductiono Site Trialso Agreement Of Suitability , Sustainability & Conformityo H&S Compliance Audit, Ensuring That We Are Compliant To Customer Expectationo Onsite Training, Including Training Recordso Order Processedo Minimum 1 Day On Site Supporting Application (Day Rate TBC)o Application Can Be Organised “Supply & Apply”
  16. 16. Current Projectso Supplying national hard landscaping company. B2B 100 Protection now being applied to specific product rangeo Drainage Manufacturer using B2B 800 to clean & maintain production mouldageo Working in partnership with manufacturer to remove risk of acidic corrosion on pipes & manholes ..etco Supporting NET 2 Phase II Nottingham Tramway Extensiono Developing protection for retaining wall unitso Developing utility sector opportunities
  17. 17. Efflorescence Removal & Protection ExampleCleaning Process: B2B 800 Hand Brushed on Affected Area  Pressure Washed (2Pass’s)  Allowed To Dry  Protected With B2B ProtectionHow It Works : Efflorescence travels to the surface via moisture  B2B 800neutralises the ace spoil  Pressure washing removes the residue  Allowed todry  B2B 100 Protection applied  Residue will then need to washed 2-3 timesuntil totally expended from treated area  B2B 100 stops moisture entering thesurface, stopping future surface spoiling.
  18. 18. Project Of Interest DUNDERAVE CASTLE INVERARAY JULY 2012  Project: 5 year restoration & rebuild of the 16th Century Castle  All Stone & Roof Tiles were coated & protected  The project has gained a National Stone Federation award.  Kevin McCloud is involved in the award, & is endorsing the future use of the product
  19. 19. Contact Details• Please Contact Me To Discuss Further:• Email:• Mobile: +44 (0)7583 – 449 897• Skype: bak2basiksltd• Linkedin:• Twitter:!/Bak2Basiks