A project report on customer perception towards the post sale services provided by tvs auto ltd


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A project report on customer perception towards the post sale services provided by tvs auto ltd

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A project report on customer perception towards the post sale services provided by tvs auto ltd

  1. 1. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” CONTENTSSECTION DETAILS Page NoNUMBER 1 Executive Summary 6-10 2 Industrial Profile 11-22 3 Company Profile 23-37 Theoretical Background 4 38-44 Utility of the Project 5 50-57 Methodology Adopted 6 58-60 Findings and Conclusion 7 61-75 Recommendations 8 76-77 Limitation 9 78 10 Bibliography 79-84KLES’s Institute of management studies and Research, Hubli 1
  2. 2. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe automobile industry in India is growing is at rapid rate of 42%.In general the Twowheeler segment is growing at the rate of 26%.The global Manufacturers like Honda,Yamaha and Suzuki have entered Indian market in collaboration with some Indiancompanies. The motor cycle segment has become the core of two wheeler market withnew launches like TVS Flame, Hero Honda Hunk, Honda Shine,Bajaj Pulsar, ApacheRTR 160,Tvs Scooty Pep, Honda Pleasure, CBZ Extreme and so on and there aremany still to come. This shows the potential of Indian Two wheeler market and lowcost of production will make India a major Auto manufacturing hub. As the launch ofvarious models increase there is an increase need for servicing of this VehicleTVS is unique from all other two wheeler company in the country because it iswithout any foreign collaboration. The company was established by T.V SundaramIyengar in the year 1911 and was primarily into the production of mopeds. TVSMotor Company Limited, the flagship company of the USD 2.2 billion TVS Group, isthe third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and among the top ten in theworld, with an annual turnover of over USD 650 million. The company has many firstto its credit like the introduction of the first indigenous moped and a 100 ccmotorcycle in collaboration with Japanese auto giant Suzuki.When the collaboration ended in 2003, many thought that the company would die anatural death due to the exit of the foreign collaborator. However the company provedits detractors wrong by introducing the TVS Victor and rest as they say is history. It is the third largest two wheeler manufacturer in India and has reached tenthposition among the world listing. Its dealer and customer network is widely spreadedin India which includes over 500 dealers.This company has been honored with The Deming Prize for Total QualityManagement (TQM) with the hallmark of Japanese Quality.TVS Apache- Bike of the Year 2006 by Business Standard Motoring. Internationalcertifications like QS 9000, ISO 9000 and TS 16949.The Project titled “ Customer Perception Towards the Post-Sale Service Provided byUmarani TVS Auto Agencies, Hubli.” Is an attempt to check the is to check theBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 2
  3. 3. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”satisfaction level of TVS customer regarding the post –sales service provided byUmarani TVS Agency. The main aim of this project was to find the level ofsatisfaction of the customers regarding the post-sales service & customer preferredareas of improvement for Umarani TVS Auto Agency.Area of study was limited to Hubli City. The methodology has been adopted toQuestionnaire methods with personal interviews and the results collimated accordingto the nature of questions asked.I have used both open-ended and close-ended questions in the questionnaire. Withgiven restricted sample size of the customers in the given area all efforts have made tomake sure that data is collected and analyzed.I believe that the conclusions that I have drawn are based on the data I have collectedand interpretations I have made are based on the customers feed back.Title of the Project:“ Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided byUmarani TVS auto Agencies”Objective:To know customer perception towards the post-sale service provided byUmarani TVS auto agencies”Sub objectives:1) To study various attributes customers prefer in a two-wheeler service.2) To analyze the extent of the customer satisfaction for a two wheeler Service3) To find out difference in perception of customers towards authorized Service provider Vs unauthorized service providers in Hubli city.4) To study the mindset of customers towards authorized services Offered by Umarani TVS. INDUSTRY PROFILEBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 3
  4. 4. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”History of Two Wheeler IndustryIndia is the second largest manufacturer and producer of two wheelers in the world. It stands next only to Japan and China in terms of the number of two wheelers produced and domestic sales respectively. The distinction was achieved due to variety of reasons like respective policy followed by Government of India towards the passenger car industry, rising demand for personal transport, inefficiency in the public transportation system etc. Invention of Two-WheelersHistory cant be stored or categorized in a water tight compartment; neither can some things be definitely told or strictly defined. In this section a general history of two-wheelers is being traced without trying to venture into strict classification and differentiation. Around 1840 a Scotsman named Kirpatrick Macmillan came up with an idea of a pedal driven bicycle, Macmillan a blacksmith by profession got the idea when he was asked to repair a hobby horse. The first bicycle which its inventor called velocipede slowly started catching the fancy of the people, as inquisitive minds started thinking of faster ways of getting around the town.Ind 1868 in France MIchaux-Perraux attached a small steam engine to a bicycle thus adding a little more steam to the development. Around the same time across the Atlantic a similar steam propelled machine was demonstrated by built by Sylvester Howard Roper of Roxbury, Massachusetts.However the invention of the first motorcycle was done by the German inventors ottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885. The first petroleum-powered vehicle, it was essentially a motorized bicycle, although the inventors called their invention the Reitwagen (riding car). This engine was prepared more for experimentation rather than for commercial purposes.However as early as 1894 a motorcycle was available for commercial purposes. The bike named Hildebrand and Wolfmuller was manufactured in a small scale few hundreds to be precise. These two wheelers died a natural death due to high cost and technical difficulties.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 4
  5. 5. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Slowly the motorcycles were improved upon and soon they become faster, reliable and more fuel efficient. For a separate history on the development of scooters check out origin of scootersThe History of Indian two Wheeler IndustryIn 1955, the Indian government needed sturdy and reliable motorcycles for its Army and police to patrol the rugged border highways. The first batch of 350cc Bullet from the Royal Enfield Company of UK were received and assembled at Chennai.Bajaj Auto began trading in imported Vespa scooters and three wheelers. Finally in1960, it set up a shop to manufacture then in collaboration with Piaggio of Italy. Theagreement expired in 1971.In the initial stages, the scooter segment was dominated by API,it was later overtakenby Bajaj Auto. Although various government and private enterprise entered the frayfor scooters, the only new player that has lasted till today is LML.Under the regulated regime, foreign companies were not allowed to operate in India.It was a complete seller market with the waiting period for getting a scooter fromBajaj Auto being as high as 12 yearsThe motorcycles segment was no different, with only three manufactures viz Enfield,Ideal Jawa and Escorts .While Enfield bullet was a four stroke bike,Jawa and theRajdoot were two stroke bikes. The motorcycle segment was initially dominated byEnfield 350 cc bikes and Escorts 175 cc bike.The two wheeler market was opened to foreign competion in the mid -80s.And thenthe market leaders Escorts and Enfield were caught unaware by the onslaught of the100 cc bikes of the four Indo –Japanese joint ventures.With the availability of fuel –efficient low power bike, demand swelled, resulting inHero Honda then only producer for four stroke bikes (100 cc category ),gaining topslot.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 5
  6. 6. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”The first Japanese motorcycles were introduced in the early eighties. TVS Suzuki andHero Honda brought in the first two stroke and four stroke engine motorcyclesrespectively. These two players initially started with assembly of CKD kits, and lateron progressed to indigenous manufacturing. In the 90s the major growth ofmotorcycles segment was brought in Japanese motorcycles, which grew at a rate ofnearly 25% in the last five years.The industry had a smooth ride in the 50s,60s and 70s when the governmentprohibited new entries and strictly controlled capacity expansion. The industry saw asudden growth in the 80s. The industry witnessed a steady growth of 14% leading topeak volume of 1.9mn vehicles in 1990.The entry of Kinetic Honda in mid –eighties with a variometric scooter helped inproviding ease of use to the scooter owners. This helped in inducing youngsters andworking women towards buying scooters, who were earlier inclined towards mopedpurchase. In the 90s ,this trend was reversed with the introduction of Scooterette. Inthe line with this, the scooter segment has constiently lost its part of the market sharein the two wheeler market.In 1990s, the entire automobile industry saw a drastic fall in demand. This resulted ina decline of 15% in 1991 and 8% in 1992,resulting in a production loss of 0.4 mnvehicles. Barring loss due to increase rise in fuel prices, high input cost and reducedpurchasing power due to significant rise in general price level and credit crunch inconsumer financing .factors like increased production in 1992,due to new entrantscoupled with the recession in the industry resulted in companies either reportinglosses or fall in profits.Segmental Classification and CharacteristicsThe three main products segments in the two wheeler category are scooters,motorcycles and mopeds. However, in response to evolving demographics andvarious others factors, other sub segment emerged, viz.scootrretess, gearless scooters,and 4 stroke scooters .While the first two emerged as a response to demographicsBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 6
  7. 7. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” changes, the introduction of 4 stroke scooters has followed the imposition of stringent pollution Scooter Motorcycle MopedPrice*(Rs. A > 22,000 > 30,000 > 12,000Stroke 2-stroke, 4-stroke Mainly 4-stroke 2-strokeEngine Capacity (cc) 90-150 100, 125, > 125 50, 60Ignition Kick/Electronic Kick/Electronic Kick/ElectronicEngine Power (bhp) 6.5-9 7-8 and above 2-3Weight (kg) 90-100 > 100 60-70Fuel Efficiency (kms per litre) 50-75 50-80+ 70-80Load Carrying High Highest Low The growth of production in Automobile industry in 000s Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 7
  8. 8. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” Category 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006- -01 -02 -03 -04 -05 -06 07 Passenger 513 564 609 842 961 1,046 594 cars Multi-utility 128 106 112 146 249 263 144 vehicles Commercial 157 163 204 275 350 391 237 vehicles Two 3,759 4,271 5,076 5,625 6,527 7,600 4,155 wheelers Three 203 213 277 341 374 434 264 wheelers Total 4,760 5,317 6,278 7,229 8,461 9,734 5,394 Growth in 10.47 11.70 18.60 15.12 16.80 14.97 18.04 percentageTable 7.5 : Automobile export(Numbers in 000)Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 8
  9. 9. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Category(till Sept’06) 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07Passengercars 23 50 71 126 161 170 98Multi-utility vehicles 4 3 1 3 6 5 3Commercial vehicles 14 12 12 17 30 41 23Two wheelers 111 104 180 265 367 513 332Three wheelers 16 15 43 68 67 77 62Total 168 185 307 479 620 806 519Growth in per cent 20.24 9.74 65.35 55.98 31.25 28.03 27.43Source: Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises (Department of HeavyIndustriesTWO WHEELER Manufactures • The Major Two wheeler Manufactures of India are • TVS Motors Company LTD ( TVS ) • Honda Motors Ltd ( HHML ) • Bajaj Auto Ltd ( Bajaj Auto ) • Yamaha Motors India Ltd ( Yamaha ) • Honda Motorcycles & Scooter India ( P ) Ltd ( HMSI ) • Royal Enfield Ltd ( REL ) • Kinetic Motor Company Ltd ( KMCL ) The Indian two wheeler industry is highly dominated by three players TVS MotorsCompany ( TVS ) ,HERO HONDA Motors Ltd ( HHML ) and Bajaj Auto Ltd (BajajAuto ) accounting for over 80 % of sales in 2007.TechnologyHitherto, technology transfer to the Indian two-wheeler industry took place mainlythrough: licensing and technical collaboration (as in the case of Bajaj Auto and LML);and joint ventures (HHML). .Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 9
  10. 10. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”A third form - that is, the 100% owned subsidiary route - found favour in the early2000s. A case in point is HMSI, a 100% subsidiary of Honda, Japan. Table 2 detailsthe alliances of some major two-wheeler manufacturers in India.Besides the below mentioned technology alliances, Suzuki Motor Corporation hasalso followed the strategy of joint ventures (SMC reportedly acquired equity stake inIntegra Overseas Limited for manufacturing and marketing Suzuki motorcycles inIndia).Table 2Technological tie-ups of Select Players Nature of Alliance Company ProductBajaj Auto Technological tie-up Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, Japan Motorcycles Technological tie-up Tokya R&D Co Ltd, Japan Two-wheelers Technological tie-up Kubota Corp, Japan Diesel EnginesHHML Joint Venture Honda Motor Co, Japan MotorcyclesKEL Technological tie-up Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc MotorcyclesKEL Tie up for manufacturing Italjet, Italy Scooters and distributionLML Technological tie-up Daelim Motor Co Ltd MotorcyclesHero Motors Technological tie-up Aprilia of Italy ScootersWith the two-wheeler market, especially the motorcycle market, becoming extremelycompetitive and the life cycle of products getting shorter, the ability to offer newmodels to meet fast changing customer preferences has become imperative. In thiscontext, the ability to deliver newer products calls for sound technological backingand this has become one of the critical differentiating factor among companies in thedomestic market. Thus, the players have increased their focus on research anddevelopment with some having indigenously developed new models as well asimproved technologies to cater to the domestic market. Further, with exports beingBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 10
  11. 11. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”one of the thrust areas for some Indian two-wheeler companies, the Indian originalequipment manufacturers (OEMs) have realised the need to upgrade their technicalcapabilities. These relate to three main areas: fuel economy, environmentalcompliance, and performance. In India, because of the cost-sensitive nature of themarket, fuel efficiency had been an interest area for manufacturers.It is not only that the OEMs are increasing their focus on in-house R&D, they alsoprovide support to the vendors to upgrade the technology and also assist them strikingtechnological alliances.MAJOR COMPETITATORS AND THEIR PRODUCTSHero Honda MotorsIn 1984, Hero Honda started as a Hero Cycles Of India and Honda Motors Company Limitedof Japan. Hero Honda has the unique distinction of being awarded the Bike maker of the Yearaward for 3 consecutive years by Overdrive magazine .Hero Honda is the clear market winner in the two-wheeler segment and boasts of more than 5million customers. Located at Dharuhera and Gurgaon in Haryana, Hero Honda MotorsLimited has over 1500 sales outlets all over India.HERO HONDA MOTORCYCLESMODEL CAPACITYHero Honda Achiever 149.1 CCHero Honda CBZ 156 CCHero Honda CD Dawn 97.2 CCHero Honda CD Deluxe 97.2 CCHero Honda CD 100 97.2 CCHero Honda CD 100 SS 97.2 CCHero Honda Glamour 124.7CC • Glamour 124.8 CC • Glamour - FIHero Honda Karizma 223 CCHero Honda Passion Plus 97.2 CCHero Honda Sleek 97.2 CCBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 11
  12. 12. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Hero Honda Splendor 97.2CC Splendor + 124.7 CC Super SplendorSuzuki Motor CorporationSuzuki Motor Corporation has a wholly owned subsidiary in India-Suzuki MotorcycleIndia Private Limited. The Indian subsidiary employs about 650 people including thecontract workers. Suzuki Motorcycle is a manufacturer of two-wheelers and hasmanufacturing facility at Gurgaon, Haryana. The company started its manufacturingoperations in February, 2006.SUZUKI MOTORCYCLESMODEL CAPACITYSuzuki Heat 125 CCSuzuki Zeus 125 CCBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 12
  13. 13. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Kinetic Motor Company Ltd.Kinetic Motor Company Limited was incorporated in 1984 as a joint venture withHonda Motor, Japan and is a part of the Kinetic group of companies. The companyhas a state of the art manufacturing facility at Pithampur, near Indore, MadhyaPradesh and has a strong network of over 400 dealers and authorized service centers.Kinetic Motor is ISO 9001 certified from DNV for all models and activities. USA,Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South Asia are the mainexport markets for the Kinetic Motor automobiles. KINETIC MOTORCYCLES MODEL CAPACITY Kinetic Aquila 249 CC Kinetic Boss 97.2 CC • Boss • Boss 115 Kinetic Challenger 97.2 CC Kinetic Comet 250 CC Kinetic GF • GF Laser 166 CC • GF 170 166 CC 125 CC • GF 125 Kinetic Stryker 97.2 CC Kinetic Velocity 115 CCBajaj Auto Ltd.Bajaj Auto Limited is one of the pioneering companies in the two wheeler industry.Bajaj Auto has a vast network of about 1500 service centers and 500 dealers all overBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 13
  14. 14. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”India. It has 3 manufacturing plants located at Akurdi, Waluj and Chakan inMaharashtra. The companys technology partner is Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan.The company exports to ASEAN region, South America and Africa.BAJAJ MOTORCYCLESMODEL CAPACITYBajaj Avenger 180 CCBajaj CT 100 99.27 CCBajaj Discover • Bajaj Discover 111.63 CC 124.52 CC • Bajaj Discover DTSiBajaj Kawasaki Caliber 111.6 CCBajaj Kawasaki Boxer 111.6 CCBajaj KB 125 123 CCBajaj 4S Champion 99.35 CCBajaj Platina 99.27 CCBajaj Pulsar DTSi • Pulsar 180 DTS-i UG 180 CC 150 CC • Pulsar 150 DTS-i UGBajaj Wind 125 124.6 CC TVS - "Inspiration in Motion"Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 14
  15. 15. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”TV Sundram Iyengar, 1877 – 1955 was the founder of TVS Group.TVS Motors: In 1980 TVS 50, Indias first two-seater moped rolled out of the factoryat Hosur in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. A byword for reliability, the TVS 50 hadproved itself promising and successful in every test and paved a way for manysuccesses for TVS Suzuki. Likewise the TVS champ and super Champ gave a reliableand sturdy two wheeler to public, who wanted looks fused with economy. These twowheelers together redefined the category of mopeds in India. TVS later left itscollaboration with Suzuki and started to manufacture its own vehicles.COMPANY FLASHBACKTVS Motor Company Limited is the flagship company of TVS Group, the USD 2.2billion group. The Group is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India andglobally among the top ten, with an annual turnover of over USD 650 million.Currently, the group has more than 30 companies and employs over 40,000 peopleworldwide. With steady growth, expansion and diversification, it commands a strongpresence in the manufacturing of two-wheelers, auto components and computerperipherals. They also have vibrant businesses in the distribution of heavy commercialvehicles (HCV) passenger cars, finance and insurance.1980 is the red letter year for TVS when Indias first two-seater moped rolled out. Itushered in an era of affordable personal transportation.Quick FactsFounder T V Sundaram IyengarCountry IndiaYear of Establishment August 1980 (TVS Group in 1911)Industry Manufacturing of two-wheelers and auto componentsBusiness Group TVS GroupListings & its codes NSE TVS -Suzuki Ltd: TVSSUZUKI TVS Motor Company Limited: TVSMOTOR TVS Motor Company Limited: TVS-SUZUKI BSEBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 15
  16. 16. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” TVS Motor Company Ltd.: 532343Head Office TVS Motor Company Jayalakshmi Estates V Floor 8, Haddows Road, Chennai - 600006 Tel.: +(91)-(44)-28272233 Fax: +(91)-(44)-28257121Factory Post Box No. 4 Harita, Hosur - 635 109 Tel.: +(91)-(4344)-276780 Fax: +(91)-(4344)-276878 Post Box No.1 Byathahalli Village, Kadakola Post Mysore - 571 311 Tel.: +(91)-(821)-2596561 Fax: +(91)-(821)-2596550/ 2596553Website http://www.tvsmotor.in/BOARD OF DIRECTOR OF TVS Venu Srinivasan Chairman & Managing Director Gopal Srinivasan r r Director T.K.Balaji Director T. Kannan DirectorBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 16
  17. 17. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” N. Ganga Ram Director C.R.Dua Director H. Lakshmanan Director T. R. Prasad Director K.S.Bajpai Director K.N. Radhakrishnan Director S. G. Murali Sr.Vice President - Finance T.S.Rajagopalan SecretaryGlobally, TVS Motor Company is the first two-wheeler manufacturer to be honoredwith the hallmark of Japanese Quality - The Deming Prize for Total QualityManagement. TVS Motor Company is part of Sundaram Clayton group in TVS groupof companies. TVS Motor Company is the main flag ship company of SundaramClayton group.In 1979 Sundaram-Clayton Limited (SCL) started Moped Division at Hosur tomanufacture TVS 50 mopeds, indigenously designed and developed.In 1982 SCL established Joint Venture with Suzuki Motor Corporation.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 17
  18. 18. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”In 1994 the company entered the market segment of scooters with introduction ofScooty 2S, which was totally an indigenous design.In 2000 the first 4 stroke motorcycle was launched called Fiero.To become independent & increase profitability the R&D activities were focused &after parting away with Suzuki in 2001 TVS motor company was formed. The firstindigenous product “ Victor” was launched which was very popular.This success triggered introduction of new models every year. TVS Motor thelaunched variants of Victor, Fiero & new products like Centra & star.Overall TVS Motors established the presence in each segment of two wheelers:Mopeds, Motorcycles and scooters. .TVS Group Companies are:Sundaram Brake LiningsSundaram FastnersSouthern RoadwaysSundaram FinanceTVS GroupBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 18
  19. 19. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”The TVS Group is Indias leading supplier of automotive components and one of thecountrys most respected business conglomerates.Originating as a transport company in 1911, it now comprises over 29 companies thatoperate in diverse fields like automotive component manufacturing, automotivedealerships and electronics.Underlying the success of the group is an ethos of commitment to the values ofQuality, Service and Reliability. Continuous innovation and close customerinteraction have enabled the Group to consolidate its position at the leading edge ofthe automotive industry.Axles India Limited Company ProfileAxles India was promoted by Sundaram Finance, Wheels India and Eaton corporationfor the manufacture of axles for medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles inIndia. Production of pressed axle housings commenced in 1983. In the latestproduction year, axle housings coming out of Axles Indias two world classproduction units exceeded 80,000 nos.Products and ServicesBesides drive axle housings, Axles India has in its range, capability for Trailer axlebeams and hub reduction axle housings. Drive heads for medium and heavy dutycommercial vehicles are being developed now.Brakes IndiaBrakes India was incorporated in 1962 as a joint venture between TV SundramIyengar and Sons Ltd. and Lucas Industries Plc., UK, (currently TRW) to manufacturebraking equipment for automotive and non-automotive applications. The companysBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 19
  20. 20. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”manufacturing plants are located at Chennai, Sholinghur and Polambakkam in TamilNadu, Nanjangud in Karnataka and Gurgaon in Haryana. Brakes India caters to over60% of the domestic OEM market, besides exporting its products to over 35 countriesworldwide. Its Brake Divisions at Padi , Chennai, Sholinghur, Polambakkam andGurgaon are QS 9000 certified and the Foundry Division is ISO 9002 certified. TheCompanys Foundry Division manufactures permanent mould dye-castings, Grey Ironand SG castings using the Disamatic process.Sundaram Polymers Division manufactures Engineering Plastic compounds forvarious applications.Products and ServicesFoundation brake equipment comprising Brake Assemblies, Calipers, Rotors, TandemMaster Cylinders, Boosters, Wheel Cylinders, Valves and other installation parts,Heavy Duty Brakes and clutch fluid to Dot.3 and Dot.4 specification, Permanentmould ferrous dye-castings, Grey Iron, SG castings & Engineering Plasticcompounds.TVS Finance LimitedIncorporated on 9th February 1998, TVS Finance LTD (TVS F&S) is a financecompany under the TVS Group. With a share capital of Rs.130 million, TVS F&S isin the business of retail finance, hire purchase, leasing and bill discounting. TVS F &S stock on hire and leased assets as on 31st March 1999, stood at Rs.6999 million andRs.646 million Respectively.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 20
  21. 21. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”The fund base of TVS F&S, mobiles from retail clients, by way of deposits/securednon-convertible bonds was at Rs.1415.6 million as on 31st March 1999. The networth of the company on the same date was Rs.289 million, funds deployed wereRs.2538.5 million.Products and ServicesTVS F & Ss core business includes both corporate and retail finance. The productsoffered to the corporate sector include leasing and hire purchase of equipment anddiscounting of bills. Retail financing is focused on financing products comprisingTVS Suzuki two wheelers, consumer durables and other IT products. Over the years,F & S has built up a customer base of more than 50,000 households. The company renders prompt customer service with the help of its computerizedback-office operations supported by state-of-the-art computer hardware and software.Lakshmi Auto Components LimitedCompany ProfileThe company is a subsidiary of TVS-Suzuki, manufacturing gears, crankshafts andconnecting rods for TVS-Suzuki motorbikes and mopeds. Specialized components forthe Fuel injection equipment project of Lucas-TVS are also made by LAC. With itsstate-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and heat treatment equipment, LAC is one ofIndias leading precision machining units. Its division, Harita Rubber Products, manufactures rubber moulded components andair brake hoses for the automotive industry with installed capacity of 750 tpa.Another division, Sundram Plastics, manufactures plastic injection mouldedcomponents for two wheelers & home appliances.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 21
  22. 22. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Sundaram Textiles LimitedCompany ProfileSundaram Textiles was formed in 1960 to manufacture 100% cotton and syntheticyarn. It has two units: one at Nanguneri in Tirunelveli District and another atTherkutheru in Madurai. The unit has 47000 spindles and 720 rotors. Currently thecompany exports 50% of its production to several countries in Europe, Middle East,Far East and South Asia.Products and ServicesQuality carded and combed cotton/blended yarn in hanks and cones, in counts of 16sto 120s, in single and double yarn. TFO, knitting, weaving yarn, gassed, singed,mercerized, Bleached yarn on cones and hanks. Open end yarn in cheese and hanks incounts 6s to 20s.Transenergy LimitedCompany ProfileTransenergy Limited is promoted by Sundaram Finance and associate companies. Itwas incorporated in 1981 in technical collaboration with Deltec Fuel System BV,Holland, internationally renowned manufacturers of Fuel Charging Systems forInternal Combustion Engines using Gaseous Fuels such as LPG (Liquefied PetroleumGas) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). The factory and R&D Unit are located atChennai.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 22
  23. 23. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Over 6000 cars have been retrofitted with CNG kits in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai,Surat, Ankleshwar and Baroda with a market share in excess of 50% in the country.Products and ServicesCNG Conversion kits suitable for Premier Padmini, Ambassador, Contessa, Maruti800, Omni, Esteem, Gypsy and Zen.Turbo Energy LimitedCompany ProfileTurbo Energy Limited was incorporated in 1982 in technical and financialcollaboration with Aktiengesellschaft Kuhnle, Kopp & Kausch (KKK), Germany(presently 3K Warner Turbo systems), internationally renowned manufacturers ofTurbochargers.The manufacturing plant is located at Pulivalam, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, andthe R&D centre at Padi, Chennai. The companys service centres are located atChennai, Calcutta and Delhi. TEL Turbochargers are fitted as Original Equipment forAshok Leyland, Simpson, TELCO, BEML and KOEL engines for industrial andautomotive applications.Products and ServicesThe latest K series Turbochargers for automotive and non-automotive applications.TVS Cherry LimitedCompany ProfileThe company was formed in 1994 as a joint venture between TVS and Cherry ElectricCorporation, USA. Manufacturing started in 1994Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 23
  24. 24. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Products and ServicesManufacturers of precision miniature, sub-miniature, selector switches and hall effectsensors for the appliances industry, office automation and applications.Keyswitchesand advanced performance/special purpose keyboards for the Line of IT industry.TVS Interconnect Systems LimitedCompany ProfileTVS Interconnect Systems Limited was incorporated in the year 1999. The companyhas its manufacturing facility located at Madurai. The Business Development andMarketing Functions are head quartered at Bangalore. The regional marketing officesare located at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and DelhiProducts and ServicesManufacture and assembly of Electronic connectors, Rf Coax Product, CableAssemblies, Fiber Optic Products and accessories.TVS Lanka Pvt Ltd.Company ProfileA JV established in 1995 by T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Limited, Asia MatchCompany Limited, Ashok Leyland Holdings Limited, Ashok Leyland InvestmentsLimited from India with Worldwide Enterprises Pvt. Ltd of Sri Lanka. Thecommercial operations were commenced from 1997 and the Company has establisheda vast network of over 60 dealers across the length & breadth of the Country. InitiallyBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 24
  25. 25. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”the focus was on distribution of genuine replacement parts for Ashok Leyland andTata commercial vehicles from Quality auto component manufacturers from India,JV is now looking at expanding the scope of distribution to cover distribution of spareparts for Japanese vehicles also. The core strength of the company is its large supplierbase from India and vast network of dealersProducts and ServicesDistribution of Ashok Leyland commercial vehicles, spare parts for Ashok Leyland,Tata vehicles and Tractors. These are sourced from more than 30 leading, Indian,ancillary component manufacturers. Most of these suppliers are ISO accreditedcompanies with strong R&D facilities for meeting global standardsTVS - Motor Company LimitedCompany ProfileTVS Motor Company Limited is one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers andalso among the fastest growing companies in the country. It is the largestmanufacturer of sub 100cc (50cc, 60cc & 70cc category) 2-wheelers in the world.It has the unique distinction of having sold nearly 4 million mopeds the highest everin India. It exports its range of products to 17 countries worldwide. Its unrelentingpursuit of customer satisfaction in all aspects of manufacturing of 2-wheelers isreflected in over 6 million satisfied owners of mopeds, motorcycles and scooters. Its4000 highly motivated employees manufacture high quality vehicles from twomanufacturing plants in Hosur and Mysore, with a wide dealer network of around 410& 1200 service outlets.Products and ServicesMotorcycles, Mopeds, Scooterettes and Scooters.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 25
  26. 26. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”TVS R&M LimitedCompany ProfileThe company was formed in 1995 as a joint venture between the TVS Group andReichle De Massari, Switzerland. Manufacturing started in 1997.Products and ServicesManufacturers of main distribution frames and accessories, cross connection cabinets,distribution point boxes, drop wire modules and fiber distribution frames for publicand private telecom networks.TVS Sewing Needles LimitedCompany ProfileTVS Sewing Needles was established in 1962 as a joint venture with The Singer Co.,USA. Production commenced in 1964. The initial range included two types of needlesmanufactured with milled groove technology.Today, the licensed production capacity is 100 million needles of 45 different types,manufactured with die-press, eye rounding technology. Needles are also exported toUnited Kingdom and Japan. The company has 140 employees.Products and ServicesHousehold needles in six sizes, industrial needles (of 20 different types) for garment,hosiery, shoe, leather, canvas and jute stitching industries.TVS Srichakra’s LimitedCompany ProfileIncorporated in 1982, TVS Srichakra’s has emerged as a leader in tyres and tubes fortwo wheelers. Accredited with ISO 9001 certification, TVS Srichakra’s, with theBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 26
  27. 27. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”brand TVS Tyres, manufactures the complete range of tyres and tubes for mopeds,motorcycles, scooters and three wheelers. It is the largest single supplier to twowheeler manufacturers in India. Supported by a wide network of dealers all over thecountry, TVS Srichakra’s enjoys an excellent reputation in the Indian market. Thecompany has also developed a range of industrial pneumatic tyres, farm tyres, miningtyres and implement tyres for export. TVS Srichakras networking division distributes structured cabling products fromReichle De Massari of SwitzerlandProducts and ServicesTyre DivisionTyres and tubes for two and three wheelers, industrial pneumatic tyres, farm andimplement tyres, mining tyres and antique tyres. Phenolic and rubber mouldedproducts.Networking DivisionDistributor of structured cabling products. Structured cabling solutions in copper andfibre for data, voice & video applications. Consultancy for active components: Hubs,Switches, Routers and Wan connectivity. Turnkey solutions for LAN and WANinfrastructure.TV Sundram Iyengar & Sons LimitedTVS & Sons Ltd., established in 1911, is the parent and holding company of the TVSGroup. TVS & Sons Ltd. is the largest automobile distribution company in India witha turnover exceeding US$ 450 million (over RS 15000 million). It employs over 5000persons. The company operates through three divisions; TVS & Sons, SundaramMotors and Madras Auto Service.Products and ServicesTVS & Sons distributes Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles, Jeeps and Cars. Itrepresents various leading manufacturers like Ashok Leyland, Mahindra andMahindra Ltd., Fiat and Honda. The company has more than 100 outlets and is alsoBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 27
  28. 28. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”the largest distributor of spare parts in India, handling more than 70 suppliers and25000 part linesTVS & Sons has grown to become a leading logistics solution provider and has setupstate-of-the-art warehouses across the country. The Logistics Division has tied upwith leading logistics consultants across the globe and provides logistics support toalmost all the leading automobile manufacturers in India. TVS & Sons has recentlydiversified into distributing Garage Equipment ranging from paint booths to engineanalyzers and industrial equipment products. The strength of the company is the after-sales-service it provides.TVS Automotive Europe Ltd.Company ProfileErstwhile known as Unipart TVS Limited, the JV established in 1997 has beenrenamed as TVS Automotive Europe Limited to reflect the changes made in theshareholding structure. The company is promoted by T V Sundram Iyengar & SonsLimited from India with JBE Ltd in UK and is primarily engaged in distribution ofautomotive components and other engineering products sourced primarily from India.The company covers United Kingdom and Western European Countries and is asingle contact point for potential buyers who want to source a range of componentsfrom different manufacturing companies in India. Turnover for the year 2000 exceed1 Million GBP. The company has plans to expand the scope of sourcing toneighboring Asian countries also in the near future.Products and ServicesDistribution of automotive components and other engineering products sourcedprimarily from India.Wheels India LimitedBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 28
  29. 29. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Company ProfileWheels India was set up as a joint venture between TVS and Dunlop, UK in 1960.The company supplies wheels as Original Equipment to all major vehiclemanufacturers in the country. Wheels India is entering into collaboration with Titan,the world leader in off-highway vehicle wheels relating to earthmoving, constructionand agricultural equipment. Manufacturing Plants are located at Chennai, TamilNadu, Rampur, UP and Ranjangaon, Maharashtra. Wheels India has a workforce of1200.Products and ServicesWheels for commercial vehicles, cars, jeeps, tractors, construction equipment / earthmover and defence vehicles, wire wheels for export and air suspension systems forcommercial vehiclesTVS offers a wide range of two-wheelersUncompromising Quality, TechnologyTVS Motor Company’s R&D division has an imposing pool of talent and one of themost contemporary labs, capable of developing innovative designs.Committed to achieving total customer satisfaction through Total Quality Control(TQC), the Company continuously strives to give the customer, the best value formoney.Eco-friendlyTVS is committed to protecting the environment. The company’s manufacturingfacilities at Mysore & Hosur have state-of-the-art facilities & air pollution controlmeasures. Even the suppliers are encouraged to ensure that their products meet eco-friendly normsMopeds:In the Moped segments there are 3 Models:Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 29
  30. 30. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” 1. TVS Champ 50 cc 2. TVS XL Super 70 cc 3. TVS heavy duty 70 ccAll these models are popular in the rural area especially in south and we hold 80 % ofthe market in this segment.Scooterettes: In this segment 1. TVS Scooty 2. TVS Scooty PEP 3. TVS Scooty PEP + 4. TVS Scooty TrenzMotorcyclesIn motorcycles we have variety of models and its variants. These can be classified as 1)Victor family and it’s variants a) VICTOR GLX (124.8 CC ) b) VICTOR GX (109.3 CC ) c) VICTOR Edge (125 CC ) 2. Star Family (99.7 CC) a) Star ( 99.7 CC) b) Star city (99.7 CC) 3. Centra (99.8 CC) 4. Max RBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 30
  31. 31. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” 5. Apache (147.5 CC) 6. TVS Fiero (147 CC) a) Fiero F2 (147CC) 7.TVS Sport (100 cc)Milestones of TVS Motor1980: Indias first 2 seater 50cc Moped TVS 50, launched in August.1984: First Indian Company to introduce 100cc Indo-Japanesemotorcycles in September.1994 :Launched first indigenous Scooterette (sub-100 cc variomaticscooters), TVS Scooty in June.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 31
  32. 32. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”1996: Introduced first catalytic converter enabled motorcycle, the 110cc. Shogun in December1997: Launched India’s First 5-speed motorcycle, the Shaolin in October.2000: Launched TVS Fiero, Indias first 150 cc, 4 stroke motorcycle inApril.2001 : Launched TVS Victor, 4-stroke 110 cc motorcycle, in August,Indias first fully indigenously designed and manufactured motorcycle.2002 – Deming Application prize (First powered two wheeler company in the world to be awarded this prize for TQM )2002 – Best Technology award for TVS Victor from Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt of India2003 – Best managed and most investor friendly company by Businesstoday2004 - ‘Best design’ award in the two wheeler category for Scooty PEPfrom National Institute of design and Business world.2004: Launched TVS Centra in January, a world-class 4-stroke 100 ccmotorcycle with the revolutionary VT-i Engines for best-in-class mileage.2004: Launched TVS Star in Sept, a 100 cc motorcycle which is ideal forrough terrain.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 32
  33. 33. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”2006: Launched TVS Scooty Pep 90 CC Scooter Launched TVS Apache 147.7 CC Motorcycle2007 : Launched TVS STAR SPORT 100 CC Motorcycle .FINANCIAL REPORT OF T VSIN CRORESFinancials of TVS Motor Quarterly Annual (Mar 07) (Mar 06)Income StatementNet Sales 919.88 3234.96Other Income 26.96 80.72PBDIT 37.04 283.35Net Profit 9.05 117.00Balance SheetTotal Share Capital 23.75Net Worth 766.12Total Debt 385.04Net Block 766.78Investments 344.19Net Current Assets -80.29Total Assets 1151.16Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 33
  34. 34. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Umarani Tvs Auto Agencies ,Hubli partnership firm, with Mr. Somashekar V.Umarani as managing partner, was established in the year 2006,as an authorizeddealership for TVS Motorcycles sales and service. It is the main dealer of TVSmotorcycles in Hubli.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 34
  35. 35. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”PROFILESomashekhar V. Umarani (MBA)Managing Partner Umarani AutosSTRENGTHS:Somashekhar V. Umarani has 20 years experience in various capacities i.e.commercial and financial sectors. He was personally responsible in establishingCenturion Bank Ltd.From scratch at a time when private sector banks had a real toughtime to win the confidence and trust of the customers. Being a commerce graduate hehas acquired sufficient Administrative and Managerial Skills and post graduation inmanagement has definitely given him that extra strength. He has experience inmanaging financial institutions and has sound knowledge of stock market as well ascommodity market.PRESENT POSITION: • Since August 2006,he is running TVS Motor Co Ltd. Two wheelers Main Dealership in Hubli in the name of Umarani Autos • Director of Sri Sai Urban Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. Hubli. • He is active member of Rotary Club of Hubli (North). • He is involved actively in promoting education to the downtrodden class to bring their children to the main stream.Rajashekhar V Umarani (B Sc )PartnerSales departmentBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 35
  36. 36. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”STRENGTHS:15 years Marketing experience in FMCGSiddalingesh V Umarani (BA ,ITI )PartnerService DepartmentSTRENGTHS:Worked as supervisor in Kirlosker Ferros for 10 yearsAndanappa V Umarani (BA)PartnerAccounts dept.STRENGTHS:Worked in various organization as an accountant for 25 yearsVISIONUmarani TVS will provide total customer satisfaction by giving the customer the rightproduct, at the right price, at right time. Umarani TVS strives for long-term relationships of mutual trust and interdependence with its customers, employees & suppliersMISSION .We are committed to customer satisfaction by giving high quality and value formoney products to customers not only this but also it is environmentally friendly &lifetime personal transportation under TVS Brand. We are selling a leading productwhich is one among the top two wheeler manufacturers in India and one among thetop five two wheeler manufacturers in AsiaOBECTIVESTo maintain lifetime personal transportation we do the following activities.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 36
  37. 37. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” 1. We do fallow up for free service 2. We are calling up customer get post service feedback. 3. We deliver the service vehicle on time 4. We use company genuine parts and company provided lubricant Oil for the vehicles.SERVICEWe have High –Tech service station and spares section in the same premises. Wehave trained manpower including the High tech tools and equipments (as per theTVSM standard) to take care of the after sales service requirements. All ourmechanics and supervisors are trained by TVS-M. We provide three types of serviceto the customers. 1. Free Service 2. Paid coupon Service 3. Post warranty ServiceWe sell all TVS-M two wheeler genuine spare parts and TVS-M recommendedlubricant oil in spares shop.The Company launched TVS Star ,Apache, Scooty pep,Scooty Trenz, Scooty as theproducts into the market .It has done sales about 1400 vehicles in just elevenmonths .this is great achievement because it has done a great number of sales in justshort span of tie .this shows the great work done by Umarani Tvs autos.Umarani TVS Autos Agencies also have automated workshop with fully trainedsenior mechanics to look after servicing of customers bikes. They provide doorservice, express service, on the spot service ,breakdown service and help in gettinginsurance claim for accident vehiclesThe Showroom is fully centralized with smart looking and courteous sales staff. Theirshowrooms also have ICICI, Centurion, TVS Finance Bank personnel, as they helpcustomer in getting vehicles loans.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 37
  38. 38. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”The service enter is fully automated with experienced and well trained mechanics.The customer Lounge is Air Cooled with facilities provide to customer likeTelevision, Magazines, Newspaper, Water cooler, Clean toilets etc.The billing systemand Job card entry system are fully computerized .There is one service manager, foursupervisor,10 mechanics and 5 helpers mechanics. The service center also providesfacilities like mobile charger, drop home facilities, door service, Sunday service,customer information, pay board, express service, insurance renewal and claimassistance break down service etc…The Umarani TVs auto agencies occupies a unique place in the heart of the city i.e.vidyanagar Hubli and also in the hearts of people of twin cities the newly builtshowroom is two floored cellular being the service center, ground floor being theshowroom, ground floor being the showroom in the first floor being the office Managing Director Finance Sales Manager Manager Accountan t Sales Sales Man Man Asst Clerk Accountan tPRODUCTS AREBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 38
  39. 39. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 39
  40. 40. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” THEORETICAL BACKGROUND FOR THE PROJECTThe marketing is a process which starts with customer and ends with customer. TheCustomer has become the main focus and all the marketing strategies revolve aroundhim. Previously the manufacture used to make a product and the self it to thecustomer without any importance to after sales-service. But the market has totallychanged know and based on the customer wants the services are designed andprovided and the best example for this is SAP.In case of services industry also the scenario has totally changed. Till early 90’scompanies did not pay much attention to after sales service and they mainlyBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 40
  41. 41. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”concentrated only on the sale of the product. But later after LPG(LiberalizationPrivatization Globalization) there was a vast change in Indian economy as most of theforeign companies entered the Indian market and competition creped in and it was Door Die situation for the Indian companies. It was a tough task for the Indiancompanies to compete with these global players. The Global players were morecustomer centric and believed that service is the only way to keep in close proximitywith customers. The Indian companies also began to realize the importance of serviceindustry contributes 52% to Indian economy according a latest survey. The after salesservice plays a vital role in the customer choice of the vehicle. RATIONALE BEHIND THE CHOICE OF THE PROJECTThe Indian automotive industry consists of five segments: commercial vehicles; multiutility vehicle & passenger cars; two-wheelers; three-wheelers; and tractors. With9,822,963 units sold in the domestic market and 8,53,591 units exported during thefirst nine months of FY 2007 (9MFY 2007), the industry (excluding tractors) markeda growth of 26% over the corresponding previous. The two- wheelers sales havewitnessed a spectacular growth trend since the mid nineties.The Two-wheeler market in India is growing at a rapid rate of 26%. India is thesecond largest two-wheeler market in the world, today. Two-wheeler account 79% ofBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 41
  42. 42. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”the total automobile sales in India. The three main product segments in the two-wheeler category, motorcycles dominate, largely because when compared to scootersor mopeds, they are seen as objects of desire, in addition to utility. Out of the nearlynine million two-wheeler sold annually in India today, 3.8 million are motorcycles.Due to increase in the sales of the vehicle the need for after sales service has alsobecome very important. The after sales service is playing a main role in the choice ofthe vehicle. The various customer satisfaction surveys carried out points that thecustomer awareness regarding servicing of their vehicles has increased and customersperceive the after sales service as an important aspect.The increasing focus towards post-sales customer satisfaction has made me choosethis topic for my MCP. Beside all this was, an underlying interest in automobiles,which made me to choose this project.UTILITY OF THE PROJECTThe project was a learning experience to me in the marketing stream. Through thisproject I was able to learn a lot of things and co-relate them to theory with the practiceon the field, following were some of the utilities to me from the project.  Understanding of various attributes involved in case of a Two-Wheeler servicing and their importance to the customers.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 42
  43. 43. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”  Customer perception regarding post-sales services provide by authorized service dealer.  It helped me in getting practical exposure in the field of Services Marketing.  It helped to understand what role Service plays when a customer purchases a Two-wheeler.  It will help to understand what role service plays when a customer purchases a Two-Wheeler.The Project will help the organization in the following ways  Perception of the customer regarding Post-Sales services for the motorbike.  To get the strong attributes of the Organization services and areas of improvement in the service aspect.  The strategies that the organization can adopt to attract the customers.  To know the customer awareness level of various schemes launched.  The utility of various schemes launched and their customer appreciation.The project is not only useful to the company but also the customers.  Their opinions will help the company to tailor-make the services they desire at their feasible price.  To Provide them a better service in the way they would prefer.  To express their opinion to the company through my Questionnaire.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 43
  44. 44. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”TOPIC OF STUDY:  Title of the Project: Customer Perception towards the Post-Sales Service provided by Umarani TVS Auto Agencies, Hubli.  Area of Study: MarketingBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 44
  45. 45. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”  Organization Name: Umarani Auto Agencies-Authorized dealer of TVS motorbikes in Hubli.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  To study various attributes customers prefer in a two-wheeler service.  To analyze the extent of the customer satisfaction for a two wheeler Service.  To find out difference in perception of customers towards authorized Service provider Vs unauthorized service providers in Hubli city.  To study the mindset of customers towards authorized services Offered by Umarani TVS.Methodology adopted:Sources of dataData are facts, figures and other relevant materials, past and present, serving as basesfor study and analysis. The data serves as the basis for analysis without an analysis offactual data no specific inferences can be drawn on the questions under study.Inferences based on imagination or guesswork cannot provide correct answers to theresearch questions, the relevance, adequacy and reliability of data determine thequality of the findings of a study. For the purpose of present study, data from twosources have been collected namely primary and secondary data.Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 45
  46. 46. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Primary dataPrimary data are the data that are collected to help solve a problem or taken advantageof an opportunity on which decision must be taken. The main method of collectingprimary data is survey method, there are different types of survey techniques forexample personal interview, mail survey, Internet survey and telephone survey.Primary data is first hand information that has been collected by the researcher fromthe respondents of Hubli city through personal interview method with the help ofquestionnaire. Analysis, interpretation, summary of findings, conclusions andrecommendations are completely based on primary data.Secondary dataSecondary data are data that were developed for some purpose other then helping tosolve the problem at hand. After identifying and defining the research problem anddetermining specific information required solving the problem, the researchers task isto look for the type and sources of data, which may yield the desired results.Secondary data in this research references made by the researcher with the otherpublished sources. The present research will not be complete without the completereference to the relevant secondary data.The sources of secondary data including the following • Internet www.India automobile.com www.Tvs motors.com www.Hero Honda motors .com www.indiabike.com www.acma.comBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 46
  47. 47. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” • Newspaper : Business line, Business Standard, Times of India. • Magzines- Auto India, Overdrive, Hot Wheels. Sampling DesignSteps 1. Define the Population 2. Specify sampling Frame 3. Specify sampling unit 4. Specify Sampling Method 5. Determine sampling size 6. Specify sampling plan 7. select the sampleBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 47
  48. 48. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”1. Define the Population: Element- Owners of TVS two-wheeler in Hubli. Sampling Unit- Customers who own TVS motorbike. Extent- Hubli territory Time- During the period of Dec 10, 2007 to April 19, 2008.2. Specify the sampling frame:Vehicle owners list from TVS Umarani Auto Agencies( Dealer of TVS in Hubli),Education institutions, Offices etc.3. Specify sampling unit/ Element:Customers who own TVS bike in Hubli City.4.Specify sampling method :Non-Probability Convenient Sampling 5. Determine Sampling size : Umarani TVS Servicing Customers: 80 Unauthorized Servicing Customers: 20 Total Sample size: 100Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 48
  49. 49. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”FINDINGS & CONCLUSION OF UMARANI CUSTOMERSFrequencies Which is TVS bike you own? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid TVS victor 25 31.3 31.3 31.3 star city 8 10.0 10.0 41.3 star 7 8.8 8.8 50.0 scooty pep+ 17 21.3 21.3 71.3 scooty pep 10 12.5 12.5 83.8 apache RTR 160 3 3.8 3.8 87.5 scooty 6 7.5 7.5 95.0 apache 1 1.3 1.3 96.3 Tvs Excel 3 3.8 3.8 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 49
  50. 50. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” Which is TVS bike you own? 40 30 31 20 21 13 10 10Percent 9 8 4 4 0 TV st st sc sc ap sc ap Tv ar ar oo oo ac oo ac s S Ex ci vi ty ty he ty he ty ct c pe pe R el or TR p+ p 16 0Inferences:Among the 80 responded surveyed I found that 25 customers are have TVSVictor that shows 31% respondents preferred Tvs Victor as there Bike. ScootyPep+ an Scooty Pep 21% and 12.5% customer having the two wheeler. Thatshows most of the customers prefer Victor Pep And Pep+ bike as there TwoWheeler.Frequencies How frequently you get your bike serviced? once in Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid 2 months 26 32.5 32.5 32.5 3-4 months 30 37.5 37.5 70.0 5-6 months 20 25.0 25.0 95.0 6-8 months 3 3.8 3.8 98.8 9-11 months 1 1.3 1.3 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 50
  51. 51. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” 9-11 months 1.3% 6-8 months 3.8% 5-6 months 2 months 25.0% 32.5% 3-4 months 37.5%FindingsOut of the 80 respondents surveyed37% i.e. 30 got their vehicle serviced once in 3-4 months32% i.e. 26 got their vehicle serviced once in 2 months25% i.e. 20 got their vehicle serviced once in 5-6 monthsConclusionBy this survey we can found that most of the people prefer service after 3-4 months. thereare 25% people who prefer service every 5-6 months company may convert them to turn as3-4 month customers.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 51
  52. 52. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” Rank your priorities in case of servicing of you bike? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid pricing 5 6.3 6.3 6.3 location of service center 20 25.0 25.0 31.3 problem ractification 27 33.8 33.8 65.0 On time delivery 15 18.8 18.8 83.8 cleanliness of service 9 11.3 11.3 95.0 center others 4 5.0 5.0 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Graph 30 27 20 20 15 10 9 5 Count 4 0 pr lo pr O cl ot ea ca n he ic o bl in tim ti o n r e s g l in m n e es of de ra s se ct li v of i fi er rv ca se ic y tio rv e iFindings27 of them gave problem rectification as 1 st Priority this show that customer of UmaraniTVS auto agencies give more preference to problem ratification so company have toconcentrate on problem rectification. Location of service center and on time delivery areequally important company must give preference to on time delivery it will help them togain customer or maintain customers.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 52
  53. 53. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” was the problem of your vehicle rectified to your satisfaction during the last servicing? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid fully ractified 55 68.8 68.8 68.8 partly ractified 21 26.3 26.3 95.0 not ractified 4 5.0 5.0 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Graph not ractif ied 5.0% partly ractif ied 26.2% f ully ractif ied 68.8%FindingsOut the 80 respondents surveyed69% respondents vehicle problem were Fully Rectified.26% respondents vehicle problem were Partly Rectified.5% respondents vehicle problem were Not Rectified.ConclusionMost respondents problem were Fully Rectified but still there is Scope for improvement.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 53
  54. 54. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” Your opinion regarding pricing of services by Umarani Autos? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid high priced 22 27.5 27.5 27.5 moderaltely priced 50 62.5 62.5 90.0 economically priced 8 10.0 10.0 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Graph economically priced 10.0% high priced 27.5% moderaltely priced 62.5%FindingsOut of 80 respondents surveyed62% of respondents feel that pricing of service is moderate27% of respondents feel that pricing of service as high10% of respondents feel that pricing of service is economicalConclusionMost of the respondents felt the pricing to be moderate but a certain number ofrespondents feel it to be highly priced.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 54
  55. 55. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” Your opinion about the org picking up your vehicle for servicing on a phone call? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid i liked it i am using 26 32.5 32.5 32.5 this service i did not know about this service if detail 36 45.0 45.0 77.5 given i will pre dont know and dont 11 13.8 13.8 91.3 prefer if i know i know about this but 7 8.8 8.8 100.0 dont want to prefer Total 80 100.0 100.0 i know about this bu 8.7% dont know and dont p 13.8% i liked it i am usin 32.5% i did not know about 45.0%FindingsOut of the 80 respondents surveyed45% said they would go for the pick-up service if detail were given32% said they are using the service14% said they don’t know about this and would not use it if even detail were given9% said they knew about this service and would not prefer.ConclusionMost respondents would go for service if details were given and hence communicationshould improve regarding the services.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 55
  56. 56. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Was the servicing/ repair done in the bike explained to you at the time of delevery? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid yes 69 86.3 86.3 86.3 no 11 13.8 13.8 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Graph no 13.8% yes 86.3%FindingsOut of the 80 respondents surveyed86% were explained about the repair/ servicing carried out14% were not explained about the repair/ servicing carried outConclusionMost of the respondents were explained about the repair/ service carried out but stillthere is scope for improvement.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 56
  57. 57. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” Q9)b) if yes how did you feel about the service carried out? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid i liked it very much 48 60.0 60.0 60.0 i did not feel the 23 28.8 28.8 88.8 difference i did not feel satisfied 5 6.3 6.3 95.0 i did not feel it worthwhile 4 5.0 5.0 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Graph i did not f eel it w o 5.0% i did not f eel satis 6.3% i did not f eel the d 28.7% i liked it very much 60.0%FindingsOut of the 69 respondents surveyed60% liked about the repair explanation29% did not feel the difference6% were not satisfied5% felt it was not worth whileConclusionMost of the respondents liked the service explanation and still there is scope forimprovement. Company also give preference to other 40% customer and try toconvert them to feel as its worth while.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 57
  58. 58. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” Are you aware of any TVS promotional activity? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid yes 63 78.8 78.8 78.8 no 17 21.3 21.3 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Graph no 21.3% yes 78.8%Findingsout of the 80 respondents surveyed79% are aware of TVS promotional activities21% are not aware of TVS promotional activities.ConclusionMost of the respondent are aware TVS promotional activities. Still there arerespondents who don’t know about these activities company have to concentrate onthese customers.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 58
  59. 59. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” if yes do you think such a scheme will work in service aspect? Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid yes i think it will work 67 83.8 83.8 83.8 no i think it will not work 13 16.3 16.3 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0 no i think it w ill n 16.2% yes i think it w ill 83.7%FindingsOut of respondents surveyed84% felt that the such scheme will work16% felt that scheme will not workConclusionMost of the respondents felt that such scheme will work so company must offers suchscheme in future also and such scheme should be encouraged.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 59
  60. 60. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies” Average 1.3% Good 35.0% Excellent 11.2% Very Good 52.5%FindingsOut of 80 respondents surveyed52% of respondents felt the service station ambience as Very Good35% of respondents felt that service station ambience as Good11% of respondents felt that service station ambience as Excellent1% of respondents felt the service station ambience as AverageConclusionMost of the respondents felt the service station ambience is Very GoodFrequencies Please tick the attribute you feel appropriate in case of Umarani Auto Agencies in Process of servicing your vehicle(Water Wash and Polish) Cumulative Frequency Percent Valid Percent Percent Valid Excellent 8 10.0 10.0 10.0 Very Good 30 37.5 37.5 47.5 Good 40 50.0 50.0 97.5 Average 2 2.5 2.5 100.0 Total 80 100.0 100.0Babasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 60
  61. 61. “Customer Perception towards the Post-sale services provided by Umarani TVS auto Agencies”Graph Average Excellent 2.5% 10.0% Good Very Good 50.0% 37.5%FindingsOut of the 80 respondents surveyed50% of respondents felt the Water Wash service Good38% of respondents felt the Water Wash service Very Good10% of respondents felt the Water Wash service Excellent3% of respondents felt the Water Wash service AverageConclusionMost of the respondents liked the Water Wash Service.FrequenciesBabasabpatilfreepptmba.com Page 61