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A project report on customer satisfaction at basaveshwara motors

A project report on customer satisfaction at basaveshwara motors



A project report on customer satisfaction at basaveshwara motors

A project report on customer satisfaction at basaveshwara motors



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    A project report on customer satisfaction at basaveshwara motors A project report on customer satisfaction at basaveshwara motors Document Transcript

    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS CONTENTS Executive summary Introduction Hero Honda auto limited Martad motors & group of companies Organization summary Sales procedure Market share of two wheelers Profile of town Town details Investments Customer Satisfaction (theory) Methodology & research design Data analysis & interpretation Summary of findings, conclusions & Recommendations & limitations of the study Annexure Bibliography Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -1-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Executive summary I have conducted a study on “Customer Satisfaction” by studying the overall administration. During the course of my studies, I got detailed information about Basaveshwara Motors; its organization & administration. I have analyzed the sales & service procedure of the company. I have collected the data by random sampling method. I have placed conclusions with some recommendations. Because of time constraint I have judged the customer satisfaction with limited ratios & study of problem in brief.OVERVIEW OF TWO- WHEELERS MOTORS History: Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -2-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS The Britannica Encyclopedia describes a motorcycleor tricycle propelled by an internal- combustion engine (orless often by an electric engine). The motors as mini bikes, scooters, & mopeds ormotorized velocipedes, are usually air-cooled and range from100 to 250 cc (1.5 to 15 cubic inches) in displacement, themultiple-cylinder motorcycles have displacements of morethen 1300 cc. The automobile was the reply to the 19 th centurydream of self-propelling the horse-drawn carriage. Similarlythe invention of the motorcycle created the self-propelledbicycle. The first commercial design was a three wheelerbuilt by Edward Butler in Great Britain in 1884. Thisemployed a horizontal single-cylinder gasoline mountedbetween two steer able front wheels and connected by a drivechain to the rear wheel. The 1900s saw the conversion of many bicycles, orpedal cycle by adding small, centrally mounted spark ignitionengines. There was then felt the need for reliable Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -3-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSconstructions. This led to road trail tests & competitionbetween manufacturers. Tourist trophy (TT) races were heldon the Isle of Man in 1907 as reliability or endurance races.Such were the proving ground for many new ideas from two-stroke-cycle designs to supercharge, multivalve enginemounted on aerodynamic, carbon fiber reinforced bodywork Origin of Motor - Scooters. Edward Butler, an Englishman, built the 1 st motortricycle in 1884. The 1st gasoline-engine motorcycle to Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -4-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSappear publicly was built by Gottlieb Daimler, of BadCannstatt, Germany in1885. The French and Belgians,followed by British, German, Italian, & American makers,designed the 1st practical engines and motorcycles. The popularity of the vehicle grew, especially after1910. During World War I all branches of the armed forcesin Europe, principally for dispatching, used the motorcycle.After the war it enjoyed a sport vague until the GreatDepression began in 1929. After World War II a revival ofinterest in motorcycles lasted into the late 20 th century, withthe vehicle being of high-speed touring & sport competitions. The practice of attaching auxiliary engines to bicyclesin Western Europe & parts of US led to the developmentduring the 1950s of a new type of light motorcycle, themoped. Originating in Germany as a 50 cc machine withsimple controls & low initial costs, it was largely, free oflicensing and insurance regulations except in Great Britain. The more sophisticated motor scooteroriginated in Italy soon World War II, led bymanufacture of a 125cc mode. Despite strong Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -5-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS competition from West Germany, France, Austrian, & Britain, the Italian scooters maintained the lead in the diminishing market. The scooter has small wheels from 20 to 36 cm (8 to 14 inches) in diameter, and the rider sits inside the frame. Power units are placed low & close to the rear wheel, which does level gearing or chain drive. Capacities vary from 100 to 250 cc & four- speed gearing is common. INTRODUCTION TO HERO HONDAAUTO LTD The HERO HONDA Group came into existence during the turmoil & the euphoria of India’s freedom struggle. Jamnalal j, founder of the HERO HONDA group, Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -6-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSwas a confidant & disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, & wasdeeply involved in the effort for freedom. The integritydedication resourcefulness & the determination and tosucceed which are the characteristics of the company today,are often tracked back to its births during those long days ofrelentless devotion to a common cause. Kamalnayan, the eldest son of Jamnalalj, succeededhis father in 1942, at the age of twenty-seven. Putting thenation before business, he devoted himself to the latter onlyafter India achieved Independence in 1947, but when he didso, put his heart and soul into it. Within a short while, he notonly consolidated the Group, but also diversified into variousmanufacturing activities, elevating the Group to the status itenjoys till this day. Rahul today heads the Group. He has been the ChiefExecutive Officer of Hero Honda since 1968 and isrecognized as one of the most outstanding business leaders inIndia. As dynamic and ambitious as his illustriouspredecessors, he has been recognized for his achievements atvarious national and international forums. Hero Honda is currently India’s largest two and three-wheeler manufacturer and one of the biggest in the world.Hero Honda has long left behind its annual turnover of Rs.72 Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -7-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSmillion (1968), to currently register an impressive figure ofRs.42.16 billion (US$ 936 million). Board of DirectorsRahul Sharma ChairmanMadhur Guptha Vice Chairman & Whole – Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -8-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Time DirectorRajiv jain Managing DirectorSanjiv K Executive DirectorKantikumar.R.Podar DirectorShekar Khanna DirectorD.J. Balaji Rao DirectorD.S.Mehta Whole – Time DirectorJ.N.Godrej DirectorS.H.Khan DirectorMrs. Suman Kirloskar DirectorNaresh Chandra DirectorNanoo Pamnani DirectorRarun Das DirectorManish Kejriwal DirectorCommittee of the BoardAudit CommitteeS.H.Khan ChairmanJ.N.Godrej Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com -9-
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSNanoo PamnaniD.J. Balaji RaoNaresh ChandraShareholders & Investors Grievance CommitteeD.J. Balaji Rao ChairmanJ.N.GodrejNaresh ChandraRemuneration CommitteeD.J. Balaji Rao ChairmanS.H.KhanNaresh ChandraRegistered under the Indian Companies Act, VII of 1913REGISTERED OFFICE Akurdi, Pune 411 035WORKS Akurdi, Pune 411 035 Hero honda Nagar, Waluj Aurangabad Chakan Industrial Area, Chakan, Pune. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Based on our on brand of globalization, we have builtour distribution network over sixty countries worldwide and Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 10 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSmultiplied our exports from 1% of total turnover in Fiscal1989-90 to over 5% in Fiscal 1996-97. The countries where our products have a large market areUSA, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,Italy, and Sweden, in Urguay with 30% of the motorcyclemarket and in Bangladesh with 95% of the three- wheelermarket. Several new models are being developed specially forglobal markets and with these we will progressivelyendeavour to establish our presence in Europe too. In countries where we perceive a good market potential, weseek a tie up with one of the major industrial establishment,which would be in a position to invest in the project andwhich would also entire manufacturing activities apart frommarketing, distribution after sales services through well-established nation-wide network. We offer a full range of services to such business partners.Training in sales, service and spare parts management basedon the Hero Honda Distribution system. Active in setting upmanufacturing facilities overseas including of technical knowhow. Assistance in setting up an assembly plant for assembly ofvehicles from completed knocked down (CKD) how. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 11 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Select machinery and equipment, training of technical personal, all in a phased manner as required by the regulation in the recipient country. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Hero honda Auto continued to be India’s largest exporters of two. During 2004-05 it exported 1, 96,710 two & three wheelers which represented a growth of 26% over 2003-04. Export now consists 11% in volumes terms & 12% of its value of net sales.R & D OBJECTIVES AND SET-UP The objective of Hero honda Auto’s R&D is to contribute towards making life a better experience for society Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 12 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSas a whole. At Hero honda auto, we intend to achieve thisobjective by giving priority to environmental concerns,which include minimizing toxic emissions and optimizing theuse of natural resources while also keeping in mind the exactrequirements of the customers in a fast changing worldracing towards modernization. We intend to use R&D not only to develop products betterand faster, but also to evolve technologies that are eco-friendly, more fuel efficient and cost effective. Our strength in R&D comprises 500 dedicated professionalswho work as team members on a platform concept. Theseplatforms comprise of engineers skilled in productengineering, manufacturing engineering, componentdevelopment, project management and quality assurance. Theprimary objective of these platform is to develop newer,better, more efficient and less polluting vehicles for bothIndian and International market. Hero honda foreign technology partners, like Kawasaki,Kubota and Tokyo R&D, collaborate closely with theplatform teams, with transfer of latest technology and R&Dassistance. Our designs are also subjected to an exacting acritical assessment from our technology partners. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 13 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS INTRODUCTION TO BASAVESHWARAMOTORS (AUTO SERVICE CENTER) ILKAL. BASAVESHWARA MOTORS is an authorized Service dealer of HERO HONDA COMPANY LTD for the marketing of spares, services, repairs of Hero honda vehicles. Basaveshwara motors commenced operation from 4th April 2009 at Ilkal with a goal to sell Hero honda vehicles and Hero honda Genuine parts and to provide the top quality after sale service to their customers. Basaveshwara motors at Ilkal have a 2240 Sq.m land opposite to J B HOSPITAL in Joshi Galli with spares department and state of the art workshop. ORGANIZTION CHART PROPRIETOR Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 14 - CLERK/COMPUTE MANAGER SR.MECHANIC SUPERVSOR SKILLED HELPER STORE KEEPER R OPERATOR
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS BASAVESHWARA MOTORS have got thedealership for a “HERO HONDA AUTHORISED SERVICESTATION” on 30th JAN 2009 through the Hero honda AutoLtd., and started Service Station in the presence of Mr. B.M.Kulkarni and Mr. Umesh Chandratre. Some of the memorable moments of the opening ceremonyof service station are below, SALE PROCEDURES 1) Showroom & field sales Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 16 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Showroom field executive attends inquiry ofcustomers entering in to the showroom & field executivevisit the customers & handle inquiry & supplying therequired & demanded information to them. If required they give demonstration of vehicles &distribute vehicles catalogue sent by Hero honda Companylimited. They then follow theprocurement of order & where as the field sales executive co-ordinates between the customer and the company. Then they meet the owner of vehicles includingtheir customers & explain them about spares availability &service facility in the company & convince them bring theirvehicle to the workshop for service/repair. 2) Issue of Pro-forma invoice: Customers are given pro-form invoice if needed by sales executive with explanation about different models, colours places & booking procedures, delivery procedures & time. 3) Booking of Vehicles: At the time of booking customers comes with the payment order booking form will be filled up by the sales Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 17 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS executive with the customer details, giving a vehicle allotment number, payment and vehicle details taking customers signature on it one copy of the same & the copy of payments acknowledgement receipt will be given to the customer. Their other copies, along with the letter from bank /financial & customers proof address will be kept in the customer’s file. 4) Procurement of vehicles: Funds will be remitted to Hero honda Company as andwhen required. The vehicles will be lifted against L.C. afterreceiving vehicles from Hero honda Company; all the detailswill be entered in to vehicles receipt registered & also fedinto the computer. All new vehicles undergo pre-deliveryinspection before delivery to customers. 5) Allotting of vehicles & sending intimation tocustomers: Vehicle will be allotted to the customers & thenintimation letter is sent to them, which would contain vehicledelivery date, expected documents & balance payment to bepaid. 5) Delivery of vehicles: Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 18 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Invoice, sale letter & gate pass will be prepared & customers signature is taken on the sale letter at the time of delivery. Required help will be provided in case of registration of the vehicle & also in case of insurance, as special services provided to the customers. Lastly, new vehicle delivery note is filled & customers signature is taken on it, when the customers takes actual delivery of the vehicle. 6) Post-delivery follow-up: Tele-marketing executive will call up localcustomers to check for the responses are recorded accordingly.Any complaints received will be referred immediately to theconcerned department head. Service Procedure Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 19 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Service activities start with the entry of customer into the front office workshop Department. The customers have to handle their queries with concerned workshop staff with opening of job card & the vehicle is booked for service depending upon the workload. The vehicles will be then thoroughly inspected properly in front of the customers & then the requirements will be explained to the customers with fault severity. Then the job cards are opened & the repairs/service demanded by the customers is entered. The estimated cost & the estimated delivery time shall be clearly explained to the customers. If in case there is a detection of any fault in the vehicle, that needs repairs, then the same will be done at extra cost & extra delivery time, by intimating priory to the customer vesbally or through mail. BASAVESHWARA MOTORSSERVICE Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 20 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS In the beginning very few numbers of services per day,but slowly with hi-tech services are increased highly. Below is the chart, which shows you the service instation per month. 350 300 250 200SERVICES 150 Series 1 100 50 0 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec MONTHS Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 21 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS INFRASTRUCTURE, HIRARCHEY OF THE SERVICE STATION… As ILKAL is a growing town, also built a servicestation to meet all the needs of BASAVESHWARAMOTORS customers. BASAVESHWARA MOTORSservice station is located in the heart of the town near by theNH 13 opposite to the J B HOSPITAL campus. Basaveshwara motors have built up service station ina total area of 5000 sq ft. & in that the built up area is 2500sq ft. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 22 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS PROFILE OF ILKAL TOWN About 30 years ago ILKAL known for the handloomsilk sarees where every house had handloom industry. Thissaree is a prime requirement in all marriage in northern partof Karnataka and some parts of Maharastra. By the time thewhole world was fascinated by lustrous and unmatched lookof Balakundi pink granite. Initially only few companies whoare pioneer in granites have started exploration & export ofgranites. Slowly people got awareness about granitequarrying export market and high profit margin have enteredinto granite quarrying. Now there are about 150 quarriessituated around ILKAL town & contributing more then 30%share of total granite export of INDIA. Hence ILKAL iswell-progressed town since its name is well known in theinternational market. Besides there are about 30 to 40 granite tile cuttingand polishing factories at outskirts of ILKAL & nearbyvillages. As all the quarries are situated at interior places. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 23 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSFour wheelers cannot go to operating areas hence twowheelers have become inevitable of all quarry owners. Besides all these the population of the town is morethen 85000 & it is the major growing town in Hungund taluk Due to above all, life standards of people is above average& hence has a better purchase capacity. And ILKAL isattached to about 15 major villages and thereby floatingpopulation is highly appreciable. Hence ILKAL is theproposed town of taluk therefore there is a strong feelingwith public that there is a huge scope for sales promotion ofHero honda vehicles and hence good opportunity for aftersales service and sales. At present there are two dealers ofmotor vehicle at ILKAL, one is BAJAJ sales and serviceshowroom and another one is TVS SUZUKI sub dealer. Therefore it is an opportunity for us topeople in a better way through HERO HONDA (i.e. DESHKI DHADKAN). Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 24 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS TOWN DETAILS1. Population of Town : 100,000 (Approx) 2. Status of Town : Major town in Hunagund Taluk 3. No. of two wheelers in town & : 18,000 (Approx) surrounding areas 4. Other two-wheeler dealers in Ilkal : Bijjal Dealer TVS Suzuki Dealer (sub) 5. Nearby places : Alamatti, Aminagad, Balakundi, Dotihal, Kushtagi, Gajendraged, Hanamasagar, Nandawadagi, Mudgal, Lingasugur, Hunnagund, Gudur. 6. Floating population : 15,000 (Approx) 7.General occupation : Granite Quarrying, Granite tiles factory, Handloom industries, Power looms, Agriculture, Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 25 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Government officials working in Ilkal.. MARKET SHARE OF TWO-WHEELERS HONDA HERO TVS YAMAHA OTHERS TOTAL HONDA 2880 2880 720 360 360 7200 PRE-DEALERSHIP PERIOD HONDA BAJAJ TVS YAMAHA OTHERS TOTALMarket share has been increased to 5% within a period of 8 months. HONDA HERO TVS YAMAHA OTHERS TOTAL HONDA 4500 4500 500 300 200 10000 Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 26 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS POST-DEALERSHIP PERIOD HONDA HONDA BAJAJ TVS TOTAL YAM AHA OTHERS TOTAL BAJAJ OTHERS TVS YAMAHA Customer Satisfaction Defining customer value & satisfaction. Over 38 yearsago, Peter Dhuker observed that a company’s first task is “Tocreate customers” However, customers face a vast array ofproducts and brand choices, price & suppliers. How do theymake their choices? We believe that our customers estimate which offerwill deliver the most value. Customer are value maximizeswithin the bounds rich costs & limited knowledge, whetheror not the offer lives up to value expectation affects bothsatisfaction and repurchase probability.Customer Perceived Value: Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 27 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Our premise is that customer will buy from the firmthat they see as offering the highest perceived value.Customer perceived value (CPV) is the difference betweenthe prospective customers evaluation of all the benefits andall the costs of an offering & the perceived alternatives. Totalcustomer value is the perceived monetary value of the bundleof economic, functional & psychological benefits customersexpect from a given market offering. Total customers cost is the bundle of costs customersexpect to incur in evaluating, obtaining, using & disposing ofthe given market offering.Total Customer Satisfaction: Whether the buyer is satisfied after the purchasedepends on the offer’s performance in relation to the buyer’sexpectations. In, general satisfaction is a person’s feeling ofpleasure or disappointment resulting from compiling aproduct’s perceived performance (or outcome) in relation tohis or her expectations. If the performance falls short ofexpectations, performance matches the expectations, thecustomer is satisfied. If the performance exceedsexpectations, the customer is highly satisfied or delighted Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 28 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS The link between customer satisfaction and customerloyalty is not proportional. Suppose customer satisfaction israted on a scale from one to five. At a very low level ofcustomer satisfaction (level one), customers are likely toabandon the company and even bad mouth it. At levels twoto four, customers are fairly satisfied but still find it easy toswitch when a better offer comes along. At level five, thecustomer is very likely to repurchase & even spread goodword or delight creators an emotional bond with the brand orcompany not just a rational preference. Measuring satisfaction although the customer centeredfirm seek to create high customer satisfaction, that is not itsmain goal. If the company increases customer satisfaction bylowering its price or increasing its service, the result may belower profits. The company may be able to increase its profitabilityby means other than increased satisfaction (for example, byimproving manufacturing processes or investing more inR&D) Also, the company has many stake holders includingemployers, dealers, suppliers, & stock holder. Spending moreto increase customer satisfaction might divert funds fromincreasing the satisfaction of their “Partners”. Ultimately, thecompany must operate on the philosophy that it is trying to Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 29 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS deliver a high level of customer satisfaction subject to delivering acceptable levels of satisfaction to the other stakeholders, given its total resources.Attracting customers: Today customers are becoming harder to please. Theyare smarter, more price conscious, more demanding, lessforgiving, & they are approached by many more competitorswith equal or better offers. The challenge, according to JefferyGitomer is not to produce statistical customers; severalcompetitors can do this. The challenge is to produce delighted& loyal customers. Companies seeking to expand their profits & saleshave to spend considerable time and resources searching fornew customer. To generate leads, the company develops ads &places them in media that will reach new prospects, it sendsdirect mail & makes phone calls to possible new prospects; itssales people participate in made shows where they might find Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 30 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSnew leads; & so on. All this activity produces a list ofsuspects. To motivate its employees to serve the customerswell, it displays the following poster prominently around itsoffice.Who is a customer?A customer is the most important person ever in thisoffice……. In personal by mail.A customer is not dependent on us…….. We are dependent onhimA customer is not an interruption at our work ……. He is thepurpose of it.We are not doing a favor by serving him …….. he is doing afavor by giving us the opportunity to do so.A customer is not someone to argue. Or match wins with.Nobody ever won an argument with the customer.A customer is a person who brings us his wants. It is our job tohandle them profitably & to ourselves. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 31 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSForming strong customer bonds: The Basics Companies that want to form strong customer bondsneed to attend to the following basics. Get cross-departmental participation in planning andmanaging the customer satisfaction and retention process. Integrate the voice of the customers in all businessdecisions. Create superior products, services, and experiences forthe target market. Organize & make accessible a database of informationon individual customer needs, preferences, contacts, purchasefrequency & satisfaction. Make it easy for customer to reach appropriatecompany personnel and express their needs perceptions andcomplaints. Tools for tracking & measuring customer satisfaction:-Complaint & suggestion systems: A customer-centered organization makes it easy forcustomer to register suggestion and complaints. Somecustomer-centered companies- P&G, General Electric, andWhirlpool- establish hotlines with toll free numbers. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 32 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORSCompanies are also using web & E-mail for quick, two- waycommunication.-Customer satisfaction surveys: Studies show that although customers are dissatisfiedwith one out of every four purchases, less than 5% willcomplain, most customers will buy test or switch suppliers.Responsive companies measure customer satisfaction directlyby conducting periodic surveys while collecting C.S data, it isalso useful to ask additional questions to measure repurchaseintention & to measure the likelihood or willingness torecommend the company and brand to others.Host shopping: Companies can hire people to pose as potential buyersto report on strong & weak points experienced in buying thecompany’s & competitor products. These shoppers can eventest how the companies’ sales person handles varioussituations. Managers themselves should leave their officesfrom time to time, entire company and competitors salessituations where they are unknown, & experience first handtreatment they receive. A variant of this is for managers tophone their own company with questions & complaints to seecompany with questions & complaints to see how the calls arehandled. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 33 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Lost customer analysis: Companies should contact customers who have switched to another supplier to learn why this happened. Not only this, it is also important to conduct exit interviews when customers first stop buying, it is also necessary to monitor the customer lost rate. DETERMINANTS OF CUSTOMER DELIVERED VALUE Customer delivered valueTotal customer value Total customer costProduct value Monetary cost Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 34 -Image valuePersonnel valueService value Psychic cost Energy cost Time cost
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS METHODOLOGY A) TOOLS OF DATA COLLECTION: The data collected for the purpose of analysis includeboth primary and secondary data.Primary data The primary data has been collected at first handthrough direct personnel interviews, using unstructuredquestionnaires. The information is collected from sampling thatallows concentrating upon relatively small number of people &hence devoting more energy to ensure that the informationcollected is accurate one. Secondary data The manuals, periodicals of the company, financialstatements published in the annual report of the company & sometext books constituted the source of secondary data.B) Tools for data analysis Sampling:* Population Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 35 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS It includes all the customer of Basaveshwara motors,Ilkal sample frame. Customers of Basaveshwara motors residing inIlkal & Hungund. *Sample size: 50 customers of Basaveshwara motors.*Businessmen – 25 , *Professions – 15, *Students – 10, Total – 50 DATA ANALYSIS 1) Which Hero honda vehicle do you own? 100 90 80 70 a) CD DELUX 60 b)SPLENDOR 50 c)GLAMOR 40 30 d) CBZ Xtreme 20 e) Others 10 Total 0 Customer respondentModel Customer respondent Percentage (%)a) CD DELUX 16 24b) SPLENDOR 14 16c) GLAMOR 8 32d) CBZ Xtreme 3 12e) Others 9 16 Total 50 100 Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 36 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS2) Who influenced during the purchase of vehicles? 100 90 80 a) own 70 60 b) Family members 50 c) Friends 40 d) Dealers 30 e) Advertisement 20 Total 10 0 Respondents Attributes Respondents Percentage (%) a) Own 13 52 b) Family members 23 12 c) Friends 5 20 d) Dealers 5 0 e) Advertisement 4 16 Total 50 100 From the above chart 52% of the customers have taken their own decision, 20% of the customers have influenced by friends & 16% of the customers have influenced by advertisements & 12% of the customers have influenced by family members, surprisingly dealers or sales persons influence no customers. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 37 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS3) What do you look during the purchase of vehicle? 100 90 Style 80 mileage 70 60 price 50 40 powerful engine 30 brand name & 20 service 10 total 0 RespondentsFactors Respondents Percentagea) Style 18 32b) Mileage 14 56c) Price 5 0d) Powerful engine 5 4e) Brand name & service 13 20f) Total 50 100 56% of the customers prefer mileage, 32% of the customers prefer styleof the vehicle, 20% of customers prefer brand name & service provided by thecompany, 4% of the customers prefer powerful engine during purchase ofvehicles. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 38 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS 5) Rate of Hero honda auto services: 100 90 80 70 Excellent 60 Good 50 Ok 40 Poor 30 Total 20 10 0 RespondentsAttributes Respondents Percentage (%)a) Excellent 24 16b) Good 11 44c) Ok 8 32d) Poor 7 8 Total 50 100 Above chart shows that 44% of customers have rated good, 32% ofcustomers have rated ok, 16% of the customers have rated excellent & 8% of thecustomers said poor. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 39 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS 6) What do you think about Hero honda advertisements? 100 90 80 70 60 Enthusiastic 50 Good 40 Poor 30 Neutral 20 Total 10 0 RespondentsAttributes Respondents Percentage (%)Enthusiastic 15 20Good 25 60Poor 8 4Neutral 2 16Total 50 100 From above chart 60% of customers said good, 20% of thecustomers said enthusiastic 16% of customers told neutral & 4% of the customerssaid poor. Overall the effect of Hero honda advertisements is good. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 40 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS6) Rate your purchasing experience with Basaveshwara motors. 100 90 80 70 60 Excellent 50 Good 40 Fair 30 Poor Total 20 10 0 Respondents Rating Respondents Percentage (%) Excellent 23 12 Good 15 60 Fair 6 24 Poor 6 4 Total 50 100 60% of the customers said good, 24% of customers said fair,12% of customers said excellent & 4% of customers Said poor. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 41 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS 7) Problems faced while purchasing of new vehicle. 100 Non availability of 80 models Non availability of 60 finance Lack of timely 40 delivery No problems 20 Total 0 customersProblems Customers Percentage (%)Non availability of 10 4modelsNon availability of 15 4financeLack of timely delivery 8 0No problem 22 92Total 50 100 It’s surprising that 92% of customers not have any problems whilepurchasing of new vehicles, only 4% of customers faced non-availability ofmodels & non-availability of finance. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 42 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS 8) Recommend factors to purchase of Hero honda vehicles. 100 80 Definitely recommend 60 Probably recommend 40 Definitely not 20 recommend Total 0 CustomersFactors Customers Percentage (%)Definitely recommend 22 88Probably recommend 15 0Definitely not 13 12recommendTotal 50 100 From the above chart we can say 88% of customers recommenddefinitely & 12% of customers will not recommend definitely. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 43 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS 9) Rate the Basaveshwara motors sales procedure. 100 90 80 70 Excellent 60 Good 50 OK 40 Poor 30 Total 20 10 0 Customers Attributes Customers Percentage (%) Excellent 17 28 Good 20 32 Ok 10 40 Poor 3 0 Total 50 100 The above chart conclude that 40% of customers rated as ok, 32% of customers rated as good, 28% of customers said excellent. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 44 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS FINDINGS  From survey around 32% customers have purchased Hero honda splendor, 24% of the customers purchased CD-DLX because of its new model& mileage & remaining customer purchase other vehicles of Hero honda.  Around 52% of customers have taken their own decision during the purchase of vehicle. The family influenced is 12% & 20% of the customers influenced by friends & dealers influenced only 16% of people influenced by advertisements & not a single percent of customers.  44% of customers said service provided by Hero honda motors is good, 32% of them said ok, 16% of customers said excellent & remaining 8% of customers said poor.  The Hero honda advertisements are very attractive 60% of customers said good 20% of the customer said enthusiastic, 16% of people said neutral & remaining 4% of customers said poor.  Around 60% of customers are highly satisfied & 24% of customers said it is ok & 4% of customers said it is poor.  Around 88% of customers are definitely recommend to others to purchase Hero honda vehicles & 12% of customers will not recommend to others to purchase. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 45 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS  Sales procedure of Hero honda motors is good. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 46 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS OBJECTIVES 1 Our one of the important objective is to introduce mobile service to the urban areas , 2 Our second objective is to provide the Hero Honda bike which preferred by the customer according to there model, color , etc. 3 Customer satisfaction is our main motive 4 Attracting more number of customes through media, advertisement, news papers etc 5 To find different areas that can measure customer satisfaction 6 to find all the possible areas where customer can be increased. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 47 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 48 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Conclusions From the overall study it can be concluded that company is working efficiently & effectively in sales & service procedure, but not yet customers are satisfied fully. From the study it is revealed that salespersons influence is more important in present days hence it is better to improve the performances of the sales persons. Customers prefer still more personal attention during purchase & after purchase & lastly customers expect good & efficient services. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 49 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS RECOMMENDATIONS On the basis of findings & analysis of data collected in regard to satisfaction level of customers of Basaveshwara motors.  Sales procedure is yet to be improved to the level of 100% excellent.  Sales persons need better training to influence the customers during the purchase.  Still more personal care is needed to be taken of customers during purchase & also after purchase.  Provide better post-services to customers.  Provide accessories & any materials if possible at the time of purchasing the vehicle.  Customers expect delivery at promised period of time & spare parts are maintained in stock.  There should be proper advertising of an introducing or issue the new scheme of the company. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 50 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Limitations  The study is confined to ILKAL only. Any changes in this portray an exact result to other places & customers differ from one place to another place.  Some respondents might have biased during the survey.  The main limitation is short period of time i.e. 30 days.  Non-availability of customer during the fieldwork.  Customer refuses to answer the questions. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 51 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Bibliography  Marketing management – 11th edition – Philip kotler.  Marketing research – D.D.Sharma  WWW.Hero hondaauto.Com (Internet downloads)  Annual report of the organization  Handbook of the project. Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 52 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS QUESTIONNARIES Name: Address: Occupation: Annual income: Phone number: 1) Which Hero honda vehicle do you own? a) CD Delux b) Splendor c) Glamor d) CBZ Xtreme e) Karzima 2) Who influenced you to purchase the vehicle? a) Own b) Family members c) Friends d) Dealers e) Advertisements 3) What do you look for during the purchase of vehicle? a) Style b) Mileage c) Price d) Powerful engine e) Brand name & service Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 53 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS 4) How would you rate your purchase experience for the recently purchased Hero honda vehicle a) Excellent b) Good c) Fair d) Poor 5) Rate the Basaveshwara motors sales procedure. a) Excellent b) Good c) Ok d) Poor6) Please rate the sales person who sold you new vehicle on thefollowing attributes Attributes poor Fair Good Best e) Sales persons appearance f) Courtesy & friendliness g) Overall honesty h) Knowledge of competitive Vehicles i) Knowledge of model & features 6) Rate the following attributes regarding your purchase vehicle. Attributes Excellent Good Fair Poor a) Price b) Maintenance Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 54 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS c) Mileage d) Style e) Service 7) Would you recommend any friend / relative to purchase vehicle at Basaveshwara motors Hero honda 8) What do you think about Hero honda advertisement? a) Poor b) Enthusiastic c) Good d) Neutral 9) Please mark which of the following problem faced by during purchase? a) Non-availability of models for selection. b) Timely delivery c) Dealers tried to sell me a vehicle I didn’t want d) Non availability of finance e) No problem Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 55 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS 10) Any other details or suggestions regarding sales & service at Basaveshwara motors Hero honda (opinion about Basaveshwara motors Hero honda motors) Signature K.P.HARIHAR THANKING YOU Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 56 -
    • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AT BASAVESHWARA MOTORS Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com - 57 -