7 Erogenous Zones of B2B Buyers


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The vast majority of B2B communications speak to business buyers as if they're emotionally-void automatons held together by bolts and screws. It's logical, rational, and incredibly dry. And when it doesn't work - as it usually doesn't - the marketing team blames the agency and the agency blames the brief, the budget, or that most convenient of cop outs, the recession.

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7 Erogenous Zones of B2B Buyers

  1. 1. The business buyeris a complex animal.
  2. 2. A hybrid of sorts
  3. 3. responding to unique em otional hook s
  4. 4. in combi nation with aSTRONGRATIONAL ARGUMENT.
  5. 5. 7There are main emotional drivers that influence the B2B buyer’s decision-making process.
  6. 6. It may be hard to imagine being aroused by safety
  7. 7. But in thecurrent economic climate,
  8. 8. This buyercraves trust
  9. 9. reassurance,
  10. 10. his main concern is to make an adequatepurchase and maintain the status quo.
  11. 11. He’s not themost passionate of buyers.
  12. 12. What turns him on, is the path of least resistance.
  13. 13. Simple and painless please.
  14. 14. Career-driven and hungry for success,he’s more likely to be an early adopterand risk taker.
  15. 15. ladder. corporate theHe’s attracted to the upoffer with potential to propel him
  16. 16. Call him an idealist, but this buyer really does want to make a difference.
  17. 17. He takes genuine pride in his work
  18. 18. and suffers an innate desire
  19. 19. to see himself as a good guy
  20. 20. and make the right decision.
  21. 21. This buyer ismotivatedby any financial perks andkickbackshe can accrue for himself.
  22. 22. It may not be the mostflatteringattribute,
  23. 23. but it is acommonhumantrait, which is why personal incentives work so well.
  24. 24. He likes thepeoplehe’s buying for,
  25. 25. and has their bestinterests at heart.
  26. 26. He’s driven by the desireto please them, and tomake their lives easier.
  27. 27. This buyer issatisfiedwhen his colleagues are.
  28. 28. Sometimes the rapport betweenthe buyer and salesman can over-ride other features of the purchase.
  29. 29. A likeable salesman can be aBIGGER factor than many realise.
  30. 30. And in the same vein,a salesman that comes across as insincere, or cold can wreck the sale.
  31. 31. Using theseerogenouszonesas hooks
  32. 32. won’t necessarily guarantee you a sale, but they’re agood start.
  33. 33. Answer your buyers’ emotional urges,
  34. 34. and you’ll increase your chances of enjoying a long and mutually satisfying relationship.
  35. 35. Steve Ballantyne is a B2B marketing specialistand managing director of BallantyneTaylor.Email: steve@ballantynetaylor.co.nz