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  • 1. consumer behavior towards opinion Leadership.
  • 2. Definition :-
    • “ It is the process by which one person influences the action or attitude of others, who may be opinion seekers.”
    • Word of Mouth is …
    • The voice of the customer
    • A natural, genuine, honest process
    • People seeking advice from each other
    • Consumers talking about products, services, or brands they have experienced.
  • 3. Medium for word of Mouth :-
    • Verbal encounters
    • SMS
    • emails
    • web-based communication. occurring in blogs, chat session
    • VoIP communications
  • 4. Types of Word of Mouth Marketing:-
    • Buzz Marketing:
    • Viral Marketing:
    • Community Marketing:
    • Cause Marketing:
    • Referral Programs:
  • 5. Unethical Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies:-
    • Stealth Marketing:
    • Shilling:
    • Infiltration:
    • Spam :
    • Falsification:
  • 6. Word-of-mouth marketing :-
    • Word of mouth generates sales in a cost-effective way.
    • People don't spread the word for pay or favors — if they love your product, they'll do it for free.
    • Invite people to discuss your product or service through company blogs or other communication methods
  • 7. Examples:-
    • Doctors:-
    • Google:-
  • 8.
    • Microsoft:-
  • 9. Planned and Current Use of WOM
  • 10. What’s Preventing Businesses from Creating WOM Plans ?
    • No metrics in place to evaluate its effectiveness.
    • How to integrate WOM into existing marketing efforts?
    • No staff experience.
    • Budget constrains.
  • 11. Few Products Currently Marketed using WOM strategies:-
    • Nokia Phones, Films, TV shows, Video Games, Albums:-
    • Softwares :-
    • Hair-care products:-
    • New jewelry line/brand:-
  • 12. Conclusion:-
    • WOM facilitative co creation of marketing messages will be the new standard of success. WOM marketing is changing the impact, reach and effectiveness of advertising by giving organizations access to information about customer needs.
    • Gone are the days when the silent consumer can’t communicate anything meaningful about themselves or their product, service or brand experiences.
  • 13.
    • "Everyone lives by selling something." Human voice is Clear, honest and accurate communication. Use it for better marketing of products.