3tier architecture
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3tier architecture

3tier architecture



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3tier architecture 3tier architecture Presentation Transcript

  • 3 Tier architecture Anjali g anjalig2009@gmail.com www.facebook.com/AnjaliG eetha twitter.com/AnjaliGeetha in.linkedin.com/in/Anjali G 9497879952
  • MAIN POINTS • • • • What is 3 tier architecture? Evolution of 3 tier architecture What does 3 tier architecture offers you - advantages and disadvantages Comparison with MVC
  • What is 3 tier architecture? • A three way interaction in a client server architecture - The user interface stored in the client. - The bulk of the business application logic stored in one or more servers. - The data stored in the database server.
  • Evolution to the 3 tier architecture  Single tier  Dual tier environments  3 tier architecture
  • Single tier  Time for huge main frames  All processing in a single computer  All resources attached to the same computer  Access via dumb terminals
  • Single tier…     Advantages Simple Efficient Uncomplicated  Disadvantages  The cost of the central machine very expensive
  • Dual Tier environment  Personal computers  Necessity of providing personal software  The client server model was born…
  • Dual tier environment..  Logical system components – Most which are on the client  Advantages • Easy to maintain and modification is bit easy • Communication is faster  Disadvantages • In two tier architecture application performance will be degrade upon increasing the users. • Cost-ineffective
  • 3 tier architecture  Involves one more layer called business logic/middle layer.  The client only displays GUI and data, but has no part in producing results. • Less resources needed for client workstation • No client modification if database location changes • Less code to distribute to client workstations  One server handles many client requests • More resources available for server program • Reduces data traffic on the network
  • Benefits..  • •   • Scalability The application servers can be deployed on many servers The database no longer require a connection from every client. Better Re-use Improve data integrity The middle tier can ensure that only valid data is allowed to be updated in the database  Improve security • Since client doesn’t have direct access to the database • Business logic is more secure since it placed on a more secure central layer  Hidden database structure
  • Drawbacks • Increased complexity/effort Comparison with MVC - In 3 tier; client tier never communicates directly with the data tier; - In a three-tier model all communication must pass through the middle tier - 3 tier is linear. - MVC Architecture is triangular. - The view sends updates to the controller, the controller updates the model, and the view gets updated directly from the model.
  • Thank you..
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