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Where are we with online video today? What are some of the real hard numbers. I'll address that, and also look at some viral video success stories. Then I'll walk the audience through specific examples, and talk about what they need to consider when creating, sharing and tracking web video.

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Web Video - Create, Share, and Track

  1. 1. WebVideo Create share track BlakeSamic July29,2009 SocialMediaUniversity
  2. 2. BlakeSamicco-FounderofActionsTalk
  3. 3. whereweare...
  4. 4. whereweare... * in march 2009, YouTube surpassed 100M U.S. Viewers ~Mashable.com (May ’09) * real number of streams/day... is above 1.2 billion/day worldwide...pretty much means everyone on the Internet, on average, is watching one YouTube video per day.. ~Techcrunch.com (June ’09)
  5. 5. whereweare... * How we watch video (US)... * How we share video (US)...
  6. 6. howdoigoviral?!
  7. 7. howdoigoviral?! * No secret formula, but...
  8. 8. howdoigoviral?! * No secret formula, but... * There are some commonalities: - Make people think & talk - Make it fun, don’t take yourself too seriously
  9. 9. howdoigoviral?! * No secret formula, but... * There are some commonalities: - Make people think & talk - Make it fun, don’t take yourself too seriously * Life cycle of a viral video - First week very important. A media push is recommended (PR + paid exposure + social media) - Don’t forget to support it over time
  10. 10. goodviralvs.badviral
  11. 11. goodviralvs.badviral * T-Mobile Dance Video 10 Million+ Views
  12. 12. goodviralvs.badviral * Samsung HD Phone Challenge
  13. 13. goodviralvs.badviral * United Breaks Guitars 4 Million+ Views
  14. 14. wide reach essentials
  15. 15. wide reach essentials Content
  16. 16. wide reach essentials Content People
  17. 17. wide reach essentials Content People Infrastructure
  18. 18. Pre-considerations * Audience? * Where will this be posted? Equipment * Camera * Tripod * Lights * Microphone Shooting * Lighting! * Audio environment (mic placement) * lens cap ;-) Editing * Get it where you like it - then trim another 30 sec * Add your branding (intros/outros, watermarks)
  19. 19. Hosting the video Why not host it yourself? * limits your distribution * bandwidth costs * browser/device considerations Hosting feature considerations * market share of host * ability to customize player * maximum length of video allowed * storage space limits * analytics provided * price
  20. 20. The video is hosted, now what? Embed it on your site * You want traffic coming to your site, not to YouTube, etc. * Gives you the ability to provide context around the video Add share buttons to your site * Make it as easy as possible for your audience to share it * Some sites that provide share buttons for free: ShareThis Tweetmeme
  21. 21. Now that you’ve enabled users to share... It’s your turn * Now’s the time to leverage the network you’ve built * Share anyway you like, but don’t neglect the two big players
  22. 22. Why should you track video statistics? * Very difficult to see areas for improvement without measuring your baseline * Find out what works so you can run smarter campaigns * Discover trends. Who’s viewing/sharing? Maybe you have potential customers you didn’t think about. How to track (two easy ways) * Install Google Analytics on your website - you may miss full view of where the video is being shared * Use the analytics provided by your video host (YouTube’s Insight is one example)
  23. 23. Example: YouTube Insight * see how views are spiking over time * viewer demographic information * viewer geographic information * compare the popularity of your videos
  24. 24. One full example for review...
  25. 25. TheFutureofWebVideo Real time, real time, real time... * real time chat about videos * real time streaming (from computer and mobile) Mass distribution
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Thankyou! twitter.com/blakesamic www.linkedin.com/in/blakesamic blakesamic.com Let’s Connect