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This presentation is based on a hypothetical global war scenario written by Zaid Hamid in 2004. Incredibly, the events seem to be moving in the same direction. The original paper can be seen at:

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  • @Victor Race My fellow human being, I am about to see the video but thought ill read the comments first. I garantee you even if you are non muslim you will never be harmed by Real Muslims or by Mr Zaid Hamid. Islam has super strict War Laws breaching it makes you non believer. We know the general people are innocent. Its the evil,currupt, and two faces govts and their leaders aginst whome this war will be waged. Islam came to wipe out inequality and promote brotherhood and peaceful cooexistance even with non muslims. Muslims never in their history of 1500 years ever killed innocent common people. Yes when there is War and an Invading army attacks you, or intends to attack you, or when it's spreading mischief and unjustice in the land. The war with its 'army' is inevitable. The only religion with holy verses to abolish Slavery whereas christianity and bible promoted slavery and preached it as the will of God. Im sure if you stay in your homes. You will 100% be safe. no one will even enter you home. At least that how it was in Prophets Mohammad's (PBUH) times wars.
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  • Rofl...felt like I was going through the plot of a C-grade comedy movie !!!
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  • So what about Israel?? I dont think it will remain neutral in these times.. It will be the golden chance for it to attack and capture ME !! And If chinese and pakistanies can deploy nukes after the destruction of satellites, why cant israel ?? On the end of this scenario it will be emerged as a Super Power, and I am sure all this scenario also proves that after this war Pakistani army will find the war in Syria and ME.. But the question is still unanswerable that why Israel will not nuke Pakistan??
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  • Though he is an idiot but has a talent for directing... I really appreciates his screenplay and story writing.. keep it up my boy...
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  • @Ali Jaffery ;) To get Resources we will need weapons :P
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Armagaddon 2014 - Zaid Hamid

  1. 1. Armageddon 2014This presentation is based on a hypothetical global war scenario written by Zaid Hamid in 2004. Incredibly, the events seem to be moving in the same direction. The original paper can be seen at: Armageddon 2014
  2. 2. Important Introductory Note: The assassination of one man inBavaria started the First World War which killed over 10 million
  3. 3. The rise to power of one dictator inGermany initiates the Second World War which killed 30 million
  4. 4. Third World War will be war ofSurvival. There will be no victory for any one.
  5. 5. Survival of civilian population, survival ofstrategic food and fuel assets, survival of strategic military and economic assets
  6. 6. In Muslim history and holy scriptures and in the sayings of the Holy Prophet (sm), one of thefinal conflicts is called “Ghazwa e Hind”, the final war for India!. India will start this war. Pakistan will finish it, InshAllah!
  7. 7. The Environment: The year is 2014.• A patriotic and honorable government will place in Islamabad which will took over in 2013 after a military coup which will remove a corrupt and incompetent regime which had brought the country on the brink of disaster.
  8. 8. United States and Israel willsuccessfully over run the entire middle East
  9. 9. Muslim resistance groups and militants will launchmassive war of resistance against US presence in theMuslim lands and will prove to be elusive and deadly foes for the US forces
  10. 10. There would be a sudden economic collapse for USAand nature would be a big problem i.e Global warming, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and snow storms.
  11. 11. US forces will be spread thin all over the globe – atleast 3 quarters of a million troops in 120 countries and lands using high economy and heavy casualties.
  12. 12. Pakistan will cut of supply lines of NATO andNATO will have to find expansive and long routes
  13. 13. A group of local white Supremacist militia of a doomsday cult, fed up with the policies of USgovernment launches a devastating attack on US power and communication infrastructure
  14. 14. US media, the Israeli lobby, starts a massive global propaganda that attack on US infrastructure has come from Muslim extremists based in ME and Pak-Afghan region .
  15. 15. In trade talks with China, US insist that China reduce duties on US products,strengthen Yuan and stop influencing economic spheres in Far East and Asia. US threaten to stop Chinese oil supplies from Gulf, unless China stops given subsidy to Chinese goods in Asia and European markets to make way for Americans products
  16. 16. Pakistan and India almost maintain their present status quo in bilateral relations in 2014
  17. 17. China will start to threaten USA whereas India and USA will be main Allies but they will never expose there Alliance in front of world but they will help each other.
  18. 18. In Delhi there would be a meeting in which A group of 6 Naxalite Maoists stealthily sneak into the parliamentand open fire killing over 100 people from government, security forces and media
  19. 19. India will immediately put the blame on Kashmirigroups and blame ISI and Pakistan. Indian cabinet will order mobilization of Indian forces.
  20. 20. The Armageddon is about to begin……• Day 1 minus 1: In Washington, emergency war council meeting in White House will be headed by US President.• They will discuss how to take over China and destroy China in two waves of Nuclear Attack.• USA president will call Pakistani president and ask you are with us or against us.• Pakistani President will say we have our own war to fight with India we will remain neutral.
  21. 21. Before the Armageddon..• Messages will be sent to Moscow to stay neutral in this conflict or else Russia would also be attacked with nuclear weapons and annihilated. Russian President will not see any strategic advantage to join the hostilities and will cave in and assure US of compliance.
  22. 22. Day 1:• Against Pakistan, the Central Command and Indian army will jointly be given the task to use massive conventional means to destroy all military and economic war potential of Pakistan. While the US and NATO will use its superior Air Power and Satellite image processing to locate and detect possible deployment of Pakistan’s nuke assets, Indians will be tasked to secure the ground and to cripple the strategic and conventional forces of Pakistan. According to plan, the Pakistan air operation was to be concluded within 24 hours after first wave of strikes.• The attacks will be launched simultaneously against Pakistan and China without warning, while the UN Security Council will be discussing the crisis.
  23. 23. Nuke Attacks on China and Huge destruction• The first wave of 30 nuke capped Satellite guided deep ground penetrating precision ICBM’s and cruise missiles will be launched against China at 900 hrs. China will take the hits directly with most devastating effect. 30 million will die instantly while 70 million within couple of hours due to radiation, heat, earthquake and blast effects. Over 300 million will be wounded and go into state of shock and exposure and began to wait for death due to radiation over exposure, fallout effects and poisoned air. There would be deathly silence over entire China as Satellite pictures will only show massive cloud and dust cover reducing visibility to zero. At 9:30 am in the morning, it will pitch darkness over China as sun will be totally blocked by black clouds of radioactive death. The satellite imagery will be disturbed by the dark clouds and battle damage assessment will not be possible.• Due to massive clouds of death second wave will be delayed.
  24. 24. Attack on Pakistan Same Day 900hrs• At 900 hrs on same day, more than 400 American, NATO and Indian Stealth bombers and fighters will launch a massive surprise air attack on Pakistan from US and Indian bases in the region. Pakistan will not be prepared for such an eventuality and will be caught unprepared. Pakistan Air force will severely be handicapped as latest block52 F-16’s and their BVR missiles were programmed by the US not to engage western aircraft, making them almost defenseless under such scenario.• Since nuclear weapons were not to be deployed, 15,000 lbs Daisy cutters and massive 22,000 lbs conventional bomb were also used extensively. The attacks will last all day non-stop in waves backed by precision strikes by cruise missiles. Targets will include critical nerve points of Pakistan’s security and economic infrastructures.
  25. 25. • Karachi ports and Naval Shipyards.
  26. 26. • Steel Mill.
  27. 27. • Karachi city itself for chaos and destruction using daisy cutters.
  28. 28. • National Refinery and oil terminal.
  29. 29. • Naval battle ships and coastal defenses.
  30. 30. • Karachi airport.
  31. 31. • Railway line in interior Sindh.
  32. 32. • Hub Dam to destroy water supply of the city.
  33. 33. • All Corp HQ’s, JS HQ, GHQ, Naval HQ and PAF HQ.
  34. 34. • All fighter bases and airports of the country.
  35. 35. • All Dams including Tarbela, Mangla to destroy power in the country.
  36. 36. • POF installations around Pindiincluding HIT and other defense industries.
  37. 37. • All railway junctions.
  38. 38. • All strategic bridges over rivers.
  39. 39. Massive bombardment of cities of Lahore,Multan, Islamabad, Pindi, Peshawar and Quetta including the industrial areas.
  40. 40. • All tele-communication centers and grids in cites and countryside.
  41. 41. • All field formations deployed along the eastern front against India.
  42. 42. • All known strategic force centers and missile batteries.
  43. 43. • Kahuta and NESCOM installations.
  44. 44. The damage caused in Pakistan by these massive bombing was catastrophic and resulted in:
  45. 45. • Complete destruction of all fighter bases and airports.
  46. 46. • Complete breakup of communicationlinks between various Corps, HQ’s and field formations.
  47. 47. • Complete destruction of all naval forces and bases.
  48. 48. • No power in the entire country.
  49. 49. • No water in major cities, no gas and massive damage.
  50. 50. After day 1 of attack, US will withdraw to evaluate the damage as Indian forces will began rolling in crossing the border on various axes. Their targets will include:• Penetrate from Kashmir, cut off KKH and try to capture Muree heights and attack Islamabad.• Penetrate from Lahore and capture the city.• Penetrate from Narowal-Zafarwal sector and capture Sialkot.• Attack Gujranwala.• Penetrate from desert and capture Multan and Bahawalpur.• Penetrate from Sindh, cut off national highway and attack Pannu Aqil and also penetrate from Khokrapar to move on to Hyderabad while Indian Navy would blockade and attack Karachi from sea.• Foil attempts by Pakistan army to link up between various Corps and eliminate each Corpse by surrounding it around various Corp HQ’s on Pakistan’s eastern front.• Prevent any possible launch of Pakistani missiles which might be deployed by isolated units. India using space sensing technology by US.
  51. 51. Map of Indian Penetration in Pakistan
  52. 52. Aftermath• Just like China, the entire Pakistan will be under severe shock and almost incapacitated. Mercifully, though the loss will be terrible in terms of material and resources, the human loss will only be in tens of thousands and not millions due to conventional weapons deployed.
  53. 53. • US and India will know that they can not take out Pakistan’s all nuke assets and missiles in one strike. They will instead focus on taking out the delivery mechanisms, PAF, command and control systems, military leadership and nerve points of the country to get enough time to make rapid ground progress by Indian forces to physically move in and first isolate and then capture the entire Pakistani government, armed forces and strategic assets. They will never expect that they will meet any resistance from Pakistani forces after the devastating first day strikes against both China and Pakistan by US/NATO/Indian air forces. Indian ground forces will break the borders at seven theatres and make rapid advances into Pakistani territory at the end of day 1. Small separated detachments of Pakistani forces will put up fierce resistance but will either over run or will have to withdraw under massive pressure. Victory will seem inevitable and close for the invading forces.
  54. 54. Both US and India will be dead wrong!! Day 2• 50 years of Nuke and Self defense preparation will then began to pay off.• China will launch its first wave of attacks on US satellites, destroying all of them. Making it impossible for US to observe China anymore for battle damage assessment nor to monitor Chinese military movement. US will then be officially blind to find a nuclear war. Chinese will even managed to explode an electromagnetic bomb or E-bomb device in space which will destroy all other international GPS and tracking satellites over China making it impossible for any force to use Satellite guidance and tracking.
  55. 55. • Chinese will launch a second wave of 23 nuclear guided missiles. With all Satellites overChina destroyed, US will not able to detect the incoming missiles. Once over the Americanskies, it will be too late even when the radars pick chines missiles. 18 high yield warheadswill be heading towards US mainland. The US missile defense shied will not be capable toknock out all. At best it will only take out 3 incoming missiles. Rest was sure will makeground fall all across the United States. The entire East to West Coast will see a doomsday. 4low yield deep penetrating missiles will be launched into India – hitting Delhi, Bangalore,Calcutta and Madras. 1 missile will be launched against US bases in Australia.•
  56. 56. • 1 missile will be launched by the Chinese nuke sub-marine lurking into the IndianOcean south of Sri Lanka. The missile will be launched into the South China Sea betweenTaiwan, South Korea and Philippines in an innovative use of nuke power. A huge Tsunamitidal wave of over 200 meters will rise up from the sea and move out at 300 mph fromthe epicenter in the Ocean and move outwards taking the entire US carrier battle groupwith 200 war ships and over 40,000 troops to the bottom in less than five minutes.
  57. 57. US will almost be back into the Stone Age for all practical purposes.• The death toll from the first strikes will estimate to be around 40 million dead and over 100 million wounded, incapacitated or radiation exposed without any power, water or shelter. The earth quakes, tidal wave and subsequent fires will destroy the entire power and communication structures.
  58. 58. With the destruction of entire US fleet and forces in Pacific and Asia, therewill be no launching of second wave of missiles on China as forces in Gulf will not be armed with nuclear weapons neither had any Satellite support to launch any conventional missile or air attack. The war of missiles betweenChina and US will come to a brisk end on the day 2, both sides counting their losses and trying to evaluate the holocaust.
  59. 59. Half a million Indian troops and their armored divisions and artillery support which will enter into Pakistan will survive thenuclear attack on Indian cities. But they will lost all contacts withrespective HQ’s and for all practical purpose; Indian army will be on its own inside Pakistan without air cover and even satellite communication and imagery. India will not use nuclear missile against Pakistan for fear of destroying its own entire army .
  60. 60. After making early advances into Pakistani territory, Indianarmy will go blind and the panic immediately will start to set in. The entire Indian command and control system will be gone and there will be no one to decide about the targets or give orders to launch .
  61. 61. The entire India will be under a devastating radioactive cloud cover with initial casualties of over 100 million dead in blast effects and over 30 million dying due to exposure andradiation. There will be no emergency services and the entire State infrastructure will collapse. The entire cabinet and the government will evaporate in the strike in Delhi
  62. 62. The Pakistani response:• Each Corp was trained to fight independent theatre wars without being in communication with other sectors of war or without being in contact with GHQ.• Emphasizing on fortress defenses around major cities with massive survival capability to withstand not just conventional bombings but also great survival probability under nuke fallout scenario
  63. 63. Pakistan’s preparations..• Even the countryside was dug into creation of massive defense constructions and under ground tunnels, bunkers and shelters for a sustained guerilla war and survival under nuke fallout effects.• Creation of a strategic nuclear proof PAF and missile reserve in mountains of Baluchistan, hidden from the rest of the country with 150 fighters safely tucked away with complete nuke command and control systems and war heads. This reserve will going to be the most invaluable assets for Pakistan to assure victory and survival.
  64. 64. Preparations..• Ample food and fuel stocks were protected in under ground silos and mountain depots for the population and armed forces.• Acquiring of nuke powered submarine with nuclear armed cruise missiles. This will be deployed in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Yemen for secrecy and stealth action.
  65. 65. Fighting Starts !!!• Fighting will break out between advancing Indian army and Pakistani defenders.
  66. 66. The effects of nuclear fallout and radioactive clouds werenow being felt over Pakistan as anyone exposed into the open was dangerously close to death. Pakistan army decided to wait out the period in their fortress defensesas Indian advancing army remained exposed in the open trenches and bunkers
  67. 67. India will Capture Lahore, Sialkot and will reach Hyderabad but then they will start to face heavyresistance from Pakistan Army. The Indian advance will stop. Indian army detachments will then be surrounded.
  68. 68. The counterattack• Now Pakistan will respond. No one in US, India or Israel will know about the strategic air reserve of Pakistan. It will come as a total surprise. A squadron of F-16’s will be launched to attack Indian navy at sea using anti-Ship missiles. Pakistani submarines will already attack and sunk the Indian aircraft carrier and will effectively destroy their navy. PAF planes and subs will destroy another 17 cruisers, destroyers and frigates.• The escaping US armada from the Gulf will be attacked by both Pakistani and Chinese subs in Indian Ocean and PAF fighters from their secret base in Baluchistan.
  69. 69. After 1 week:• US will announce total withdrawal from Asia and Gulf to the mainland, where civil wars will break out between federating States. With no food or electricity for the people, Martial Law will be declared.
  70. 70. Due to nuclear attack of China , India will be cut of fromsupply lines and will be surrounded by Pakistan Army, tribalmilitants and people with no escape route. There will be no prisoners. All of them will be killed in final Bloody war.
  71. 71. Naxalites will take control of the “Red corridor” and declareindependence. Sikhs in East Punjab will declare the State ofKhalistan. Tamils will also succeed. All other movement will succeed and declare independent stats
  72. 72. Pakistan army will re-deploy the captured Indianequipment and armored divisions along with its own armored divisions and moved into India
  73. 73. Final Battle of Panipat will once again be fought and it will decide fate of India
  74. 74. Pakistan army will move on to capture the already devastated city of Delhi without further resistance. World will hear theannouncement of “Radio Pakistan Delhi” and India once again will come under the Muslim rule .