HEITHER LEISMAN - Mobile Revolution - BTO Buy Tourism Online 2013 - Visions
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HEITHER LEISMAN - Mobile Revolution - BTO Buy Tourism Online 2013 - Visions



BTO - Buy Tourism Online ...

BTO - Buy Tourism Online
3 dicembre 2013

Dalla Managing Director Europe di Hotel Tonight, mobile for travel.

Heather Leisman
Managing Director Europe di Hotel Tonight

Intervista Heather Leisman:
Luca Panzarella
Founder di www.appandmap.com



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  • Idea behind HT –more travelers on the go, no good mobile solutionsFlash sales every day –Curated selection, most relevant deal shownMake it easy for on-the-go travelers to book
  • Started in SF, EU HQ in London opened in Sep 2012VC backed; $80M in fundingLoved by both partners & consumers:Partners – flexible, easy to useConsumers – fun, easy, convenientWhy did we build for mobile?
  • Why did we build for mobile?? Two reasons: Made sense for our business model (same day), andno one was focused on it – a zillion travel websites, but the mobile travel booking experience was terrible.Mobile is already big, and getting bigger. Huge growth worldwide in terms of adoptionSmartphones estimated to hit 10B by 2017, which is more than the estimated 7.3 billion people predicted to be living then
  • Mobile has become indispensible to our daily lives……it’s an extension of ourselves.Mobile users reach to their phones approx 150 times a day!
  • Europe is ahead of the curve…whereSmartphone penetration is already above 50% in all EU5 (more than double the global average)the UK has the most smartphones with around 31.4 millionAnd even tho Germany has the lowest penetration %age, they have the biggest mobile audience (61M)…so they have the 2nd biggest # of smartphones in the EU5
  • While Italy is slightly behind the EU5 average, smartphone penetration has doubled since 2011.Italy has close to 50M smartphone users.And they’re using them more than the average –for example, downloading & using more apps than the average EU5 user.So who is the EU5 customer?ON-THE-GO CONNECTIVITY IS A “NECESSARY GOOD” FOR MOST OF THE USERS, AND THIS GUARANTEE A CONSTANT AND ONGOING ENGAGEMENT OF THE USER, WHO IS EVERYTIME “ON”
  • Average EU5 users is a male, between the ages of 25-44, using an Android device; very social, accessing social networks like Facebook & Instagram daily.Italy has the oldest mobile users with over 50% over the age of 45 years old; Android is #1, while Symbian is #2, but iOS & Android saw significant YOY gains in the EU5, while Blackberry & Symbian saw declines
  • What does this mean for travel…..what are we seeing, let’s start at the beginning of the funnel with search –Overall, desktop searches for travel declined for the first time, while mobile was up 67%.For business travel, we’ve seen a steady movement away from the desktop, towards mobile which goes back a few years.
  • But while business travelers adopted mobile earlier, mobile usage is on a steady increase for both business & leisure travelers
  • So people are clearly shopping, but are they buying? For overall retail sales, m-commerce is still a very small part of the pie – 1% of all retail purchases happens on a mobile device.
  • Being one of the biggest categories of ecommerce, the trend in travel has been much stronger – last year 10% of all travel sales were made via a mobile device.Expected to double to 20% by 2014 and by 2017, it is estimated to represent 30% of all sales eMarketer, May 2013- mobile travel sales in US reached $13.6 billion (10% of total) up from $3.4 billion in 2011 – estimated to reach $50 billion by 2017PCW estimates that by 2014, 20% of hotel bookings will be made by a mobile deviceGlobal travel sales is estimated to increase by 9-12% per year between now & 20172012 = 4872013 = 5452017 = 770
  • But there is still a long way to go….Traffic has moved to the mobile, but why aren’t bookings following as quickly?
  • Many of the options available are subpar….shoppers are ready to buy, but many businesses haven’t made It easy enough for them to transact.
  • Its estimated that there are 800K available in both the iTunes & Google Play stores alone.Over 50 billion apps are downloaded every year, but 26% of all apps are downloaded and only used once (according to mobithinking 2013 global market statistics)How do you compete & win on mobile? Stand out from the crowd & get noticed? AND ensure that customers will actually book….not just search? I’m going to show you.
  • Slow load times79% user their smartphone while doing something else (37% while watching TV) -> make it mind numbingly easy for themKeep it light, keep it focused.Here are a few examples of mobile native apps – they all share one common thread, focus & simplicity…..and they’re also some of the most highly rated & award winning apps.
  • Avoid complicated search - 47% of users only look at the first page of results (almost half!!)Eyes closed simplicity. Mobile customers are results oriented – they don’t have time to “shop” so make it easy for them to do what they came to do.Anticipate users needs – make it easy for them
  • Poor navigationIn most cases that means tradeoffs & this is a place where simplicity rules. Keep iNot a mini version of your website – it doesn’t have to do everything; pick the most important thing and focus on it.Easy to digest; getting someone to download your app is relatively easy, getting them to continue to use it is hard.
  • Not mobile optimizedMobile is a very personal device – unlike computers where they are typically shared – phones are usually a 1:1 relationshipLeverage the device’s unique qualities – geolocator, camera, make it personalTaxi apps - like Hailo - are probably doing this the best leveraging things like real time tracking of where your taxi is. push to talk, bid to win to engage customers.500 million photos are uploaded & shared every day

HEITHER LEISMAN - Mobile Revolution - BTO Buy Tourism Online 2013 - Visions Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Mobile Revolution Heather Leisman, Managing Director @JetsetHeather
  • 2. Agenda. What’s on the menu? Who is HotelTonight? European Mobile Landscape Mobile Travel Trends How to Win on Mobile
  • 3. Hello. We’re HotelTonight. Same-day mobile-only hotel bookings.
  • 4. Fast Facts. Three years in the making. First ever hotel booking system designed exclusively for mobile 8 million downloads globally; up more than 2x YOY #1 most used app for booking hotels in the USA* Available in over 200 cities in 16 countries Source: *Tnooz, 2012
  • 5. The Mobile Empire. Smartphones are king. 2012 2013 2017 +31% 1B 2013 15% +567% 1.5B Smartphones represent 21% of the global mobile market 10B By the end of this year, 20% of the global population will own a PC, but 22% will own a smartphone Mobile represents 15% of all internet traffic; up from 10% in 2012 Growing at 1.5x per year; expected to accelerate Source: Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, Internet Trends 2013: Strategy Analytics 2012
  • 6. Smartphones. Your new best friend? 1 in 4 people… check their phone every 30 minutes 3 in 4 people… aged 25 to 29 sleep with their phone 2 in 3 people… would pick their phone over lunch 7 in 10 people… don’t leave home without it Source: *Tnooz, 2012
  • 7. EU5. A smartphone paradise. 240 Million smartphones. Up 30% YOY. Source: *ComScore, 2013
  • 8. Italy Is No Exception. Growing quickly. Smartphone penetration has doubled in the past two years. 2011 2012 2013 Smartphone penetration, Italy, 2013 * 24% 28% 53% 24 The average number of apps installed by an Italian smartphone user (9 used in a given month) 45% Search/buy/share travel on mobile devices * Google, Smartphone user identikit + comscore data, may 2013
  • 9. The EU5 Smartphone User. Who is he? 19 apps downloaded; 6 paid 1/3rd of EU5 mobile users are under 35 53% male; 47% female 68% 81% visit social sites; 51% daily 50% Android; 20% iOS 10% of smartphone owners have a tablet 3 in 4 new devices are smartphones access the internet on their Smartphone every day Source: *ComScore, 2013
  • 10. Travel Search. Desktop is so 2010. Searches for travel on desktop are down, especially for business travelers. Travel related traffic YOY +67% Desktop Mobile -4% Source: *Google, The Traveler’s Road to Decision, July 2012
  • 11. Mobile For Travelers. Information ASAP. Mobile usage for travel is increasing for both leisure & business travelers. Source: *Google, The Traveler’s Road to Decision, July 2012
  • 12. M-commerce Sales. Show me the money. Only 1% of all retail purchases is an m-commerce purchase. Online Retail Sales 10% e-commerce E-commerce Sales 10% m-commerce Source: eMarketer 2013
  • 13. Mobile Travel Sales. Early adopters. Mobile represents 10% of total travel sales in the US. 160 140 120 100 80 268% 60 40 300% 20 65% $3.4B $13.6B $50B 2011 0 2013 2017E of same day hotel bookings are made via a smartphone Source: eMarketer, May 2013; Statistics Brain, 2013
  • 14. Opportunity Is Knocking. Are you ready? Globally, 82% research a product/service on mobile But only In Europe, 24% have made a purchase 48%research travel on their smartphone But only 40% book on that device 44% Smartphones produce But only 24%worldwide traffic…. of 3% of hotel bookings Source: * ResearchNow, 2013
  • 15. Window Shoppers? Or would-be buyers? 44% 44% 36% Complicated search 30% Most common complaints about mobile… Slow load times Poor navigation 8% Not optimized for mobile Source: * ResearchNow, 2013
  • 16. Ready. Set. Win. Secrets to mobile success. 1 Slow load times FOCUSED 2 Complicated search EASY 3 Poor navigation SIMPLE Not mobile optimized RELEVANT 44% 4
  • 17. Slow Load Times?. Focus….less is more. Successful native apps are laser-focused. Ultimate Transport App Send Disappearing Photos Your Private Driver Tonight’s Going Out App New Way To Share Video
  • 18. Complicated Search? Make it easy. Eliminate hurdles & decisions. Remove friction points for the consumer. 81% of mobile searches are driven by speed & convenience
  • 19. Poor Navigation? Keep it simple. Sacrifice choice for simplicity. Design for the most common use case. Hotel only booking Filtered search results Curated selection
  • 20. Not Mobile Optimized? Just do it. Customize with context. Exploit the device; make the experience personal. Local. Use location to provide more relevant results. Secure. Store credit card details for easy check out. Targeted. Send special deals & incentives. Social. Multipurpose device makes it easy-to-share.
  • 21. Thank You! EUROPE PRESENTATION @HotelTonight