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Stored procedures and cursors




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    Stored procedures and cursors Stored procedures and cursors Presentation Transcript

    • Disclaimer: This presentation is prepared by trainees of baabtra as a part of mentoring program. This is not official document of baabtra –Mentoring Partner Baabtra-Mentoring Partner is the mentoring division of baabte System Technologies Pvt . Ltd
    • Week Target Achieved 1 30 25 2 3 Typing Speed
    • Jobs Applied Week Company Designation Applied Date Current Status 1 2 3
    • Stored procedures and cursor Midhun sudhakar midhusudhakaran@gmail.com Midhun.sudhakar.73@facebook.com twitter.com/midhunopus in.linkedin.com/pub/midhunsudhakar/86/a65/a9b/Phonenumber 9995586182
    • Content • What is stored procedure. • Advantages of stored procedure. • What is Cursor. • Sample stored procedure program.
    • What is stored procedure? • Is a block of SQL statements. • It can contain, – variable definition. – Conditional statements. – Loops etc..
    • advantages • Speed(pre-compiled execution). • Reduce client/server traffic. • Efficient re-use of code.
    • Syntax.. CREATE PROCEDURE procedure_name(parameter) BEGIN //definition; END
    • Example.. CREATE PROCEDURE findcustomer(IN customer_id int) BEGIN select * from customer where id=customer_id; END CALL findcustomer(2);
    • What is Cursor? • cursor in stored procedures to iterate. • through a result set returned by a SELECT statement.
    • Syntax.. DECLARE cursor_name CURSOR FOR SELECT_statement; OPEN cursor_name; FETCH cursor_name INTO variables list; CLOSE cursor_name;
    • Example.. DELIMITER $$ CREATE PROCEDURE build_email_list (INOUT email_list varchar(4000)) BEGIN DECLARE v_finished INTEGER DEFAULT 0; DECLARE v_email varchar(100) DEFAULT ""; -- declare cursor for employee email DEClARE email_cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT email FROM employees; -- declare NOT FOUND handler DECLARE CONTINUE HANDLER FOR NOT FOUND SET v_finished = 1;
    • Ctnd.. OPEN email_cursor; get_email: LOOP FETCH email_cursor INTO v_email; IF v_finished = 1 THEN LEAVE get_email; END IF; -- build email list SET email_list = CONCAT(v_email,“,",email_list); END LOOP get_email; CLOSE email_cursor; END$$ SET @email_list = ""; CALL build_email_list(@email_list); SELECT @email_list;
    • Write a single stored procedure to insert values into both table? DELIMITER $$ CREATE PROCEDURE double_insert( usr CHAR(12), pass CHAR(12)) BEGIN START TRANSACTION; INSERT INTO tbl_user VALUES (usr,NULL); INSERT INTO tbl_login VALUES (NULL,usr, pass); COMMIT; END$$ DELIMITER ; SET @username = 'baabtra'; SET @password = '321'; CALL double_insert(@username,@password); SELECT * FROM tbl_user; SELECT * FROM tbl_login;
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