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The History Of My Move!
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The History Of My Move!


The History Of My Move!

The History Of My Move!

Published in Art & Photos , Travel , Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2.
    • The next Wednesday comes the move truck. Tomorrow would be my last day in Los Angeles.
  • 3.
    • I was choosing between a house or an apartment, I didn’t know exactly what I want.
  • 4.
    • Friends and relatives were recommending to me a house
  • 5.
    • I searched in the newspaper ads, through an agency even by word of mouth... and I did it!
  • 6.
    • I found one in the New York magazine. It was a very important house agency.
  • 7.
    • I was looking for housing with a three of four rooms at least, maybe 5, because…
  • 8.
    • I needed one for my bedroom, other one for my studio, the guest room, the TV room and the classic room with all kind of things…
  • 9.
    • So? I called the agent. The call were like:
    • - D: Yes? Agent Donald Trump calling, may I help you?
    • - B: ’m calling about the magazine ad. Do you have any places to rent?
    • - D: Yes! Of course! I have some apartment on my tower, the Trump World Tower, at United Nations Plaza in New York.
    • - B: Oh! That’s no good… I’d prefer a house… with 5 bedrooms, at least; but tell me…. How does it look?
  • 10.
    • He said me all the details of the department, like it has one bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, one of that with Jacuzzi, and 3 rooms….
  • 11.
    • And I ask him: “what floor is it on?” And he said, very relax: “it was on the 9 th floor, With a beautiful sight of the city”…
  • 12.
    • And the silence made it!
  • 13.
    • Because! I don’t like big buildings… so? I’m afraid to the heights…so? He told me that he had a little apartment in the first floor, with 2 rooms only, and of course the rent was less.
  • 14.
    • Remember I needed three of them, at least… I wasn’t interested…
  • 15.
    • What is the rent? I asked him. He said me: “more or less is like $60,000 dollars per month…”
  • 16.
    • And again… the silence made it!
  • 17.
    • But I would save a lot of money...so? I said him “yes, it might interest me, when I can visit it?”--- “Is today possible?” he answered me
  • 18.
    • Because the next day, he was going to a meeting with the building managers and the neighborhood associations… He is a busy man. This way that the only one day he could was the same day… I accepted
  • 19.
    • I visited the apartment and I fell in love! The apartment was perfect! In fact is perfect!
  • 20.
    • It has 2 rooms like in my dreams! A big kitchen! The principal bedroom seems like fairy-tale, the terrace was beautiful. It has a formal dining room…
  • 21.
    • The first floor is not to high place and has a spectacular River or City views.
  • 22.
    • The services of the tower was perfect for me, because it has a private spa and health club with a 60-foot swimming pool, a world-class restaurant, a private wine cellar, a landscaped garden, around-the-clock concierges, doormen, security and extensive service staff…
  • 23.
    • Even valet parking in the garage!
  • 24.
    • Everything was perfect! In that moment I signed the contract…
  • 25.
    • I’m so happy… On Wednesday will initiate a new stage of my independent life…
  • 26.
    • The Saturday is the inauguration of my apartment and of course you’re invited
  • 27.
    • I hope that you come…
  • 28.