Absenteeism and job satisfaction at metcut tooling ltd project report mba hr


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Absenteeism and job satisfaction at metcut tooling ltd project report mba hr

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Absenteeism and job satisfaction at metcut tooling ltd project report mba hr

  1. 1. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI : INDEX:1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY2. INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY a. Status Evaluation of the Company b. Company Profile c. Objectives of the Company d. Appreciation and Awards e. Future planes3. OUT LINE OF THE STUDY a. Scope of the study b. Objective of the study c. Methodology4. DEPATMENTS STUDY a. Organization Chart5. ABSENTEEISM a. Meaning of Absenteeism b. Types of Absenteeism c. Features of Absenteeism d. Reasons for Absenteeism e. Effects of Absenteeism f. Measures to control the Absenteeism g. Objectives BABASAB PATIL
  2. 2. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI h. Methodology6. JOB-SATISFACTION a. Meaning of Job-satisfaction b. Concept of Job-satisfaction c. Determinants of Job-satisfaction d. Facilities provided to employees e. Important deduction7. QUESTIONARRIE8. LIMITATION9. SUGGESION10. CONCLUSION11. BIBILOGRAFHY BABASAB PATIL
  3. 3. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI 1) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report consists of the detailed study of “Absenteeism and Employee Satisfaction“, having consisted all other required information like policies followed by the company andobject of the study etc. This project report attempts a detailed examination of the “Absenteesim and EmployeeSatisfaction “. This project report tries to explain the manufacturing process of the company. This report covers the introduction of the company, future plan of the company;finding found by me and ends with conclusion and annxures.2) INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY: In the beginning of 1980, a Visionary with the aim to provide total tooling solution toIndia machine tools and Automobiles Industry launched the mission to excels inmanufacturing Carbide Cutting Tools “Metcut” as its flagship company in 1981. The nit is professionally managed company engaged in the manufacturing of“Standard And Nonstandard of Tungsten Carbide” product in metal cutting fields i.e. solidcarbide, Brazed Carbide and Solid Carbide Lugged type. The company has been certified forISO 9001:2000 by RWTUV, Germany. The demand of manufacturing industries in the last decades led to the development ofimproved vision of machines tools, cuttings tool and production process. The cutting toolsare one of the important elements in realizing the full potential of machine tools to producecomponent at a cheaper rate to the international standard of quality. This forced the companyto develop new customaries products and deliver at shortest period. BABASAB PATIL
  4. 4. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI Thank to the visionary leader who is running a successful company, with smartstrategies in booming economy, richly laddered with the opportunities, established a newplant with highly sophistic machineries and equipments with beautiful landscaping aroundthe green fields, swanky office space, intelligent looking always very busy to meet the goalsin visage in the various do document. i) STATUS EVALUATION OF THE COMPANY Name of the Company : Metcut Tooling Pvt. Ltd. Address : Metcut Toolings Plot No 18-23, KIADB Area Rayapur DWD----580009 Type of the Unit : Small medium scale unit Constitution : Private Ltd. Company Year of establishment : 1981 Name of the proprietor : Shree S. J. Shetty Products : Brazed Carbide Solid carbide Lugged Carbide Brand Name : METCUT Production Capacity : 3000 Tools per month. Website : www.metcutindia.com. E-mail : mrtcut@Sancharnet.in BABASAB PATIL
  5. 5. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI Man power : Total Workers— Skilled Semi skilled Un-skilled Administrative Staff Machinery Used : The industry is using around 24 machines and 13 inspections equipment which are working at different level of process. ii) COMPANY PROFILE Metcut Toolings Pvt. Ltd is one of the Pioneer carbide cutting tools manufacturers inIndia. The unit is a professionally managed small medium scale industry engaged in Designand Manufacture of Tungsten carbide products in metal cutting field. The unit is established in the year 1981 has now, sophisticated Indigenous productionfacilities enabled to produce the Hi-tech products ranging from conventional machine toolapplication to CNC machining and turning centers. The company is situated at KIADB, Industrial Area, Rayapur, and Dharwad the cityis well connected by Rail, Road and Air. Our client base is vast and includes major Automobile sectors like Mahindra andMahindra, Bajaj, Hero Honda and Government sectors including DefenseUnits. BABASAB PATIL
  6. 6. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI Metcut has Established, Implemented and Maintaining a Document QualityManagement System in accordance with requirements of ISO-9001: 2000 standard in orderto enhance customer satisfaction on a continuous. iii) OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPANY “To manufacture and supply quality products at right time to the total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and improved technology to achieve market leadership.” “VISION” “Reducing cost, critical as it seems is not the most important part of the challenges we face. Our larger responsibility as businessman is to act in the spirit of entrepreneurship. “MISSION” “Manufacturing Carbide Cutting Tools with “Metcut” at its Flagship Company. iv) APPRECIATION AND AWARD The company has own many awards and prizes. One among the esteemed awards like. BABASAB PATIL
  7. 7. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI AWARDS YEAR 1) Udyoga Patra Award ___ 1994 2) S. B. I – Project Uptech ___ 2002 Quality Award 3) Indira Priyadarshini ___ 2004 Excellency Award 3) DEPARTMENT STUDY: ORGANISATION STUDY Managing Director (MD) Director OperationMarketing Designing Planning & Production Quality Procurement BABASAB PATIL
  8. 8. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI • ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT Administration department means maintaining or recording the information aboutadministration like attendance, salary and behavior of the employees. THE FUNCTIONS OF THIS DEPARTMENT ARE: 1. Recording the attendance of staff and workers. 2. Salary/wages drown recorded regularly. 3. To maintain discipline in to firm. 4. Punctuality, regularity and behavior are maintained. 5. Co-ordinating factor between all the departments. 6. Maintenance of Important documents. • FINANCE DEPARTMENT Finance department provides information about finance required to run the businessor firm. And gives information about the amount required for other purpose.The company requires Rs.2, 15, 00,000/- as working capital. The company takes the financialhelp from the SBI bank. The point should be remembered by the finance manager are asfollows. 1. Working capital allotted should be properly maintained. 2. Payments are analyzed appropriate to the target set by the management. 3. Collections are also analyzed in advance. 4. Economize the expenses. BABASAB PATIL
  9. 9. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI • HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENTRULES & REGULATION SHOULD BE FOLLOWED BY THE EMPLOYEE ARE;An employee shall carry out his work diligently and to the best of his ability. 1. An employee must devote his full time attention, exclusive to the business and interest of his employee. 2. An employee has to abide by the service rules, office order or instruction of his superior. 3. An employee will observe safety norms. 4. An employee shall strictly observe safety regulation including fire prevention. 5. An employee will have to work at any place, branch department or shift as directed by the employer. An employee shall not deliberately make false statement or misrepresent the facts. 6. An employee shall not misuse any leave, privilege or other concession or benefit for the time being in force. RULES AND REGULATION SHOULD BE FOLLOWD BY THE EMPLOYER; 1. The employer must give the amount according to the minimum wages as per labour law. 2. Employer should take only 8hourse duty from employee. 3. If it is more he has to give more money (double the wages per hour). 4. He should be given some rest after 6 days of work. 5. He should be given medical compensation (ESI). 6. 1.75% his own contribution is deducted from his total salary and company has to bare 4.75%. BABASAB PATIL
  10. 10. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI • PURCHASE DEPARTMENT In the purchase department there are two workers are their. The amount required topurchase the raw materials is 25 to 30 lakes. Major raw materials: • Tungsten Carbide rods. • Tungsten Carbide tips. • Tungsten Carbide flats. • Alloy Steel. • Silver foil. For carbide tips, carbide rods, silver foils quotations are received and orders aregiven on yearly schedule and finalized the rates of materials from the vendors. Consumable items: • Diamond Resins • Silver flux • Silicon Cuboids Objectives of the purchase department are: • Procure the material at right time with right quantity to promote the raw materials. • To fill the requirement of end consumer. • Purchase department has to be in regular touch/ follow up of the vendor. • Regular payment. • According to ISO min 3 to 4 quotations have to be recorded. BABASAB PATIL
  11. 11. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLIUser dept Stackable items Purchase Requisition Verification of approved Supplier list General Enquiry Receive quotation Evaluation Negotiation Finalization Issue of purchase order Receive materials Preparation GRR INSPECTIO OK N Rejection Returned to suppliers Stock BABASAB PATIL
  12. 12. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI • PLANNING DEPARTMENT The planning & procurement department will draw a route chart and issue the rawmaterial to the production department. The process of production will mention in the routechart. The drawings which are prepared by the design department, will give these drawings tothe planning dept. For the production process sufficient raw materials is required, so they willcheck the raw materials in the stores. If sufficient raw materials are available, thenproduction process will be starts. If stock is not available, they place order with thereregistered vendor only. • DESIGN DEPARTMENT The marketing department forwards the order copy to the design schedule. The designand development department will prepare the drawings and same will be given to planningand procurement department with certain specification & the things required along with rawmaterial required for the product in the from of “Bill of materials” for planning the rawmaterial required for production. • PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT The production department will process the tools. Production department gives thetools to Quality Assurance department along with drawings and rout charts. BABASAB PATIL
  13. 13. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL MAENING: Production planning strives to set the production targets & plans theavailability resources to translate these targets into realities. While the production Controlconstantly keeps a watchful eye on the production flow & use of resources along with thelocation, of any deviation from the present action & to arrange for the prompt adjustment. Sothat the productivity may run accordingly to the original revised schedules. OBJECTIVES: I. To implement the production plan by issuing necessary orders to the persons who are supposed to implement them. II. To ensure that the resource i.e. men, machines, materials method etc. which are required for the implementation of the production plans have been provided in the required quantity & quality, at proper place. III. To see that the person is carrying out the operations properly so that production plans may exempted according to the schedules. • QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTME The Quality assurance department inspects the tools for 100% necessary, if it isaccepted will be given to stores otherwise, the tools will be sent back to productiondepartment for attaining accuracy. BABASAB PATIL
  14. 14. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI The stores department, after receiving the tools prepares the invoices & dispatches thegoods to the customers. The contract review will be made by the marketing department tocheck the pending. • STORE DEPARTMENT The store department means storage of the finished product. It ready to sell the goodsto the market. Every organization contains this department. All the finished goods are storedin the room to preserve from damage. The goods in the storage house should be sufficient. It does not contains more thanthe it’s storage capacity. The store should be maintained a person who is authorized to dothat. • MARKETING DEPARTMENT The marketing department receives enquiries from customers through letter,telephone, or by the companies engineers visit the customers place. The department sendsquotations through e-mail if range specified by the customer matches with company range,otherwise, a regret letter is send to customers. The customers negotiates with the company for manufacturing range, price, quality &quantity then the order will be placed that is done by initially verbal orders, later on by directorders, fax or e-mail. Then the company compare the orders place with the quotations send tocustomers, if any, discrepancies, they will write to customers regarding the same will getamended purchase order. After receipt of purchase order, contract review is made & ordersAcceptance is sent to customer. BABASAB PATIL
  15. 15. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI : ABSENTEEISM:  MEANING OF THE ABSENTEEISM ; “The failure of a work to report for work when he is scheduled to work” According to Webster’s Dictionary “Absenteeism is the practice or habit of being anabsent and absentee is one that habitually shays away” Absenteeism is the total man shift lost because of absence as a percentage of the totalnumber of man-shifts scheduled to work.  TYPES OF ABENTEEISM ; Absenteeism is of four types they are as follows 1. Authorized Absenteeism : If an employee absents himself from work by taking permission from his superior and applying for leave, such absenteeism is called as authorized absenteeism. 2. Unauthorized Absenteeism : If an employee absents himself from work without informing taking permission and without applying for leave, such absenteeism is called unauthorized absenteeism. 3. Willful Absenteeism : If an employee absents himself from duty willful, such absenteeism BABASAB PATIL
  16. 16. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI is called as willful absenteeism. 4. Absenteeism Caused by Circumstances beyond One’s Control : If an employee absents himself from duty owing to the circumstances beyond his control like involving in accidents or sudden Sickness, such absenteeism is called absenteeism caused by circumstances Beyond one’s control. FEATURES OF ABSENTEEISM ; 1. The rate of absenteeism is the lowest on pay day; it increases considerably on the days following the payment of wags and bonus. 2. Absenteeism is generally high among the workers below 25 years of age and those above 40 years of age. 3. Absenteeism is traditional industries is seasonal in character. 4. The rate of absenteeism varies from department to department within an organization. Generally, it is high production department. 5. In India absenteeism is seasonal in character. 6. Absenteeism is more in case of females as compared to males. 7. The percentage of absenteeism is generally higher in the night shifting then in the day shifts. REASONS FOR ABSENTEEISM ; 1. The workers may find it difficult to adjust with new environment. 2. Lack of commitment to work. 3. Strict disciplines and orders which workers may not be able to understand. BABASAB PATIL
  17. 17. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI 4. Excessive hours of work, natural fatigue, monotonous job, irritation and untolerable work conditions etc. 5. Inadequate leave facilities and transfer etc. 6. Social and religious ceremonies at home or to attend ceremonies at relative’s house. 7. Sickness of employee or his kiths and kinds prevents him from attending work. 8. Improper and unrealistic personnel policies i.e. if unskilled untrained and inexperienced workers are recruited they find it difficult to cope up with their work. 9. If the workers conditions of the company are poor, the workers cannot adjust themselves with the company working conditions. Then they prefer to study way from worker. 10. Lower levels of wages or poor wages are quite inadequate to meet the basic needs of the employees. So they may join other part time duties. EFFECTS OF ABSENTEEISM ; 1. It affects the efficiency of workers. 2. Reduction in productivity. 3. Quality and quantity of worker is bound to be affected by high rate of absenteeism. 4. It forces the organization to maintain some amt of surplus labours in the organization. 5. If a worker absents himself for a long period, his income may be affected and even he may lose his job resulting in great hardship to him. 6. Social and religious functions divert the worker’s attention from the work. 7. The industrial fatigue compels workers to remain outside the work place. 8. Unsatisfactory housing condition at the work place. BABASAB PATIL
  18. 18. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI 9. The improper and unrealistic personnel result in employee dissatisfaction. The dissatisfied employee in turn prefers to be away from the work. 10. Workers mostly prefer to spend money on the consumption of liquor and enjoyment after getting the wages. Therefore, the rate of absenteeism is more during the first week of every month.  MEASURES TO CONTROL THE ABSENTEEISM ; 1. The personnel management should encourage notification, especially in case of sickness when the duration of absence of likely to be long. 2. Labor welfare department should come forward to cancel the absenteeism and find out the proper reasons for absenteeism. 3. Should create the awareness regarding commitment and build work culture among employees. 4. In case of personnel and family problems leave should be granted liberally. 5. Regular employee should be rewarded. 6. Strict disciplinary actions should be imposed and punishments should be given to absentees. 7. Clear out recruitment policy should be made. 8. Healthy and hygienic condition for work should be provided. 9. Liberal grant of leave. 10. Provide proper education and training. 11. Maintain good and cordial relation with workers. 12. The management should understand the problem and needs of necessary steps to provide required facilities.  OBJECTIVES; The main objectives of the study are to know about the reasons, whichleads to absenteeism or which form the absenteeism. SUB-OJECTIVES BABASAB PATIL
  19. 19. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI 1. To study what workers want from the company to reduce their workers stress? 2. To study whether the workers are satisfied and proud to work in the Metcut. 3. To study about their nature of job. 4. And to know more support to reduce the work stress.  METHODOLOGY; The study method involves: I. Forming the objectives of the study base on the objectives determining the means of data collection. Collection of data through primary sources i.e. by survey. II. Analyzing the data. III. Manipulated the results. IV. Finally making some suggestions based on the manipulated results. : JOB SATISFACTION:  MEANING OF THE JOB SATISFACTION ; “The job satisfaction is the end of a person after performing a task. To the extent thata person’s job fulfills his dominant needs and in consistent with his expectation and values,the job will be satisfying. The feeling would be positive or negative depending upon whetherneed is satisfied or not”. According to Hoppock job satisfaction is “the combination of psychological,physiological and environment circumstances that causes a person to truthfully say “I amsatisfied with my job.” BABASAB PATIL
  20. 20. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI  CONCEPT OF JOB SATISFACTION ; Job satisfaction is different from motivation and morale. Motivation refers to thewillingness to work. Satisfaction, on the other hand, implies appositive emotional state.Moral implies a general attitude towards work and work environment. It is a groupphenomenon where as job satisfaction is an individuals feeling. Job satisfaction, on the contrary, is the end feeling which may influence subsequentbehavior. Thus, job satisfaction is an employee’s general attitude towards his job.  DETERMINENTS OF JOB SATISFACTION ; The various factors influencing job satisfaction may be classified into two categories. i) Environment factors. ii) Personal factors. ENVIRONMENT FACTORS; These factors relate to the work environment, main among which are asfollows. 1. Job content: According to Herzberg job content is suggested in terms of achievement, recognition, advancement, and the work itself tend to provide BABASAB PATIL
  21. 21. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI satisfaction but their absence does not cause dissatisfaction. Where the job less repetitive and there is verification in job content, job satisfaction tends to be higher. 2. Occupational Level: The higher the level of job in organizational hierarchy the greater the satisfaction of the individuals. This is bcz positions at higher levels are generally better paid, more challenging and provides greater freedom of operation. Such jobs carry greater prestige, self-control and need satisfaction. 3. Pay and Promotion: All other things being equal, higher pay and better opportunities for promotion lead to higher job satisfaction. 4. Work Group: Man is the social animal and likes to be associated with others interaction in the work group help to satisfy social and psychological needs and, there for, isolated workers tend to be dissatisfied. Job satisfaction is generally when an individual is accepted by his peers and he has high need for affiliation. 5. Supervision: Consideration supervision tends to improve job satisfaction of workers. A considerate superior personal interest in his subordinates and allows them to participate in the decision-making process. PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS; Personal life exercises a significant influence on job satisfaction.The mainelements is. 1. Age: Some research studies reveal a position correlation between age and job satisfaction. Workers in the advanced age group tend to be more satisfied probably because they have adjusted with their job condition. However, there is a sharp decline after a point perhaps because an individual aspires for better and more prestigious jobs in the later years of his life. BABASAB PATIL
  22. 22. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI2. Sex: One study revealed that women are less satisfied than men due to fewer job opportunities for females. But female workers may be more satisfied due to their lower occupational aspirations.3. Education Level: Generally more educated employees tend to be less satisfied with their job probably due to their higher job aspirations. However, research does not yield conclusive relationship between these two variables.4. Marital Status: The general impression is that married employees and employees having more dependents tend to be more dissatisfied due to their greater responsibilities. But such employees may be more satisfied because they value their jobs more than unmarried workers.5. Experience: Job satisfaction tends to increase with increasing years of. But it may decrease after 20 years of experience particularly among people who have not released their job expectations. THE FACILITY PROVIDED TO EMPLOYEES: The following are the some of the important facility provided to employees.  LEAVES: In Metcut, the following leaves are provided to employees. I. National holidays---5 II. Festival holidays----5 III. Sick leave IV. Earned leaves (1days for every 21 days physical works) V. Casual leave---------10 BABASAB PATIL
  23. 23. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI  WELFARE FACILITY: The company provides following welfare facility I. Medical service: The medical facility like hospitalization & other medical expenses are provided to employees & their relatives under ESIC. II. Loan facility: The Company provides loan to the employees at zero percent interest for some genuine reasons only. III. Advance: Advance salary / wages are paid to employees in some special occasions or emergency & is deducted from their salary/wages. IV. The company provides 2 sets of uniform and 2 pairs of shoes and shocks once in 2 years. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY:Time was one of the greatest of his research since the interview conducted during theleisure hours of the workers for the purpose of the interview. The time got was only onehour in which we had to cover maximum employees. I. Some of the employees were reluctant to answer because of their busy schedule. II. The sample size decided & selected may not be representing the true picture. IMPORTANT DEDUCTION;  PROVIDENT FUND: BABASAB PATIL
  24. 24. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI 12% of (BS+DA) are contributed by both employee & employer. The employer contribution is divided in to 8.33% towards pension fund & 3.67% towards provident fund. RATE OF CONTRIBUTION SCHEME EMPLOYEE’S EMPLOYER’S CENTRAL GVT.Provident fund 12% Amount>8.33% (incase where NilScheme contribution is 12% or 10%)Insurance Scheme Nil 0.5% NilPension Scheme Nil 8.33% (diverted out of provident 1.61% fund contrition)  PROFESSION TAX: All the employees getting more than Rs.3000/- salary have to pay professional tax to state Government. For rendering the profession. This is important to all the citizen of the India.  ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation): The employee earning less than Rs.6000/- salaries has to contribute to ESI fund for availing the benefits from ESI. The contributions are as follows. Employee: 1.75% of BS+DA+HRA Employer: 4.75% of BS+DA+HRA Total: 6.5%  CANTEEN COUPONS: BABASAB PATIL
  25. 25. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI All the employees will get the morning Tiffin, tea and evening tea areprovided by the company with free of cost without any deduction in the salary.There is no facility of lunch and dinner. MAINTAINING PERSONNEL RECORD: The office is mainly responsible for maintaing personal records ofindividuals employees the personal records consists is of “name, wage, scale,achievement, grade, marital status”etc these records are kept secret In Metcut companies the performance is the key factor considered bythe directors in promoting the employees to higher posts, the retirement is at theage of 65 years or 30 years of continuous service which ever is early.WORKING TIME:Shift----1: ---------7:30 am to 4 pmInterval ----------9:30 am to 9:40 amLunch ----------1:00 pm to 1:30 pmShift----2: ---------4:00 am to 12:30 noonsInterval ----------6:30 pm to 6:40 pmDinner -----------8:30 pm to 9:00 pmShift----3: ----------12:30 noon to 7:30 moreInterval -----------3:00 to 3:30 DATE OF PAYMENT: Staff: 7th of every month BABASAB PATIL
  26. 26. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI Workers: 7th of every month There is same date of payment to both the staff and workers. SURVAY ON ABSENTEEISM_____________________________________________________________________ 1. Name:__________________________________________________________ 2. Name & Code of Job:______________________________________________ 3. Department:______________________________________________________ 4. Are you permanent: [ Y/ N ] 5. Do you want to take leave: [ Y/ N ] 6. For what Reasons: a. Personal Health [ ] b. Family members Health [ ] c. For marriage & function [ ] d. Because of Job Stress [ ] e. Because of strict Company policy BABASAB PATIL
  27. 27. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI7. To reduce Work Stress do you want a. Games [ ] b. Yoga Classes [ ] c. Training [ ] d. Entertainment Programs (film) [ ] e. Parties [ ]8. What more support do you want to reduce work stress __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________9. Are you satisfied and proud to work in this Company [ Y / N ] a. If YES, • Fully Satisfied [ ] • Only Satisfied [ ] • Just Satisfied [ ] b. If NO, mention ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Thanking You Signature BABASAB PATIL
  28. 28. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI [Tick ( ) mark where ever applicable] SARVAY SHEETSI.No Resp A B A B A B C D E A B C D E1 R1 YES --- YES --- YES -- Y -- -- -- Y -- -- --2 R2 YES --- YES --- YES Y Y -- -- -- Y Y -- --3 R3 YES --- YES --- YES -- Y -- -- -- -- -- Y --4 R4 YES --- YES --- ---- Y -- -- Y Y -- Y -- --5 R5 YES --- YES --- ---- -- Y -- -- -- -- Y -- --6 R6 YES --- YES --- YES -- -- -- Y -- -- -- Y --7 R7 YES --- YES --- ---- -- -- Y -- -- -- -- -- Y8 R8 YES --- YES --- YES Y -- -- -- Y -- Y -- --9 R9 YES --- YES --- --10 R10 EES --- YES --- YES -- -- -- Y -- -- Y -- -- To know the reason for which the workers take more leaves or for which reasonemployees will remain absent. I had conducted also contains the reasons, which helps us toknow what employee needed to reduced the job stress. And it also contains that tells us whether the employees are workers are beingsatisfied and prod to work in the organization and if yes are they fully satisfied or onlysatisfied or just satisfied. The following is the survey questionnaire, which tells us about the above question’sanswers. After the survey with the questionnaire, a coding sheet is prepared as under shows forwhat reasons they remain absent & the percentage of the factors that affects the absenteeism.This coding sheet helps us to know overall results of the survey, by analyzing this sheet wecan came to a conclusion. BABASAB PATIL
  29. 29. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI (Respondents name, job, department are not disclosed to protect the ethical feeling ofrespondents i.e. Question number 1, 2, 3 are not shown) After seeing the coding sheet we can observe that for what reasons how people mayhave The questions explained below are stored from coding no.4. The 4th question that is you permanent. The respondent regarding these 100% arepermanent. The 5th question that is do you want to take leave no doubt that will the employeessurveyed are want to take leaves. There for the result to this question 100%. For the 6 TH I got different answer. Because the question has the option. The questionis for what reason you take leaves the option given were, A. Personal health B. Family members health C. For marriage & functions D. Because of job stress E. Because of company strict policy For personal health problem the 70% people take leaves, & for 30% of people takeleaves because of family member’s health, & for marriage and function the 50% of peopletake leaves and 10% for job stress. 30% 0f people take for company strict policy. Next question i.e. 7th was to reduce works stress what facilities the employee want, the option given were, BABASAB PATIL
  30. 30. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI A. Yoga classes --------------------------------__ 30% B. Games --------------------------------__ 30% C. Training -------------------------------__ 60% D. Entertainment programs ---------------------__ 30% E. Parties --------------------------------__ 20% Here we can say that by producing the Training programs the Metcut can reduce thejob stress of the workers & also providing the Yoga, Games and entertainment programfacilities the Metcut can reduce the job stress of the employee. Facilities the Metcut can reduce the job stress of the employee. Coming to 8th question which says that the workers can mention same more support toreduce their job stress, here we have yet positive response, here are some responses. • Break for relaxation • Improve work evaluation The 9th question was whether the workers are proud and satisfied to work in Metcutby this question we can get what the employee feels working in the Metcut.The result was 100%, the sub question (as) if yes again the option given was, a. Fully satisfied b. Only satisfied c. Just satisfied In this sub question the percentage of people worked to a option is as below, a. Fully satisfied --------------------__ 60% b. Only satisfied --------------------__30% c. Just satisfied -------------------__10% BABASAB PATIL
  31. 31. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI This shows that the workers in the company are satisfied & proud o work in thiscompany in that 60% of workers are fully satisfied & 30% of workers are only satisfied and10% of workers just satisfied to work in this organization. QUESTIONNAIRE SURVAY ON JOB SATISFACTION Note: Please tick ( ) wherever necessary. 1) Name: ___________________________ 2) Designation: ______________________ 3) Year of joining Metcut with designation: ___________________ 4) How many times you have been promoted & for reason. a) No of times: ______________ b) Reasons: Good work performance : Age based : Specify : 5) Do you feel your education and interest matches with a job performed by you? a) Yes : BABASAB PATIL
  32. 32. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI b) No : If “NO” Reason: ________________________6) Do you feel “justified” with pay scale and benefits offered to you for your job? a) Yes: b) No:7) Has your “social status” changed after joining Metcut? a) Yes: b) No:8) Have you ever made any suggestion to the company? a) Yes: b) No: (If “yes” please answer next i.e. 10th question or else go to 11th question)9) Suggestion was: a) Considered, acted & was benefited to company: b) Considered, acted & was not benefited to company:10) If more task or responsibility is given to you then you are. a) Delighted: BABASAB PATIL
  33. 33. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI b) Unedited:11) Risky ventures preferred by you is a) More: b) Less:12) Can you handle more than one responsibility at a time? a) Yes: b) No:13) Do you get any medical facility from the factory? a) Yes: b) No:14) The working condition here is satisfactory. a) Yes: b) No:15) Your relationship with other people at work. a) Good: BABASAB PATIL
  34. 34. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI b) Bad: c) Satisfactory:ANALYSIS How many times you have been promoted & for reason. Yes No BABASAB PATIL
  35. 35. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI Good work performance 100% G ood work performanceDo you feel your education and interest matches with a job performed by you? Yes No D o y ou feel y our educati on and i nt er es t matches wi th a j ob perfor med by y ou? Yes 100% Has your “social status” changed after joining Metcut? Yes No BABASAB PATIL
  36. 36. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI Has your “social status” changed af ter joining Metcut? Y es 100% Have you ever made any suggestion to the company? Yes No Have you ever made any suggestion to the company?80% Yes 20% NoIf more task or responsibility is given to you then you are. Yes No BABASAB PATIL
  37. 37. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI If more task or responsibility is given to you then you are. 30% Delighted: Un delight70%Risky ventures preferred by you is More Less Ris k y v e n t u r e s p r e f e r r e d b y y o u is 10% Mo re L e ss: 90% The working condition here is satisfactory Yes No BABASAB PATIL
  38. 38. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI The working condition here is satisfactory. Yes 100% Your relationship with other people at work. Good Bad Satisfactory Yo u r re l a ti o n sh i p wi th o th e r p e o p l e a t wo rk . 80% 70% 70% P er cent age 60% 50% Y our 40% r el at i ons hi p 30% wi t h ot her 20% peopl e at 20% 10% wor k. 10% 0% y d or ad oo ct B G fa is at S C at egor yDo you feel “justified” with pay scale and benefits offered to you for your job? Yes No BABASAB PATIL
  39. 39. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI Do yo u fe e l “ ju st ifie d ” wit h p a y sc a le a n d b e n e fit s o ffe r e d t o yo u fo r yo u r jo b ? Ye s 1 00% 4) OUT LINE OF THE STUDY: i) RESEARCH METHODOLOGY A research design is a logical and a systematic plan preparation for direction theresearch study, it is indispensable for a research project. It specifies the objectives of thestudy, the methodology and the techniques to be adopted for achieving the objectives. Aresearch design is the program that guides the investigator in the process of collecting,analyzing, and interpreting the observations. BABASAB PATIL
  40. 40. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI ii) STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM To study about absenteeism and job satisfaction in Human Resource Department atMetcut Tooling Pvt. Ltd. iii) OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  To study about the production department of the company.  To understand about the work done in different department.  To have a clear knowledge of the various activities carried on by the company’s premises.  To study about the management future plans.  To study the various process of production. iv) METHODOLOGY Keeping in view of the objectives of the study, the required information is collectedfrom management authority at Metcut Tooling’s Pvt. Ltd. The data collection has been analyzed, based on the objectives of the study andproject requirement. All of the things have been taken into amount by observing theemployees approach with the company’s official at the officials’ premises. On the basis ofresponse made by the respondents, the findings and conclusion is made. After thorough studyof the above areas final suggestions is given. BABASAB PATIL
  41. 41. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI THE DURATION OF THE TRAINING IS FROM 13 th DECEMBER 2007 TO 12thJANUARY 2008. v) FUTURE PLANS vi) A. Metcut Tooling Pvt. Ltd. Is intended to achieve Rs. 21 crores of turnovers for the year 2010. B. Company wants to expand its plan. C. Procurement of new machineries. D. To be leader in the market. E. They want to increase the number of employees. F. They want to increase the working capital. 5) ANALYSIS OF THE STUDY STRENGTHS: The customers are the major source of revenues and projects. A. The company produces quality products. B. The objects of the company are the customer’s satisfaction. C. The company ha pool of skilled employees. D. The moral of the employees is high. E. The company is updated with latest technology & information. F. The company is relies on truth, trust & reliability. G. Pleasant working atmosphere. BABASAB PATIL
  42. 42. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI H. Company use Hi-Tech tools contribute to improved productivity & to achieve reduction in cost per component. I. The strength of the Metcut is competence, combining the project groups, knowledge, application technology & more over commitment to service made the customers as partners in progress. J. Having healthy competition with competitors.WEAKNESS: A. Damages occurred during transshipment & related service expenditure incurred is high. B. Receiving the payment from the customers is very difficult. C. Lack of availability of skilled employees. D. Lack of power cut. E. They will not get more number of ITI students.OPPRTUNITIES: A. The profits are huge there for diversification is possible. B. Broad future. C. The company can use internet as a channel of marketing. D. The company’s competition position is high. E. They improve the quality of operation & products without the service cost. F. The company is trying to spread its wings internationally.THREATS: BABASAB PATIL
  43. 43. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI A. Trade union activities are active which can have an adverse effect. B. Global competition. C. Economic recession. D. Competitors of the employees to meet the targets. FINDINGS: A. Metcut tooling has got sufficient infrastructure facility for its further growth. B. Company is innovative. C. Company is engaged in different dimensions of the products. D. Customer’s opinion about company’s product is good. LIMITATION OF STUDY1) The information provided by the responders may not be true.2) The sample size selected may not be representative in nature.3) The attitude and behavior of the respondents may change from time to time.4) The causes of the problem may change from time to time & they may not be the only causes of the problem. BABASAB PATIL
  44. 44. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI5) Respondents hesitate to provide more information on personal questions.6) The organization will not give the permission to approach the employees.7) They will not support to get the detailed information.8) It was expensive.9) The time was very short i.e. one month is not sufficient.10) It was very difficulty to conduct survey with higher officers.11) It is unscientific of it is not 100% realistic. SUGGESTIONS  Metcut Company should conduct personality development programs.  The company should conduct weekly or monthly conference.  The company should try to conduct campus interview to appoint a employee when required.  The company should provide some entertainment program to its employers. BABASAB PATIL
  45. 45. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI  The company should provide facility like yoga classes, games etc to reduce job satisfaction.  Extended leaves to the employees.  Provide games facilities to workers.  Allocate right job to right worker.  Provide yoga classes every day for 5 minutes.  Conduct tours & picnics to the employees.  Conduct personality development programs.  Conduct cultural activities.  Provide entertainment program.  CONCLUSION Metcut Pvt. Ltd. Is well growing company in market; it produces goods according tothe customer satisfaction with good quality & quantity. The company is running successfully. The company is growing vast in such less timei.e. able to face challenges. BABASAB PATIL
  46. 46. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI It contributes to the economic developments of the country by paying regular taxes byproviding various benefits to the workers. The company will not give the detailed information about their organization. Andthey will not make us to contact the employees to get the information like absenteeism & jobsatisfaction. Here there is no training program to the employees to improve their knowledge.There is no entertainment program for the employees to reduce the work stress. They will notpay the advance salary to employees in some emergency time. There is no facility of lunch and dinner to the employees. Only Tiffin and tea facilityis available here. After studying the coding sheet I found that the workers take leave & absent more forthe reason like, personal health & for marriage and functions. This is because if the health of the employee is not well than he can not workproperly & efficiently. There for they take more leave more for the personal health & as theIndia is full of cultural activities, these cultural activities have many functions in a yearwhich helps a person to be happy. To reduce the job stress the workers want games, yoga classes and entertainmentprogram etc. After the survey I got that more number of people needs entertainment programs andyoga classes to reduce their job stress. These should be providing to the workers to reducetheir work stress to increase their efficiency.  BIBILOGRAFHY BABASAB PATIL
  47. 47. METCUT PRIVATE LIMITED, HUBLI Human Resource Management ------- Dr. C. B. Gupta Personal & HRM ------------------------ Dr .P. Subba Rao Company Manuals Attendance Register BABASAB PATIL