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  1. 1. TESTIMONIALS : 2011 AN
  2. 2. Testimonial <ul><li>Drift team </li></ul><ul><li>Team Rattlezasia </li></ul>Puncak Savana Sdn Bhd -BTM3
  3. 3. NAME :NORAZIZI BIN KAMARUDIN NRIC NO :840522-05-5247 POSITION :PRA 1 VEHICLE TYPE :HONDA EX5 TESTIMONIAL: I Had use BTM3 Engine Treatment together with BTM3 Petrol Treatment. It is incredible as I can use palm oil in plastic bag which costs me RM 2.50 together with BTM3 engine treatment. My motorcycle run smoothly, increase pick up and lower engine noise. I can save petrol with BTM3 Petrol Treatment. Before I use to top up RM 3.00 petrol when I go to work to Seremban from Port Dickson and another RM 3.00 when I go back to my home. With BTM3 to and fro Seremban only costs me RM 4.00. I really surprise with BTM3 performance which I though only a sales gimmick. Syabas to BTM3
  4. 4. PENANG FERRY A test conducted by Sandilands Marine Consultant Sdn Bhd, a consultant company for ferry in Penang on a Ferry Pulau Payar before and after Diesel Booster was added to the diesel fuel. The test results are as follows:- 18.94% saving for the 1st top up with Diesel Booster 17.01% saving for the 2nd top up with Diesel Booster 20.79% saving for the 3rd top up with Diesel Booster FUEL SAVINGS
  5. 5. A test conducted by a bus company shows that the Bio Boosters can actually save diesel consumption. In this case, the bus that uses the Bio Boosters could save RM 150.00 one trip from Perlis to Kuala Lumpur. DIESEL SAVINGS - BUS
  6. 6. NAME : NORHAFIZI BIN KAMARUDIN NRIC NO : 860406-59-5527 POSITION : OPERATOR LPG VEHICLE TYPE : YAMAHA LAGENDA TESTIMONIAL: I had use BTM3 Engine Treatment and BTM3 Petrol Treatment. It improves my motorcycle engine performance, quiter engine, easy to start in the morning, more pick-up and save fuel …. What is important BTM 3 really works and you can see the results.
  7. 7. HASNI SAMAD BUSINESSMAN MITSUBISHI GALANT <ul><li>I had used BTM3 Engine Treatment and Petrol Treatment for about a year now. At first i wanted to overhaul my engine as it had already emitting blue smoke the signs of worn engine. When i had used the BTM3 Engine Treatment and Petrol Treatment my car engine works like new engine. Blue and white smoke had gone and the power and pick up for my car increase tremendously. . Before this my car hardly reach 100 km/h but after using these products my car can reach 140 km/h easily. I am very satisfied after using BTM3 products for my car. It not only save fuel but I also save money on the car maintenace. </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>TESTIMONIAL: </li></ul><ul><li>I really very concern on the price of petrol which is very high now. I use BTM3 Petrol Treatment to save fuel. With BTM3 I save money not only on the petrol but also for the maintenance of my engine. My car runs smoother with BTM3. </li></ul>HAIRUDIN BIN SAMSUDIN PORT DICKSON, NS PROTON SAVVY
  9. 9. NAME: MOHANA KRISHNAN A/L MUNIANDY POSITION : CONTRACTOR VEHICLE: MITSUBISHI STORM TESTIMONIAL: I had used BTM3 Diesel Treatment for about 1 month. Before using it I had problems with black smoke. Now BTM3 eliminate the black smoke problem. I save money not only on diesel fuel but also the engine maintenance and it only takes 1 bottle of BTM3 for 5000 km. I can feel the extra power with BTM3.