The World of Information


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Theory & techniques for easily finding information online. A short course taken for people not familiar with advanced internet usage. If followed properly can make the most of technology and the Internet.

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The World of Information

  1. 1. The new world ofInformationTheory & techniques for easilyfinding information online
  2. 2. The computer: What does it do really?•Data & Information processing • The sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded information• Carries out an Information Processing Cycle same ayour brain does
  3. 3. The componentsof a computer: As youwould already know
  4. 4. Can you identify all of these?
  5. 5. Advantages of Information Technology • Speed • Reliability • Consistency • Storage • Communications
  6. 6. Disadvantagesof Information Technology• Violation of Privacy: In many instances, where personal and confidential records stored on computers werenot protected properly, individuals have found their privacy violated and identities stolen• Public Safety: Adults, teens, and children around the world are using computers to share publicly their photos,videos, journals, music, and other personal information. Some of these unsuspecting, innocent computer usershave fallen victim to crimes committed by dangerous strangers• Impact on Labor Force: Although computers have improved productivity and created an entire industry withhundreds of thousands of new jobs, the skills of millions of employees have been replaced by computers. Thus,it is crucial that workers keep their education up-to-date. A separate impact on the labor force is that somecompanies are outsourcing jobs to foreign countries instead of keeping their homeland labor force employed• Health Risks: Prolonged or improper computer use can lead to health injuries or disorders. Computer users canprotect themselves from health risks through proper workplace design, good posture while at the computer, andappropriately spaced work breaks. Two behavioural health risks are computer addiction and technologyoverload. Computer addiction occurs when someone becomes obsessed with using a computer. Individualssuffering from technology overload feeldistressed when deprived of computers and mobile devices• Impact on Environment: Computer manufacturing processes and computer waste are depleting naturalresources and polluting the environment. Green computing involves reducing the electricity consumed andenvironmental waste generated when using a computer. Strategies that support green computing includerecycling, regulating manufacturing processes, extending the life of computers, and immediately donating orproperly disposing of replaced computers
  7. 7. Software:• System Software • Computer software designed to operate and control the computer hardware and to provide a platform for running application software• Application Software • Application software, also known as an application, is computer software designed to help the user to perform singular or multiple related specific tasks. Examples include enterprise software, accounting software, office suites, graphics software, and media players• Software Installation • Installation (or setup) of a program (including drivers, plugins, etc.) is the act of putting the program onto a computer system so that it can be executed• Software Development • Software development (also known as application development, software design, designing software, software application development, enterprise application development, or platform development[1]) is the development of a software product
  8. 8. Types of computers:Personal Desktops
  9. 9. Tablet PCs Smart Phones eBook Readers Mp3 PlayersTypes of computers: Digital CamerasMobile Devices
  10. 10. Gaming has become so advanced that asurgeon in this picture uses a gamingconsole to enhance her dexterity as theconsole is very accurate and preciseTypes of computers:Gaming Consoles
  11. 11. Types of computers: Ever wondered where is all your emailServers, Mainframes stored? The answer is: In a huge computer called a “datacenter” which could be the& Supercomputers size of your house
  12. 12. Types of computers: Soon all your kitchen appliances will be connected to the internet; in fact with advances in home automation, you canEmbedded Computers already do this. Embedded computing, like in your car, can be integrated with your home too.
  13. 13. Computer Usage: Home User•Personal Financial Management•Web Access•Email•Entertainment
  14. 14. Computer Usage: Small Office/Home Office• Web Access• Spreadsheets• Word Processing
  15. 15. Computer Usage: Mobile User• Notebooks• Tablets• Handheld Games• Smart phones
  16. 16. Computer Usage: Power User
  17. 17. NetworksA day in history when someone thought lets connectthese computers together…
  18. 18. The Internet How? Through your Internet Service Provider Networking Internet Equipment Your Computer
  19. 19. Why the Internet? Why? Download music, movies Basically… Manage Bills Shop Online Find deals Read movie reviews Check tomorrows weather Everyone is Read news Watch TV connected Send Email … …
  20. 20. Everyone is connected…A fairy tale brought to life
  21. 21. Important Internet Termsyou should know..Find them on Google yourself! • Web, WWW v/s The Internet • http:// , https:// • Browser • HTML / XML • URL
  22. 22. Important Internet Termsyou should know.. • IP Address • E-mail • Blogging • Social Media • ISP
  23. 23. Important Internet Termsyou should know.. • Download • Router • Keywords, Tags, Labels • Texting, Chatting • IM
  24. 24. Important Internet Termsyou should know.. • P2P • E-Commerce • Bookmark • Cybercrime •Social Engineering
  25. 25. Important Internet Termsyou should know.. • Phishing • Addons / Plugins • Trojan • Spamming / Filtering • Malware
  26. 26. Important Internet Termsyou should know.. • Encryption / Authentication • Cloud Computing • Apps / Applets • Ports / Firewall • Archives
  27. 27. Searching the Internet
  28. 28. Searching Engines• All Purpose: Google, Yahoo, Ask• Blog Search: Google, Technorati, LJSeek• Book Search: Amazon, Readprint, Bookfinder• Business: Business, Worldpages, Allbusiness• Games: Funlus, Devmaster, Gamepublic• Human Powered: Mahalo, Yahoo Directory• Images: Google, Ditto, Flickr, Corbis
  29. 29. Local search:google.aeYahoo Maktoob
  30. 30. Use Multiple Keywords:Search:Computer course in Abu DhabiSearch:Computer course institute abudhabi
  31. 31. Use Quotes:Search:“Computer courses in Abu Dhabi”Search:Computer courses abu dhabi“Hamdan Street”
  32. 32. OR:Search:“Computer courses in Abu Dhabi” OR“IT Education in Abu Dhabi”Search:“Flowers” OR “bouquets” Abu Dhabi
  33. 33. filetype:Search:Abu Dhabi Trade License filetype:pdfSearch:memorandum of understandingfiletype:doc
  34. 34. site:Search:stock market crash site:gulfnews.comSearch:car tinting
  35. 35. define:Search:define: social engineeringSearch:Define: reflexology
  36. 36. Advanced Search and Filters
  37. 37. Control+f ToolFind information on the same page
  38. 38. Multiple TabsDo more searches in different tabs
  39. 39. Confirm Identity with Whois
  40. 40. Confirm content• Date Lookup• Strike outs• Page updates
  41. 41. What other sites are saying about a site:link:link:
  42. 42. Google Functions:Convert unitMath functions
  43. 43. Thank youBadal