Evaulation question one


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Part of my evaulation that cover all the inspiration of new media to creatre my music video final design.

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Evaulation question one

  1. 1. EVAULATION QUESTION ONE: <br />First before I even started this project I had to look at bands and artist that interested me.<br />The reason why I picked this my music video is that it was completely different to what I normally listen to. I normally aimed towards the rock so I wanted to illustrate a different project, but bring some emotions from different genres, the main target translating rock and trance. Mostly rock involves on impulse of energy and negativity, well that’s the stereotypes from anger to fighting to rioting. Or some good points living life to the full and partying. <br />I found some strong hearted videos which connotes what I said;<br />Good charlotte like it’s her birthday – Basically the close up shots shows of the mise en scene and the complete narrative e.g. the slow motion shots of the win opening, and also the band in a cube related aspect, the long shot shows the performance of the band and that they address their appearance to the audience. <br />Lost prophets rooftops – Two scenes, one narrative basically go back to shot of bad relationships with family issues. The other scene says that you have a voice, long shot again and close shows the band and main performer. <br />Slipknot duality – A burst of mid and long shots to show the negative crowd, close shots shows impact of negativity e.g. the window being smashed, the mid shot inside the torn down house so the connection with the crowd and band. Close up of the band describe their personality through the masks and body language. <br />From these music videos I found out the narrative was easy to read due to atmosphere, the range of shots being used to express emotion, and that the 5 codes where structured In an ABC to make a successful narrative. <br />1695450795655But from this it gave me influence for a challenge, looking at them video it commonly made me thought that they are usually the same but in different criteria’s, mainly there is the band the same instruments, and most of the venues are isolated for parties and ‘the good life’ or explaining their emotions towards a member of someone that they love. <br />3448050253365Does it work and is realistic?00Does it work and is realistic?2981325786765002981325939165Setting/mise en scene 00Setting/mise en scene 25527001472564Connection with other songs00Connection with other songs2552700132969000215265018535650028289251957705Narrative and genre of song00Narrative and genre of songIt gave me other directions into look more in depth, that I wanted something out of the blue, that I could mix things around with and use affective and unique techniques, go off the rails abit. <br />From this I created a formula when I was looking at selected songs of my interest and when through this procedure.<br />Then I came across an indie and soft rock band, indie was my main target as you can be inspired in such different and new ways for e.g. vampire weekend ‘a punk’ is a catchy a fast tempo video, with the quirky guitar and drums it can show the movement backing the narrative with the beat lead me into different conventions of expressing my own ideas that I could listen and develop upon their N<br />Narrative and turn it into a different story. Then on YouTube it had connections to listen to ‘bloc party’ flux was a good inspiration on terms of unique identity with the cartoon mise en scene but linked but the lead singer had an individual artist, Kele Orkerke had his own individual songs.<br /> I got influence as his band is mostly aimed at indie rock but how he interpreted his own inspiration. I listened to walk tall was very catchy and I liked his ABC structure according from Andrew Goodwin’s elements of how the beat translates to the meaning and performance and he did this by the impact if of the beat changing, but it was too over whelming for my taste. <br />Then with links from one song to another I came to Tenderoni, yet again his narrative and song structure was good, but the beat and the tension got me thinking of rock songs it had major links to rock trance such as the prodigy and pendulum due to beats and lyrics, the narrative of the song and how the beat was drifting away with adjustments to the pitch and continued but changed in every verse, it gave me all different ideas.<br />-77152552387500Then I wanted to get under the skin of Kele and find is ways towards the music industry and what I could pick upon this mind map shows the main things that comes of my opinions;<br />Before I did this mind map I researched Todorov’s and Steve archer’s elements in ways of structure. It influenced me to stick to realistic elements from recent songs and have links; I looked at emotions mostly in the tenderoni music video, and it’s like he’s isolated to the world which influenced me with the narrative of the conscience talking as it was different to usual music video.<br />His song and lyrics come along strong so the impact in my video of the characters had to be strong and they know each other for a long, what not better to conscience as been there since birth. <br />And the age range influenced me to cut down on generic inspiration to ideology and that the certain majority of my target age range understood my narrative.<br />In conclusion the original song was annoying with the hint of sound affect so making the song longer someone had done that on YouTube, taking the sound affects which was better as it didn’t distract from my audience to read the narrative in the best possible way. <br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdQioZHYpvQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVEFIJNWmls<br />The inspiration of mise en scene; <br />414337558166000From the picked songs that other people did I analysis why they chosen their particular songs and then made references from artist to artist e.g. Neil (another media student) did pursuit of happiness by MGMT so i looked for links from MGMT which emperor of the sun had similarity due to same voice and mise en scene in their music videos and also there genre of lyrics.<br />Then I looked at the place where I lived in and what external elements where lived that can may help me for;<br />310515081216500The skate park could if been used for a punk rock kind of effect, but the only problem was the surrounding of the mise en scene had too much movement e.g. the car park when car are going in and it was next to a leisure centre so people walking in and out could get in the way and time was valuable due to deadlines.<br />Then I decided for rock and emotional songs I looked at the graveyard as well. It had to be a slow song or a kind of death metal with heavy face tempo and pitch of instruments. But then I thought of things to do and in such a short mise en scene people might get the same message, meaning that this could have a connection to the other like lost prophets narrative. <br />-685800-92837000I did have very strong images from this environment; I found it deserted, mysterious, tense, cold, and grim. Also the time of season was perfect as dead trees where in the background which bonded with a stronger atmosphere. All perfect for a rock video.... But;<br />There was over crowed mise en scene - to much gravestones and also a cricket field in the background as can see on the photo to the left<br />There hardly any room for action or the band to play on as the paths are narrow. <br />The spacement is too narrow, and the narrative should come across energetic, e.g. special effect could be used but as I don't have the technology, equipment and rights e.g. Fireworks in background green screen there's not really much to do<br />1682115121031000But from these it lead me into a more realistic mediation of my music video of thinking of a band or artist playing at a place, and then flicking onto a link either in a house or walking along which does not have enough strong narratives, and could have connections in two different genres e.g. Pop rock – mainstream due to narrative and connections from other inspirations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egG7fiE89IU&feature=fvsr Gives of the old fashioned 1960’s gangsta approval which can appeal to older generations and also younger as it mainstream Top 40 UK Radio One. <br />From here I looked at my artist in more detail; <br />Instead of looking at the artist I looked at YouTube for peoples comments on his bloc party and his individual self.<br />From these comments I found these useful aspects of influence to choosing this song;<br />After this I took the quotes and transferred them into my video with the shots:<br />I mostly took parts and sections out of different video of negativity, due to my lyrics research and Eminem’s ‘guilty conscience’ music video I wanted to address my character such like this;<br />278130028130500-46672528130500-4667252273935002780665222758000<br />So as you can see here that I wanted to connect the same emotions and body langauage. The key intentions of addressment in a music video is that mid shot can present the connections as you can see both characters as the focal points, they are in the middle of the frame and the audience can see there facial and body expressions to full use. <br />With this my charcter had to come across negative, looking at kele music video he comes across partly negative as well and that the setting is very cold and lifeless. The close up shows expressions through his emotions and this is what I wanted to address my charcter as you can see below;<br />152400501650027527255016500<br />Instead of expressing the body of emotion I wanted to address that my character was non existent and was referenced as a negative vibe, as it was to do with conscience I came to an conclusion that it would be a demon, with affect used I could blur the picture and show more in depth of anger in the <br />Character. As you can see with REF 1 that instead of the women it was me doing a verse shot but use the blurred affect REF 2.<br />As Keles music video is tense, cold, and isolated I wanted to address the same environment in my music video, so in the own villain’s house being empty shows elements that the character is enclosed off to the world, I targeted social problem as tenderoni on the comments has a similarity to this definition. Because of the dilemma I addressed and shows his true colours towards other people hence why I used the interview. <br />It shows the sheer connection and detail to what the villain wants to gain, kele sings about a girl but I wanted my main character to sing about life situations and that only the villain can fulfil his destiny, hence why he is singing getting the message across at the villain, the ‘TENDERONI’ is showing the connection between my villain and hero in the music video. Mostly close ups are shown to express more intensity so that the audience can read the narrative easier.<br />REF 3 AND 4.<br />Also I used this blurred affect to an advantage for connecting the villain, looking from all my narrative theory I needed to access the performance and structure together so that the music can be successful in the way of connecting the narrative.<br />REF 5 - 6 <br />So as you can see when the blur comes in it shows the negative, as the beer is used as negative input and then writing on paper is the positive input, and reversing the shots are key intentions of linking positive and negative theory. For e.g. when crushing the can and falling, and the last the interview has blurred when the employer has rejected but I wanted to address that the villain is thinking in that way and the employer didn’t actually do that a high shot was used to show power and dominance so it shows that the villain is weak hence why beer is the solution to his problems.<br />Also the zoom in and out shot of the villain showed the positive and negative correlations as you can see in REF 5 -6. So throughout the whole video I used this technique but in different elements so the video is still keeping audience on edge and does not become boring and repetitive. <br />I got influence from todorov and the 5 codes to come up with this idea, it helped to mediate my own representation of the positive and negative but show them in a kind of different way compared to music videos today as they are too clear to read and that maybe my technique get the audience and my age range thinking and entertains them more, I admit this was a risk. <br />With this it taught me the ABC structure.<br />-72390012700000<br />-2028508156051400-91249452819900-130492561595 Mostly C is showing the turn around of the character. It has a strong connection with B as it shows the positive and negative through blurred shots, zoom in and out, speed up of mid shot in the house to show everyday life, and last the connection when mid shot is slowed down and the key aspect of the TENDERONI shots is used to full affect.<br />A is the majority of the negativity of the whole narrative, showing the starting scene making the clear mise en scenery and describing the main character (REF the connection of anger in the hero to the villain, mostly mid shots and close ups are used to present the outlook. <br />I mostly involved it around the conceptual concepts, to break it down and analysis the main errors to develop on them due to the amplified aspect of connecting the music to the narrative structure and make it as contradicting as possible.<br />-75247577914500Finally from the influence of Facebook and YouTube and blogger, I can see then reviews I got and had a kind of critical aspect;<br />53340002190750This is good for links and references to my music video. That other people have made video and what taste of music correlates. With that my video is shown in the same format is their music video is shown. 00This is good for links and references to my music video. That other people have made video and what taste of music correlates. With that my video is shown in the same format is their music video is shown. <br />-8763002333625This shows that my music video is uploaded and people can watch. The BAILEYBLIZARD highlighted shows owned rights to me. The 480p shows the quality of the video and influences if something is non presentable, that it can be changed.00This shows that my music video is uploaded and people can watch. The BAILEYBLIZARD highlighted shows owned rights to me. The 480p shows the quality of the video and influences if something is non presentable, that it can be changed.-64770026035000<br />center0[Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.]4000020000[Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.]center0[Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.]4000020000[Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Drawing Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.] <br />-291465031051500-527685022479000<br />-258127526479500<br />-560070017081500<br />-42957755778500-52482756667500<br />This shows that my song is real and can be downloaded off Itunes, this can add populairty and profit income to my music video. <br />This shows the popularity base of how many people have watched my music video, for 3 and a half weeks the popularity is just below average as the mass music industry today is so much more constrictive and powerful than just my music video, e.g. they have rights to radio one and music channels which is more advertised, as I don’t have the money or people to do this is shows that its hard to gain popularity. <br />Ok it non much likes but someone does like this, it’s a start, this means that they could show it to other people and more views are shown<br /> -781050392430000-828675-72390000SO <br />So as you can see here the overall summary of views my blog has had. From this I can access where the popularity is coming from and inspirited me either to change my posts or ideas towards my final design. <br />With the countries is shows that influences are generated around different cultures and that they can enjoy and give me different ideas and message which link in there environment e.g. brazil is a hot country so maybe using a hot beach as the mise en scene such as REF 7 it can have a strong point of popularity in there culture.<br />-85725061150500Also if this was to go big which I would probably think it would not it would be presented on music channels such as VIVA and KISS etc. Also the main popularity base is radio one, without radio a hit wouldn’t be a hit. With this it shows the ‘top 40 UK’ where the popularity is most from and also the ‘playlist’ that people listen to and the radio provides.<br />-32131063817500Radio one has influenced me to make the best possible links with popular and global artists and music video and try to live up to their standards. <br />Overall I’m happy with my outcome and has given me critical understandment of elements such as YouTube, blogger, slide share, prezi, animoto, paint, Photoshop pro 5.0, Facebook, twitter, Radio one, channel 4 music, VIVA have shown me ideas and element to present my music video in the same way in advertisement but unique in the way of my thoughts through an individual song.<br />