Safety measures for employees project report mba hr


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Safety measures for employees project report mba hr

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Safety measures for employees project report mba hr

  1. 1. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD EXECUTIVE SUMMURYThe Flowserve Microfinish valves pvt ltd was established in 1997 at hubli.we started ourproject with the organization study of the particular organization, we passed through thevarious departments of the organization like sales and shipping, accounts andadministration, quality assurance and production departments, then after the organizationstudy through observation then selected the research topic as Safety Measures foremployees in Flow Serve Micro Finish Valves Pvt, Ltd. Then we carried on our research through the descriptive research methodology inwhich prepared structured questionnaire with 12 questions and surveyed employees,theresults and findings of the survey are given below: In our survey we found that very few accidents are met, then all the employees areaware of the safety measures and the safety measure policies provided to them, overallopinion is that all employees are satisfied by the safety tools provided to them by theorganization.BABASAB PATIL 1
  2. 2. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD INTRODUCTIONFlow serve Micro finish is one of the 100% EOU [Export Oriented Unit] in thecity of Hubli. The Flow serve Micro finish group of companies consist of two unitsnamely Flow serve Micro finish Valves Pvt Ltd [FMVPL] and Flow serve Microfinish Pumps Pvt Ltd [FMPPL]. Flow serve Micro finish Valves Private Limited (Here in after referred to asthe company) was established in 1997 to manufacture Industrial valves, plug valvesand valve components. The company is located in the Industrial Area, Hubli whichis one of the Biggest Industrial centers in the state of Karnataka, India. Hubli issituated midway between Poona and Bangalore on the NH – 4 Highway and isconnected by Road , Rail, and Air. The company’s manufacturing unit has a 15,000Sq .ft of built up area to house the facility. The Company is catering the major needs of industries in the field ofpetrochemicals, refineries, fertilizers, fine- chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food &beverages and other general chemical industries.FLOWERSERVE PVT LTD., USA: Flow serve Pvt Ltd. is a U.S.A company which was set up in early 1920.Flow serve Pvt Ltd produces engineered and process pumps, precision mechanicalseals, automated and manual quarter-turn valves, control valves and valve actuators,and provides a range of related flow management services, primarily for the processindustries. Flow serve engineers products and provides services to meet the needs ofthe global flow management industry. Flow serve serves the flow managementindustry worldwide. More than 40% of the Companys 2006 sales of $3 billion wereoutside the United States. Flow serve Pvt Ltd is having its business more than 30 countries to namefew are Canada, Belgium, Australia, India, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, etc. Flowserve Pvt Ltd of U.S.A. found a Indian market for its expanding its business andcame to India by the way of joint venture.BABASAB PATIL 2
  3. 3. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD INDUSTRY PROFILEHeavy Engineering Industry is one of the largest segments of Industrial production. Itoccupies a whole range of industries such as Heavy Electricity Machinery. Turbines,Generators, Transformers, Switchgears, Textile Machinery etc. The Index of IndustrialProduction figures of 8 of the 16 major industry groups show substantial growth with therates ranging from 6% to 28%. Thought there was some signs of recovery in the third quarter of 2002-2003 thestimuli seems to have dissipated quickly. The problem with the cotton textile sector hasalso continued to perform badly in the last two years. The only positive development isthe measures announced for the textile industry in the recent budget. Trends across major sectors show that growth in the two lead sectors-capitalgoods and ./lk,.l,.mmmmm,xzccCconsumer non-durable goods-have decelerated but stillremain at the double-digit levels. This has, however, been compensated by the strongrecovery in the intermediate goods segment. A major concern is the lacklusterperformance of the consumer durable goods segment over the last year with productiondeclining for the first time since themed-nineties.BABASAB PATIL 3
  4. 4. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD VALVE & PUMPS INDUSTRYA valve is a device that regulates the flow of fluids (either gases, fluidized solids, liquids)by opening, closing, or partially obstructing, various passageways. Valves are used in avariety of applications including industrial, military, commercial, residential,transportation, etc They are mainly used for safety purposes in steam engines and domestic heating orcooking appliances. Others are used in a controlled way in Otto cycle engines driven by acamshaft, and they have a major part in engine cycle control. A Pump is a device that manages the needs of fluids (either gases, fluidized solids,slurries or liquids) by pumping . Pumps are used in a variety of applications includingindustrial, military, commercial, residential, transportation, etc.AN ORIGIN OF THE INDUSTRYThe development of control and instrumentation sector has undergonetransformation in phases. Early processes were relatively simple and plantsize small. Measuring instruments were mounted directly on the processlines. Monitoring and recording of measured values were performed byplant Operators. As the plant size and process complexity increased, thenumber of critical parameters that needed to be measured and monitoredalso increased. This led to the requirement for a centralized monitoring ofprocess variables, and the introduction of signal transmitters andtransmission techniques. The first system employed pneumatic transmittersof the forced balance type. Manual control gave way subsequently toautomatic control implemented through pneumatic controllers. Laterelectronic controllers began to gain ground.BABASAB PATIL 4
  5. 5. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDGROWTH & DEVELOPMENT OF THE INDUSTRY The domain of primary sensing elements comprises of measurementof flow, level, temperature, pressure, vibration, electrical parameters andanalyzers. Development in flow elements is targeted towards reducingpressure loss and increasing accuracy.  The demand for the valve business is going to increase by 30-40% and pump business would increase proportionately.  Pumps & Valve Manufacturing Industry in India is growing at the rate of 10-12% per annum. 500 large, medium & small-scale manufacturers in India manufacture approximately 6,000 pumps & 20,000 valves per day in India. All core sectors of industry namely power, oil & gas, water &infrastructure projects, metal and mining, chemicals, drugs &pharmaceuticals & food and beverages require various types of pumps &valves and each of these industries are growing at a exorbitant rate todayin India.PRESENT STATUS OF THE INDUSTRYIndian Scenario Following industrialization India has established over the yearsreasonably sound technological base in many industries including processoriented industries like steel, power, cement, fertilizers, petrochemicalsand refineries. In developing these needs for process controlinstrumentation was apparent.BABASAB PATIL 5
  6. 6. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDBUSINESS ENVIRONEMENT OF THE INDUSTRYIndian market for Industrial Pumps and Systems has been a mature marketsince years. India has been a reliable, technically competent, competitiveand enterprising outsourcing option for many multinational companies inthe field of Industrial Pumps and Systems for outsourcing to countriessuch as USA, Germany, Holland etc .for:- Pumps, Systems, PumpComponents and sub-assemblies-cast and machined, fabricated andfinished, molded, customized and/or mass-produced- Basic and Appliedresearch and analysis employing also CFD techniques . A Valves & Pumps industry deals with the Business Marketing . Theyare widely used in Chemical & Process industries, Refineries,Petrochemicals & Fertilizer plants, Pharmaceuticals, Oil Exploration,Thermal & Nuclear plants, Food & Beverage industries, EffluentTreatment & Sewerage plants, Water Treatment, Cooling Water & WaterSupply plants, mining industries etc.FUTURE OF THE INDUSTRYValves & Pumps are tremendous growth opportunity in the areas of Chemical & Processindustries, Refineries, Petrochemicals & Fertilizer plants, Pharmaceuticals, OilExploration, Thermal & Nuclear plants, Food & Beverage industries, Effluent Treatment& Sewerage plants, Water Treatment, Cooling Water & Water Supply plants, miningindustries etc.BABASAB PATIL 6
  7. 7. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD COMPANY PROFILEBACKGROUND AND INCEPTION OF THE COMPANY:Flow serve micro finish group of companies having two units namely Flow serve Microfinish Valves Pvt. Ltd.., and Flow serve Micro finish Pumps Pvt. Ltd., was established in1997 to manufacture Industrial Valves viz. Ball Valves and Plug Valves and IndustrialPumps viz. ISO Pumps and ANSI Pumps. The Group of Companies is located inIndustrial Area, Hubli, which is one of the biggest Industrial Center in the State ofKarnataka, India. Hubli is situated midway between Pune and Bangalore on the NH4Highway and is well connected by road and rail. Valves and Pumps manufacturingi.e...Mifs have a 15,000 Sq. feet and 10,000 Sq. feet of built-up area to house the facilitiesrespectively. Both divisions have an open space of 10,000 Sq. feet and 15,000 Sq. feetrespectively for further expansion. The two units have excellent machining testing facilities, consisting of CNCs,center lathes, milling, drilling, grinding machines, SPM’s etc. supported by adequategauging, measuring instruments. Dedicated Staff &, workers strive &, ensure that qualityobjectives are achieved. The units are catering to the needs of major Industries in the field ofPetrochemicals, Refiners, Fertilizers, Fine chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food andBeverages and other general Chemical industries. Flow serve Micro finish Valves Pvt. Ltd., and Flow serve Micro finish Pumps Pvt.Ltd., has a documented Quality System to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000requirements to ensure that its orders are processed; products are manufactured to meetthe requirements of the customer. Flow serve Micro finish. Valves Pvt. Ltd., in additionmeets requirement of PED 97/23/EC.BABASAB PATIL 7
  8. 8. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDVISION : Vision is to manufacture quality valve products for the process industryworldwide. We embrace the concept of total quality and people involvement to enhance“Total quality satisfaction” and commit to maintain this standard of excellent throughcontinual improve and use of quality management system.MISSION: Mission is to manufacture quality valve products for the process industryworldwide. We embrace the concept of total quality and people involvement to enhance“Total Customer Satisfaction” and commit to maintain this standard of excellencethrough continual improvements and use of quality management system.BABASAB PATIL 8
  9. 9. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD PRODUCT PROFILE:Ball Valve 38 series Ball ValveBall Valve Flanged Ball ValveBABASAB PATIL 9
  11. 11. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDPlug ValveVALVES valves are mechanical devices specifically designed to direct, stop, mix or regulatethe flow, pressure or temperature of a process fluid. Valves can be designed to handleeither liquid or gas application. By nature of their design, functions and applications, valves come in a widevariety of styles, sizes and pressure classes.BASIC FUNCTIONS OF VALVES: Starting and stopping flow. Regulating flow volume (frequently called throttling). Preventing reserve flow (called anti-back down). Changing flow direction. Limiting fluid pressureBABASAB PATIL 11
  12. 12. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDThe application of valves is done in every imaginable field. There are ranges ofvalves we encounter in our everyday life; from the valves inside our body such asthe heart valve to the valves inside the automobiles we drive, to the water faucet weturn ON and OFF. It is hard to realize how many there are and how we come todepend on them. Sl.No. Product Size Max Pr. Rating Material of C 1 Ball Valve 15-20 # 300 CS / SS 0 15-50 # 800 CS / SS 2 Plug Valve 15-30 # 150 CS / SS 0 15-30 # 300 CS / SS 0BABASAB PATIL 12
  13. 13. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDAREA OF OPERATION:FLOWSEREVE MICROFINISH LTD:Micro finish was set up in the year 1978. The Micro finish is manufacturing an industrialpumps and valves. Micro finish is known for its quality product and has got certificate ofISO 9002. In 1998 Flow serve Pvt Ltd of USA came to India by entering into a jointventure with a Micro finish of Hubli. As Micro finish is known for its quality productworld wide, the Flow serve Corporation made a technical collaboration with the Microfinish valves. Flow serve Pvt Ltd came to India and gave technical and managementtraining to the employees of the Micro finish in the year 1996 and commercialized itsbusiness in the year 1998. The training they give was of high standard and then laterMicro finish of Hubli was able to produce spare parts of high quality. When Flow servePvt Ltd inspected the spare parts which came out to be more than their expectation. LaterMicro finish started its separate 100% exporting unit and came to be known as a Flowserve Micro finish Pvt Ltd. Hubli. Now the Flow serve Micro finish ltd. exports to morethan 15 countries to name few,1. USA 5. SOUTH AFRICA 9. AUSTRALIA2. U.K 6. TIWAN 10. HONGKNOG3. GERMANY 7. BELGIUM 11.KOREA4. BRAZIL 8. MEXICO 12. SINGAPOREBABASAB PATIL 13
  14. 14. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDHISTORY AND NATURE OF THE COMPANY:As mentioned earlier, Flow serve Micro finish [FMVPL & FMPPL] was establishedin the year 1997 to manufacture Valves viz Ball valves and Plug valves andIndustrial Pumps viz ISO pumps and ANSI pumps. The company is formed as aresult of joint venture between Micro finish and Flow serve Corporation USA, withFlow serve as the major shareholder. Valves and Pumps manufacturing units have a 15,000 Sq. ft and 10,000 ofbuilt up area to house the facilities respectively. Both the divisions have an openspace of 10,000 and 13,000 Sq. ft respectively for further expansion. In addition, the two units have excellent machining testing facilitiesconsisting of CNC’s, Centre Lather, Milling, Drilling, Grinding machines SPM’s etcsupported by adequate gauging measuring instruments. Dedicated staff and workersstrive to ensure that the company’s quality objectives are achieved. The company is having a documented Quality system to meet therequirements of ISO 9001 – 2001 to ensure that its orders processed, productsmanufactured meet the requirements of the customer. Further the company is alsocertified for CE – Marking.ACHIEVEMENTS • The company is an ISO 9000 - 2001 recognition. • The company is also certified for CE- Marking • As per the Safety Related Audit conducted by Flow serve US, the • company is certified as the ‘Safest Entity’ scoring 99%, beating even • the Singapore and Bangalore Units. • It has also bagged the ‘Best Garden’ award ensuring to get even the • ‘Best Flower’ award.BABASAB PATIL 14
  15. 15. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH GROUP OF COMPANIES PVT. LTD., Name & Address of The Industry Flow serve Micro finish Group Of Companies pvt. Ltd., 568/1, Industrial Area, Gokul Road, Hubli – 580 030. India. Status of Organization Private Limited (100% EOU). Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 2000 and PED97/ 23 / EC. Date of Registration 19 th April 1996 Date of Commencement 1 st June 1998 Availability of communication Telephone, Fax, Internet, Printer, Hard copy, P.O. facility Cost of Project(Initial Investment) 3 Crores Exporting Capacity 20,000 valves Turn Over Per Year 20 Crores Applicable Act 1) Factory Act: 2) Provident fund: 3) ESI( Employee State Insurance) 4) Bonus Act 5) Payment of Gratuity: 6) Product Processing order: Bank 1) Canara Bank 2) Bank of India. Email Factory Area 3 ½ Acres , Built Up area : 15000 Sq. Ft. Manpower 76 Branches Pumps Pvt Ltd., and Valves Pvt Ltd., Agencies Foreign System Pvt. Ltd – Germany Panel Kena – South Africa Uniworld Logistics – US. Export Freight – Singapore. Tel & Fax No. 2233202, 2332301 / Fax – 0836-2333205BABASAB PATIL 15
  19. 19. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD DIFFERENT FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENT CHARTS: ADMINISTRATION AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT: ADMINISTRATION AND ACCOUNTS INCHARGE PERSONAL OFFICER [FACTORY & PERSONAL SAFETY] ACCOUNT ASSISTANTFUNCTIONS OF ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT (H.R) Training Recruitment Safety House Keeping1. TRAININGObjective: To provide appropriate training to the personnel of various departments whoperform the quality control activities.Responsibility:Administration and Accounts (A & A) In-charge through personnel officer is overallresponsible to ensure that the training needs of personnel of all the departments arefulfilled.BABASAB PATIL 19
  20. 20. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD Personnel officer is responsible for identifying the proper trainer in consultation andcontact with the top level management for arranging the training.. Training is given for employees once or twice in a month depending on the need. Intraining the following aspects and topics are covered:Product Application, Instrument Knowledge, Industrial Safety and First Aid, BasicComputer Knowledge, Statistical Quality Control, ISO Awareness Leadership Quality,Manpower Handling, Communication Skills, and Material Handling.2. RECRUITMENT Personnel officer is responsible for recruiting The right person for the right job atthe right time, He takes into consideration the knowledge, skill and work experience ofthe person .3. SAFETYObjective: To ensure safe and healthy environment for personnelResponsibility:Administration and Accounts in charge through personnel officer is responsible for safetyrelated activities in the company.Procedure: Safety committee meeting is conducted every quarter i.e once in 4 months. Safetyrelated training for staff and workers is conducted once in two months such as FireExtinguisher, Chemical Hazardous, Personal Hygiene etc and first-aid facility is alsoprovided for workers. Safety round-up is carried out by the personnel officer accompanied by H.O.D and twoworkmenstaff of different department.4. HOUSE KEEPINGObjective: To ensure good, healthy, clean, neat and safe work environment.Responsibility:While the activities are co-ordinate by the personnel officer, each and every individual inthe organization is responsible for the implementation.BABASAB PATIL 20
  21. 21. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDProcedure:For effective implementation of the system, the entire premises of the company aredivided into sub-zones as Production and Assembly division, Quality Assurance division,Administration and Accounts division etc. Each sub-zone is headed by a team leader andsupported by co-ordinates, supervisory staff and workers.PRODUCTION AND ASSEMBLY DEPARTMENT: PRODUCTION AND ASSEMBLY INCHARGE SHIFT MAINTENANCE ASSEMBLY SHIFT II MACHINE MAINTENANCE MACHINE ASSISTANT FILTERS OPERATION OPERATION HELPERS HELPERSPRODUCTION: The production department ensures that the production process is identified,planned and carried out under the controlled conditions in accordance with monthlymanufacturing plan. The objective of this department is to improve the productivity, toreduce the cost of production without any compromise on quality and to manufacture nondefective quality products by training the people in right manner and effective way.OBJECTIVES:1. Productivity improvement.2. To reduce the cost without compromise on quality.3. To manufacture “non defective product” by training the people.BABASAB PATIL 21
  22. 22. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDPRODUCTION PLANNING AND PROCESS: Upon the receipt or the work order copy, bill of material, monthly manufacturing planetc, the department head instructs the production planning personnel to determine thematerial availability with reference to bill of material. If there is any shortage of material the production and planning personnel will placethe material shortage list to planning and purchase dept. There by they will refer to theproduction and plan and collect the material from stores through material requisition note.If material intended and received is in excess, then the production personnel will returnthese material back to the stores, with material return note. The Head of department will then prepare daily production schedule throughwhich he schedules the production and machine loading for the day. The cell in chargeprepares and provides relevant document and instruction for processed and other tollingin charge through his personnel ensures the production facilities like machines, tools,fixtures etc, are available for production when required. The cell in charge will load the machine and provide instruction to the machineoperators by means of job cards. The operator himself will instruct the components ateach stage of manufacturing and identifies the confirming, components by inspectioncolour code. The products are either processed for standard or non-standard product. Thedesign for the certain products are standardized and kept in the production dept and fornon-standardized products are obtained from the design and development dept. The shiftin charge will collect the drawings from the draftsman for the processing. In consultationwith the production and assembly in charge, shift in charge will allocate material for sub-contracting for machining through the stores officer. When required for assembly the customer supplied products are collected fromstores against a written requisition ensuring that products has been issued for a particularwork order for which it is meant. Proper care is taken while handling these products forassembly. The P&A in charge schedules the assembly and prepare the assembly schedule andensure that the same is carried out through the shift in charges that prepare the assemblyjob card and give instructions to the operators. After assembling the products are handedBABASAB PATIL 22
  23. 23. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDover to the final inspection and testing section along with the valve assembly and testingstatus formal and assembly job card. After clearance from Quality Assurance dept the shift in charge will send theassemblies to dispatch section and finished valve completion note is given to the stores.There are two types of machines which are used in the production department:1. Conventional machines2. CNC machines1. Conventional machines: All the operations in this types of machines are donemanually work the cost of such machines are cheaper & the capacity is very less as it canhandle only 1 operation at a there are conventional machines of ac the 4 types ofoperations it maintains of such machines & it is less safe than CNC machines.2. CNC machines: Computerized numerical control machines. This machines areoperated automatically i.e. a program is written for its function which is in assembly levellanguage i.e. economic codes which are not understood by human beings. In this type ofmachine there are 2 types,a) X&Y side (2 dimensional)b) x,y,z side (3 dimensional)BABASAB PATIL 23
  24. 24. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD PLANNING AND PURCHASE DEPARTMENT: PLANNING AND PURCHASE INCHARGE SALES AND STORE STORE LOCAL SHIPPING PLANNING OFFICER OFFICER PURCHASE OFFICER I II RPLANNING:Planning is the backbone of any organization. Success of any organization depends onhow well things are planned.TYPES OF PLAN: 1. TENTATIVE PLAN: It is a plan for a particular which is drawn five weeks prior to a month. It can be modified amended. 2. FINAL PLAN: It is a plan which is issued one week earlier to the particular month. It can be modified, if required on the basis of information from other departments.OBJECTIVES: For usage of resources to meet the delivery commitments.SCOPE: Applicable to all work orders and related activity of departments with respect tomonthly manufacturing plan.BABASAB PATIL 24
  25. 25. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDRESPONSIBILITY:1. Planning and Purchase in charge is responsible for drawing tentative and final“monthly manufacturing plan” through planning assistant.2. Production and Assembly in charge is responsible for modifying to meet urgentcustomer requirements.PROCEDURE:1. Plan is drawn to approximate 90% of capacity and 10% of capacity is reserved to meetURGENT amendments.2. Tentative plan is modified /amended if required on the basis of feedback informationfrom other departments.3. Final plan is issued one month earlier to the particular month.4. Final plan is amended, if require on the basis of feedback from P&A department.5. Valves which are planned to be manufactured in a particular month but could not bemanufactured are re-planned in consultation with P&A department.6. Cause of not meeting the plan is discussed with P&A department.PURCHASING DEPARTMENTOBJECTIVES: To ensure that all the purchase/ processed items and services meet the specifiedrequirements.SCOPE: Applicable to all raw materials, bought out items, sub contracted items, capital goods,consumable and services to be produced.DEFINITIONS:SUB CONTRACTOR: He is one who carries out processing on material / components supplied by FMVPL.BABASAB PATIL 25
  26. 26. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDVENDOR: He is one who supplies some specific components.SUPPLIER: All vendor’s & sub contractors are considered as suppliers.RESPONSIBILITY:1 P&P in charge is responsible for approval of supplier.2 P&P in charge is responsible for approval of purchase order.3 Planning assistant in co-ordination with quality assurance department is responsible forevaluation of supplier and submit the report to P&P in charge for review and approval.SALES & SHIPPING DEPARTMENTRESPONSIBILITIES: 1. HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT : • The supervisor should look after to the product requirement, the order acceptance, document approval etc. • He is the only person responsible for solving the customer complaints, identifications of training needs and maintenance of quality records under his/her guidance. 2. SALES ENGINEER (Tender Reviews: TR) : • Engineer himself is responsible for tender/ enquiry review, and follow up and also for amendments review. • He is responsible in preparation of cancellation note, maintenance of concerned quality records & attending the customer during their visit. 3. SALES ENGINEER (Order Review: OR) : • He is responsible for order acceptance. 4. SHIPPING OFFICER: • He is responsible for handling, storage, packing and delivery, dispatch follow up, providing delivery status and allocation of stock.BABASAB PATIL 26
  27. 27. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDPROCEDURE:a) Sales & Shipping officer will study the packing slip thoroughly with respect to W.O.b) Size of the box will be decided the S&SO depending on the quantity.c) S&SO will collect the value remember from Q.A.dept against packing slip1. STRUCTURE2. STYLE:• The style of management in the organization is very much similar to TOP DOWN MANAGEMENT. The Director from USA who is at the top most level takes strategic decisions and is passed on to the Managing Director of HUBLI of the respective company.• Short term decisions are decentralized in FMVPL and Micro Finish Valves Pvt Ltd as the number of employees is more and it would be impractical for the MD to take regular decisions.• Though the decision making is concerned only with the top management, the company also emphasizes on PARTICIPATIVE FEEDBACK from the employees and helpers on a regular basis to enhance thinking capacity of the employees.• This is generally done by the Respective department incharge.3. STRATEGY To establish themselves as a global company with strong technology capabilitiesFMVPL, has laid increased emphasis on devising its business strategy on aggressive topline growth, a de-risked business model, increased operational efficiencies and CPIprogramme adopted to improve the productivity. The company emphasizes on two keyelements that form the cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy: • Developing a global product strategy • Creating an integrated organization with world class quality valve to produce and full service supply capability4. SYSTEM: MERIT RATING SYSTEM:BABASAB PATIL 27
  28. 28. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD OBJECTIVES: `To ensure the performance of the supplier with regards to Quality, Delivery, & Service. SCOPE: These ratings are applicable to all the Suppliers, like sub-contractors, vendors, traders & suppliers.RESPONSIBILITY: • Planning & Purchase Incharge Planning Assistant is responsible rating to supplier. • Planning & Purchase Incharge is responsible to carry out the supplier rating with assistance of planning assistant.REFERENCE: • Goods received inspection • Purchase order • Statistical welding reports • Rejection notes • QA department work instruction.5. STAFF • Number and types of personnel within the organization. • Number of employees: Above 70. • The company considers the employees as one of the major resource. The skills of the employees are constantly improved through various training programmes. • The company organizes regular Departmental meetings MR meeting with the members wherein the suggestions and feedbacks of the members are discussed.6. SHARED VALUE Guiding concepts, fundamental ideas around which a business is built – It isgenerally simple, usually stated at abstract level, have great meaning inside theorganization even though outsiders may not see or understand themBABASAB PATIL 28
  29. 29. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD7. SKILL: Skills refer to the fact that employees have the skills needed to carryout thecompanys strategy. Training and Development - ensuring people know how to do theirjobs and stay up to date with the latest techniques.BABASAB PATIL 29
  30. 30. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT QUALITY ASSURANCE INCHARGE RECEIVING INPROCESS FINAL QUALITY QUALITY PRODUCT COMPONENT WORKERS TESTINGHigh Temperature Test Fire Safe Test Cryogenic TestQUALITY: Quality refers to the degree of perfection as perceived by the user of a product. AtFlow serve Micro finish , the objective of the Quality Assurance department is tomaintain a consistent appraisal of the quality of the product at all stages of manufacturingtill the product is dispatched.BABASAB PATIL 30
  31. 31. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDFUNCTIONS OF QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT• Incoming Material Inspection• In-process Inspection• Final Inspection1) Incoming Material Inspection All materials are purchased out door such as castings, bars, and bought items-nuts, bolts and pickings and sub-contract items are inspected as per the drawings oraccording to the applicable work instructions Receiving Quality Engineer is responsible to ensure that the quality of incomingcomponentsraw materialsproducts is in accordance with the established methods and thequality of all accepted items are conforming to the specified requirements. He is only responsible for identification of items, reviewing non-conformingproductscomponent, sub-contractor rating and for maintaining quality records.He is also responsible for inspection of castings, bought out items and machinedcomponents, which are received as samples and test the sample material as per the WorkInstruction.2) In process Inspection Components taken for further process are also inspected. Machines that are used in themanufacturing process are also inspected periodically. In process Quality Engineer is responsible to ensure that the in process componentsrawmaterialsproducts is in accordance with the established methods and the quality of allaccepted items are conforming to the specified requirements.In process Quality Engineer is also responsible for identification of items, reviewing non-conforming productscomponent and for maintaining quality records and testing andmaintaining hydro shell testing reports of casing and cover. In process Quality Engineer is also responsible for ensuring that the special processesare in accordance with the established methods. (Calibration of inspection andmaintaining calibration records)BABASAB PATIL 31
  32. 32. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDSpecial process carried out by in process quality Engineer is as follows:a) Welding: In process Quality Engineer is responsible for continuously monitoring thewelding process so as to ensure that it is in compliance with documented procedure. Allthe welding process parameters are listed in welding process specification and are carriedout by a qualified welder.b) Painting:Painting is carried out as per work instruction of painting specification and the paintershave been qualified based on the past experience.3) Final Inspection: This inspection is mainly to check if any of the lapses that may have occurred inthe above stages. Final Product Engineer is responsible to ensure that the products are in accordance withthe established methods and the quality of all accepted items is conforming to thespecified requirements. Final Product Engineer is also responsible for identification of items, reviewing non-conforming productscomponent and for maintaining quality records and to ensure that allassembled productscomponents are identified with regard to inspection and test results. Final Product Engineer is also responsible for issuing test certificates, materialcertificates, compliance and warranty certificates as against requirement of Work Orderfor closing all positive recall loops. Final Product Engineer is also responsible for inspection of painted productcomponents as per specification. Final Product Engineer is responsible to ensure that all outgoing components productsare subjected to dispatch inspection. He verifies the componentsproducts material ofconstruction, size, class, special requirements and metal tags etc with W.O. and ensuresthat the sample tested valves are packed with identified box and note down the boxidentification and then the inspection and testing results are noted down in the ‘DispatchInspection Report’.BABASAB PATIL 32
  33. 33. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDInspection colors codes used by the Q .A. DepartmentGreen : ConformingBlack : Accepted on DeviationYellow: ReworkRed : RejectDark Blue: HoldBABASAB PATIL 33
  34. 34. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The methodology is the method used in the collecting the information, whichassists for the research problem. The research design is in the descriptive in nature & for the data collection simplerandom sampling method is used.Statement of the Problem:Safety Measures for employees in Flow Serve Micro Finish Valves Pvt LtdObjectives • To find out the causes for manual accidents and remedies. • To study the usage of personnel protective equipments. • To identify the awareness of workers regarding safety. • To study the overall effectiveness of the safety.DATA SOURCESA) primary dataThe primary data collected through survey, by preparing questionnaire and meetingrespondents personally and interviews them and gathering information from them. Likethis primary data was collected. Hence the questionnaire is main source of primary data.B) Secondary dataThe secondary data collected from the company manuals, check lists and throughcompany web siteBABASAB PATIL 34
  35. 35. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDSAMPLING DESIGN AND PROCEDURE1)The population The populations for my project study which I have considered are the FlowserveMicrifinish pvt ltdScope of study:The scope of the study is, to study about the safety measures of the FSMFV Pvt Ltd. Itundertakes the all employees and all safety facilities which are available at company andknowing about how they are using.BABASAB PATIL 35
  36. 36. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDSWOT ANALYSIS:STRENGTHS:• The company has excellent network, which provide good quality product with minimum time• ISO standard helps to marketing in International Level.• The good HR system is their like - Motivation, Training, to new employee etc.• Feed-back information is provided to all employees• The company has unity of team work, good salary to workers.• Regular medical checkup & help to employees.WEAKNESSES: • It is not having a separate marketing dept. • No direct exporting. • No international recognition by its own nameOPPORTUNITIES: • Potential market for spare parts is growing high. • Export order received is greater than what they are able to produce, so opportunity to increase production capacity for which ready market is available • Whatever is produced is exported. • Opportunity to enter plug valve market. • International Customers shows more interest to buy Flowserve Microfinish products. • Company has an out bond logistic management and documentation.THREATS:No threat in the sense, no competitors for it because it is not a independent firm but hasgot JV with Flowserve USA. So threat may be any action of Flow serve USA on MicroBABASAB PATIL 36
  37. 37. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDfinish like taking back shares invested in Micro finish or can stop giving export order toFlow serve Micro finish THEROTICAL ASPECTS TO THE STUDAYINTRODUCTION :-The Factories Act 1948 is a comprehensive piece of legislation all the aspects regardingthe factories. Under the rule making power practically all the states have framed their andregulations thereby ensuring maximum advantages In order to trace history of legislationwhich resulted in legislation the factories act 1948 we to go back to the last decade of the19th century. Till the end of 19th century there was no control of the state over theconditions of employment and the employees did according to their liking and advantage.After great objections by the employers the Indian factories act 1881 was passed whichgave a limited measure of protection to children provisions for fencing of somedangerous parts of machinery were also there. In 1980 government of India appointed afactories commission and on their recommendation the act of 1981 was passed. In 1911another act was passed after taking into account the reports of Freer smith committee andfactory labour commission.Object of the ActIt is clear from the preamble that the factories act was engaged to consolidate and amendthe law regulating labor in factories. It is probably true that all legislation in a welfarestate is enacted with the object of promoting general welfare but certain type ofenactments are more responsible of some urgent social demands and also more immediateand visible impact on social vices by operating more directly to achieve social reform.BABASAB PATIL 37
  38. 38. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDSAFETYMeaning:Safety is a basic and ordinary requirement in a factory. Unless body, mind life of workersis secured smooth and proper working cannot be ensured in any factory. As indicatedearlier the object of these legislation was to ameliorate working conditions and to providewith effective measures of safety of the workers from accidents causing partial or totaldisablement and sudden misfortunes affecting the victims and their dependants. Thefactories act 1948 deals with such security and safety measures under its chapter ivcontaining sections 21 to 41. There have been made significant amendment in theprovisions dealing with safety so as to make the measures more effective and appropriate.It would be desirable to discuss these safety measures.Fencing of Machinery:- sec 21(1) contains the provisions regarding the safety by fencingof machinery. The sec lays down that the following shall be security fenced by safeguardsof substantial construction which shall be kept in position when the parts of machineryare in motion or in use. i) The head race and tailrace of every water wheel and turbine ii) Any part of a stock bar which projects beyond the headstock of a latheSpeed not to exceed: The speeds so indicated in the notice shall not be exceed and inevery factory effective measures shall be taken to ensure that the safe working peripheralspeed of every revolving vessels, cage, basket, flywheel, pulley disc or similar appliancedriven by power is not exceeded.BABASAB PATIL 38
  39. 39. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD Employment of young person on dangerous machines:- Section 23 lays down the general rule that no young person shall work at any machine to which this sec applies i.e any dangerous machine so prescribed under sub sec (2) of sec 23 by the state government. However they can be allowed to work if, 1. They have been fully instructed as to dangers arising out of in connection with the machine and the machine and the precautions to be observed, and 2. Has received sufficient training in work at the machine or is under adequate supervision by a person who has a thorough knowledge and experience of the machine. Precautions against the use of portable electric light: - section 36A provides that inany Factory, a) No portable electric light or any other electric appliance of voltage exceeding 24 volts shall be permitted for use inside any chamber ,tank, vat, pivot, pipe, flue, or other confined space. b) if any inflammable gas ,fume or dust is lightly to beset in such chamber ,tank, vat, pit, pipe, flue or confined space no lamp or light other than the that of flame proof construction shall be permitted to be used their in. Precautions in case of fire:- Section 38 of the act for the precaution of fire in the factory. The general precaution in this Aspect in that every factory shall be provided with such means to escape incase of fire as may be Prescribed, The following other precautions against fire shall also be taken, a) Exit doors of room shall not be locked so that they can’t be easily opened and all such doors unless they are sliding type shall be constructed to open outwards.BABASAB PATIL 39
  40. 40. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD b) Every window door or other exit affording a means of escape in case of fire otherthan ordinary exit shall be distinctively marked in the language of the majority of theemployed persons in red letters of adequate size or by same other effective and clearlyunderstandable sign etc.Safety of building and machinery:- Section 40 provides the measures for the safety of any building or machinery orways, if it appears to the inspector that any building or part there of part of ways ormachinery or plant is in such a condition which is dangerous to human life or safety hemay serve on the occupier or manager or both of factory an order in writing specifyingthe measures to be taken and requiring them to be carried out before a date specified inthe order. In the same way if it appears to the inspector that the use of any of the abovementioned Things involves imminent danger to human life or safety he may serve on theoccupier or manager or both on order in writing prohibiting its use until it has beenproperly repaired or altered.No woman or young person be allowed to clean and lubricant etcSub section (2) of section 22 lays down that no woman or young person shalltransmission machinery while it is in motion or to clean, lubricate or adjust any part ofany machine if in doing so the women or young person would be exposed to rise of injuryfrom any moving part either that machine or any adjacent machinery. The stategovernment may prohibit by notification in the official gazette, in any specified Factoryor class or description of factories the cleaning, lubricant or adjusting by any person ofspecified parts of machinery when those parts are in motion. Section 41 provides that thestate government may make rules requiring the provisions in any Factory or in any classor description of factories of such further device and measures is so of securing the safetyof persons employed there in as it may deem necessary.BABASAB PATIL 40
  41. 41. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD Safety measures at Flow Serve Micro Finish valves pvt ltdIntroduction:- The Flow serve Corporation of dollars, Texas USA and the micro finifsh group ofcompanies Hubli, Karnataka, India. Set up to manufacturing plants with joint ventures inHubli in 1997. The inauguration of both manufacturing plants occurred on November 1st1997. Production activities at both plants were initiated immediately after theinauguration. The flow serve micro finish valves pvt ltd engaged in the manufacturing ballvalves, plug valves and other miscellaneous valves products. Adjacent to this plant is theflow serve valves pvt ltd. The manual on safety, health and environmental affairs is intended to customizethe flow serve corporate policy on these affairs in the Indian environment. Hubli isconsidered relatively small industrial area of the Karnataka state. Therefore, manypolicies prevented on the other major industrial areas of India e.g. Bangalore, Mumbai etcmay not be applicable at hubli location.SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICYIntroductionScope: This policy applies to both manufacturing units located in Hubli, Karnataka, India.Purposes: 1. To provide safe working environment for all production and staff workers including visitors. 2. To become leader in the community by creating “safe working conditions” for employees. 3. To follow the flow serve and microfinish companies policy on safety, health and environment 4. To exceed all the governmental, local, state and national rules, policies and regulation.BABASAB PATIL 41
  42. 42. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD Responsibilities: • The chief operating officers of these units will be responsible for implementation, Monitoring and compliance of policy. • The M.D. will oversee that policy is followed with good intent. The enclosed pages cover the various policies, which are deemed appropriate at this Time, as government regulations are revised and / or the Flow serve corporate policies are updated. This policy will be revised and kept unto to date.EMERGENCY PROCEDURESThe COO will have the responsibility for coordinating all emergency response measures.The coordinators will be either on the facilities or on the call (i.e.) available to respond toemergency by reaching the facility within the short period of time at all times at all times.The coordinator should be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the emergency plans,the operation and activities at this facility involving hazardous materials and the facilitylayout. The coordinator will have full authority to commit the resources to needed tocarry out this Plans. Whenever there is an immediate or an actual emergency situation,the emergency coordinator Shall immediately, active internal facility alarms orcommunication system if not activates Automatically to notify or affected personnel. Inthe event of discharge fire exposure the coordinator shall immediately identify thecharacter, Sources amount and content of any discharge material. He/she may do this byobservations and/ Or review facility records of manifests and if necessary by chemicalanalysis. Concurrently the Coordinator shall immediately assess the possible hazards tothe human health as environment That may result the discharge, fire or explosion. Thisassessment shall consider both direct and indirect assets of discharge fire or explosion. Isthe assessment indicates that evaluation of local areas be advisable. He /she shallimmediately notify the appropriate official is making decision whether local areas shouldbe evaluated and he will make a report to individual.BABASAB PATIL 42
  43. 43. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD1. Name and phone no or reporters.2. Name and address of facility.3. Time and type of accident.4. Name and quality of materials involved.5. The extent of injuries, if any6. The possible hazards to human health or the environment outside the facility.During an emergency the coordinators shall take all the responsible measure necessary toinsure fires, explosions and discharge do not occur reoccur more spread to other.Hazardous materials at the facility. These measures shall include where applicable,stopping, process and operations collecting and containing discharge waste and removingor isolating container. If facility stops operation in response to a discharge, fire andexplosion the coordinate shall monitor leaks, pressure build up gas generation, or rupturein valves, pipes or other equipments, whatever this is appropriate. Immediately after emergency the coordinate will provide for the treating, storingor disposing of Recovered waste, contaminated soil, surface waste or any other materialthat result from a discharge, fire or explosion at the facility. The coordinators will inaffected areas of the facility that the following items be followed, A. No waste that may be incompatible with the discharge material is treated,stored or disposed of unit cleanup procedures are completed. B. All emergency equipment is cleaned and fit for its intended use beforeoperation is resumed.EMERGENCY EQUIPMENTFire extinguishers and red colored bucket with sand (marked fire) are placed in thefacility.CONTINGENCY EMERGENCY PLANBABASAB PATIL 43
  44. 44. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDSpill containment:1. All containers with hazardous. Waste materials shall be kept in the appropriate storageArea. Containers shall be handled in such way and with the proper equipment, as to avoidDamage and possible spill.2. If a spill occurs out side of the normal storage area immediately connected theemergencyCoordinator clean up procedure of containment of spill shall be accomplished as follows,a) Providing adequate ventilation and obtain protective clothing.b) Utilizing sand spread sufficient amount of the spill to correct the materials.c) Sweep or reside into containers and properly label prepare for the disposal.FIRE PREVENTION PLANThe fire extinguishers shall usually inspected monthly and annually certified. All heatproducing equipment shall be inspected at least annually during the month of Octoberand at the any other time that maintenance is bring performed in the equipment toprevent accidentally ignition of combustible materials a list of heat producing equipmentshall include, but is not limited to,a) Generator – Flow serve Micro finish Valves pvt ltd.b) Generator – Flow serve Micro finish pumps pvt ltd.c) Electrical Sub-station area.BABASAB PATIL 44
  45. 45. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDFLOWSERVE MICROFINISH: SAFETY CHECKLIST 1. Safety records keeping a) Verification of records. b) Verification of reports. 2. Employees Protection a) Safety glasses b) Safety shoes c) First aid kit  No empty bottles / tubes  No expired date of bottles / tubes  Trained employees names  First aid kit list outside the cabinet 3. Machines, Equipment etc a) Machine chip guards b) Machine safety guards c) No trash/chips/coolant around machine d) Grinders: opening between tool rest and wheel less than 1/8” 4. Electrical a) No extension cords b) Electrical cords – Not on pedestrian traffic areas c) Easy access to electrical panels d) Machinery / Equipment properly grounded e) Electric substations closed and locked with warning signs 5. Environmental a) Coolant waste tank – utilization b) Machine chip storage areas – organized and chips contained c) No unmarked bottles /cans/ tubes d) No unused bottles / cans / tubes e) No chemical spills on floors f) Proper ventilation around painting areasBABASAB PATIL 45
  46. 46. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD 6. Housekeeping a) No broken /damaged /floors b) No wet areas including toilets c) No trash on the plant floor d) No trash around the JV property e) Location of trash cans inside the JV property f) Aisles clearly marked – repaint if needed g) Everything should have a home 6. General a) Fire extinguishers every 15 meter or 50 b) Fire extinguishers – periodically inspected and documented c) Easy access to the ‘Fire Extinguisher’ d) Nothing stationery in aisles e) No storage in the marked aisles areas f) No storage the painted yellow/red areas g) No splinters / sharp corners on any device/object/part h) Everything properly organized/securedBABASAB PATIL 46
  47. 47. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD DATA ANALYSIS work experience in flowserve microfinish valves pvt,ltd more then 10 years less then 5 years 5-10 years Analysis: From the above graph we understood that 30% of the employee’s are working from less then 5 years, 50% of them are working from 5-10 years, and 20% of them are working from more then 10 years.Interpretation: From the survey it is revealed that majority of the employees (50%) areworking from 5 to 10 years. BABASAB PATIL 47
  48. 48. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTDAnalysis: From the above graph it is observed that out of the total, 20% employees areaware about 40-60% of the company safety measures. And 40 % employees are aware60-80%. About the company safety measures.Interpretation: As per the survey we come to know that 60-80% numbers of employeesare aware of company’s safety measures.BABASAB PATIL 48
  49. 49. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD safety measure company has provides shoes hand gloves safety(eye)glasses all the aboveAnalysis:From the above graph shows that the company has provided all required safety facilities.Shoes, Hand gloves, Safety (eye) glasses, Face shield etc. 94% workers are having allthese facilities and remaining 2% workers are having shoes and hand gloves.Interpretation:As per the survey we come to know that 94% of the employees are having all thefacilities of safety measures of the company.BABASAB PATIL 49
  50. 50. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD emergency safety tools available in company premises emergency signals(li all the aboveAnalysis:From the above and graph shows that all required emergency safety tools are available atcompany premises. Emergency warning bell, Emergency exit doors, emergency phone,and emergency signals (light) etc. 96% of the workers are knows about all these and only4%Interpretation:As per the survey it is interpreted that 96% of the employees are knows about allemergency safety tools available in company premises.BABASAB PATIL 50
  51. 51. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD company has trained how to use of fire extinuishers yesAnalysis:From the above table and graph shows that the training of fire extinguisher, company hasgiven training to the all workers about how to use the fire extinguishers in case of fireaccidents. 100% workers are trained.Interpretation:As per the survey all the employees are trained how to use fire extinguisher.BABASAB PATIL 51
  52. 52. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD ventilation and lighting facility in working area average very good goodAnalysis:From the above table and graph shows that the company has well ventilation and lightingfacility at working area. The 40% workers are told very good and 28% workers are toldgood and 32% workers told that average about the ventilation and lighting facility.Interpretation:As per the survey 40% of the employees are satisfied with the company lighting inworking area.BABASAB PATIL 52
  53. 53. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD are you satisfied with companys safety norms highly satisfied moderate satisfiedAnalysis:From the above table and graph shows that the workers are satisfied with company’ssafety safety norms.22% employees are moderate and 15% are satisfied and 13%employees are highly satisfied with company norms.Interpretation:As per the survey 44% of the employees are moderate about company’s safety normsBABASAB PATIL 53
  54. 54. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD does company takes sugggestions or opinions from you yesAnalysis:From the above table and graph shows that, the company takes suggestions about thesafety from workers.100% are told yes’. Company has takes suggestions.Interpretation:As per the survey all the employees are told company takes suggestion or opinions aboutsafety measures.BABASAB PATIL 54
  55. 55. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD in case of accidents how does the company compensates any others(specify) insurance compensationAnalysis: From the above table and graph shows about the insurance and compensation facility ofthe company. 32% employees are told insurance and 60% employees are toldcompensation and 8% are told others.Interpretation:As per the survey 60% of the employees are told compensation is provided in case ofaccidents.BABASAB PATIL 55
  56. 56. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD is company provides you any type of loans other children education lAnalysis: From the above table and graph shows about the loans, the company provides loans tothe workers. 98% workers are told company provides children education loans to workersand 2% other loans.Interpretation:As per the survey 98% of the employees are said that company provides childreneducation loan.BABASAB PATIL 56
  57. 57. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD are you satisfied with overall management safety polies neither satisfied,no highly satisfied satisfiedAnalysis: From the above table and graph shows that the company workers are satisfied with overall management policies. 40% are highly satisfied and 30% are satisfied and 30% arenither satisfied nor dissatisfied.Interpretation:As per the survey 40% of the employees are highly satisfied with over all managementsafety policies.BABASAB PATIL 57
  58. 58. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD Findings • 50% of the employees in Flowserve Micro finish Valves are working from past 5-10 years and 5% are working from last 5yrs that is they have good experience. • It is being observed that 80% of employees are aware of 60-80% of safety measures policies remaining 20% employees are aware of40-60% safety measure policies • The company almost provides all safety measures as it is opinion of 94% of employees. Remaining 6% employees are dissatisfied. • The company almost provides all safety tools as it is opinion of 96% of employees. Rest 4% employees are only knows about emergency signals (light). • 100% employees have agreed that they are trained in using fire extinguishers. • 40% employees find that ventilation and lighting facility is very good. Remaining 28% workers are told good. • Only 26% employees are highly satisfied and rest of 74% employees are moderate about safety norms. • The company provides only the 60% compensation and 40% insurance to the employees. • The company provides 98% children education loan which is not enough for the employees existence.2% others.BABASAB PATIL 58
  59. 59. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD SUGGESTIONS • The company may conduct seminars on the safety policies so as to make all the employees be aware of it. • As the accidents that occur during the welding, cutting, drilling and polishing the company may provide the insurance facilities to employees in case of any bad events (accidents) are takes place (occurs) especially the employees who work under risky job.BABASAB PATIL 59
  60. 60. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD CONCLUSION During the study we come to know that all workers of FSMFV Pvt Ltd aresatisfied regarding company’s all safety measure facilities. The company has takes care ofemployees. Company has provides all basic required safety facilities to employees. At Flow Serve Micro Finish Valves pvt Ltd the study of Safety Measuresreveals that the more caution take for safety and personnel protective equipment. Thezextent of occurrence of accidents are uncared conduct by the work, which results hit, fallor slip etc .Flow Serve Micro Finish Pvt Ltd has safety committee of members, whichcomprises each person from administration department to the worker. Flow Serve MicroFinish Valves Pvt Ltd company conduct safety walk or round once in fifteen days alongwith the worker and safety members once in two months safety training for Flow ServeMicro Finish Valves Pvt Ltd conduct safety meeting once in quarter safety audit is doneonce in a year from Flow Serve USA. Flow Serve Micro Finish Valves Pvt Ltd has firstaid facility, kept suggestion box, safety slogans are written on the walls. Flow ServeMicro Finish Valves Pvt Ltd sents safety reports to Flow Serve USA corporation once inevery month. The company has got safety facility award from Flow Serve USAcorporation.BABASAB PATIL 60
  61. 61. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD BIBLIOGRAPHY1. Company Manuals: a) Work instruction b) Procedure2.Company Safety Measures Checklist and through observation3.HRM By P.SubbaraoWebsites: a) b) www.microfinishgroup.comBABASAB PATIL 61
  62. 62. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD QUESTIONNAIREDear Sir/Madam,Your Valuable opinion by filling of the questionnaire given below. 1) Personal profile Name : phone no: Age : Email ID: Occupation:Please read each statement given below carefully and put a tick in the column which betreflects your personal opinion. 2) How long you have been working here? a) Less than 5 years [ ] b) 5years – 10 years [ ] c) More than 10 years [ ] 3) To what extent are you aware about the company’s safety measure policies? a) 10 – 20% [ ] b) 20 – 40% [ ] c) 40- 60% [ ] d) More [ ] 4) What type of safety Measures Company has provides you? a) Shoes [ ] b) Hand gloves [ ] c) Safety (eye) glasses [ ] d) Face shield [ ] e) all the above [ ]BABASAB PATIL 62
  63. 63. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD 5) What are the emergency safety tools available in your company premises? a) Emergency warning bell [ ] b) Emergency exit doors [ ] c) Emergency signals (light) [ ] d) All the above [ ] 6) Whether company has trained how to use of fire extinguishers in case of fire? a) Yes [ ] b) No [ ]If No, the reasons are:  Lack of interest in yourself [ ]  Lack of Training [ ]  Any others (specify)……………………………………….. 7) How is ventilation and lighting facility in working area? a) Very good [ ] b) good [ ] c) average [ ] d) poor [ ] e) very poor [ ] 8) Are you satisfied with company’s safety norms?.Highly dissatisfied Dissatisfied Moderate Satisfied highlysatisfied 9) Does your company takes suggestions or opinions from you?(about safetymeasures) a) Yes [ ] b) No [ ]BABASAB PATIL 63
  64. 64. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD If No, the reasons are:  Lack of time [ ]  Lack of interest in the Management [ ]  Any others (specify)………………………………………………… 10) What are the options given by the company in case of accidents? a) Insurance [ ] b) Compensation [ ]  Any others (specify)………………………………………………… 11) Is your company provides you any type of loans? (like) a) Housing loan [ ] b) children education loan [ ] c) other [ ] 12) Are you satisfied with overall management safety policies? 1) Highly satisfied [ ] 2) Satisfied [ ] 3) Neither satisfied, nor dissatisfied [ ] 4) Highly dissatisfied [ ] 5) Dissatisfied [ ]BABASAB PATIL 64
  65. 65. FLOWSERVE MICROFINISH VALVES PVT LTD 13) Any suggestions regarding safety measures…………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………….. …………………………………………………………………………………….. THANK YOU FOR SPENDING YOUR PRICIOUS TIME WITH MEBABASAB PATIL 65