About past                                                                         designers;MY FASHION HOMAGE            ...
My Fashion Homage                                                                    Monday, 26 December 2011, 8:42:52 PMA...
Just like when Mademoiselle Coco Chanel said “Dress shabbilyand they will remember the dress; dress impeccably and theyrem...
Arm with his own idealism, he fought for people who are flamboyant and their individualityto be respected,    Gianni Versa...
His Majesty, Alexander McQueen had an eccentric mind,his ideas was like pieces of puzzleswaiting to be refined; once prose...
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My Fashion Homage Script 11


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Why I love fashion

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My Fashion Homage Script 11

  1. 1. About past designers;MY FASHION HOMAGE The Great, The Legend, and The Eccentric This article pays homage to the Fashion Designers of past and present century, and the contribution of The Great Coco Chanel, The Legendary Gianni Versace and The Eccentric mind of Alexander McQueen works of arts.
  2. 2. My Fashion Homage Monday, 26 December 2011, 8:42:52 PMAttention;to all readers.Fashion, what can I say about Fashion? Well, Fashion is a phenomenon that occurs andreoccurs in epoch, living remnants in history only to birth into a new century. Like theconventionalMademoiselle Coco Chanel, to the aesthetic rock star of Fashion Gianni Versace,and the Eccentric mind of his Majesty, Alexander McQueen. These designers gave voice toan industry that on the surface may seem vein, however, Fashion is much more that; it is anidentity, class, and it can be powerful. From the living memories of what was, forward intothe future. New designers look at each principle of their designs to build newconcepts.Because Fashion provides a platform for designers to relishing their ideas, in orderto bring life into the imagination. So, firstly I begin myadulation of the grandiose designerMadam Coco Chanel.The ever so elegant, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel said “Elegance isnot the prerogative of those who have just escaped fromadolescence, but of those who have already taken possession oftheir future”.The youth of today is driven to the edge of her wisdom, only to be inspired by the bravuraof what was and now perpetuate the future. Each piece is simplistic but the artistry isbeyond magnificent, with combination of empowerment, classiness, and honest resistant.“Coco” used Fashion to speak for women. No other designers in history like MademoiselleCoco Chanel mastered the conventional expressionism, by tailoring her garments base onwhat women need. She knew ahead of time that even the rich and fashionable womenwanted to dress in unpretentious manner, yet still classy. The cut was so simple butcaptivating, because the principles of her designs was vivacity. Mademoiselle Coco Chaneltook the skirt length into new heights without losing the classiness. And how could wepossibly forget the three-quarter length sleeve tailored, preen and proper tweed suit. Itsinstant classic and became the signature look for many women, even today. This is whyFashion evolves in repetitions, each time it repeats the codes are the same however thedesign is new again, and again.While the paradigm played out for the rest to follow. Withoutthe greatness of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, where would Fashion be today? It would be liketrying to breathe without air, therefore the life of many would be noneexistence.Mademoiselle Coco Chanel change women. With her powerful view of how womenshould look, in order to be respected… this is why she, is the Legendary Mademoiselle,Coco Chanel.We all believe that a woman wants to be remembered not by how she lookedrather by how she presents herself.
  3. 3. Just like when Mademoiselle Coco Chanel said “Dress shabbilyand they will remember the dress; dress impeccably and theyremember the woman”.The Grande Dame of Fashion “Coco” Chanel was one of the 100most influential women inthe 20th century; by Times Magazine. And still today holds such formidable stature. Theinventor of the “new Look”, the tweed handbag, the tweed suit, “little black dress” and lastbut not least the renowned Chanel Logo. She awed everyone in the public, while influenceher peers. Every precision stitch with such accuracy, that each garments fitted perfectly.She designed for the women that did not exist yet, and that is why Mademoiselle CocoChanel will continue to live in the future. Her real name Gabrielle however, known as “Coco”grow up in an orphanage graduated in life as an icon…Mademoiselle Coco Chanel once said,“Fashion is not somethingthat exists in dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas, the waywe live, what is happening”.Forward to the 70‟s and 80‟s, where a new legend burst into life. He is the rock star ofFashion,the man who piercedsex in sexuality, and then immerse with ecstasy. GianniVersace was not afraid of vulgarity, instead experimented bycontrasting fabrics andsymbols. He developed metal mesh fabric, but can be worked like the softest andsmoothest textile. Gianni was a postmodernist used the commercialism of Fashion intocreative advertising. You see virtue may come easy for some, while others flourished in thedying conventionality of our society. Gianni use Fashion as a weapon to express hisphilosophies, and created his own design principles. This is why Fashion can be powerful,because Fashion provides freedom to speak ourminds and say “hell with all the negativethings,cuddle the countless possibilities”. This allows us to express everything thatotherwise is not acceptable. The Legendary Gianni Versace walked in his own shoes, livinghis life that nature intended. And used the yen and yang of life and made it fashionable.His appreciation for arts was impeccable, which played large role for inspiration. Giannilooked at arts; pop and classic, broke boundaries and build new designs. Just like the 1991summer collection worn by Naomi Campbell. There is a sense of familiarity base on AndyWarhol, using snap shots of Marilyn Monroe; the pop art inventor met the rock star ofFashion. The result of the collaboration is mind blowing.Fashion often or as many timespossible dabbles in the Arts by his hands. Why? Because Fashion is much more, than whatwewear;it is part of our everyday life. Each piece worn says something about the person.And with this, Gianni wanted to accentuate women and their beauty as equal to men, andsucceeded.The Legendary Gianni Versace once said “fashion has to be free toexpress personality and individuality. I always looked for peoplewho are out of the crowd, who are individual, who are free, whohave real sense of style, which means their own sense of style”.
  4. 4. Arm with his own idealism, he fought for people who are flamboyant and their individualityto be respected, Gianni Versace rave in surrealism ended in harsh condemnation of reality,but won. Gianni marched thousands of miles without compromising his ideas. He rolledevery stones and painted them in his own interpretation of colours and luxurious textile,like Italian silks with animal prints, floral andgeometric shapes, as well as lace on denim,beading and embroidery. Simply because life can bemelancholy, thereforethe LegendaryGianni Versace wanted everything to be beautiful…You see, to understand Fashion we need to examine the minds that induce change, changethat let us experience new things. And to embrace the fact that being equal can only beachieve by those who approaches life with an open mind. To understand what is reallyhappening in our life, that personality and individuality is like electricity; it cannot functionwithout the existence of the positive and negative energy. Perhaps everything in life isparadoxical, just like how Alexander McQueen evokes in his collection.Finally, this homage comes to an endwith the grace of his Majesty, Alexander McQueen.There are no other prolific, provocateur, and a mind that is more eccentric than him. Birth ina country full of Royals; in London and insurgent against conventional orthodoxy,nickname„Alexander the Great‟ followed his own intuition. And build dreams into reality.The Fashion God, Alexander McQueen. Said, “I‟m a big anarchist.I don‟t believe in religion, or in another human being wanting togovern over someone else… I do believe fashion is a voice.”And so Alexander spook loud and clear, every words uttered was to the extreme, foughtagainst what is consider normal. And articulate his voice with bold colours, strongsilhouette, and the dramatization of his archetypes without using words. The protagonistwho induce power not to control, rather to elevate his opinion isequal.The year was1996,age 27 appointed as head designer of Paris Couture House of Givenchy.From therepropagates his brilliance using semiotics messages in his creation, to historical referencesof modern aristocracies; like the autumn 2010 collection. Received the tittle Commander ofthe British Empire from theQueen Elizabeth II, the accolade of his recital continue to inspiremany.And devour the future as if still alive. Alexander interpreted his version of the truth;thatthe purist power of the truth cannot be wielded with a fist, rather with intelligent, visionand artistry.Just like when Alexander featured models wearing two piece garments, an ankle lengthskirtcovered with light feathers,a V neck sleeveless blousethat softly drapes from the shoulder.The models wrapped tightly with vile around their head and neck. The hair is messy andsubdue, the expression on their faces looks surprise but ostentatious, because of the hawksattach from the shoulder. Seemingly flying around with the claws out like the models isbeing attack. Perhaps the message of this collection is symbolic, in a sense that isparadoxical. How the rapid emergent of commercialism in Fashion has cause affects to theenvironment. Furthermore,Alexander was contraryto the normalisation of nature, rather heembrace the fact that nature is limitless. Once we let our minds accept that the concept ofnormis not one but many.
  5. 5. His Majesty, Alexander McQueen had an eccentric mind,his ideas was like pieces of puzzleswaiting to be refined; once prose accomplishesunderstand that beauty may not always existin perfection. Rather, it is within the imperfection where beauty lay. In 1999 he made thisapparent by using Aimee Mullins a Paralympic sprinter as a model on the catwalk. Becauseof this Fashion God, Alexander McQueen made us stop and think. He lunge at vanity,fought vigorously like a warrior, and massacred his critics. Only to demonstrate howdifferent people are, however, we all have something in common; its feelings. He taught usto accept the differences, andthe lessons gain from the experience was valuable;because“sometimes whenman anguish and not heard until departed” this is a harsh reality.His Majesty, Alexander McQueen expressed everything; loud and bold as he could, loved lifeheard, and past dramatically as he havelived.Which brings me to a conclusion; to live we must wonder into the world, where beingdifferent should be accepted rather than repulse, because even the conventional idealismcan be reinvented, as accomplish by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, to how the LegendaryGianni Versace changethe perception of women and their sexuality. By conveying self-provocation of sex because it is essential part topersonality and equal to men. Finally therepertoire of his eccentricity is allegoric by his Majesty, Alexander McQueen. Thesedesigners demonstrated that Fashion is certainly a voice worth listening, because there is anArt to Fashion, the sort of Art that emulates our lives. That mainly uses colours rather thanwords, textile instead of weapons, and artistry as the alternative to violence.Writer; Willy Bagatcholon
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