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Dabur company market over wive ppt @ bec bagalkot mba BY BABASAB PATIL

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Dabur company market over wive ppt

  1. 1. Dabur Company
  2. 2. Dabur Company
  3. 3. Industry Introduction FMCG , it is an acronym for Fast Moving Consumer goods industry primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval.
  4. 4. FMCG industry economy FMCG industry provides a wide range of consumables and accordingly the amount of money circulated against FMCG products is also very high. The competition among FMCG manufacturers is also growing and as a result of this, investment in FMCG industry is also increasing, specifically in India, where FMCG industry is regarded as the fourth largest sector with total market size of US$13.1 billion. FMCG Sector in India is estimated to grow 60% by 2010. FMCG industry is regarded as the largest sector in New Zealand.
  5. 5.  Common FMCG products Some common FMCG product categories include food and dairy products, glassware, paper products, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, packaged food products, plastic goods, printing and stationary, household products, photography, drinks etc. and some of the examples of FMCG products are coffee, tea, dry cells, greeting cards, gifts, detergents, tobacco and cigarettes, watches, soaps etc.
  6. 6.  Market potentiality of FMCGindustrythe merits of FMCG industry, which made  Some of this industry as a potential one are low operational cost, strong distribution networks, presence of renowned FMCG companies. Population growth is another factor which is responsible behind the success of this industry
  7. 7. Leading FMCG companies Some of the well known FMCG companies are Dabur, Nestlé, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca- Cola, Pepsi etc.
  8. 8. Job opportunities inwide range of job  FMCG industry creates a FMCG industry opportunities. This industry is a stable, diverse, challenging and high profile industry providing a wide range of job categories like sales, supply chain, finance, marketing, operations, purchasing, human resources, product development, general management.
  9. 9. COMPANY INTRODUCTION Dabur India Limited made its beginning with a small pharmacy in Kolkata in 1884 .Dr S.K.Burman Dabur India Ltd is fourth largest company in India with interest in Health care, personal care and food products. For Dabur company nature is lifeline of their business. Hence to produce their products it always .User ayurvedic and natural methods. Dabur work in active collaboration with nature to provide the best of herbal health and personal care products its consumers. Having a history of 125 years. 
  10. 10.  Mission statement of Dabur “being a leader in the natural foods beverages industry and aims in offering quality products and distributors higher returns to stake holders” Vision statement of Dabur “Dedicated to the health and well being of every household”
  11. 11. OBJECTIVE OF DABUROwnership They accept personal responsibility and accountability to meet business needs. Passion for winning They are leaders in the area of responsibility with deep commitment to derive result. They are determined be the most at doing what matters most. People development People are most important asset. They add value through result driven training and encourage reward excellenceConsumer focus Having a superior understanding consumer needs and develop products to full fill better. 
  12. 12. Team work They work together on the principle of mutual trust and transparency in boundaryless in advocating proposals including recognizing risk. Innovation Continuous innovation in product and process is the basis of their success. Integrity They are committed achievement and business success with consumers with business partners and with each others. 
  13. 13. Products of DaburHealth care Health supplements  Chwanprash, Honey Oral care Dabur lal manjan ,Red tooth paste Digestive  Hajmola Personal care Hair care Dabur Amla Hair oil, vatika coconut oil vatika black shine shampoo Vatika dandruff controller Skin care  Dabur gulabi rose water, dabur moistures, dabur uveda Cream dabur uveda moistures    
  14. 14. Food products Real active juice , burrsl homemade,lemoneezand capsicoHome care Dazzil ,Odnos ,Odonil nature ,Odopic Sanifre
  15. 15. 1.Health Care I Health SupplimentBRAND CORE NEED AUXILLARY NEEDa) Dabur Strengthens body’s 1. Protection fromChawan prash Immunity system infections like cold cough 2. Totally chemical free , natural and safe.b) Dabur Honey Health and fittness Replacement for the sugar or substitute for sugar
  16. 16. Dubar Honey
  17. 17. 2) ORAL CAREBRAND CORE NEED AUXILLARY NEEDa) Dabur Red Tooth past Strong teeth 1. Prevents tooth ache 2. Kills harmful germs 3. Prevents bad breath.
  18. 18. 3) DigestiveBRAND CORE NEED AUXILLARY NEEDa) Dabur Hajmula Stimulation of digestive 1. Increase appetite power 2. Controls dyspepsia
  19. 19. 2.Personal1.Hair careBRAND CORE NEED AUXILLARY NEEDa) Dabur Enrichments and 1. Provides healthy shiny hair . Amla strangeness 2. Beautiful hair . Hair oil to hairb) Dabur Provides natural 1. Makes hair strong . Vatika Nourishment 2. Better Dandruff control. Enriched coconut oilc) Dabur Maintances the 1. Incredible shine Vatika black color of hair 2. No harm full chemicals black shine shampood) Dabur Remove Dandruff 1. Prevents resume of dandruff. Vatika Dandruff 2. Removes dandruff without causing any Control dandruff hair. 3. Provides beautiful hair.
  20. 20. 2. Skin CareBRAND CORE NEED AUXILLARY NEEDDabur leveda *Provides complete fairness 1. Makes the skin lightscomplete fairness cream to skin and nourish it 2. Slows down melanin synthesis. 3. Provides glow to skin
  21. 21. 3.FoodBRAND CORE NEED AUXILLARY NEEDReal Nature Fresh (mixed Provides Nutrition to kids Provides energy which is equalFruit Juice) and other people to one time meal.Real active Juice Provides energy and 1. No added suger,color and improve our health and presser votives . lifestyle 2. Can be used by diabetic patients occasionally .
  22. 22. 4.Home CareBRAND CORE NEED AUXILLARY NEEDa. Dazzl Superior Cleaning 1. Disinfectant floor cleaner. 2. Removes dirt and gives sparks to floorb. Odonil Keeps the home fresh and 1. Transform the. Air freshner provides good small. mood of family members
  23. 23. PUNCH LINES & BRAND AMBASSADORSI. Health Care2) Health SupplimentDabur Chawanprash Punch line: ”TWO SPOONS A DAY HELP KEEP ILLNESS AWAY”Brand Ambassodr: “maHEnDar SInG DHonI”
  24. 24. Dabur Honey Punch Line:  “      “ Brand Amabassador:                           “amITabaCHHan & maHEnDra SInG DHonI “
  25. 25. ORAL CAREDabur red toothpaste Punch Line:  “KEEP DENTAL PROBLEMS  AWAY“                        
  26. 26. DigestiveDabur Hajmula Punch Line:     “HAJMOLA KA CHATAKARA KARE KHANA COMPLET”
  27. 27. Personal1.Hair care Dabur Amla Hair oil Punch Line: “ZYADA LAMHE ZYADA MAZBOOT ZYADA KHUBSOORAT BAAL” Brand Amabassador: Rani Mukarjee
  28. 28. PersonalDabur Vatika Enriched coconut oil Punch Line: “PROOF HAI BETTER HAI” Brand Amabassador: Geneliya D. Souza
  29. 29. PersonalDabur Vatika black shine shampoo Punch Line: Brand Amabassador:
  30. 30. 2.PersonalDabur Vatika Dandruff Control Punch Line:” REMOVES DANDRUFF LOVES HAIR” Brand Amabassador: Preeti Zinta
  31. 31. Skin CareDabur uveda complete fairness cream Punch Line: “ “ Brand Amabassador: Vidya Balan
  32. 32. FoodReal Nature Fresh (Mixed Fruit Juice) Punch Line: : “ MY REAL FRUIT POWER” Brand Amabassador:
  33. 33. FoodReal active Juice Punch Line: “ I AM ACTIVE ” Brand Amabassador:
  34. 34. Home CareDazzl Punch Line: Brand Amabassador: ‘ Smruti Irani ‘
  35. 35. Home CareOdonil Air freshner Punch Line: “ MOOD BADAL DE “ Brand Amabassador:
  36. 36. InDuSTry CompETITorSDABUR HLL(Hindustan Uniliver Limited) P&G(Proctle &Gamble)
  38. 38. BRAND COMPETITORSDABUR BRANDS OTHER COMPETITIVE BRANDSHAIR CAREVatika EnrichedCoconut OilVatika Black Shine Sunsilk, Pantene, ClinicShampoo Plus.Vatika Dandruff Head and Shoulders.Control.
  39. 39. BRAND COMPETITORSDABUR BRANDS OTHER COMPETITIVE BRANDSSKIN CAREDabur Uveda Fair and Lovely FairnessFairness Cream Cream.
  40. 40. BRAND COMPETITORSDABUR BRANDS OTHER COMPETITIVE BRANDSFOOD CAREReal Nature Fresh Kissan Fruit JuiceReal Active Juice Tajmahal tea, Broke Bond tea, BRU-Coffee.
  41. 41. BRAND COMPETITORSDABUR BRANDS OTHER COMPETITIVE BRANDSHOME CAREDazzl. Domex, Cif, Mr-CleanOdonil air fresher. Febreze.
  42. 42. COMPETITORS OBJECTIVESHUL(Hindustan Unilever Limited)  Ensure safety of its products and operations for the environment by using standards of environmental safety, which are scientifically sustainable and commonly acceptable. · Develop, introduce company to meet the company standards as well as statutory requirements for environment. Verify compliance with these standards through regular auditing. · Assess environmental impact of all its activities and set annual improvement objectives and targets and review these to ensure that these are being met at the individual unit and corporate levels.
  43. 43. COMPETITORS OBJECTIVES · Involve all employees in the implementation of this Policy and provide appropriate training. Provide for dissemination of information to employees on environmental objectives and performance through suitable communication networks. · Encourage suppliers and co-packers to develop and employ environmentally superior processes and ingredients and co- operate with other members of the supply chain to improve overall environmental performance. · Work in partnership with external bodies and Government agencies to promote environmental care, increase understanding of environmental issues and disseminate good practice. 
  44. 44. COMPETITORS OBJECTIVESp&G([proCTlE anD GamblE)objECTIvESIntegrety They always try to do the right things. they are honest and straight forward with each other. They operate within the spirit of law and uphold the values and principles of P&G every action and decisionLeadership They all are leaders in area of responsibility. They have a clear vision. They focus their resources to achieve leadership objectives and strategiesOwnership They all act like owners treating the companies assets as their own & behaving with the companies long-term success in mind.
  45. 45. COMPETITORS OBJECTIVESPassion for Winning They are determined to be the best at doing what matters most. They have a compelling desire to improve and to win in the marketplace.Trust They respect P&G colleagues, customers and consumers. They have confidence in each others capabilities and intentions. They believe that people work best when there is a foundation of trust. Innovation They place great value on new consumer innovations.
  46. 46. Competitor strengths and weaknessHul(HInDuSTan unIlEvEr lImITED)Strengths HUL’s distribution n/w is covering over 3400 distributors & 16 million outlets. This helps them to maintain heavy volumes. HUL has been continuously able to grow at a rate more than growth rate for FMCG sector.
  47. 47. CONTD…..Weakness HUL’s market dominance, originating from its extensive rich and strong brand presence , allowed it to raise the prices even as raw materials were getting cheaper. They are trying to cut down their cost in order to protect their volumes.
  48. 48. CONTD…..P&G([proCTlE anD GamblE)Strengths  Leading Market Position Diversified and innovative product Portfolio Strong Finances in past years        SWOT analysis-Weaknesses  Quality control Problem  Decreased Revenues in their Northeast Asian Market
  49. 49. Decide whom to attack & whom to avoid (S-Strong-Weak-Closed-Distant-Good-Bad)Competitor S W C D G B Attack Avoid HUL - - - - √ - √ -Justisification:                          As reference to brand competitors for most of th                          dabur brand they are providing substitutes with                           equal features, so, that wise HUF are strong,                          close & good competitors for Dabur.
  50. 50. Competitor S W C D G B Attack Avoid P&G √ - - - - - √ -Justification: As considering P & G brands in Indian market there are only few brands are there which competes with dabur brands so, we assume that P & G weak, distant & good competitors.
  51. 51. Four P’s of DaburPRODUCT PRICE PLACE OR PROMOTION DISTRIBUTIO N CHANNEL1.Dabur minimum                                  Manufacturer  TV commercials        0.50 paisa       Newspapersprice  POP Display  a) Candy      Wholesaler  Wall Painting  Video Vans  Sales Proportions       Retailer         Consumer
  52. 52. Four P’s of Daburb)Chawanprash Rs.695 (with  Manufacturer  TV commercials shipping)  Newspapers  POP Display    Wholesaler  Wall Painting  Video Vans        Agents       Sales Proportions      Retailers   
  53. 53. Market Share of Dabur OTHERS 1 % 68% CCD
  54. 54.  Pricing Strategy :      Dabur  implented value based, cost based,compitator      based  pricing stragies. Value based:             pricing is done based on companies     image in the        market.       Ex:chwanprash Cost based:            pricing is done based on cost of production.      Ex: hajmola. Competitor based:            pricing is done based on competitors.      Ex: vatika dandruff control shampoo. 
  55. 55. F ACTORS INFLUENCING BUYING BEHAVIOURFACTORS HIGH/ME JUSTIFICATION DIUM/LO W IMPACTCultural factors High  As dabur company is based on “ayurvedic  impact and natural” methods. Ayurvedic is  basically from and Indians believe that  method.Social factors High  Dabur is having a history of 125 years.  impact It’s a well known  and old company in the  society, and  as company’s vision is to  provide the well being of society.
  56. 56. Personal factors High  Dabur products are categorized into   impact oral care, hair care, skin care, health  care, food, home care, which mainly  concentrate on children, old age  people, women’s teenagers etc.  company is promoting it’s products  through famous celebrities like amitab  bachhan, dhoni,rani mukharjee etc.Pschycological  Medium  Dabur is old, and well known factors impact company, mainly it is ayurvedic based. Dabur is international company  customer has trust on dabur company.
  57. 57. BUYING DECISION PROCESS  This is important for anyone making marketing decisions. It forces the marketer to consider the whole buying process.
  59. 59. Need recognition: First basic need of purchasing is to be identified. Ex: to purchase a vatika dandruff control shampoo basic need is dandruff controlling.Information search: Through information sources like, retailers, suppliers, family, friends, dealers, advertise etc.
  60. 60. Evaluation of alternatives:                              Evaluation of substitutes for purchasing product.                              Ex: for vatika dandruff control shampoo substitutes are                              head & shoulders, clinic all-clear etcPurchase:                            After evaluating all alternative products customer choos                            best alternative which fulfills his/her  need.Post-purchase evaluation:                                                               Experience of customer after using product.                                              Depending his/her experience,                                customer may or may not satisfied. 
  61. 61. Conclusion Nature is the lifeline of Dabur company. Dabur works in active collaboration with nature to provide the best of ayurvedic ,herbal health and personal care products to its consumers. They define their business in ways that provide societal, environmental, and economic benefits to the communities and Geographic’s where they operate.