Jackie mason 2013 contract presentation


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Jackie mason 2013 contract presentation

  1. 1. Jackie MasonEmpowerment Training SpecialistEmpowerment Training SolutionsBuild Identity, Build Character, Build Knowledge, Build Strengths, Build Relationships
  2. 2. BOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENT!Jackie Mason, Empowerment TrainingSpecialistProfessional Training SolutionsWorkshops ~ Keynote ~ ConferencesA skilled and powerful public speaker sincechildhood, Jackie delivers customized training serviceswith cutting edge precision. She utilizes her 16 years ofleadership, counseling and staff development experience topresent “Right Thinking” concept power tools for humanservice, educational, corporate and faith-basedorganizations.*Specializing in High Energy Educational TrainingPresentations for producing superior outcomes in bothpersonal and professional growth and development.
  3. 3. BOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENTPersonal DevelopmentCharacter DevelopmentProfessionalismInterpersonal SkillsTime ManagementLeadership Development
  4. 4. BOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENTEffective CommunicationAssertiveness Training – The Art of Saying NoInfluencing Skills TrainingWorking with Difficult PeopleTeam Building BlocksStrategic Thinking SkillsCoping with ChangeCustomer Service SkillsEmail & Telephone Etiquette
  5. 5. BOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENTSensitivityEmotional IntelligenceCultural AwarenessDiversity Dynamics“The Selves Concept”Anger ManagementStress ManagementConflict ManagementSexual HarassmentAppropriate Self-DisclosureWorkplace Violence Training
  6. 6. BOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENTDirect Care ProvisionIntensive In-Home Interventions“Massive Success” MotivationSelf-Care ManagementPlay TherapyPersonal Impact TrainingMaintaining Job SatisfactionAvoiding or Rebounding FromBurnoutHumor & Fun in the Workplace
  7. 7. BOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENTDirect Care Provision ContinuedSupervisor/Management Training for LeadersRe-entry Strategies for Ex-OffendersBuildUP! Boot Camp(Attitudinal Training)Parenting Education 101Dress for Success
  8. 8. I. Personal Growth & Self-Help Essential Training Modules:- Interpersonal skills- Self Esteem & IdentityBuilding- Behavior Modification- Emotional Intelligence- Anger Management- Critical Thinking & ProblemSolving- Vision CastingBOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENT- Relationship Building- Priority & Time Management- Stress Management- Effective Communication- Leadership Development- Employability & Life SkillsCoaching- Professional Development
  9. 9. II. Career Development Essential Training Modules:- World of Work 101 & 102-Team Building- Creativity/Initiative Taking- Professionalism In theWorkplace- Workplace Conflict- Handling Difficult People- Customer Service Excellence- Professional DevelopmentBOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENT- Leadership Development-Train-The-Trainer- New Managers & SupervisorsTrng- Negotiation Skills- In-Home Family PreservationStrategies- The Beauty of Client Buy-In- Effective Documentation
  10. 10. Why Is Training So Important?1. It provides needed tools to ensure workplace success byproperly equipping and consistently sharpening employee skills.2. It allows employees to continue to remain abreast of currentbest practices in an ever-changing society.3. It confirms that they are valued enough for their continued staffdevelopment to result in higher retention.4. It provides employees with the skills and understanding neededto effectively relate to co-workers, supervisors and clients.5. It decreases company vulnerability to law suits in sensitiveareas.ATTITUDE, ACCOUNTABILITY, ACHIEVEMENT
  11. 11. ImplementationIt is proposed that tailored training be implemented eachmonth for various specialty groups, perhaps, even on arotation and then have the groups come together for an allday training at least 3 times per year.Trainings are proven beneficial presentations for JCPC &CAT Team Meetings, Mental Health Agencies, EmployeeAssistance Programs, YDC’s, School Systems, HRD Classes,WIA programs for both youth/adults, yearly Conferences,Human Service Agencies and Women’s Organizations.BOTTOM LINE BUILDERS: ATTITUDE! ACCOUNTABILIT! ACHIEVEMENT
  12. 12. ContactJackie MasonEmpowerment Training Specialist252-314-9550BUPInc1@Gmail.comFacebook.com/BUPIncTwitter.com/BUPIncSlideshare.com/BUPIncPinterest.com/BUPIncYouTube.com/BUPIncFor More Info On Customized Services or to Schedule Your Organization’s NEXT In-Service T