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3 tier architecture
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3 tier architecture


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3 tier architecture

3 tier architecture

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Disclaimer: This presentation is prepared by trainees of baabtra as a part of mentoring program. This is not official document of baabtra –Mentoring Partner Baabtra-Mentoring Partner is the mentoring division of baabte System Technologies Pvt . Ltd
  • 2. Typing Speed Week Target Achieved 1 40 25 2 40 29 3
  • 3. Jobs Applied # 1 2 3 Company Designation Applied Date Current Status
  • 4. 3-Tier Architectures SUHAIL K.P suhailkp007@gmail. com /suhilkp007 p007
  • 5. 3-Tier Architectures • A 3-tier architecture is one which has a client tier, a middle tier, and a database tier. – The database tier manages the database – The middle tier contains most of the logic and communicates between the other tiers – The client tier is the interface between the user and the system • An n-tier architecture is one which has n tiers, usually including a database tier, a client tier, and n-2 tiers in between. 6
  • 6. Thin-Client 3-Tier Models • The thin-client 3-tier model has these tiers: – The database management system (DBMS) – The main application software – A web browser • Examples –* 8
  • 7. Thick-Client 3-Tier Models • The thick-client 3-tier model has these tiers: – The database management system (DBMS) – The main application software – Some sort of interface software which must be installed on each client machine • Examples: – Desktop applets that display weather, etc. 9
  • 8. Tiers of an architecture Client browser <html> ... </html> Application logic tier information system Presentation tier Visualise Calculate Store Database tier 10
  • 9. Presentation Tier • Provides user interface • Handles the interaction with the user • Sometimes called the GUI or client view or front-end • Should not contain business logic or data access code • Example: – Systems accessed by web browsers using plain HTML documents 11
  • 10. Application Logic Tier • The set of rules for processing information • Should not contain presentation or data access code • This tier is often referred to as – – – – Services Business logic Business rules Server 12
  • 11. Database tier • • • • The physical storage layer for data Manages access to DB or file system Sometimes called back-end Should not contain presentation or business logic code
  • 12. Advantages • • • • Independence of Layers Easier to maintain Components are reusable Faster development (division of work)  Web designer does presentation Software engineer does logic DB admin does data model
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