Transcend Automation's Kepware OPC Products


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Transcend Automation is the authorized business partners for Kepware Technologies in India. We Market, Promote, Integrate their products for customers in India

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Transcend Automation's Kepware OPC Products

  1. 1. Kepware Product Overview<br />From Transcend Automation<br />
  2. 2. Topics<br />Familiarize you with “Kepware?”<br />Discuss Kepware products & licensing<br />Navigate you to helpful resources <br />Open up to Q&A<br />One more thing….<br />
  3. 3. Kepware #1 Choice for 3rd Party Connectivity<br />Broadest Product Offering<br />Highest Quality Product<br />Excellent Technical Support<br />Large Installed Base to Leverage<br />Sole Focus is Communication Software<br />The Automation Industry is<br />Implementing, Endorsing, & Standardizing on Kepware!<br />
  4. 4. Kepware’s Primary Business<br />Drivers for Major & Leading Protocols<br />Automation and IT Related<br />Communication Related Products<br />Redundancy – Redundancy Master<br />Bridging Tools – Link Master<br />Simulation and Logging Products<br />
  5. 5. Success Through……<br />Microsoft Embedded Partner (CE &XP)<br />Rockwell Control Panels<br />Cutler Hammer Control Panels<br />GE Quick Panels<br />Supporting Native Interfaces<br />GE Fanuc NIO (IFIX)<br />Wonderware Suitelink<br />Wonderware Fast DDE<br />Channel Partner Sales and Support<br />OEM private label sales (IGS)<br />Other OPC product sales <br />Up-sales of accessory products<br />Results….Over 100,000 Drivers Shipping Annually!<br />
  6. 6. Endorsed By Industry Leaders<br />
  7. 7. Our Recent Successes per our Partners… <br />Claire Cerrato, General Manager, Automation Software for GE Fanuc <br />&quot;Kepware offers leading support for GE Fanuc hardware products today,&quot; said Claire Cerrato, General Manager, Automation Software for GE Fanuc. &quot;And, we look forward to working with them on GE Fanuc protocols and leveraging their expertise with other protocols in the industry. This collaboration will deliver industry-leading communications, with a tight integration to GE Fanuc HMI/SCADA solutions.&quot; Craig Resnick, Research Director - ARC Advisory Group“The architecture and design of the Kepware products is outstanding, Kepware truly understands delivering quality products that facilitate the deployment of totally interoperable and reliable solutions. Many vendors resell and re-brand versions of the KEPServerEX product. Kepware&apos;s OPC certification automatically applies to all these products. Future vendors that partner with Kepware, will instantly benefit from OPC certification that Kepware offers.&quot; <br />
  8. 8. Voted #1 By The Market<br /> “Engineer’s Choice” ** Award<br />KEPServerEX is the Winner<br />iSNMP is the Runner Up!<br />** - Survey by Control Engineering Magazine<br /> OPCTI *** Award<br />KEPServerEX gets “Five Star” Rating<br />*** - Independent Quality Review<br /> “OPC Certified” ****<br />KEPServerEX gets Top Score – Passes with Ease<br />**** - Independent Certification Test<br />
  9. 9. Kepware Product Briefs<br />OPC Connectivity<br />
  10. 10. KEPServerEX Benefits<br />Flagship Product<br />Single, Consistent OPC Server Interface withfor 130+ Different Protocols…Plug & Play<br />Drivers Cover Every Major PLC Family<br />Auto-Configuration Built Into Many Drivers<br />Application Connectivity/Native Interfaces<br />Licensed by Major AutomationVendors and OEMs<br />
  11. 11. KEPServerEX Key Features<br />
  12. 12. U-CONProtocol Server<br />(User Configurable Driver)<br />U-CON Benefits<br />Connectivity to Any Device Without the Need for Driver Development<br />Simple Menu Driven Configuration<br />Build Complex Read and Write Transactions<br />Data Sent and Received in Packed Binary, ASCII, ASCII Hex, and Simple Text Formats<br />Support both Serial and Ethernet protocols<br />Development & Runtime Licensing available<br />Leverages KEPServerEX Architecture<br />
  13. 13. U-CON Typical Applications<br />U-CON Typical Applications<br />Analysis EquipmentAndon Boards & Digital DisplaysBarcode ScannersBlenders / FeedersCoding / Marking / PrintingGPS & NavigationInput / Output (IO) dataRFID ReadersSensors & InstrumentsVision SystemsWeigh Scales<br />You can Connect to a Weigh Scale!Using U-CON with an IND780 scale terminal made by Mettler ToledoU-CON scale/Mettler download includes:Step-by-step Directions, Scale Protocol Instructions, U-CON Project File, User Manual, Datasheet<br />You can Connect to Keyence CV3002 controllers!U-CON Vision System/Keyence download includes:Readme instructions, U-CON Project File, User Manual, Datasheet<br />
  14. 14. LinkMaster Benefits<br />A Data bridge Between Multiple OPC Servers or Multiple Drivers in the same Server or Server & Client<br />Support Multiple Data Transfer Rates Using LinkGroups<br />Concentrates data from multiple PLC’s into one Device <br />Acts both as client and server<br />Built in Redundancy & Reconnects with OPC Servers<br />Simple Drag and Drop Programming<br />
  15. 15. Key LinkMaster Features<br />Event Viewer Included with the LinkMaster package is a stand alone event monitoring application called the EventViewer. The EventViewer is a 32-bit Windows application that monitors and displays events occurring on any running LinkMaster application, either remotely or locally, allowing multiple LinkMaster systems to be monitored concurrently.<br />Built-in RedundancyThis feature allows a pair of LinkMaster machines to operate in redundant pairs where one LinkMaster machine operates as the &quot;Primary&quot; node and the other as the &quot;Secondary&quot; node. When the &quot;Primary&quot; node fails, the &quot;Secondary&quot; node promotes itself and takes over the role of the primary. When the &quot;Primary&quot; node comes back up again, the &quot;Secondary&quot; node demotes itself and the &quot;Primary&quot; node performs the data transfer once again. <br />
  16. 16. RedundancyMaster Benefits<br />If an OPC Server Failure Occurs, RMSwitches to a Secondary OPC Server Automatically<br />Easy Setup - No Programming or Application Changes Required<br />Supports Multiple OPC Server Pairs<br />Add Redundant Data Collectionto any OPC Applications<br />Available Failover Modes Hot, Warm, and Cold<br />
  17. 17. RedundancyMaster “Connection Mode” Features<br />Cold (Active machine only):   In this mode, the application will only connect to one underlying server at a time. On startup, a connection to the primary server will be made and all client related requests will be forwarded onto the primary. In the event that the connection to the primary fails, or communications to the primary is lost, a connection to the secondary will be made. If the redundancy application is unable to obtain a connection to the secondary, it will continue to ping-pong between the two servers until it makes a successful connection. The &apos;cold&apos; connection mode minimizes the amount of system resources It also reduces network traffic since there is no need to poll the inactive machine in addition to the active machine, as in other modes<br />Warm (Both machines, subscribe to items on active machine):   In this mode, the application will attempt to maintain a connection to both the primary and secondary servers at all times. On startup, the application will initialize data callbacks for the primary server only. In the event that the connection to the primary fails, or communications to the primary is lost, a data callback will be initialized for the secondary server. Periodically, both servers will be pinged to determine if the connection is still valid. <br />Hot (Both machines, subscribe to items on both machines):   In this mode, the application will attempt to maintain a connection to both the primary and secondary servers at all times. On startup, the application will initialize data callbacks for both primary and secondary servers so that both servers will send data change notifications. The data received from the primary server will be forwarded onto the client. In the event that the connection to the primary fails, or communications to the primary is lost, data received for the secondary will immediately be forwarded onto the client. In either case, writes will only be forwarded to the active server.<br />
  18. 18. Data Logger Benefits<br />Provides Basic logging functions with KEPServerEX<br />Trigger data logging according to Date Change, Time, and/or Expression<br />Allows Logging to ODBC Compatible Database (SQL, MYSQL, & Access)<br />Simple Drag and Drop Configuration<br />Automatic table creation (Narrow & Wide Formats)<br />
  19. 19. DataLogger Tips<br />Logging Data Consumes Disk Space The amount of data you are logging and the frequency at which it is logged can consume hard disk space at a very quick pace<br /> Plan your design The best way to plan your DataLogger project is by determining what you want to do with the data you are logging. Knowing what you are going to do allows you to create your data tables in the most optimized format. <br />Optimizing Data Logging It is possible to tailor the threading model of DataLogger to suit the user&apos;s needs. The DataLogger interprets each DSN as a queue to create a new logging thread. For example, <br />Logging to Microsoft Excel Logging to existing tables in Excel files is supported by DataLogger via the Microsoft Access ODBC driver and the Link Tables feature in Access. Note: DataLogger cannot be used to create new tables in Excel. <br />Data Source Handling of Timestamp and Date/Time Each data source is going to handle the date and time a little differently and in some cases the formatting will be very different. <br />Error Handling – Database full Each data source will have a slightly different error response when the database is full. Typically, KEPServerEX will post an event log message indicating that the RecordSet could not be queried. <br />
  20. 20. A New Acquisition<br />Manage & monitor the health & performance of the controller’s network within an automations ‘owned’ HMI<br />Manage Network Infrastructure<br />Traffic Analysis<br />Quality of Service<br />Manage Security<br />Integrate with OPC Clients<br />Read and Write Variables<br />Expose New Data Through SNMP<br />Write from OPC to SNMP Tags<br />
  21. 21. When customer wants to...<br /><ul><li> Monitor device uptime
  22. 22. Determine device availability
  23. 23. Measure network throughput
  24. 24. Take inventory of OS versions
  25. 25. Collect device interface information
  26. 26. Purchase an SNMP enabled device</li></li></ul><li>SNMP Features<br />Auto Discovery– Save time by using the Auto-Discovery tool to search your Ethernet network for managed network devices<br />MIB Import– Import MIB files from manageable devices and easily map network device MIB addresses to iSNMP tag names <br />Network Analyst– Network Analyst gathers raw SNMP data from network devices and continually performs calculations to generate data that can be used, such as bandwidth utilization and network error rate statistics<br />
  27. 27. Licensing<br />KEPServerEX, L/M, & R/M <br />Per PC per driver/driver suite basis<br />No limits to item/tag or number of devices (some exceptions)<br />HW Key option available for $150/extra<br />No restrictions on Client Connectivity<br />BackUp/Stand By licenses are available<br />UCON <br />Plus Development & Run Time Licenses<br />SNMP <br />Per PC and Number of Devices <br />Basic (15), Expert (50), Enterprise (Unlimited)<br />
  28. 28. Contact Info:<br />Baiju.P.S/ Business Manager<br /><br />+919986182625<br /><br />
  29. 29. Questions?<br />
  30. 30. Topics<br />Familiarize you with “Why Kepware?”<br />Discuss Kepware products & licensing<br />Navigate you to helpful resources<br />Open up to Q&A<br />One more thing………<br />
  31. 31. KEPServer New ReleaseKEPServerEX Version 4.500.462.0 | February 11, 2009<br />Allen Bradley 1609 UPS Driver<br />Beckhoff TwinCAT I/O driver<br />OPTO22 Ethernet Driver<br />System Monitor Driver<br />Cutler-Hammer ELC Ethernet driver <br />