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ENGL220 Odyssey Books XX-XXIV

ENGL220 Odyssey Books XX-XXIV






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    ENGL220 Odyssey Books XX-XXIV ENGL220 Odyssey Books XX-XXIV Presentation Transcript

    • Book XX
    • Neither Odysseus nor Penelope slept well
    • Athena assures Odysseus he will prevail against the suitors
    • Next morn, when Odysseus hears Penny weeping, he prays to Zeus
    • Zeus sends thunder as a sign
    • A loyal maid hopes the thunder signals the deaths of the suitors
    • Servants readied the house for a feast day
    • Eumaeus arrives with some pigs
    • Telemachus dresses for battle
    • Melanthios the goatherd arrives and taunts the old beggar
    • Philoetius, the loyal cowherd arrived
    • The cowherd expresses sympathy for the beggar, who reminds him of Odysseus
    • Eumaeus and Philoetius pray for their master’s safe return
    • All went inside and were served dinner
    • Suitor Ctesippus threw a heifer’s foot at the old beggar
    • Telemachus gives all of the suitors a sound scolding
    • Suitor Agelaus tells Telemachus he should order his mother to marry
    • Telemachus refuses, and Athena sets the suitors to witless laughter
    • Theoclymenus foretells disaster
    • He saw the walls dripping blood
    • And the ghosts of the suitors
    • Laughed at, Theoclymenus leaves
    • Hidden behind a pillar, Penelope has listened to the entire exchange
    • Book XXI
    • In the morning, Penelope retrieves Odysseus’ special bow
    • The bow was a gift from Iphitus, later killed in anger by Hercules
    • She carried the bow to the suitors
    • Penelope announces that she will marry the man who can easily string the bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axes.
    • Weeping, Eumaeus set the bow before the suitors
    • Telemachus set up the axes and tried three times to string the bow
    • He would have gotten it on the fourth try, but his father signaled him to stop.
    • Penelope invites suitors to try
    • The suitors are unable to string the bow
    • Outside the gates, Odysseus reveals himself to the swineherd and cowherd
    • The suitors decide to quit trying to string the bow for now. It is a feast day of Apollo, after all!
    • Athena urges Odysseus to try the bow
    • Led by Antinous, the suitors are outraged
    • But Penelope and her son both invite the beggar to try the bow
    • Eumaeus put the bow into the hands of Odysseus Eurycleia locks up the maids and Philoetius closes and locks the outer gates.
    • Odysseus easily strings the bow
    • He shoots an arrow
    • He wins the contest
    • Book XXII Slaying of Suitors
    • Book XXIII Man and Wife
    • Book XXIV