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Hdfc company profile

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Hdfc company profile

  2. 2. SAAB MARFIN MBAABOUT HDFC STANDARD LIFE INSURANCEHDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. is one of Indias leadingprivate insurance companies, which offers a range of individual andgroup insurance solutions. It is a joint venture between HousingDevelopment Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Ltd.), Indias leadinghousing finance institution and a Group Company of the Standard Life,UK. HDFC as on December 31, 2007 holds 72.38 per cent of equity inthe joint venture.HDFC STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE PARENTAGEHDFC Limited. HDFC is India leading housing finance institution and has helped build more than 23, 00,000 houses since its incorporation in 1977. In Financial Year 2003-04 its assets under management crossed Rs. 36,000 Cr. As at March 31, 2004, outstanding deposits stood at Rs. 7,840 crores. The depositor base now stands at around 1 million depositors. Rated AAA by CRISIL and ICRA for the 10th consecutive year Stable and experienced management High service standards Awarded The Economic Times Corporate Citizen of the year Award for its long-standing commitment to community development.
  3. 3. SAAB MARFIN MBA Presented the Dream Homeâ award for the best housing finance provider in 2004 at the third Annual Outlook Money Awards. Standard Life Group (Standard Life plc and itssubsidiaries) Standard Life Group (Standard Life plc and its subsidiaries) The Standard Life group has been looking after the financial needs of customers for over 180 years It currently has a customer base of around 7 million people who rely on the company for their insurance, pension, investment, banking and health-care needs Its investment manager currently administers £125 billion in assets It is a leading pensions provider in the UK, and is rated by Standard & Poors as strong with a rating of A+ and as good with a rating of A1 by Moodys Standard Life was awarded the Best Pension Provider in 2004, 2005 and 2006 at the Money Marketing Awards, and it was voted a 5 star life and pensions provider at the Financial Adviser Service Awards for the last 10 years running. The 5 Star accolade has also been awarded to Standard Life Investments for the last 10 years, and to Standard Life Bank since its inception in 1998. Standard Life Bank was awarded the Best Flexible Mortgage Lender at the Mortgage Magazine Awards in 2006
  4. 4. SAAB MARFIN MBAHISTORYHDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Ltd was incorporated on 14th august2000. It is a joint venture between Housing Development FinanceCorporation Limited (HDFC Ltd.) India and UK based Standard LifeCompany. Both the joint venture partners being one of the leaders intheir respective areas came together in this 81.4:18.6 jointVenture to form HDFC standard life insurance company limited.The MD and CEO of HDFC Standard Life Mr. Deepak Satwalekar, hasgiven the company new directions and has helped the companyachieve the status it currently enjoys. HDFC Standard Life brings to youa whole range of insurance solutions be it group or individual or NAVservices for corporations, they can be easily customized as per specificneeds.HDFC Standard Life Insurance India boasts of covering around 8.7 lakhlives by March2007. The gross incomes standing at a whopping Rs. 2,856 crores, HDFC Standard Life Insurance Corporation is sure tobecome one of the leaders and the firstPreference for any life insurance customer.
  5. 5. SAAB MARFIN MBAThe Bancassurance partners of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltdare HDFC, HDFC Bank India Limited, Union Bank of India, Indian Bank,Bank of Baroda,Sarawat Bank and Bajaj Capital.The premium payment options available to the customers vary fromonline payment to direct desk payments at the HDFC Standard LifeBranches, by courier services or in drop boxes provided. You can alsopay by ECS or Automatic Debit System or credit cards or standinginstruction mandate. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company is acustomer oriented corporation and aim at complete customersatisfaction.The lapsation and renewal policy of HDFC Standard Life are clearlydefined on the official website. Online renewal forms are also available.For any change in personal details like the contact details or thenominee of the policy or policy benefits, online servicing is alsoavailable. Even the claim procedure has been simplified since affect ofthe loss life is irreparable and is thus fully understandable at HDFCStandard Life. A completely hassle-free process has been formulatedto provide maximum convenience.HDFC Standard Life first came together for a possible joint venture, toenter the Life Insurance market, in January 1995. It was clear from theoutset that both companies shared similar values and beliefs and astrong relationship quickly formed. In October 1995 the companiessigned a 3 year joint venture agreement.Around this time Standard Life purchased a 5% stake in HDFC, furtherstrengthening the relationship.
  6. 6. SAAB MARFIN MBAThe next three years were filled with uncertainty, due to changes ingovernment and ongoing delays in getting the IRDA (InsuranceRegulatory and Development authority) Act passed in parliament.Despite this both companies remained firmly committed to the venture.In October 1998, the joint venture agreement was renewed andadditional resource made available. Around this time Standard Lifepurchased 2% of Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd.(IDFC). Standard Life also started to use the services of the HDFCTreasury department to advise them upon their investments in India.Towards the end of 1999, the opening of the market looked verypromising and both companies agreed the time was right to move theoperation to the next level. Therefore, in January 2000 an expert teamfrom the UK joined a hand picked team from HDFC to form the coreproject team, based in Mumbai.Around this time Standard Life purchased a further 5% stake in HDFCand a 5% stake in HDFC Bank.In a further development Standard Life agreed to participate in theAsset Management Company promoted by HDFC to enter the mutualfund market. The Mutual Fund wasLaunched on 20th july 2000.Incorporation of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited:The company was incorporated on 14th August 2000 under the nameof HDFCStandard life insurance company limited.Their ambition from the beginning was to be the first private companyto re-enter the life insurance market in India. On the 23rd of October
  7. 7. SAAB MARFIN MBA2000, this ambition was realised when HDFC Standard Life was thefirst life company to be granted a certificate of registration.HDFC are the main shareholders in HDFC Standard Life, with 81.4%,while Standard Life owns 18.6%. Given Standard Lifes existinginvestment in the HDFC Group, this is the maximum investmentallowed under current regulations.HDFC and Standard Life have a long and close relationship built uponshared values and trust. The ambition of HDFC Standard Life is tomirror the success of the parent companies and be the yardstick bywhich all other insurance companies in India are measured.HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited is one of Indiasleading private life insurance companies offering a range of individualand group insurance solutions. It is a joint venture between HousingDevelopment Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Ltd), Indias leadinghousing finance institution and Standard Life plc, the leading providersof financial services in the United Kingdom.HDFC Ltd. as on December 31, 2007 holds 72.38 per cent of equity inthe joint venture. HDFC Standard Lifes Product portfolio comprisessolutions, which meet various customer needs such as Protection,Pension, Savings, and Investment. Customers have the addedadvantage of customizing the Plans, by adding optional benefits calledriders, at a nominal price. The company currently has 21 retail and 6group products in its portfolio.HDFC Standard Life maintains very high professional standards duringproduct offerings by providing sound financial advice, efficientpost-sale service, and immaculate financial security. Ongoing trainingfor conventional products, and specialized training, for unit-linked
  8. 8. SAAB MARFIN MBAproducts, for its financial consultants, has also helped its customerschoose the product, best suited for their needs.HDFC Standard Life operates across more than 726 cities and towns ofthe country supported by its strong network of more than 1,45,000Financial Consultants. HDFC Standard Life also has more than 383corporate agents and other sales intermediaries including banks fordistribution of insurance products.Awards and AccoladesMay, 2008Received PCQuest Best IT Implementation Award 2008HDFC Standard Life received the PCQuest Best IT ImplementationAward 2008 for Consultant Corner, the applications for its financialconsultants, providing centralized control over a vast geographicalspread for key business units such as inventory, training, licensing, etc.Read more about the ‘Consultant Corner’ tool in the ‘HDFC SL in news’section.HDFC Standard Life has won the PCQuest Best IT ImplementationAward for two years consequently. Last year, the company received theaward for Wonders, its path-breaking implementation of anenterprise-wide workflow system.March, 2008Silver Abby at Goafest 2008HDFC Standard Lifes radio spot for Pension Plans won a Silver Abby inthe radio writing craft category at the Goafest 2008 organised by theAdvertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI). The radio commercial‘Pata nahin chala’ touched several changes in life in the blink of an eyethrough an old man’s perspective. The objective was drive awarenessand ask people to invest in a pension plan to live life to the fullesteven after retirement, without compromising on one’s self-respect.
  9. 9. SAAB MARFIN MBALaadli Media Award 2007HDFC Standard Life received Laadli Media Award 2007 for its Big carTV commercial. It showed how a daughter wants to be moreresponsible towards her family and asks her dad to upgrade to abigger car by offering him the extra moneyRequired to buy the car.HDFC Standard Life received this award for two years consecutively. In2006, it won for the Papa TV commercial, which challenged thestereotype parents saving only for their sons education or daughterswedding. The company took a bold step by showing parents saving fortheir daughters education abroad, demonstratingProgressive thinking.Laadli Media Awards, instituted in 2007, by Population First, an NGOworking on womens rights and social development, is given toprofessionals in print and electronic media and ad makers for gendersensitive news reports, articles, print, TV ads, and films.March, 2008Unit Linked Savings Plan Tops Mint Best TV Ads SurveyThe Unit Linked Savings Plan advertisement of HDFC Standard Life, oneof the leading private insurance companies in India, has topped Mint’sTop Television Advertisement survey conducted, for February 2008.HDFC Standard Life’s Unit Linked Savings Plan advertisement wasranked 4th in terms of a combined score of ad awareness and brandrecall and 3rd in terms of ad diagnostic scores (likeability, enjoyment,believability, and claim). The respondents were between 18 and 40years. Mint’s exclusive report, ‘New voices in a makeover’ outlines thesurvey in detail.
  10. 10. SAAB MARFIN MBAFebruary, 2008Deepak M Satwalekar Awarded QIMPRO Gold Standard Award 2007Mr Deepak M Satwalekar, Managing Director and CEO, HDFC StandardLife, received the QIMPRO Gold Standard Award 2007 in the businesscategory at the 18th annual Qimpro Awards function. The awardcelebrates excellence in individual performance and highlights thequality achievements of extraordinary individuals in an era of globalcompetition and expectations.January, 2008Sar Utha Ke Jiyo Among India’s 60 Glorious Advertising MomentsHDFC Standard Life’s advertising slogan honoured as one of ‘60Glorious Advertising & Marketing Moments over the last 60 yearsin India,’ by 4Ps Business and Marketing magazine. The magazine saidthat HDFC Standard Life is one of the first private insurers to break theice using the idea of self respect (Sar Utha Ke Jiyo) instead of death toconvey its brand proposition. This was then, followed by othersincluding ICCI Prudential, thus giving HDFC Standard Life the credit ofbringing up one such glorious advertising and marketing moment inthe last 60 years.4th August 2008HDFC Standard Life Launches Unit Linked Wealth Maximiser Plus23rd July 2008HDFC Standard Life Launches SimpliLife, a Unit Linked Plan in SimplestWay14th May 2008HDFC Standard Life Declares Results for FY2007-08; New BusinessPremium Income grows by 63%4th March 2008
  11. 11. SAAB MARFIN MBAHDFC Standard Life Expands its Reach with Inauguration of MohaliBranch21st October 2007 –HDFC Standard Life Announces Muthoot Capital Services as itsCorporate Agency for Distribution of Life and Pension Products7th May 2007HDFC Standard Life expands its reach to smaller cities in MadhyaPradesh15th February 2007HDFC Standard Life expands it’s reach in Vidarbha16th May 2006HDFC Standard Life records impressive growth7th February 2006HDFC Standard Life records impressive growth29th November 2005HDFC Standard Life posts strong growth16th August 2005HDFC Standard Life grows faster than the private sector average16th May 2005HDFC Standard Life declares results for FY 2004-05
  12. 12. SAAB MARFIN MBARECRUITMENT PROCESSThe chief attributes HDFC SL looks out for in a candidate. We look out for a candidate who values Integrity Has a zeal for Excellence Is focused on Results Is Self driven and Enthusiastic Is a good Learner and Team Player Is dedicated to Customer SatisfactionThe Recruitment Process at HDFC SLHDFC SL recruitment process are as follows:Making an Application Ensure the information is clear and well organized.
  13. 13. SAAB MARFIN MBA Demonstrate your skills/experience/responsibilities in the previous companyAssessment Process We conduct relevant assessments like psychometric tests and written exercises - these will be part of the selection process The interview panel will ask questions which will assess your knowledge, skills and attitude. You will also have your queries addressed.Conditions relating to offers of employmentAll offers are subject to: Satisfactory medical clearance Satisfactory references Evidence of qualifications and previous employment testimonialsFUTURE PLANSHDFC Standard Life, plans IPO in 09Mumbai, HDFC has booked a profit of around Rs 120 cr in a Rs 200 crtransaction involving sale of 7.15% stake in HDFC Standard Life to itsBritish partner. The promoters of HDFC Standard Life have said alsosaid that they will dilute stake through an IPO before 2009.New HDFC Standard Life policyMumbai, HDFC Standard Life has launched a new product called "UnitLinked Wealth Maximiser Plus". This is a single premium investmentcum protection plan, with a minimum premium of Rs 1 lakh. Thepolicyholder has the option to choose from five fund options - MoneyPlus Fund, Bond Opportunities Fund, Large-cap Fund, Mid-cap Fund,
  14. 14. SAAB MARFIN MBAand Managers Fund. HDFC Standard Life will offer regular loyalty unitsof 0.10 per cent every year as long as the policy is not surrendered.The accumulated value of the funds is received at the end of the policyterm. In the event of unfortunate demise of the policyholder during thepolicy tenure, HDFC Standard Life will pay the greater of the SumAssured (less all applicable withdrawals) and the total fund value to thefamily members of the policyholder. The policy offers life insurancecover until the age of 99 yearsFINANCIAL PERFORMANCEHDFC Standard Life, one of the leading private life insurancecompanies in India declared its annual results for the financial yearending March 31, 2008. The company generated New BusinessPremium Income of Rs. 2,685 crores in FY2007-08 registering ayear-on-year growth of 63%. The growth was primarily driven by thesuccess of the companys initiative on structured sales processesbased on customer needs and their assessments.HDFC Standard Life, one of the leading private life insurancecompanies in India declared its annual results for the financial yearending March 31, 2008. The company generated New BusinessPremium Income of Rs. 2,685 crores in FY2007-08 registering ayear-on-year growth of 63%. The growth was primarily driven by thesuccess of the company’s initiative on structured sales processesbased on customer needs and their assessments.Mr. Deepak Satwalekar, MD & CEO, HDFC Standard Life attributed thisgrowth to the quality of life insurance solutions offered by thecompany and its increased geographical reach. He also emphasised,“We believe that our success is a result of our efforts in givingcustomers, the best long-term solutions to take care of their insuranceneeds. Our endeavour to provide high quality insurance and pensionsolutions to customers through quality pre-sales advice, based on a
  15. 15. SAAB MARFIN MBAsound need-based solutions approach, and post-sales service hasstarted to pay off.”Highlights of Financial Year 2007-08 New Business Premium Income up by 63% to Rs. 2,685 crores. Total Premium Income is up by 70% at Rs. 4,859 crores as against Rs. 2,856 crores in FY2006-07 Alternate Channels including bancassurance has recorded an impressive growth of over 63% to contribute 41% to the Effective Premium Income (EPI) Group business funds under management have increased to Rs. 959 crores, registering a growth of 83% over FY2006-07 The average premium has increased to Rs. 33,000 Company products and services are now available in 726 cities and towns across the country Strength of Financial Consultants has increased to 1,45,000.HDFC Standard Life tracks its New Business Premium on the basis ofEffective Premium Income (EPI). EPI is calculated by giving only a 10%value to a Single Premium policy and is an internationally acceptedindicator of an insurance company’s performance. The total premiumincome (including renewal premium) grew by 70% to touch a figure ofRs. 4,859 crores. High levels of persistency have resulted in higherlevel of renewal premiums. Although there has been a slight dip from89% to 86%, we continue to have the highest persistency level in theindustry. The cumulative sum assured for all policies issued uptoMarch 31, 2008 crossed Rs. 87,000 crores.In offering unit linked products, the structured sales process adoptedby the company has paid rich dividends. “We believe that we should beable to lengthen the maturity profile of our policy portfolio, now thatthe regulatory disincentive has been removed with effect from April 1,
  16. 16. SAAB MARFIN MBA2008,” added Mr. Satwalekar. HDFC Standard Life offers, both, lifeinsurance policies as well as pension products on a unit linkedplatform as also the conventional ‘with profits’ platform.Over 50% of the sum assured as on March 31, 2008, is in respect ofnon unit-linked policies. Over 30% of funds under management are inrespect of non-linked business, which reflects the balanced bookbetween conventional and unit-linked business in the total portfolio ofthe company.The company’s national relationships with large public and privatesector banks have also helped it reach out to a larger number ofcustomers across the country. The company plans to furtherstrengthen these relationships through the introduction of productsspecially designed for this channel.HDFC Standard Life continues to have one of the widest reachesamong new insurance companies. The company strengthened itsnumber of offices from 103 to 572 across the country in less than 3years. Through these offices, the company today services customerneeds in over 726 cities and towns. The company also increased itsdepth in existing markets by increasing its Financial Consultantstrength from 74,000 as on March 31, 2007 to 1,45,000 as on March31, 2008. There has been a huge jump of 300% over the last 3 years inthe number of its Financial Consultants who have qualified to becomemembers of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Club.The strength of MDRT qualified members has gone up to 496 as onDecember 31, 2007.As against the regulatory requirement of writing 18% of all policies inrural areas, HDFC Standard Life has issued over 217,000 policiesaccounting for 23% of all policies issued during 2007-08. Additionally,during 2007-08, HDFC Standard Life has covered 51,326 lives under
  17. 17. SAAB MARFIN MBAthe social sector category, as against the requirement of 25,000 lives.Overall, the company has covered over 9,59,000 lives during the yearending March 31, 2008.To meet the demands arising from the company’s rapid growth,shareholders have contributed additional Rs. 470 crores of equity totake the paid-up share capital as on March 2008 to Rs. 1,271 crores.
  18. 18. SAAB MARFIN MBAADVERTISEMENT AND SALES PROMOTIONFilm opens in the compound of Daughter: “Dad”. Father: “Bolo” a house. Father is checking Daughter: “Nayi car lene meinsomething inside the bonnet of hee bhalaai hai.”an old small car. His daughter, Dad nods in agreement without around 27-28 years old, is looking up. Dad: “Hmmm…” working on a lap top next to him Daughter continues Dad looks at her and asks. affirmatively as she signs on a Dad: “Huh, Badi kyon?” cheque. Daughter: “Aur wo bhi badi wali.” Daughter, walks towards him Dad goes back to checking the with swinging hand in air and engine and says in a light says. hearted tone. Daughter: “Kyonki Toolika Dad: “Aur Extra paise dad dega Sharma chahti hai uske dad kya?” style se travel kare.” Daughter replies firmly: “Nahi. Mere dad ki beti.”
  19. 19. SAAB MARFIN MBA And hands him the cheque. Daughter: “Relax dad, plan Dad looks at the cheque and kiya.” questions. Dad doesn’t know what to say: Dad (seriously): “Itne paise “Par...” aaye kahaan se?”Dad doesn’t know what to say Mother enters with tea. She as he looks at the cheque. senses something serious andDaughter pleads: “Please…dad” questions them. Mother: “Aree Kya hua?” Father looks at her and says Super: Unit Linked Savings emotionally. PlansDad: “Car badi ho gayi, aur beti MVO: “Unit Linked Savings bhi.” Plans from HDFC Standard Life. Daughter smiles with pride. zimmedari nibhao, Aaj bhi kal bhi ” Father daughter are sitting. MVO: “Sar Utha Ke Jiyo.”
  20. 20. SAAB MARFIN MBABOARD MEMBERSBrief profile of the Board of Directors Mr. Deepak S Parekh is the Chairman of the Company. He is also the Executive Chairman of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Limited). He joined HDFC Limited in a senior management position in 1978. He was inducted as a whole-time director of HDFC Limited in 1985 and was appointed as its Executive Chairman in 1993. He is the Chief Executive Officer of HDFC Limited. Mr. Parekh is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales). Mr. Keki M Mistry joined the Board of Directors of the Company in December, 2000. He is currently the Managing Director of HDFC Limited. He joined HDFC Limited in 1981 and became an Executive Director in 1993. He was appointed as its Managing Director in November, 2000. Mr. Mistry is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a member of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants. Mr. Alexander M Crombie joined the Board of Directors of the Company in April, 2002. He has been with the Standard Life Group for 34 years holding various senior management positions. He was appointed as the Group Chief Executive of the Standard Life Group in March 2004. Mr. Crombie is a fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland. Ms. Marcia D Campbell is currently the Group Operations Director in the Standard Life group and is responsible for Group Operations, Asia Pacific Development, Strategy & Planning, Corporate Responsibility and Shared Services Centre. Ms. Campbell joined the Board of Directors in November 2005. Mr. Keith N Skeoch is currently the Chief Executive in Standard Life Investments Limited and is responsible for overseeing Investment Process & Chief Executive Officer Function. Prior to
  21. 21. SAAB MARFIN MBAthis, Mr. Skeoch was working with M/s. James Capel & Co.holding the positions of UK Economist, Chief Economist,Executive Director, Director of Controls and Strategy HSBSSecurities and Managing Director International Equities. He wasalso responsible for Economic and Investment Strategy researchproduced on a worldwide basis. Mr. Skeoch joined the Board ofDirectors in November 2005.Mr. Gautam R Divan is a practising Chartered Accountant and isa Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Mr.Divan was the Former Chairman and Managing CommitteeMember of Midsnell Group International, an InternationalAssociation of Independent Accounting Firms and has authoredseveral papers of professional interest. Mr. Divan has wideexperience in auditing accounts of large public limitedcompanies and nationalised banks, financial and taxationplanning of individuals and limited companies and also hassubstantial experience in structuring overseas investments toand from India.Mr. Ranjan Pant is a global Management Consultant advisingCEO/Boards on Strategy and Change Management. Mr. Pant,until 2002 was a Partner & Vice-President at Bain & Company,Inc., Boston, where he led the worldwide Utility Practice. He wasalso Director, Corporate Business Development at GeneralElectric headquarters in Fairfield, USA. Mr. Pant has an MBA fromThe Wharton School and BE (Honours) from Birla Institute ofTechnology and Sciences.Mr. Ravi Narain is the Managing Director & CEO of NationalStock Exchange of India Limited. Mr. Ravi Narain was a memberof the core team to set-up the Securities & Exchange Board ofIndia (SEBI) and is also associated with various committees ofSEBI and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).Mr. Deepak M Satwalekar is the Managing Director and CEO ofthe Company since November, 2000. Prior to this, he was the
  22. 22. SAAB MARFIN MBA Managing Director of HDFC Limited since 1993. Mr. Satwalekar obtained a Bachelors Degree in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from The American University, Washington DC. Ms. Renu S. Karnad is the Executive director of HDFC Limited, is a graduate in law and holds a Masters degree in economics from Delhi University. She has been employed with HDFC Limited since 1978 and was appointed as the Executive Director in 2000. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of lending operations of HDFC Limited.AREAS OF OPERATIONHelping Indians experience the joy of home ownership. The road tosuccess is a tough and challenging journey in the dark where onlyobstacles light the path. However, success on a terrain like this is notwithout a solution. As we found out nearly three decades ago, in 1977,the solution for success is customer satisfaction. All you need is thecourage to innovate, the skill to understand your clientele and thedesire to give them your best. Today, nearly three million satisfiedcustomers whose dream we helped realise, stand testimony to oursuccess. Our objective, from the beginning, has been to enhanceresidential housing stock and promote home ownership. Now, ourofferings range from hassle-free home loans and deposit products, toproperty related services and a training facility. We also offerspecialized financial services to our customer base throughpartnerships with some of the best financial institutions worldwide.
  23. 23. SAAB MARFIN MBAThe Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) wasamongst the first to receive an in principle approval from the ReserveBank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as part of theRBIs liberalisation of the Indian Banking Industry in 1994. The bankwas incorporated in August 1994 in the name of HDFC Bank Limited,with its registered office in Mumbai, India. HDFC Bank commencedoperations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995.HDFC Mutual Fund has been one of the best performing mutual fundsin the last few years. HDFC Asset Management Company Limited (AMC)functions as an Asset Management company for the HDFC mutual fund.AMC is a joint venture between housing finance giant HDFC and Britishinvestment firm Standard Life Investments Limited. It conducts theoperations of the Mutual Fund and manages assets of the schemes,including the schemes launched from time to time. As of Aug 2006,the fund has assets of Rs.25,892 crores under management.IN 2003, following a decision by the Zurich Insurance Company (ZIC),the Sponsor of Zurich India Mutual Fund, to divest its assetmanagement business in India, AMC had entered into an agreementwith ZIC to acquire the asset management business. Consequently, allthe schemes of Zurich Mutual Fund in India had been transferred toHDFC mutual fund and renamed as HDFC schemes.Here is a list of mutual funds of HDFC which includes Equity Funds,Balanced Funds and Debt Funds.
  24. 24. SAAB MARFIN MBAHDFC Securities, a trusted financial service provider promoted byHDFC Bank and JP Morgan Partners and their associates, is a leadingstock broking company in the country, serving a diverse customerbase of institutional and retail provides investors a robust platform to trade in Equitiesin NSE and BSE , and derivatives in NSE. Our website will support youwith the highest standards of service, convenience and hassle-freetrading tools.Our research team tracks the economy, industries and companies toprovide you the latest information and analysis. Our content offersfinancial information, analysis, investment guidance, news & views,and is designed to meet the requirements of everyone from a beginnerto a savvy and well-informed trader.HDFC Realty is a wholly owned subsidiary of HDFC. We have assistedindividuals in acquiring homes valued at 5000 million rupees.HDFC is a pioneer housing finance institution in India and with over 30years in operations has provided finance to over a million families inIndia.We are a team of real estate professionals facilitating Buying, Selling orLeasing of Residential / Commercial property.At HDFC Realty, we provide personalized attention to the individualsand corporates in their process of identifying properties. Fromunderstanding the requirement to organizing the site visits tocompletion of transaction, we make every effort to make the processof acquiring a property, hassle free and convenient.
  25. 25. SAAB MARFIN MBAMARKET SHAREHDFC Limited. HDFC is India’s leading housing finance institution and has helped build more than 23,00,000 houses since its incorporation in 1977. In Financial Year 2003-04 its assets under management crossed Rs. 36,000 Cr. As at March 31, 2004, outstanding deposits stood at Rs. 7,840 crores. The depositor base now stands at around 1 million depositors. Rated ‘AAA’ by CRISIL and ICRA for the 10th consecutive year Stable and experienced management
  26. 26. SAAB MARFIN MBA High service standards Awarded The Economic Times Corporate Citizen of the year Award for its long-standing commitment to community development. Presented the ‘Dream Home’ award for the best housing finance provider in 2004 at the third Annual Outlook Money Awards.Standard Life Group (Standard Life plc and its subsidiaries) The Standard Life group has been looking after the financial needs of customers for over 180 years It currently has a customer base of around 7 million people who rely on the company for their insurance, pension, investment, banking and health-care needs Its investment manager currently administers £125 billion in assets It is a leading pensions provider in the UK, and is rated by Standard & Poors as strong with a rating of A+ and as good with a rating of A1 by Moodys Standard Life was awarded the Best Pension Provider in 2004, 2005 and 2006 at the Money Marketing Awards, and it was voted a 5 star life and pensions provider at the Financial Adviser Service Awards for the last 10 years running . The 5 Star accolade has also been awarded to Standard Life Investments for the last 10 years, and to Standard Life Bank since its inception in 1998. Standard Life Bank was awarded the Best Flexible Mortgage Lender at the Mortgage Magazine Awards in 2006
  27. 27. SAAB MARFIN MBAOBJECTIVE Focus on the productivity of each consultant, corporate or individual, while stressing on the quality of proposals Quick roll out of Products Efficiency of Operations Meet Social & Rural sector obligationsOUR VISIONThe most successful and admired life insurance company, whichmeans that we are the most trusted company, the easiest to deal with,offer the best value for money, andset the standards in the industry’.The most obvious choice for all.OUR VALUESValues that we observe while we work: Integrity Innovation Customer centric People Care One for all and all for ones€ Teamwork Joy and Simplicity
  28. 28. SAAB MARFIN MBA M A J O R C O MP E T I T O R S O F H D F C S T A ND A R D L I F E Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) was established on 1September 1956 to spread the message of life insurance in the countryand mobilise people’s savings for nation-building activities. LIC withits central office in Mumbai and seven zonal offices at Mumbai,Calcutta, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kanpur and Bhopal, operatesthrough 100 divisional offices in important cities and 2,048 branchoffices. LIC has 5.59 lakh active agents spread over the country.The Corporation also transacts business abroad and has offices in Fiji,Mauritius and United Kingdom. LIC is associated with joint venturesabroad in the field of insurance, namely, Ken-India AssuranceCompany Limited, Nairobi; United Oriental Assurance CompanyLimited, Kuala Lumpur; and Life Insurance Corporation (International),E.C. Bahrain. It has also entered into an agreement with the Sun Life(UK) for marketing unit linked life insurance and pension policies inU.K.In 1995-96, LIC had a total income from premium and investments of$ 5 Billion while GIC recorded a net premium of $ 1.3 Billion. Duringthe last 15 years, LICs income grew at a healthy average of 10 percent as against the industrys 6.7 per cent growth in the rest of Asia(3.4 per cent in Europe, 1.4 per cent in the US).
  29. 29. SAAB MARFIN MBALIC has even provided insurance cover to five million people livingbelow the poverty line, with 50 per cent subsidy in the premium rates.LICs claims settlement ratio at 95 per cent and GICs at 74 per cent arehigher than that of global average of 40 per cent. Compounded annualgrowth rate for Life insurance business has been 19.22 per cent perannum General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC)The general insurance industry in India was nationalized and agovernment company known as General Insurance Corporation of India(GIC) was formed by the Central Government in November 1972. Witheffect from 1 January 1973 the erstwhile 107 Indian and foreigninsurers which were operating in the country prior to nationalization,were grouped into four operating companies, namely, (i) NationalInsurance Company Limited; (ii) New India Assurance Company Limited;(iii) Oriental Insurance Company Limited; and (iv) United IndiaInsurance Company Limited. (However, with effect from Dec2000,these subsidiaries have been de-linked from the parent company andmade as independent insurance companies). All the above foursubsidiaries of GIC operate all over the country competing with oneanother and underwriting various classes of general insurancebusiness except for aviation insurance of national airlines and cropinsurance which is handled by the GIC.
  30. 30. SAAB MARFIN MBABesides the domestic market, the industry is presently operating in 17countries directly through branches or agencies and in 14 countriesthrough subsidiary and associate companies.LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES Max New York Life Insurance Co. Ltd.Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture thatbrings together two large forces - Max India Limited, a multi-businesscorporate, together with New York Life International, a global expert inlife insurance. With their various Products and Riders, there are morethan 400 product combinations to choose from. They have a nationalpresence with a network of 57 offices in 37 cities across India. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd.ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company is a joint venture betweenICICI Bank, a premier financial powerhouse and prudential plc, aleading international financial services group headquartered in theUnited Kingdom. ICICI Prudential was amongst the first private sectorinsurance companies to begin operations in December 2000 afterreceiving approval from Insurance Regulatory Development Authority(IRDA). The company has a network of about 56,000 advisors; as wellas 7 banc assurance and 150 corporate agent tie-ups. Om Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  31. 31. SAAB MARFIN MBAKotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd. is a joint venturebetween Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. (KMBL), and Old Mutual plc. Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Ltd.Birla Sun Life Insurance Company is a joint venture between AdityaBirla Group and Sun Life financial Services of Canada. Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Ltd. SBI Life Insurance Company Limited ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Private Limited Allianz Bajaj Life Insurance Company Ltd. Metlife India Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd. AMP SANMAR Assurance Company Ltd. Dabur CGU Life Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd.GENERAL INSURANCE1. Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company LimitedThe joint venture bringing together Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance andSundaram Finance Limited started its operations from March 2001.The company is Head Quartered at Chennai, and has two RegionalOffices, one at Mumbai and another one at New Delhi.2. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company LimitedBajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venturebetween Bajaj Auto Limited and Allianz AG of Germany. Both enjoy areputation of expertise, stability and strength.
  32. 32. SAAB MARFIN MBABajaj Allianz General Insurance received the Insurance Regulatory andDevelopment Authority (IRDA) certificate of Registration (R3) on May2nd, 2001 to conduct General Insurance business (including HealthInsurance business) in India. The Company has an authorized and paidup capital of Rs 110 crores. Bajaj Auto holds 74% and the remaining26% is held by Allianz, AG, Germany.3. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company LimitedICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venturebetween ICICI Bank Limited and the US-based $ 26 billion FairfaxFinancial Holdings Limited. ICICI Bank is Indias second largest bank,while Fairfax Financial Holdings is a diversified financial corporateengaged in general insurance, reinsurance, insurance claimsmanagement and investment management.Lombard Canada Ltd, a group company of Fairfax Financial HoldingsLimited, is one of Canadas oldest property and casualty insurers. ICICILombard General Insurance Company received regulatory approvals tocommence general insurance business in August 2001.4. Cholamandalam General Insurance Company Ltd.Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Limited (Chola-MS) isa joint venture of the Murugappa Group & Mitsui Sumitomo.Chola-MS commenced operations in October 2002 and has issuedmore than 1.4 lakh policies in its first calendar year of operations. Thecompany has a pan-Indian presence with offices in Chennai,
  33. 33. SAAB MARFIN MBAHyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Pune, Indore,Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Vizag.5. TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd. is a joint venture company,formed from the Tata Group and American International Group, Inc.(AIG). Tata AIG combines the strength and integrity of the Tata Groupwith AIGs international expertise and financial strength. The TataGroup holds 74 per cent stake in the two insurance ventures while AIGholds the balance 26 per cent stake.Tata AIG General Insurance Company, which started its operations inIndia on January 22, 2001, offers the complete range of insurance forautomobile, home, personal accident, travel, energy, marine, propertyand casualty, as well as several specialized financial lines.6. Reliance General Insurance Company Limited.7. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd8. Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Ltd.9. HDFC-Chubb General Insurance Co. Ltd.STRENGHSFinancial ExpertiseAs a joint venture of leading financial services groups, hdfc standardlife has the financial expertise required to manage your long-terminvestments safely and efficiently.
  34. 34. SAAB MARFIN MBARange of SolutionsWe have a range of individual and group solutions, which can be easilycustomised to specific needs. Our group solutions have been designedto offer you complete flexibility combined with a low chargingstructure.Track Record so farOur gross premium income, for the year ending March 31, 2008 stoodat Rs. 4,859 crores and new business premium income stood at Rs.2,685 crores.The company has covered over 9,59,000 lives year ending March 31,2008.Products of HDFC standard life insurance Indivisual Group SocialIndividual ProductsWe at HDFC Standard Life realize that not everyone has the same kindof needs. Keeping this in mind, we have a varied range of Productsthat you can choose from to suit all your needs. These will help secureyour future as well as the future of your family.Protection PlansYou can protect your family against the loss of your income or theburden of a loan in the event of your unfortunate demise, disability orsickness. These plans offer valuable peace of mind at a small price.
  35. 35. SAAB MARFIN MBAOur Protection range includes our Term Assurance Plan & Loan CoverTerm Assurance Plan.Investment PlansOur Single Premium Whole Of Life plan is well suited to meet your longterm investment needs. We provide you with attractive long termreturns through regular bonuses.Pension PlansOur Pension Plans help you secure your financial independence evenafter retirement.Our Pension range includes our Personal Pension Plan, Unit LinkedPension, Unit Linked Pension PlusSavings PlansOur Savings Plans offer you flexible options to build savings for yourfuture needs such as buying a dream home or fulfilling your childrenimmediate and future needs.Our Savings range includes Endowment Assurance Plan, Unit LinkedEndowment, Unit Linked Endowment Plus, Unit Linked Endowment PlusII, Money Back,Unit Linked Enhanced Life Protection II, Childrens Plan, Unit LinkedYoung Star,Unit Linked Young Star Plus, Unit Linked Young Star Plus II.Group ProductsOne-stop shop for employee-benefit solutionsHDFC Standard Life has the most comprehensive list of products forprogressive employers who wish to provide the best and mostinnovative employee benefit solutions to their employees. We offerdifferent products for different needs of employers ranging from term
  36. 36. SAAB MARFIN MBAinsurance plans for pure protection to voluntary plans such assuperannuation and leave encashment.We now offer the following group products to our esteemed corporateclients: Group Term Insurance Group Variable Term Insurance Group Unit-Linked PlanAn investment solution that provides funding vehicle to managecorpuses with Gratuity, Defined Benefit or Defined ContributionSuperannuation or Leave Encashment schemes of your companyAlso suitable for other employee benefit schemes such as salary savingschemes and wealth management schemesSocial ProductDevelopment insurance planDevelopment Insurance plan is an insurance plan which provides lifecover to members of a Development Agency for a term of one year. Onthe death of any member of the group insured during the year of cover,a lump sum is paid to those member beneficiaries to help meet someof the immediate financial needs following their loss.Eligibility Members of the development agency and their spouses with: Minimum age at the start of the policy 18 years last birthday Maximum age at the start of policy 50 years last birthdayEmployees of the Development Agency are not eligible to join thegroup. The group to be covered is only eligible if it contains more than500 members.Premium Payments
  37. 37. SAAB MARFIN MBAThe premium to be paid will be quoted per member in the group andwill be the same for all members of the group.The premium can only be paid by the Development Agency as a singlelump sum that includes all premiums for the group to be covered.Cover will not start until the premium and all the member informationin our specified format has been receivedThe premium rate is Rs. 25 per Rs. 10,000 of lump sum, per member.BenefitsOn the death of each member covered by the policy during the year ofcover a lump sum equal to the sum assured will be paid to theirbeneficiaries or legal heirs. Where the death is as a result of anaccident, an additional lump sum will be paid equal to half the sumassured. There are no benefits paid at the end of the year of cover andthere is no surrender value available at any time.The role of the Development AgencyDue to the nature of the groups covered, HDFC Standard Life will bepassing certain administrative tasks onto the Development Agency. Bypassing on these tasks the premium charged can be lower. Thesetasks would include: Submission of member data in a specified computer format Collection of premiums from group members Recording changes in the details of group members Disbursement of claim payments and the mortality rebate (if any) to group members.These tasks would be in addition to the usual duties of a policyholdersuch as: Payment of premiums Reporting of claims Keeping policy holder information up to date
  38. 38. SAAB MARFIN MBA Training and support will be available to give guidance on how to complete the tasks appropriately.Since these additional tasks will impose a burden on the DevelopmentAgency, the Development Agency may charge a Rs. 10 administrationfee to their members.Prohibition of rebatesSection 41 of the Insurance Act, 1938 statesNo person shall allow or offer to allow, either directly or indirectly, asan inducement to any person to take out or renew or continue aninsurance in respect of any kind of risk relating to lives or property inIndia, any rebate of the whole or part of the commission payable orany rebate of the premium shown on the policy, nor shall any persontaking out or renewing or continuing a policy accept any rebate,except such rebate as may be allowed in accordance with thepublished prospectus or tables of the insurerIf any person fails to comply with sub regulation (previous point)above, he shall be liable to payment of a fine which may extend torupees five hundred