ENGL220 Odyssey Books XX-XXIV


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ENGL220 Odyssey Books XX-XXIV

  1. 1. Book XX
  2. 2. Neither Odysseus nor Penelope slept well
  3. 3. Athena assures Odysseus he will prevail against the suitors
  4. 4. Next morn, when Odysseus hears Penny weeping, he prays to Zeus
  5. 5. Zeus sends thunder as a sign
  6. 6. A loyal maid hopes the thunder signals the deaths of the suitors
  7. 7. Servants readied the house for a feast day
  8. 8. Eumaeus arrives with some pigs
  9. 9. Telemachus dresses for battle
  10. 10. Melanthios the goatherd arrives and taunts the old beggar
  11. 11. Philoetius, the loyal cowherd arrived
  12. 12. The cowherd expresses sympathy for the beggar, who reminds him of Odysseus
  13. 13. Eumaeus and Philoetius pray for their master’s safe return
  14. 14. All went inside and were served dinner
  15. 15. Suitor Ctesippus threw a heifer’s foot at the old beggar
  16. 16. Telemachus gives all of the suitors a sound scolding
  17. 17. Suitor Agelaus tells Telemachus he should order his mother to marry
  18. 18. Telemachus refuses, and Athena sets the suitors to witless laughter
  19. 19. Theoclymenus foretells disaster
  20. 20. He saw the walls dripping blood
  21. 21. And the ghosts of the suitors
  22. 22. Laughed at, Theoclymenus leaves
  23. 23. Hidden behind a pillar, Penelope has listened to the entire exchange
  24. 24. Book XXI
  25. 25. In the morning, Penelope retrieves Odysseus’ special bow
  26. 26. The bow was a gift from Iphitus, later killed in anger by Hercules
  27. 27. She carried the bow to the suitors
  28. 28. Penelope announces that she will marry the man who can easily string the bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axes.
  29. 29. Weeping, Eumaeus set the bow before the suitors
  30. 30. Telemachus set up the axes and tried three times to string the bow
  31. 31. He would have gotten it on the fourth try, but his father signaled him to stop.
  32. 32. Penelope invites suitors to try
  33. 33. The suitors are unable to string the bow
  34. 34. Outside the gates, Odysseus reveals himself to the swineherd and cowherd
  35. 35. The suitors decide to quit trying to string the bow for now. It is a feast day of Apollo, after all!
  36. 36. Athena urges Odysseus to try the bow
  37. 37. Led by Antinous, the suitors are outraged
  38. 38. But Penelope and her son both invite the beggar to try the bow
  39. 39. Eumaeus put the bow into the hands of Odysseus Eurycleia locks up the maids and Philoetius closes and locks the outer gates.
  40. 40. Odysseus easily strings the bow
  41. 41. He shoots an arrow
  42. 42. He wins the contest
  43. 43. Book XXII Slaying of Suitors
  44. 44. Book XXIII Man and Wife
  45. 45. Book XXIV