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Performance appraisals HR PPT @ MBA
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Performance appraisals HR PPT @ MBA


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Performance appraisals HR PPT @ MBA

Performance appraisals HR PPT @ MBA

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 4 Rating Definitions 4 = Outstanding – Regularly exceeds objectives, performing at an exceptional level. Requires little direction and coaching from manager. Meets and exceeds expectations as related to unit and individual goals. 3 = Solid - Generally performs satisfactorily. Achieves expectations, which meet the department’s high standards of performance. Meets all or most expectations related to unit and individual goals. 2 = Needs Improvement – Occasionally does not meet objectives. Needs to further develop competencies or skills required for the position. Requires a lot of direction and coaching from the manager. Meets some unit and individual goals. 1 = Not Acceptable – Regularly fails to meet objectives. Job performance is below acceptable standard. Deficiencies must be corrected and better performance attained in the future. Is not meeting unit and individual goals.
  • 5
  • 6 Done via email this year. Not asking for sign-off on a hard-copy of review Emailed to HR in advance to review for inconsistencies, rating calculation errors, bell curve, recency effect, discriminatory language (e.g. veteran employee. Mention of loa’s)
  • 8 Dean’s have already established school level goals for FY – 11 If you need a copy ask me or your respective dean
  • 11 In summary…
  • Transcript

    • 1. Performance Appraisals
    • 2. Performance Management Process
      • Goal Setting
        • Dean’s level
        • Unit/Dept Level
      • Planning Performance – Individual Goal setting
        • Development Planning
      • Coaching Performance
      • Reviewing Performance
        • Mid Year
        • Year End
    • 3. How do we measure performance?
      • Performance Results
            • What was produced/accomplished?
            • Through Goal-setting
      • Demonstrated Competencies
            • How was it produced/accomplished?
            • Rating performance factors : Job Knowledge, Collaboration & Teamwork, Service Excellence, Communication, Continuous Improvement, Management & Development, Budget Management (new this year)
    • 4. The Written Performance Appraisal
      • Ask that the staff member complete and return both the Employee Self Evaluation Form and Individual Goals Progress Report.
          • Employee Self Evaluation Form and Individual Goals Progress Report are being submitted to you via email, with a copy to HR, this year.
      • When completing the Performance Appraisal Form focus on the responsibilities of the job as expressed in the job description. Be as objective as possible.
      • Indicate rating for each individual Performance Factor (Scale 1-4)
      • Calculate Overall Rating based on ratings for Performance Factors and Unit and Individual Goals (both are evenly weighted, 50/50).
      • Please ensure that your overall comments are responsive to the Employee Self Evaluation Form and Individual Goals Progress Report, as well as the performance factors.
    • 5. More on the Overall Rating
      • Unit and Individual Goal Performance Rating
      • on a scale of 1 - 4
      • Performance Factor Rating
      • Average rating for 5 – 7 performance factors
      • Calculate the officer’s overall rating.
      • Example:
      • Goal Performance Rating = 3.5
      • Performance Factor Average Rating = 3.3
      • Overall Rating = 3.4
    • 6. The Written Performance Appraisal
      • Seek the approval of your Dean or Director responsible for your area. Incorporate any changes he or she may suggest.
      • A draft of all of the completed forms must be emailed to Human Resources and your respective Dean or Director for review prior to meeting with the employee.
      • Make an appointment with the staff member whose performance you will be reviewing. Allow ample time and ensure that you will not be interrupted.
    • 7. Preparing for the Performance Review Meeting
      • Manager’s Role:
      • Ask the direct report to prepare
      • Gather information on performance/ ensure supporting information on performance is available
      • Complete the performance appraisal
      • Email appraisal to next level manager & HR for approval
      • Plan your approach to the discussion
      • Schedule the meeting
      • Provide written evaluation to employee
      • Employee’s Role:
      • Prepare thorough overview of performance by completing self-report portion of the performance appraisal (Goal Progress Report & Self Evaluation)
      • Ensure supporting information on performance has been made available
      • Provide feedback to your supervisor
      • Work with supervisor in establishing development plan
    • 8. At the performance review meeting
      • Discuss your evaluation of the staff member’s performance over the last year and a development plan for the upcoming year.
      • Discuss the status of goals set for the current year and have a discussion regarding goals for the upcoming year .
    • 9. Delivering the Written Performance Review
      • Email the completed appraisal to the staff member prior to your performance meeting or immediately afterwards, with a copy to HR and your respective dean.
        • It is recommended that you save the document as a read-only file before forwarding to the employee.
          • You can do this by visiting the Tools menu, clicking options, clicking Security and selecting Read-only recommended check-box or
          • by sending to your employee as a read only PDF file. One way this can be done is via using the scan and send function of any of our copy machines located throughout the building.
    • 10. Employee Feedback
      • Employees may add comments and/or their overall reaction to the evaluation via an email to their supervisor, with a copy to HR for their file.
      • Be sure to set a deadline by which they should submit this feedback.
    • 11. Final Thoughts: A Performance Review should answer the following questions for the employee?
      • How did my manager rate my overall performance?
      • How did my manager determine the overall rating?
      • What were my performance strengths during this performance year?
      • What areas do I need to improve/develop further?
      • What are the next steps for developing my knowledge and skills?
      • How did I perform against my goals?
      • What are the gaps between my perception of my performance and my manager’s perception?