ENGL220 Odyssey Books V-IX


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ENGL220 Odyssey Books V-IX

  1. 1. Odyssey Book V
  2. 2. Next morning, Athena again plead Odysseus’ case to Zeus
  3. 3. Zeus sends Hermes to Calypso
  4. 4. Zeus tells Athena that Odysseus, along with many gifts, will be taken home by the Phaecians.
  5. 5. Hermes flew over the ocean to Calypso’s cave
  6. 6. Hermes tells Calypso that Odysseus is fated to return home
  7. 7. Calypso is furious that a double standard exists among the gods.
  8. 8. She has cherished Odysseus, and hoped to keep him with her
  9. 9. Still, she cannot disobey Zeus. She has no ship or rowers, but she will do what she can to see him safely off.
  10. 10. Calypso went to the beach to find Odysseus.
  11. 11. She found him staring out to sea
  12. 12. Calypso tells him to build a raft and she will give him provisions.
  13. 13. Odysseus fears Calypso is tricking him.
  14. 14. Calypso swears a great oath, then lunches with him in her cave
  15. 15. Calypso offers to make him immortal and ageless if he stays with her
  16. 16. Surely, she points out, she must be more attractive than old Penelope
  17. 17. Odysseus answers VERY carefully, and insists he must go home
  18. 18. They cuddle one last night
  19. 19. Odysseus builds his raft.
  20. 20. Calypso provides fine clothing and provisions
  21. 21. He sailed for 18 days until he saw the Phaecian coast
  22. 22. Angry at seeing Odysseus close to land, Poseido n brews up a storm.
  23. 23. Sea goddess Ino comes to the rescue
  24. 24. She tells Odysseus to get naked
  25. 25. Then put on her veil of immortality
  26. 26. Odysseus swims for his life
  27. 27. He barely makes it to shore
  28. 28. Ino needs her veil, Odysseus returns the veil.
  29. 29. Odysseus had to decide between spending the night on the cold beach or braving beasts and sleeping in the woods He chose the woods
  30. 30. Odyssey Book VI
  31. 31. Athena goes into the bedroom of Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous
  32. 32. She chides Nausicaa about all the dirty laundry on the floor, and suggest a washing day
  33. 33. Nausicaa asks her dad for a cart so she can do the family wash
  34. 34. As the laundry dries, the girls play ball
  35. 35. Athena makes sure Odysseus is wakened
  36. 36. Odysseus holds a branch in front of his package
  37. 37. He compliments and reassures Nausicaa
  38. 38. Nausicaa gives him something to wear
  39. 39. She devises a plan to get him into the city and palace
  40. 40. For both their sakes, she cannot be seen with him
  41. 41. She gives him directions to the palace, and tells him to go straight to her mother Arête
  42. 42. Odysseus prays to Athena for help, then heads after Nausicaa
  43. 43. Odyssey Book VII
  44. 44. Nausicaa returns with the laundry and goes up to her room
  45. 45. Odysseus arrives at the palace
  46. 46. The palace was splendid, and the gardens magnificent and magical
  47. 47. Hidden in Athena’s fog, Odysseus enters the palace and kneels at the feet of queen Arête
  48. 48. He asks her for help getting home
  49. 49. Then he sits in the ashes
  50. 50. All were in shock until an elderly servant reminded Alcinous of his duties as host
  51. 51. Odysseus was seated properly and brought food and wine
  52. 52. Alcinous promises to have a feast and then send this stranger, who might be a god, home in style
  53. 53. Odysseus protests that he is only a mortal man who has suffered much
  54. 54. Arête, who notices Odysseus is wearing family clothing, asks him who he is and where he is from
  55. 55. Odysseus tells of his 7 years on Calypso’s island, the raft, the storm, and his gift of clothing from Nausicaa
  56. 56. When Alcinous criticizes his daughter for poor hosting, Odysseus lies to take the blame
  57. 57. Alcinous would like the stranger to stay and marry his daughter, but will provide a ship gladly
  58. 58. A bed is provided for Odysseus in the palace
  59. 59. Odyssey Book VIII
  60. 60. At dawn, Odysseus and Alcinous meet at the place of assembly
  61. 61. Athene urged the citizens to come see the marvelous stranger
  62. 62. Alcinous calls for a ship and 52 men to be got ready
  63. 63. Then, a feast
  64. 64. Demodocus, the blind singer, sang of the quarrel between Achilles and Odysseus
  65. 65. The song made Odysseus weep
  66. 66. Alcinous notices his sorrow and begins sporting events
  67. 67. Footraces first, then wrestling
  68. 68. Jumping,
  69. 69. Discus, and boxing
  70. 70. Prince Laodamus invites the stranger to participate
  71. 71. When Odysseus declines, Euryalus accuses him of being a mere merchant
  72. 72. Odysseus scolds him, then picks up a disc
  73. 73. He throws it the furthest of all
  74. 74. Odysseus boasts of his sport skills
  75. 75. Alcinous calls for music
  76. 76. And a display of dancing
  77. 77. The Phaecians excelled at dance
  78. 78. The singer returned
  79. 79. He sang a comic song about Ares and Aphrodite
  80. 80. Aphrodite and Ares were infamous for their adultery
  81. 81. Aphrodite was the wife of Hephaestus, but had lots of sex with Ares
  82. 82. Aphrodite was in bed with Ares when the sun told her husband Hephaestus what was going on
  83. 83. Hephaestus forged a special net of chains and hung it over the bed
  84. 84. Hephaestus feigned a trip, and Ares lured Aphrodite into bed
  85. 85. The net fell, and Hephaestus called all the gods to witness the infidelity
  86. 86. The male gods laughed and made crude jokes
  87. 87. Hephaestus demanded payment, which Poseidon guaranteed
  88. 88. Hephaestus let the pair go
  89. 89. Next, Alcinous had his sons dance for Odysseus
  90. 90. When Odysseus complimented the Phaecians as the best dancers in the world, Alcinous asked each of the 12 elders to donate gifts to the stranger
  91. 91. Arête arranged a warm bath and a chest of gifts
  92. 92. Nausicaa bids him farewell
  93. 93. He thanked her for saving his life
  94. 94. At the feast, the singer again performs
  95. 95. Odysseus gives the singer food, and asks him to sing of the Trojan Horse
  96. 96. Again, Odysseus weeps
  97. 97. Alcinous stops the singer, and urges the stranger to identify himself
  98. 98. He asks if the stranger is sad because he lost some dear one at Troy
  99. 99. Odyssey IX
  100. 100. Odysseus introduces himself by name to Alcinous, and describes Ithaca
  101. 101. He mentions that two goddesses, Circe and Calypso, desired him
  102. 102. After Troy, he took his 12 ships to Ismarus, the city of the Cicones
  103. 103. They sacked the city, and Odysseus would leave, but his men wanted to stay and enjoy their takings
  104. 104. They were ambushed, and Odysseus lost 72 men
  105. 105. A series of strong storms took them next to the land of the Lotus-eaters
  106. 106. Odysseys sent 3 men to check out the local inhabitants
  107. 107. The men were given lotus to eat
  108. 108. The lotus made the men forget home, and Odysseus had to go and get the men and drag them onto the ship
  109. 109. They hurriedly sailed away
  110. 110. They came to the land of the Cyclops
  111. 111. The land was fertile, but the Cyclops had no civilization
  112. 112. No cultivation, no buildings, no ships, no organized governing system
  113. 113. The Cyclopes lived in caves
  114. 114. Odysseus and his men stay on an island in the harbor, killing goats for food and drinking Circonian wine
  115. 115. Odysseus decides to take one ship, 12 men, and a jar of exquisite wine to the land of the Cyclops
  116. 116. They enter a cave, find it empty except for lambs and cheese, and help themselves to cheese
  117. 117. A huge Cyclops entered the cave and rolled a boulder to block the entrance
  118. 118. Odysseus tells the Cyclops they return as victors from Troy and asks for Zeus ordered hospitality.
  119. 119. Polyphemus picks up two men and eats them
  120. 120. The Cyclops drank milk and went to sleep
  121. 121. Next morning, he ate two more men for breakfast
  122. 122. Then he went out with his sheep and goats, trapping Odysseus in the cave
  123. 123. But Odysseus had a plan, involving putting out the Cyclops’ eye
  124. 124. He had his men sharpen a club into a sharp stake and draw lots for the four who would help him.
  125. 125. When the Cyclops returned, he milked his animals and ate 2 more men
  126. 126. Odysseus offered him wine
  127. 127. The Cyclops enjoyed the wine and asked for more
  128. 128. Odysseus kept refilling the cup
  129. 129. Odysseus told the Cyclops his name was Noman
  130. 130. When Polyphemus fell into a drunken sleep, the plan went forward
  131. 131. The spear was of olive wood.
  132. 132. His neighbors heard screams of pain, and asked who was hurting him
  133. 133. When he answered “Noman,” they went back to their caves
  134. 134. When Polyphemus rolled the stone away from the entrance, Odysseus devised a plan for escape
  135. 135. The men hung under the bellies of the sheep
  136. 136. Odysseus clung to a ram
  137. 137. They got away and raced to the ship
  138. 138. Polyphemus threw rocks after them
  139. 139. Enraged, he tried to smash the ship
  140. 140. Odysseus boasted, revealing his name and homeland
  141. 141. Polyphemus called on his father Poseidon, cursing Odysseus with a late and pathetic homecoming
  142. 142. Odysseus makes it back to the island, and all feast
  143. 143. Beware! Groan-producing cyclops cartoons follow