Job satiafaction @ vrl project report


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Job satiafaction @ vrl project report

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Job satiafaction @ vrl project report

  1. 1. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction CONTENTS Chapter 11. Executive summary 2. Industry profile3. Company profile4. Organisation chart5. Department study Chapter 21. Introduction of job satisfaction2. Methodology3. Statement of the problem4. Purpose of the study5. Scope of the study6. Objectives of the study7. Measuring tools Chapter 31. Result and discussion with graphs and chart2. Findings3. Recommendation4. Conclusion 1 BABASAB PATIL
  2. 2. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Chapter 41. Appendix2. Questionnaire3. Bibliography 2 BABASAB PATIL
  3. 3. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction 3 BABASAB PATIL
  4. 4. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Executive summary. Today the Indian customers standard and the level of expectation have gone updramatically. They have become world-class customers and thus expect world-classservices. Hence it is customer service, which is going to give the competitive edge to anyindustry in the future. The vijayanand road line is also one of the service organisation. Itis also publishing daily newspaper. It is also providing courier service to its customer.The relationship between man and work has always attracted the attention ofphilosophy’s, scientists and novelists. A major part of mans life is sent in work, work is asocial reality and social expectation to which men seem to conform. It not only providesstatus to the individual but also binds him to the society. Work serves many other functions for an individual sense of well being of doingsomething worth while, of having some considerations, may be so compulsive that menmay continue to work even if they are not pressed by economic needs. If men worked formoney alone, there would be no way of explaining the fact that some men who haveplenty of money still continue to work. As a matter of fact by working on a job most mengratify many of their needs, work in this regard is a potent source of need gratificationsof all types such as physical, security, society, social and ego needs. So the jobsatisfaction is primarily based on the satisfaction of needs. The stronger the needs, themore closely will job satisfaction depend on its gratification. 4 BABASAB PATIL
  5. 5. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionIn this project I tried to find out the level of job satisfaction of employees of vijayanandroad line ltd. the effort has been made in this project, which will affect on the jobsatisfaction of employee, consideration of employee about their job satisfaction.The survey was conducted by taking sample of 100 respondents. the area of survey wasconducted in VRL . The respondents were including from hamals to middle levelemployee who are working at VRL.Most of employee at VRL are satisfied in their job but one thing I came to know fromsurvey that there is no interpersonal relationship b/w employee at VRLand also theyare not satisfied for level of salary what they getting. Most of employee has suggestedthat giving orientation programme for new recruited employees because most of themare don’t know the function of all departments. So the recommendation I have given thatto give training program on interpersonal relationship orientation programs to the newlyrecruited employee. 5 BABASAB PATIL
  6. 6. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Organization profileName of the company: Vijayanand Road line LtdAddress: Vijayanand Road line Ltd Company, 16th Km from Hubli Bangalore Road, Chebbi Village Varur.Year of established: January 1976Chairman: Mr.V. B.SankeshwarArea coverage: 300 acreCost of building: 30 croreIndustry: Manufacturing service 6 BABASAB PATIL
  7. 7. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction INDUSTRY PROFILEINRODUCTION: With the changing economic scenario, factors such as globalization ofmarkets, international economic integration, and removal of barriers to business trendand increased competition have enhance the need of transportation. It is one of mostimportant infrastructure requirement, which is essentials fir the expansion of opportunityplays an important role in making or breaking the computation. Transportation is essential all industry, it is largely influenced byinformation technology and communication with the focus being a knowledge ofcustomer need and value added service. Surface transport is provided by the road and theIndian railways (primarily for carrying low value bulk commodity, mostly for thegovernment sectors). Cargo road transport is entirely in the hands of the private sectors.on and average 1.2 million trucks (9tonns capacity) across the country covering morethan 80000 Kms of roads. In India road transportation is facilitates door-to-door delivery,overcoming unnecessary delays, which normally take place in the other modes oftransportation. Today’s the Indian customer standard of living and the level ofexpectation has gone up dramatically. They become world-class customer and theseexpect world-class service. Hence it is customer service, which is going to give thecompetitive edge to any industry in the future 7 BABASAB PATIL
  8. 8. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction COMPANY PROFILEBRIEF HISTORY OF THE COMPANY The managing director Mr. V.B.SANKASHWAR started as on individualtransporter in January 1976 without any background and experience. Initially for the firsttwo years he suffered heavy losses. Then by end of 1978 due to personnel managementand effective service he purchased one old lorry and he observed activities of other well-known transportaters.if the industry started first parcel service from Bangalore to Hubli,Gadag and Belgaum with only two lorries, gradually the business is increased. Similarly smut lariat v Sankeshwar purchased one old lorry in 1979 andrunning individually and sometimes hiring out to vijayanand road lines which wasproprietary concern then. Later, the proprietorship firm was converted into the company the companycome into existence effective from 31 march 1983, due to efficient management andcooperation from the staff the turn over and business from years is the total turnover ofthe company since from years is as bellow. Years 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 Turnover 12316.80 14999.48 17803.06 19124.05 22079.0 Net profit 253.05 259.72 235.16 323.91 388.69From the above figures we can say that there is steady increase in the growth of the turnover of the company. Within 25 years company has increased its turnover for 50 a great 8 BABASAB PATIL
  9. 9. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction achievement of an entreprereneur from Hubli a major commercial center of the state of Karnataka Now the company is big biggest industrial house today in north Karnataka has created employment opportunities to more than 20000 families, has been after day by day with varied actives with dedicated since and hard working staff at all levels keeping the principle of the organization always in mind. INTRODUCTION• The company is engaged in goods transportation since 1976. It was incorporated under the company’s act 1983. The company has become a public limited company with effect from 1-7-1994. The company is running under the banner VRL. The company is having a wide network of branches spread all over Karnataka, andhrapradesh, tamilnadu, Kerala, rajastan, goa, hariyana, madyapradesh, maharasra and new dheli, panjab. In all there are 800 braches.2000 lorries, 200 luxury and Volvo buses.• The company is recommended by Indian banks association mumbai.• The companies name in view of its remarkable achievement and progress in short span of time is entered in to the LIMCA BOOK of records. 9 BABASAB PATIL
  10. 10. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionSYMBOL SERVICE OF VIJAYANAND ROAD LINE LTD 10 BABASAB PATIL
  11. 11. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction ORGANISATION CHART Chairman & Managing Director Managing Director Chief executive officer Chief tech Chief operating Director(finance) officer officer Vice president (finance) Vice president Vice president (cargo) (mktg) Chief a/c officer g.m(cargo) Dgm Dgm Accountant Dgm(courier) Area mgr IT mgr Work mgr Br.mgr G m (adm) Gm (const) Gm (opr) G m (trv) Gm (mpc) Gm(hrd) (mr) P,mrg Dmr Engg Mgr Br.mgrInternal Dept Customerauditor head cars mgr Br.mgr Br.mgr 11 BABASAB PATIL
  12. 12. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Board of directors Shri V.B Sankesshwar managing director, Entrusted with day today management looking into the massive growth & systematic operation of the company Shri Anand Sankesshwar Director looking after the general administration, verification of accounts, bills of payments Shri L Ramanand Bhat directors is in charge of entire of mechanical operation and technical aspects of the company Shri K N Umesh directors is in inchrge of southern region that is andhrapradesh, Tamil nadu & Kerala etc operating from Bangalore D N kulkarni voice president of finance in charge of financial of the company 12 BABASAB PATIL
  13. 13. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction OBJECTIVE OF VRL COMPANY 1) Human resources development 2) The main objective is provide good service to customer with reasonable rate & Provide quick, promt and safe service 3) To develop the transportation business in state like andrapradesh, tamilnadu Kerala 4) To have fixed assed mainly own godowns in big cities like davangere, gulbraga 5) To have an independent office building with computers for each and every district 6) Implement of ISO 9002 7) To facilitate training for all employee big contact with C & F, big companies 8)To compute the compotators & strive to be market leaders among Indian Transportation service interim of profitability 9) Productivity and innovations 10) While continuing to meet its social commitment and its premier position in Private sector 11) To built highly motivated and committed team off stop by providing a good work Culture to achieve superior individual performance Organisation goal Service to customer satisfaction re the key factors in today’s market as “customer is the King “ hence a sixth sensei’s ability to forecaster so as to analyze the requirements of the Customers is a must• Quick & safe service• Customer satisfaction & employee satisfaction• Competitive price• Attain market leadership 13 BABASAB PATIL
  14. 14. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Company policy• To give prompt & quick service• To co-operative with customers• To diversify the business allowed• To create employment Company Achievements• The company started with a lorry & a today it has fleet of thousands of lorries.• The turnover of the company is increasing year by year• The co is recommended by the Indian bank association <mumbai• Vijay Karnataka news paper another subsidiary of VRL is being awarded with “Audit Bureau of Circulation” certification for highest circulation• In addition to the road lines the vrl has sister concern like: 1. Vijayanand travels 2. Maruti parcel couriers 3. Anand printers & publishers now it has been sold to TOI 4. Anand printers & publishers fixed &recurring deposits schemes 5. Vijanand road lines fixed deposits schemes 6. Omkar mineral water 7. Textiles 8. The company has plane to come into aviation 14 BABASAB PATIL
  15. 15. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionAWARDSLooking into the massive growth the company the following instution has confessed tomanaging director of the companyUDYOG RATANA: In 1994 INSTITUTION OF ECONOMICS STUDIED, NEW DELHI has conferred the MD of the company with “UDYOG RATANA”. SARIGE RATNAThe Bangalore city lorry-transporting agent, association has conferred MD of thecompany with sarige ratana inJune 28th 1998. INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHICS CENTER:The international biographical center has chosen company MD to include in theDictionary of “INTERNATIONAL BIOGRAPHICS”for hops contribution & monitoriesAchievement in cargo transport couriers & tourism sectorQUALITY POLICY“Vijayanand travels aspires to be the top passengers couriers by providing safeComfortable timely & courtiers service to its passengers at competetative prices whichInclude service to interiors areas Vijayanand travels utilizes well maintained coaches toEnsure punctuality & customers satisfaction“ Towards this Vijayanand travels equip & empower its employee to fully understand &Satisfy passenger needs & make them feel homely & comfortable” 15 BABASAB PATIL
  16. 16. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction BUSINESS STRATEGY The key elements of VRL business strategy are as follows:• Consolidating its position in the south Indian market: - The company already has the network of the branches in south India .The Company’s focus has been inter –state (except in Karnataka). With increase in the Number of branches in each of the south Indian states the company now plans to Expand the interstate transportation in these southern states• Increase its share from the North Indian Market: VRL hopes to increase its• Takings from the Northern Market by establishing more officers in the key stat Like rajasthan, Harayan etc• Increase its thrust on marketing larger share from the co-operate market. The Company is in the process of sharing up its marketing function by hiring senior Level people to grow all its business (parcel, passenger & courier), with the Specific focus on co- operate business & express cargo business.Share up its infrastructure through owned yards one of the key strength of VRL, Its infrastructure in terms of yards all over the country. These yards enables the Company to provides attractive service in the parcel segments by ahhregating & Distributing goods through its “hubs & spoke”.• Quality initiatives: -The company has established over the years effective processes to support effective operation & internal controls .In its efforts to Improve the quality of operation the company is currently undertaking an exercise To get registered under the ISO certification. IN HOUSE BODY BUILDING OF VEHICLE & OTHER ALLIED ACTIVITIES: At the beginning the company was arranging the truck bodies built through others body builder located at Namakkal & Mettupalayam etc, the company has since taken up with 16 BABASAB PATIL
  17. 17. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionthe body building activity of their vehicle with all modern facilities. This part of ouractivities of their vehicle will all the heavily good vehicle & LCV’s purchased during1996-97 are mounted with in-house body building with the view in the mind we havebeen processing all the raw materials such as Aluminium sheet. Iron & Steel Brass etc,required for the body building activities. There is a consideration saving by way ofexcise duty & central tax by virtue of these body building activities taken up on own.GARAGE OPERATIONThe repairs & maintained of all the vehicles including buses are undertaken at thecentralized garage located at Varur, Hubli.The garage operations headed by ShriL.Ramanand. Bhat, Director of the company .We are maintaining stock of all etc.Required for the up keep of all the vehicle .The total stock of spar parts, type &otherswhere with all on any given date will be order of Rs 3.50 crore The min recorder level depends upon the vehicle & availability of spare. This isbeing maintained both at garage as well as the head office. The entire garage operation &infrastructure controls has been computerized & the deficiency is to the extends of 95%.VIJAYANAND TRAVELSIn transport industry both goods as well as passenger transport is important. Aftersuccessful running of goods transport & couriers business throughout India VRLdiversified their mission into the passenger transportation It began with the fleet of only 8 buses in 1996 operating between Hubli, Bangalore &slowly started with major cities like Mumbai.Pune, Mysore, Mangalore, Gadag, Hospet,Bijapur, Kolapur, Udupi etc, At present the travels have more than 200buses operating inall over India 17 BABASAB PATIL
  18. 18. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction These are the types of buses• 2+1 seaters• 2+2 seaters• Sleeper coach. The section is fully computerized, the booking of tickets is done through computer & accounts are maintained using Tally bar. Even through agents booking of tickets is done where agents get the commission .The list preference is to provide customer service at all times .The main motto is safe & quick satisfaction service to the customers. The following are major points uniqueness of VRL service.• Double drivers facilities provided for long routes to provide safety.• Onward and return• Lady passengers are provided special facilities such as seat companion of another lady passenger or the seat kept unoccupied• 24 hours customers complaints cell• Halt for refreshment, lunch at hygiene hotels• Check points to monitor vehicle movements• Relief bus in case of emergency.• Clock room facilities at selected branches• Wide network of booking offices• First to introduce hi –tech buses to remote areas• Acknowledged market leader in the travel segment in Karnataka• One of the latest growing travels organization• Offers a wide network of routes & destination. 18 BABASAB PATIL
  19. 19. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT• One of the major departments in the company. It have 5000 employee in a/c dept only. It is dept where financial activities will take place. It is fully computerized. Internet is being used for daily recording calculation. There are two sections Manual section• Compute section. The a/c dept has got much specialization because the company is in its growth phase BOOK MAINTAINED IN A/C DEPT ARE:• Cash book• Passing the journal entries & transferring the entries into ledger• Bank reconciliation statement• Accounts of agencies & branches• Preparation of financial a/c 1. Drivers a/c: -This a/c include the amount given given to the drivers for their expenses. This maintain in accordance with the trip sheet submitted by the different dept it also include the basic salary paid HRA, DA, PF to delivers 2. Vehicle a/c: -Here the expenditure accrued on each vehicles calculated, the cost benefit analysis is done to project the future potential of the vehicle. 3. Employee a/c: - it includes In a/c dept the waybill will play very important role.This waybill is also called lorry receipt .There are 4 copies of waybill :• White copy• Pink copy• Green copy 19 BABASAB PATIL
  20. 20. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction• Yellow copy White copy will be with drivers, pink with consigner, green with consigner & yellow is for head office for reference All branches have to send daily report to head officer in daily delivery stock summery with the (gc) number. Head office will record all cash payments & cash receipts in daily cash statement book, Now a days sales tax is also include in waybill sales tax will be charged only the amount above 750at 2.25%. COURIER DIVISION In the year 1992, the company commenced its courier division .The turnover, as on 31-3-2005 is Rs 859.4 lakhs. Including express cargo service, efforts extend its service to Northern, eastern, western & southern part of the country the VRL courier division started A new service known as VRL express cargo, which meant is fast quick service within 24 To 48 hoursThis VRL courier division covers nearly 138 stations in Karnataka & it also covers 62 Station in northern & 29 station I south.There are two types of courier:1. Documentation2. Non documentation The rates for the documentation & non-documentation are fixed on the basis of grams & station They are as follows • Documentation: Upto 250 grams=Rs 10.00 Addition 250 +Rs 5.00=Rs 15.00. • Non documentation :In 2kg =Rs 25.00 Addition per kg +Rs 10.00=Rs 35.00. 20 BABASAB PATIL
  21. 21. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction • Incase of north & south the rates are as follows North: Documents: upto 250 grams-Rs 35.00 Addition to 250 grams +Rs 20.00=Rs55.00 South: Documents: upto 250 grams-Rs 25.00 Addition to 250 grams +Rs 15.00=Rs40.00A courier service has agents in Hubli, Tehe % of amount given to the agents are as follows: 20 % in Karnataka 10% in outside statesThe total turnover of Vrl courier division will come up to 60 lakhs /monthThis courier division consists of 3 copies of waybill a follows: • Consignor’s copy: - a person who sends goods will handle this • POD copy proof of delivery. • H O copy: Head office copy, which will maintain by head officeVIJAYANAND ROADLINES PARCEL SERVICEVRL is basically a parcel courier since inception. The company has surveyed the fullroad market carrying leads from port to destination .The main godown & office aresuitable in Neeligan roadThere are four sections: • Booking section • Loading section • Unlading section • Delivery section 21 BABASAB PATIL
  22. 22. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionBooking sectionIn this section VRL plays role of mediators between consignor& consignee .Thefreight charged depends upon weight of goods destination point. Delivery point, Deliverycondition etc. The turnover of this section is into Rs 14 to Rs 15 lakhs monthly Booking point in Hubli is: • Neeligen road • Value • Near old bus stand • And othersHere the consignor or the sender of the goods, books or consignors, The goods to theconsignor or receiptThe Performa is as follows For booking of goodsPreparation of forwarding note by consignorGoods challen (gc) receipt is prepaidBoth the consignor & consignee copy is handled over to the consignedLoading & trip sheet is prepaidAll the receipt, tripsheet of delivery copy’s branch copy is handled over to deliverDeparture date, time, drivers name, vehicle no is noted down in registration book at 22 BABASAB PATIL
  23. 23. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Booking pointGoods are sent to delivery pointLoading sectionIn this location the goods are actually loaded to the different destination. Hamals loadthe trucks with goods in the supervision of a “loading clerks”. It also include loadingduring transshipment (TPT)This maintain basically 3 records: Loading sheet Loading bill Trip sheetLoading sheetVehicle no_ _ _ _ _ _ _Tripsheet no_ _ _ _ _ _TPT & Date_ _ _ _ _ _Time _ _ _ _ _ _ Sl noNo of Serif no From To Date Contents Consignee article 23 BABASAB PATIL
  24. 24. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionLoading sheet is sent with driver to destination .It gives inflammation about goods sentto the destination and to the consigneesUnloading sectionIn this section goods are unloaded after the arrival of trucks from the place of booking ortransshipment. It is done by hamals in the superior of “unloading clerks: & the goods arecollected at a particular place correctlyOK Unloading ReportsBranch _ _ _ _ _Date_ _ _ _ _Vehicle no_ _ _ _ _From _ _ _ _ _ To_ _ _ _ _Transshipment no _ _ _ _ _Date _ _ _ _ _Arrival & time _ _ _ _ Loaded by _ _ _ _ _ No short No excess No damageDelivery sectionIn this section goods are delivered, party goods are started in the godown & afterreceiving relevant document goods are delivered to consignment not claimed byconsignee three notice on regular interval are sent on failure to take delivery of goods byconsignee the goods by consignee the goods are transferred to unclaimed goods gododw& then sold in action with the notice to the consignee. The turnover of this section is upto Rs10 to Rs 11 lakhs/per month Door to door delivery by VRL :In this the Vrl itself takes risk to deliver thegoods at the door of the consigner Customer taking goods on his or her own: In this consignee has to come downto VRL godown % collect the consignment by himself. 24 BABASAB PATIL
  25. 25. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionEMPOLYEE STRENGHT With the manager employee strnght of five people at the inception, our presentworkforce is 4000 consisting of dedicated people. We are proud to say that since 1976 ina long span of 25years of organization history. There has not been a single instance oflabor unrest. This is due to the strong employer employee relationship and variouswelfare measure adopted by the company such as provident found, gratuity scheme,medical reimbursement, pension scheme, educational benefits maternity benefit etc They have introduce various novel schemes like payment to driversbased on mileage driven by them even the hamals and drivers of the organization areextended the benefit of ESI/PF etc A part from directed employment, we have introduce a selfemployment scheme for local entrepreneurs by appointing them as agents of company.we have found that in small places local people will be in a better position to cater tocustomer without adding overheads to the company .it is estimated that at least 10000people are benefited by way of direct / indirect employment from our Organisation 25 BABASAB PATIL
  26. 26. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionABOUT THE VRL GROUP The vijayanand road lines ltd is established and owned by Vijay Sankeshwar inearly 1970. The company has registered under company act 1956 has with symbol ofservice as VRL has build and maintained goodwill in the mind of public at large in thecountry general and particularly in Karnataka. Vijay Karnataka kannada daily has alsofilmier name along with its English counter parts i.e. “Vijay a times” in news paperindustry being published by Vijayanand printers ltd also registered under company acts1956 Vijayanand printers ltd are the printers and publishers of Vijay Karnataka‘kannada daily, Vijay times, Sunday Vijay times, engalish daily and weeklyrespectively,’Vijay Karnataka ‘kannada daily is the largest selling news paper in thecountry with largest readership as certified by the audit bureau of circulation and nationalreadership survey .the circulation being more than 500000 copies per day with more than72lakhs readers reaching every book and corners of the state of Karnataka. Theachievement of largest circulation with largest leadership with 9 additions in the shortesttime about 5 years perhaps the first news paper to achieve the target in history of newspaper in the country. 26 BABASAB PATIL
  27. 27. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionPERSONNEL DEPARTMENT The company personnel department is maintained the policies and standreds.It is a leading transport industry in India region has been effectively utilizing its humanresources has met the planned of company the personnel department of VRL isconcerned with solving the problems of employees and improving their relation withmanager, its functions are planning. Recruitment, selection etcMANNPOWER PLANNING It is the polices of the company to make all manpower allocation on the bases ofprojections made through the approved annual manpower plan. The company believesthat ensuring optimum utilization of human resources can be achieved only by properplanning considering the development activitiesRECRUITMENT 27 BABASAB PATIL
  28. 28. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction A process to discover the the sources of man power to meet the requirements ofthe staffing schedule and employee effective majors for attracting that manpower inadequate number to facilitate effective selection and efficient work force. In this company personnel manager does recruitment. The company externalsources of recruitment is like giving advertisements in the news papers if therequirements number of candidates for job is more that time it will go on internalThat is vacancy may be transfer, upgrading and even demotion.SELECTION:: The management has to perform the function of selecting the rightemployees at the right time .in this company the candidates are selected to the clerk orassistants jobs they will be management posts these are selected by MD the candidateslower level like hamal, watchman’s this are selected by managerPersonnel policy;  Candidates should be graduates and have merit knowledge like computer experience  Job should to be given to the needsWAGE AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION Wage and salary administration essentitially the application of systematic approachto the problem of ensuring that employee are paid in a logical equitable and fair mannerIn the company provide to the salary to drivers on the basis of coverage of area .whocovers small distance their get fixed salary. Other employer on the basis of work. Therewill get HRA, DA, PF & bonus, fringe benefit, esi etc 28 BABASAB PATIL
  29. 29. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionEMPOLYEE AND EMPLOYER RELATIONSHIP It is a process of an effective motivation of individuals in given situation in order toachieve a balance of objectives which will yield grater human satisfaction and helpaccomplished company goals As we observed there is no trade union because of good relation between employeeand employer if any conflict they are solved by the management Apart form direct employment their has introduced a self employment scheme forlocal transports or agent of the company. It is estimated that more than 5000 people arebenefited by the way of direct or indirect employment in the organizationWELFARE AND SAFTY MEASURESWelfare Measures Canteen service: The company maintains a full-fledged canteen to provide its employee. Withreasonable rate and healthy food snacks, while on duty subsidized rate. The facilitiesopened on fixed timing on all working daysMedical Treatment/ Employees injury on duty; The ESI scheme is applicable to those covered under ESI actwhose salary is below the 7500 their get ESI facility. The employee contribute 1.75 paisefor per hundred and management contribute to employee 4.75 paise foe per hundred totalESI is 6.50 29 BABASAB PATIL
  30. 30. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction If employee meet with any accident during working hours they provided firstaid treatment immediately and initial expenditure is borne by the company till he isshifted to the ESI hospital. If suppose employee death during working hours their depends (wife, children)are get ESI benefit The employee who are not covered under ESI scheme are given medicaltreatment in case of accident at the company premises at the expenses of the companyEmployee provident fund Every parent employee shall be entitled &required to become membersof the fund The contribution payable by the employee shall be at the rate ofpercentage as applicable under provident fund act and same amount contribution bymanagementPF department will pay the interest 9%per annum This is useful after the service, after seven years service the amountwhich is included his account .he/she utilize that amount different purpose like.Company pays PF 50 lack per month to employee. Marriage Purchase of site, site should be clearly in the owners they have to submitteddocument that should variety to submit. Medical expense: In case of death nominee will get pension fund it benefited tofamily.Gratuity scheme:All the permanent employee is covered under gratuity scheme. 30 BABASAB PATIL
  31. 31. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction The employee is not contribute any amount the employer or management response this scheme Gratuity will admissible only after completion of qualifying service minimum five year service. Total number of years*salary/26 days*15 Telephone facility: The telephone calls from employee’s relative shall not be entertained unless and it is urgent call. The security department at main gate shall receive the call and note the name of the person calling and the message will be communicated to the employee. In case of urgent message i.e. accident reasons, death etc telephone operators/security at the main gate shall note the details, name of the caller, name of the employee to whom, time of receipt of call etc and inform to the employee concerned over phone immediately Uniforms: The Company provides two pairs of uniform and shoes to the entire garage employee. Staff buses: The company has 35 staff buses, these helps to employee to saving time& money. They divide according area or route wise for different places They have fixed time according shift wise. SWOT ANALYSES S-STRENGTH• There is study increase in the growth of their turnover• They provide good service that leads to customer satisfaction 31 BABASAB PATIL
  32. 32. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction• The company is recommended by Indian books association mambai• The company is having wide network of branches spread all over Karnataka, andhrapradesh, madyapradesh, maharastra&new Delhi• VRL courier division covers 138 station in Karnataka & 62 stations in north station in south rending better service• They have entered into tourist transport operations• The luxury bus service have been extended to bengalore, mumbai, bagalkot, mangalore& rest other part of Karnataka• They have their own in house body building of vehicles• They have a new courier service called “CARGO EXPREES” which refers to the 24 hours of service.• The entire garage operation & account as well as infrastructure control has been computerized• The efficiency is to extend of 95%• The company did not under go any lockouts, strike etc WEAKNESS• The garage operation is centralized. The repairs& maintenance of the vehicle including buses have come to virur.• There is heavy work load OPPORTUNITIES• They Can extend their service to north& south station• They can enter into hotel industry 32 BABASAB PATIL
  33. 33. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction• They can enter into international courier& cargo express service• They can tie up with the government transport agencies THREADS• Competition can into market for leadership. 33 BABASAB PATIL
  34. 34. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction JOB SATISFACTION 34 BABASAB PATIL
  35. 35. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Job satisfactionINTRODUCTION: Several years ago the only compensation that most employees received fromtheir jobs was a pay cheques. As time passed this changed, as employees began todemand and receive more from their jobs. Today’s employees are receiving a variety ofcompensation, including health care, retirement, and numerous other benefits andprogrammes. However, one thing that employee of two generation ago and today have incommon in them is that, their jobs constitute a major part of their lives, and are one ofthe greater sources of personal pleaser and pain. While jobs can be satisfying in someregards, with positive feeling of accomplishments and purpose, they can also be sourceof negative feelings.Definition The term job satisfaction refers to ‘an individuals general attitude towards hisor her jobs. A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds positive attitude about thejobs, while a person who is dissatisfaction with his or her jobs holds negative attitudetowards the jobs. Job satisfaction consists of the feelings and attitude of aperson with respect to his or her job. All aspect of particular jobs, good or bad, positive 35 BABASAB PATIL
  36. 36. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction or negative, is likely to contribute to the development of feeling of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). FACTORS OF THE JOB SATISFACTION There are different factors on which job satisfaction depends. Important are as discussed here• Personal factors• Factors inherent in job• Factors controlled by the management Personal factors: They include employee’s sex, education, age, marital status and their personal characteristics, family background, socio-economic background and the like. Factors inherent in job: Instead of being guided by their co- worker and supervisions, the skilled employees would rather like to be guided by their own inclination to choose jobs in consideration of ‘what they have to do’. These factors included: the worker itself, conditions, influence of internal and external environment on the job which are uncontrolled by the management etc. Factors inherent in job: They include the nature of supervision, job security, kind of work group, wage rate, promotional opportunities transfer policy, duration of work and sense of 36 BABASAB PATIL
  37. 37. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionresponsibilities. All these factors greatly influence the employees. Their presence in theorganization motivation the employee and provides a sense of jib satisfaction.THE IMPORTANCE OF JOB SATISFACTION When allowed to operate freely, job satisfaction can contribute substantiallyto organizational effectiveness. It can contribute to productive output in the form of highquantity and quality of product or services, as well as to organizational maintenanceobjective as represented by low absenteeism and turnover. Yet in great many instancesaspect of the individual, the organization, or the environment constrain the satisfactionproductivity relationship to the point where its practical importance is minimal. A verydissatisfied employee may work hard, produce, be present every day, and stay with thecompany for many tears if there is no place else to go, the person desperately needs ajobs and there is a real prospect of being fired should good performance not bemaintained. Ultimately, stress may catch up with such a person and signs of poorcorporate citizenship may appear, but such denials of natural satisfaction-output patternscans maintain themselves for long periods. Hence job satisfaction may well be moreimportant to the individual than to the employing organization. In American society,responsibility for attaining job satisfaction is usually assigned to the individual ratherThan to the organization. Individuals can change jobs, thereby obtaining more satisfyingwork. 37 BABASAB PATIL
  38. 38. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Employees with higher job satisfaction: Believe that the organization will be satisfying in the long run. Care about the quality of their works are more committed to the organization Have higher retention rates, And are more productive METHODOLOGY INTRODUCTION: The present study aims at assessing the level of satisfaction of employee in a manufacturing industry. The study was conducted at VRL, in the main branch.Statement of the problem: This particular topic is selected because Employee job satisfaction is a very important element necessary for the smooth functioning of an organization. Employee surveys provide a channel for employee to communicate their views on a wide range of issues in total confidence. They help management to build up an accurate picture of how employees perceive the organization and highlight the causes of employee dissatisfaction. Assessing the level of job satisfaction of the employee. Management problem: To know the job satisfaction level of employee. Management wants to build up an accurate picture of how employees perceive the organization and highlight the causes of employee dissatisfaction. They want to the opinion and suggestions of employee. 38 BABASAB PATIL
  39. 39. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Purpose of the study: The study has been conducted for gaining practical knowledge about HR practices SCOPE OF STUDY: The scope of the project is to check the “ employees job satisfaction at VRL”. Which was conducted at VRL a random sample was drawn from the employees of the main branch of VRL. The sample consisted of employees from the level of trainees up to the level of managers. The sample size was of 100 in number. OBJECTIVE OF STUDY: The study aims:1. Assessing the level of job satisfaction at VRL2. To bring out the opinion and suggestions of employee on the level of job satisfaction and the ways of enhancing job satisfaction.3. To identify the perceived importance of satisfaction factors and the issues causing dissatisfaction.4. To identify the satisfaction factors of employee by comparing their responses RESEARCH DESIGN: 39 BABASAB PATIL
  40. 40. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionSample size: 100Total employee: 6500Sample unit: 5 departmentsMethod: random method, they have 5 department, 20 questions for each department DATA COLLECTION:To know the level of the job satisfaction at VRL, the following source of data was used.  Primary source: 1. Questionnaire survey 2. Interaction with the employees  Secondary data Web site Company documents Company profile 40 BABASAB PATIL
  41. 41. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction 41 BABASAB PATIL
  42. 42. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction AnalysisQ 1:-The infrastructure provided to you at your workplace. no of respondent % Bad 0 0 poor 4 4 good 44 44 excellent 38 38 neither good nor bad 14 14 42 BABASAB PATIL
  43. 43. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction the infrastructure provided to you at your work place 50 45 no of respondent 40 35 30 no of respondent 25 20 % 15 10 5 0 Bad poor good excellent neither good nor bad Most of employee i.e. 44% of them agrees that, they are satisfied with the infrastructure provided by company. Where as 38% of them are agreeing excellent and 14% of them are neither good nor bad their decision, the rest of them poor. As the percentage of the poor level of the employee is very small, we can conclude that the employee is satisfied with the existing infrastructure provided by company. Q 2 Welfare Facilities provided Are Adequate & well maintained.poor 10 10unsatisfactory 8 8neutral 16 16satisfactory 55 55excellent 11 11poor 10 10 43 BABASAB PATIL
  44. 44. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction welfare facilities provided are adequate and well maintained 60 no of respondent 50 40 no of respondent 30 % 20 10 0 stronglyagree disagree neither agree somewhat somewhat strongly nor disagree disagree agreeMajority of the employee i.e. 55% of them agree that. They are somewhat agree with theexisting welfare facility. Where as 11% are strongly agree, 16% of them neither agreenor disagree their decisions. The remaining 18% of them are disagree with the WelfareFacilities & well maintained.. the policy. As the percentage of the disagree level of employee is small when compared toagree level. We can conclude that the employee are agree with the level of welfarefacility provided Are Adequate & well maintained.Q 3: -How is the relationship between the employee and the management? no of respondent % poor 0 0 unsatisfactory 8 8 neutral 12 12 satisfactory 43 43 excellent 37 37 no of respondent % 44 BABASAB PATIL
  45. 45. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction RELATION BETWEEN EMPLOYEE AND MANAGEMEND NO OF RESPONDENT 50 45 40 35 30 no of respondent 25 20 % 15 10 5 0 y y or nt l ra or or l le po ut ct ct ce ne fa fa ex t is t is sa sa unMajority of the employee i.e. 43% of them agree that. They are satisfied with therelationship between the employee and the management. Where as37% of them is fullysatisfied, 12% of them agree to be neutral at their decision. The remaining8% of them areneutral dissatisfied with the existing relation. As the percentage of the unsatisfactory level of the employee is less, we can Conclude that the employee are satisfied with the existing relation with the Management.Q 4. How would you rate the interpersonal relationship between the employees? No of respondent percentage(%) poor 16 16 unsatisfactory 10 10 neutral 20 20 45 BABASAB PATIL
  46. 46. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction satisfactory 34 34 excellent 20 20 INTERPERSONAL RELATION 20 16 poor 10 unsatisfactory neutral satisfactory excellent 34 20From the above diagram and table we can say that 34% of the employees have satisfiedabout the interpersonal relationship between the employees.20percent of the employeeare fully satisfied and also neutral at their decision. 26% of them are not at all satisfiedexisting relation.As the percentage of the poor and unsatisfactory level of the employee is more, so wecan conclude that the interpersonal relationship between the employees is not good in theorganisation.Q 5. Management handled grievances & complaints in the time & up to your satisfaction. 46 BABASAB PATIL
  47. 47. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction no of respondent % Strongly agree 61 61 Somewhat agree 20 20 Somewhat disagree 10 10 Strongly disagree 3 3 Neither agree nor disagree 6 6 management handled grievance and complaints in the time and up to your satisfaction 70 no of respondent 60 50 40 no of respondent 30 % 20 10 0 stronglyagree disagree neither agree somewhat somewhat strongly nor disagree disagree agreeMajority of the employee i.e. 61% of them strongly agree that. They are satisfied forcomplaints and grievance handled by management. Still their not have any problem i.e.Strike lockout etc. where as 28% of them are some what agree, 2% are some whatdisagree of them 3% is strongly disagree for employee remaining about the management. 47 BABASAB PATIL
  48. 48. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionAs the percentage of the strongly disagree level of employee is less, we can concludethat the employee are satisfied for Management handled grievances & complaints in thetime & up to your satisfaction.Q 6. How is the canteen facility provided in VRL? No of respondent % Poor 5 5 Unsatisfactory 8 8 Neutral 28 28 Satisfactory 43 43 Excellent 16 16 CANTEEN FACILITY PROVIDED IN VRL 50 NO OF RESPONDENT 45 40 35 30 no of respondent 25 20 % 15 10 5 0 y y or nt l ra or or le po ut ct ct el ne fa fa c ex t is t is sa sa un 48 BABASAB PATIL
  49. 49. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionMajority of employee i.e. 53% of them agree that, they are satisfied with canteen facility,where as 16% of them are agree with excellent, 18% of them agree to be neutral at theirdecision.As the unsatisfactory level is 13%, hence we can conclude that the employee are satisfiedto the canteen facility provided by company.Q 7. How do you rate transport facility provided by VRL No of respondent % Poor 0 0 Unsatisfactory 0 0 Neutral 14 14 Satisfactory 61 61 Excellent 25 25 how would you rate transportation facility provided by VRL 70 no of respondent 60 50 40 no of respondent 30 % 20 10 0 y y or nt l ra or or le po ut ct ct el ne fa fa c ex t is t is sa sa unMajority of the employee i.e. 61% of them agree that. They are satisfied for transportfacility provided by company. Where as 25% of them are fully satisfied, 10% of them 49 BABASAB PATIL
  50. 50. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionagree to be neutral at their decision. The remaining 4% of them are dissatisfied about thetransport facility.As the percentage of the poor and unsatisfactory level of the employee is small, we canconclude that the employees are satisfied for transport facility provided by companyQ 8. Job promotion in this organization is impartial. no of respondent % Strongly agree 30 30 Somewhat agree 54 54 Somewhat disagree 0 0 Strongly disagree 0 0 Neither agree nor disagree 6 6 job promotion is in tthis organisation is impartial 60 no of respondent 50 40 no of respondent 30 20 10 0 stronglyagree disagree neither agree somewhat somewhat strongly nor disagree disagree agree 50 BABASAB PATIL
  51. 51. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionMajority of the employee i.e. 54 % of them some what agree with the job promotion is inthis organisation is impartial. Where as 30% of strongly agree, 6% of them neither agreenor disagree their decision.As the percentage of the strongly disagree level of the employee is less when comparedto some what agree level, we can conclude that the employee are agree with the jobpromotion is impartial.Q9: - The fringe benefits given to employee are good in VRL. 51 BABASAB PATIL
  52. 52. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction No of respondent % 1. Strongly agree 16 16 2. Somewhat agree 58 58 3. Somewhat disagree 8 8 4. Strongly disagree 4 4 e) Neither agrees nor disagree 4 4 frienge benifit 70 60 no of respondent 50 40 no of respondent 30 % 20 10 0 stronglyagree disagree neither agree somewhat somewhat strongly nor disagree disagree agreeMajority of the employee i.e. 38% are some what agree. They are satisfied with thefringe benefit. 52 BABASAB PATIL
  53. 53. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionWhere as 16% of them are strongly agree.28% are some what disagree.4% of them strongly disagree.4% of them agree both.As the percentage of the disagree level of employee is more than the agree level. We canconclude the employee are not satisfied the fringe benefit.Q would you rate the training process at VRL. No of respondent percentage(%) Strongly agree 28 28 Somewhat agree 39 39 Somewhat disagree 6 6 Strongly disagree 15 15 Neither agree nor disagree 22 22 No of respondent percentage(%) training program 45 40 no of respondent 35 30 25 No of respondent 20 Percentage (%) 15 10 5 0 or y y nt l ra or or Po ll e ut ct ct ce Ne fa fa Ex t is t is sa Sa Un 53 BABASAB PATIL
  54. 54. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionMajority of the employee i.e. 39% of them agree.Where as 28% of them are strongly agree.22% of them neither agree nor disagree at their decision. The remaining of themdissatisfaction.As the percentage of the strongly disagree level of the employee and compared to theagree level. We can conclude that the employees are somewhat satisfiedQ11. - I am satisfied with the scope provided in VRL for my bright future no of respondent % Extremely satisfaction 8 8 Somewhat satisfaction 51 51 Somewhat dissatisfaction 20 20 Extremely dissatisfaction 10 10 Neither satisfaction nor dissatisfaction 11 11 extremely satisfaction somewhat satisfaction somewhat dissatisfaction extremely dissatisfaction neither satisfaction nor dissatisfaction 54 BABASAB PATIL
  55. 55. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionMajority of the employee i.e. 51% are somewhat satisfaction.20%of them are somewhatdissatisfaction.10% of Extremely dissatisfaction11% of them neither satisfaction nordissatisfaction.We can conclude the employee is somewhat satisfied about the scope provided vrl.Q12: - I am satisfied with Hubli unit as a place of work place no of respondent % Strongly agree 40 40 Somewhat agree 44 44 Somewhat disagree 0 0 Strongly disagree 4 4 Neither agree nor disagree 12 12 i am satisfied with hubli unit as a place of work 50 45 no of respondent 40 35 30 no of respondent 25 20 % 15 10 5 0 stronglyagree disagree neither agree somewhat somewhat strongly nor disagree disagree agree 55 BABASAB PATIL
  56. 56. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionMost of the employees that is 44% of them agree that work place .where as 40%of themare strongly agree &12% of them are Neither agree nor disagree decision.The rest ofthem are strongly disagree with the workplace.As the % of strongly agree of the employee is very small,we can conclude that theemployee are agree with the condition of workplace.Q13: - State the level of satisfaction towards the job security provided to you at VRLCompany. no of respondent % 1. Completely satisfied 16 16 2. Satisfied 58 58 3. Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 8 8 4. Dissatisfied 5 5 5. Completely dissatisfied 3 3 job srcurity at VRL 70 NO OF RESPONDENT 60 50 40 no of respondent 30 % 20 10 0 satisfied nor Dissatisfied 2. Satisfied dissatisfied Completely Completely dissatisfied 3. Neither satisfied 1. 5. 4. 56 BABASAB PATIL
  57. 57. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionMajority of the employee I:e ^4% of them agree that they are satisfied with the jobsecurity provided to them, where as 18% of them are completely satisfied ,9% of themagree to be .Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied .As the % of the dissatisfied level ofemployees is small when compared to the satisfactory level, So we can conclude that theemployees are satisfied with the job security provided to them.Q14: - My talent / Intelligent is encouraged by my supervisor. No of respondent % Strongly agree 18 18 Somewhat agree 62 62 Somewhat disagree 8 8 Strongly disagree 2 2 Neither agree nor disagree 10 10 Talent/intelligence 70 60 50 40 No of respondent 30 % 20 10 0 agree nor disagree Somewhat Somewhat Strongly Strongly disagree Neither disagree agree agree 57 BABASAB PATIL
  58. 58. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionMajority of the employee I: e 62% of them agrees with talent/intelligence. Where as 18%of them are strongly agree, 10% of them. Neither agree nor disagree .The remaining 10%are disagree about their encouragement provided by supervisor We can conclude that theemployee will agree for the usage of talent/intelligence is encouraged by supervisorQ15; -How do you rate the level of salary with respect to your job experience? No of respondent % Poor 10 10 Unsatisfactory 8 8 Neutral 16 16 Satisfactory 55 55 Excellent 11 11 level of salary with job exeperience 60 no of respondent 50 40 No of respondent 30 % 20 10 0 or y y l nt ra or or l le Po ut ct ct ce Ne fa fa Ex t is t is Sa sa Un 58 BABASAB PATIL
  59. 59. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionMajority of employee I:e 55% of the agree that, they are satisfied with the existingpay .Where as 11% of them are fully satisfied ,16% of them agree to be neutral at theirdecision .The remaining 18 % of them are dissatisfied.We can conclude that when we see it looks more % of employee is dissatisfied withsalary provided by the organisation Finding & suggestions 59 BABASAB PATIL
  60. 60. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction Findings• 54% of employees are satisfied with interpersonal relation and 46% are not satisfied.• 57% of employees are satisfied with training provided by company and 43% are Dissatisfied.• New employees are not exposed to orientation program.• 69% of employee are satisfied with canteen facility and suggested more improvement. 60 BABASAB PATIL
  61. 61. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction• In the organization there is no facility for employee restroom or refresh. SuggestionsThe recommendation to improving the job satisfaction at VRL can be classified asfallows.  Training  Salary  Orientation program  OthersTraining program:The training process at VRL is satisfactory to the employee. As shown in the finding,that is 21& of them is dissatisfied with the tainting process. With the employee at lowerlevel and middle level they were of the opinion that, the training program are general in 61 BABASAB PATIL
  62. 62. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafactionnature. So the employee at lower level and middle level need the training program thatenhances their technical skill.Therefore. I recommend to the management to conduct the training programs, whichenhance knowledge and skill their job. The interpersonal relationship is not satisfactory in VRL. As shown in thefindings, that 26% of them are not satisfied with the interpersonal relation, and also I findthat while interacting with the employees.So I recommended to the management to conduct on interpersonal relationship and alsosuggested that to give teamwork to the employees. It will help to the management toimprove the interpersonal relationship between the employees. Not only givingteamwork but also they to conduct some get together party for twice in a year.Salary: In findings we can see 18% of the employees say that the salary provided them is verypoor. And 28% of them are neutral at their decision. When we see it looks a more % ofemployee are dissatisfied with salary provided by the organisation. When I interactedwith the employee they felt that the salary provided by to them is less than whencompared to their workload.Orientation program:Whenever a new employee is recruited in the organisation he/she undergo an orientationprogram for a one week. With this he/she need to understand the functioning of all 62 BABASAB PATIL
  63. 63. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction departments. For this most of new employee expressed that, we don’t have the much knowledge about working of other department. So I recommended to the management to conduct orientation program it should contain following aspects. Objective of the organisation Function of the entire department with the employees Key area of his/ her job. Others:1. In the organisation there is no facility of sports. In particular there is no separate room for sports and whenever he/she feels tired of work or whenever they are free from work then they want to refresh themselves.2. In the organisation there are no culture activities taking place. By the cultural activity the employee can express his/her creativity and talent inside them. So I recommended to the management to conclude some of the cultural program. 63 BABASAB PATIL
  64. 64. Vijayanand Road line Ltd Job satiafaction CONCLUSION 64 BABASAB PATIL