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Bahco Lightning Bahco Lightning Document Transcript

  • LightingGet Ready for aBright Working Day...
  • CORDLESS TUBULAR LED LAMPS, 30, 60 and 80 LEDs COMPACT CORDLESS LAMP, 15 LEDs • Cordless rechargeable LED lamps for multiple applications! • Rechargeable compact LED lamp which operates almost anywhere! • Diverse workshop operations: • Multiple application areas: - Engine compartment - Difficult inaccessible places - Bay inspection - Vehicle interior FOR EVERY - Internal component inspection - Wire colour identification APPLICATION - Vehicle interiors - Wire colour identification - Brake inspection - Brake inspection - Roadside services - Water ingress inspection • Durable and strong with a triple layer construction • Durable and with a strong construction • IP Rating: 54 • IP-Rating: 65 • Oil, chemical and temperature resistant • Easy to use, carry and store • A high-intensity and pure white and very bright light for work in all types of conditions • Supplied with • Very high visibility with true colour recognition - A rubber coat screw in magnet, which can be easily removed if needed • Operating time; - A wrist strap FOR THE MOST - BL30 / BL60: 4 hours • Operating time: 6 hours CONFINED - BL80: 3.5 hours • Using advanced technology with a controlled microprocessor and an “intelligent charger” • Battery type: Ni-MH AREAS! • Charging time: 3 hours • Battery type: Ni-MH • Supplied with a charger base (230V/12V), a universal wall charger and a 12/24V DC car charger • Short charging time: 1.5 hours • CE compliant • Including a universal wall charger and a 12 V car charger • CE compliant Impact resistant LUX output: 1,000 Very compact and light, 175 g High intensity white light 100% visibility with Triple layer construction true color recognition Length: 18.1 cm - Polycarborate tube - ABS inner sleeve LUX LUX - TP rubber outer sleeve LUX Output: 1,200 Output: 1,700 Output: 2,000 Bendable swivel hook Small, with a slim and comfortable profile and 1-handed operation BL30WC BL60/80WC ABS molded body and polycarbonate face Practical docking station for easy and quick charge! Length: Length: Length: Oil and chemical 35.1 cm 39.5 cm 43.7 cmCORDLESS TUBULAR LED LAMPS resistant material COMPACT CORDLESS LAMP Accessories Accessories BL15BASE • BL15BASE / Base • BL30WC / Universal wall charger for BL30 BL15CLC • BL15WC / Universal wall charger • BL60/80WC / Universal wall charger for BL60 and BL80 BL30/60/80CLC • BL15CLC / 12/24V DC car charger • BL30/60/80CLC / 12V DC car charger for BL30/BL60/BL80 • BL15MAG / Rubber coat screw in magnet BL15WC BL15MAG kg kg mm mm BL30 60x320x110 1 0.345 BL15 75x355x85 1 0.175 BL60 60x365x120 1 0.420 BL80 60x405x120 1 0.475 2 3
  • CORDED HAND LAMP, 11 WATT CORDLESS UNDER BONNET WORK LIGHT, 120 LEDs • Fluorescent hand lamp with a wide range of application! • The rechargeable Bahco BLX120 work light is ideal for under bonnet service • Perfect for multiple workshop operations: • Operating time: 3 hours - Inner and outer vehicle inspection • Low battery and charging indicator - Engine bay • Battery type: Ni-MH - Machine lighting • Charging time: 2.5 hours - Brake inspection • Can be used while charging - Paint inspection • Very strong body with polycarbonate tube and PVC handle and end cap • IP Rating: 54 • IP Rating: 54 • Strong construction with polycarbonate tube and TPR handle and end cap • RoHS and CE compliant • Oil and chemical resistant materials • Supplied with a universal wall charger and a 12V car charger • Roll proof design • Wide light output • Flicker free operation THE CORDLESS TPR handle and end cap • Shadowless light FOR • CE compliant MECHANICS • Power supply: 230 V AC Accessories Flicker free operation • BLX120WC / Universal wall charger + car charger with a wide output of Power: 11W shadowless light LIGHTEN UP EVERY Secure bulb mounting OPERATION Bulb type: PL-S Less than 2.6 kg Base fitting: G27 Telescopic system Min length: 123 cm Max length: 203 cm LUX output: 600 Polycarbonate tube PVC handle and end caps Weight: 720 g Length: 44.8 cm 120 Powerful LEDs UNDER BONNET WORK LIGHT H05RN-F cable, 5 m Polycarbonate tube with sealed Shukko plug LUX output: 500CORDED HAND LAMP Cable weight: 1.0 mm2 Hook BLX120WC kg kg mm mm BL11W 55X440X120 1 0.720 BLX120 90x1185x185 1 2.595 4 5
  • CORDED TASK LAMPS, 42 & 84 WATT • Durable task lamps for various user areas - Building & Construction and Maintenance - Repair service, electro repairs - Railway work, shipyards - Civil Services, Military, Police • Compact fluorescent bulbs instead of Halogen makes the product safe, environmentally friendly and cost-saving - Low working temperature, no risk of fire - Minimum power consumption - Long lasting, energy-saving bulbs POWERFUL • IP Rating: 54 BOTH INDOOR • 26W, 32W, 42W bulb capability AND • Base fitting BLW42W: OUTDOOR! - Europe: GX24q-4 - UK: GX24q-8 - Australia: GX24q-6 • Base fitting BLW84W : - Europe: GX24q-5 Fully positional mounting arm - UK: GX24q-9 Easy to carry handle - Australia: GX24q-7 • Power: - BLW42W: 1x42 W bulbs - BLW84W: 2x42 W bulbs • All parts are fully replaceable • Easy to store Removable front lens for easy bulb access LUX output: BLW42W: 685 BLW84W: 1,200 PL-T 4P bulb Color: 840 Turn and lock Coin lock security bulb holders for extra protection BLW84W ABS body shock protection construction IP54 extension socket for any 230V AC equipment We l l - p r o t e c t e d CORDED TASK LAMPS CORDED TASK LAMPS ON/OFF switch kg mm BLW42W 370x270x200 1 3.700 BLW84W 370x270x200 1 3.800 370x270x200 1 3.700 Access plate to internal BLW42WAUZ H07RN-F cable, 3.700 cable termination BLW42WUK 370x270x200 1 length 5 m Replaceable cable BLW84WAUZ 370x270x200 1 3.800 BLW84WUK 370x270x200 1 3.800 6 7
  • AUT-0667-INT