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String functions in C
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String functions in C


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String functions in C

String functions in C

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  • 1. String Functions in C Typing Speed: 25 Ismail Ismail Ismu Ismail Ismu me 8086303494
  • 2. String Function The standard library for C string functions is string.h. This header file defines tons of useful string manipulation functions including
  • 3. String Functions  strcmp  strcat  strcpy  strlen
  • 4. strcmp • Strcmp() in C programming language is used to compare two strings. If both the strings are equal then it gives the result as zero but if not then it gives the numeric difference between the first non matching characters in the strings.
  • 5. strcat • The strcat() function is used for string concatenation in C programming language. It means it joins the two strings together
  • 6. strcpy • strcpy function copies a string from a source location to a destination location and provides a null character to terminate the string.
  • 7. strlen The strlen( ) function is used to calculate the length of the string. It means that it counts the total number of characters present in the string which includes alphabets, numbers, and all special characters including blank spaces.
  • 8. Strcmp Syntax int strcmp ( const char * str1, const char * str2 ); Example int main() { char str1[30],str2[30]; printf("Enter first string: "); scanf("%s",&str1); printf("Enter second string: "); scanf("%s",&str2); if(strcmp(str1,str2)==0) printf("Both strings are equal"); else printf("Strings are unequal"); return 0; }
  • 9. Strcat Syntax strcat(first_string,second_string); Example int main() { char str1[30]="www.cprogramming"; char str2[15]=""; printf("nn string 1 : %stt string 2 : %snn",str1,str2); printf("nn strcat(str1,str2) : %snn", strcat(str1,str2)); getch();
  • 10. Strcpy Syntax strcpy(destination,source); Example int main() { char a[10],b[10]; printf("Enter string: "); scanf("%s",&a); strcpy(b,a); printf("Copied string: "); printf("%s",b); return 0; }
  • 11. Strlen Syntax temp_variable = strlen(string_name); Example int main() { char a[20]; printf("Enter string: "); scanf("%s",&a); printf("Length of string =%d n",strlen(a)); }
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