Art that moves chinese   speech at unilever gclt by baiping shen lowe china june 9 2009
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Art that moves chinese speech at unilever gclt by baiping shen lowe china june 9 2009

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How to truly understand China while designing effective brand communication strategy?...

How to truly understand China while designing effective brand communication strategy?

See beyond advertising, see its cultural root and art to find answers

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  • 1. Art that Moves Chinese The Speech at Unilever GCLT by Baiping Shen, Lowe China
  • 2. Taiwan
  • 3. ife in China is in a consistent progress, the soul remains very Chinese
  • 4. 自然 Humanize Nature 人而不仁如乐何情感的责任、情感的秩序、情性的关系、情性的等级 人化Stability andsustainability governssocial order, rules,and behaviors
  • 5. 天人 Naturalize Human 人法地,地法天,天法道,道法自然合一Harmony underliespeople’s interactionsand relationship. Don’tbe extreme
  • 6. 顿悟 Sentience Through Persistence 众里寻他千百度, 暮然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处 认知Time solves anything andeverything. Be patient,Don’t push. 万物有情
  • 7. 想象的真实Imaginative Reality 立象以尽意、妙在似与不似之间Affaction and meanings感知的真实 spacethrough leavingfor individuals tointernalize. Subtly has 理识、情感、想象、感知交融的心理特征virtues
  • 8. Beauty in humanity Beauty in sentience Confucius Zen 美在人道 美在境界 Beauty inBeauty in nature affectionaten ess Tao Qv 美在自然 美在深情
  • 9. A brand is an art with commercial objectives. Let’s look into the Chinese Psyche through a glance at our modern art
  • 10. Western art is about representing nature and reality.Chinese art is to understand nature Western art is about representing nature and reality Chinese art is to understand nature Chinese art from its very beginning served as a part our understanding of nature. Naturalizing human and humanizing nature are two independent and interrelated aspects of Chinese art. Every piece of art is a representation of the artist’ understanding of nature.
  • 11. Chinese arts always complete with a spirit of unity in order tocomfort, numb, even cheat the harmed hearts.At the very beginning we rejected negative elements such as evil,tragedy, hardship, and myths, we therefore avoided those extremelypainful and tragedy side of human conflicts in the real world.Although inside our hearts there were no lack of ocean-like depth,depth of human nature that was only found from violent conflictsinside human often was concealed and devoured by the strong desirefor harmony. Harmony over violent conflicts! Our art springs from human and nature in everyday life, yet rises above it.
  • 12. Our art comforts individuals ingroup relationships.Chinese held a practical idea on realistic life.It refused to make abstract explanation of life and to createpassionate beliefsIts objective was to directly establishing social moral standards,facilitating people relationship, and serving social rules.
  • 13. Our art is about emotionalizing time. Its continuity, pause,exist, disappear „ all link to human emotion.Only those arts that combine anticipation (future), experience(current), and memory (past) are the arts with full lives.We look at art along the time line:everything expands, in paint,calligraphy, poem, architecture „and moves forward.
  • 14. Chinese art is about imaginative reality upon which sit the trueunderstanding of the reality and beyond. “妙在似与不似之间” - 齐白石Being real doesn’t mean literally present reality. It rathermeans the meaning can be understood because once it is understood,the reality doesn’t need to be showed or talked.It is the space between real and not so real that inspires othersto search for the meaning that will be more relevant toindividual.We look for the “white space”and what’s in the silence.
  • 15. Our social norm sets theboundary for free expression.Chinese art is built on a basis that is current andchanging through rhythm, characters, scenery, story,decoration, and theme„ they serve the reinforcement ofsocial norm.They are free yet restricted, they are dynamically open yetlimited.
  • 16. The art for a brand’s selling products toChinese should also consider:A brand plays two roles in Chinese lives, private(a source of information) and public (a reflectionof brand can be a source of lifeA social norm) meaning in thefast progressing societyA brand is assigned a role to bring peoplecloser, either being couple, family, interest-circle, or community, even the country
  • 17. “In 1996, a group of representatives of Chinaadvertising industry went to The Cannes for thefirst time. They brought with them 38 printadvertisements and 31 television advertisements andproudly submitted them to the Cannes. Surprised bythe result that none of their advertisement wasawarded, they complained that the judges did notunderstand Chinese culture and therefore they couldnot understand Chinese ads. The Chairman Mr. Roger replied, “then, howcome you guys understand and love those great adsthat are not related to your culture?”