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    Eric Enge: #BTG11 Conference Eric Enge: #BTG11 Conference Presentation Transcript

    • Suffolk University Integrating SEO into Your Organization
    • More Traffic from Search Than Any Other Source
      • Of Search Traffic:
      • 78% from SEO
      • 22% from Paid
    • Position Matters
    • Search Engines are Software Programs
    • They Have a Big Job
      • Crawl one trillion web pages
      • Perform semantic analysis on All of Them
      • Map ALL the links on the web
      • Use this data to map results for ANY search query
      • Respond to any query in
      • < 0.2 seconds
      • Result: One tired spider
    • They have Limitations
      • Images:
      • Videos (including Flash):
      • Can ’t “read” the file
      • Can read clean HTML text
      Hundreds of other considerations
    • On Page SEO
      • Making your site understandable to search engines
      • Work around search engine limitations
      • Search engines use more than 200 factors in ranking decisions
    • Key Points
      • Your developers may not know anything about SEO
        • SEO is not taught in schools
      • Your Content Management System may not be SEO friendly
        • In fact, it may be SEO hostile
      • Must review choices before writing the first line of code, or picking a CMS
    • SEO Must be Part of Your Engineering Plan!
    • Links are Like Votes in an Election
    • Who Rank ’s First? Joe ’s Book Store
    • Links Are Not Created Equal Web Site A Web Site B Killer Link 1 Link 1 Link 2 …… .. … 1,000 #1! #2 Search Results
    • The Flow Of PageRank Pages are given an “innate”, albeit tiny, amount of PageRank Pages then accrue PageRank from every link that points to them
    • The Flow Of PageRank The amount of PageRank that a page can pass is a function of that page ’s PageRank PageRank Passable PageRank X F(X)
    • PageRank is Split Evenly Between the Links on a Page Link Link F(x)*0.5 F(x)*0.5 X
    • PageRank is an Iterative Algorithm Link Link F(x)*0.5 F(x)*0.5 F(y) Link X y y
    • Google Toolbar
      • View PageRank of current page, once turned on.
      • Available for:
        • Firefox
        • Internet Explorer
    • Toolbar PageRank
      • Not the same as “Real” PageRank
      • Logarithmic scale from 0 to 10
      • Assigned to web pages, not sites
      • Still, a useful metric
      Culligan 0 ebay Boston Store 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Google Amazon Disney Gap Relative number of pages with PR rating E F F O R T Sampling of Homepage PageRank Ratings
    • Role of Relevance Your Page (Used Ford Mustangs) Casino Gambling Online Prescriptions Car and Driver Magazine Ford vehicles .com Low Value High Value
    • The Concept of Authority A A A All Websites about Used Cars
    • Search Engines Do Not Count All Links
      • Links they can ’t read:
        • Encrypted JavaScript
        • In an iFrame
      • Links on pages that they can ’t crawl
        • Can ’t find
        • Marked as NoCrawl in Robots.txt
      • Links marked with NoFollow Attribute
    • Why do People Link?
    • SEO Ranking Factors
      • Source: SEOmoz SEO Ranking Factors Survey
    • Summary of Ranking Factors
      • 66% related to Links
      • 6% social media
      • 7% traffic and click through data
      • 15% on page keyword usage
      • 5% registration and hosting related
      72% “External Recognition ”
    • Link Building Must be Part of Your Marketing Plan!
    • Volume Increasing Relationship Value Engaging in Social Activity
    • Social Connectivity Pyramid 1 on 1 Meeting Blogging Meetups LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Higher Value Higher Effort
    • Volume Increasing Social Effort Social Link Building Increasing Link Value
    • Social Media Signals
      • Twitter mentions
        • Author quality matters
      • Facebook Links
      • Facebook Likes not a factor … yet
      • More to come
      • Ways Google can look in walled gardens:
        • Google Analytics
        • Google Toolbar
    • Where does SEO go?
      • SEO is a marketing function because …
        • It ’s purpose is to get new customers
      • SEO is a development function because …
        • It affects CMS selection and site coding and design
      • Senior management must understand SEO because …
        • Otherwise they will make decisions that blow your SEO out of the water! (C-Suite example, site ain ’t no freaking brochure!)
      • When to outsource …
    • My Preferred Structure
      • Marketing person who owns it
      • Development team that understands the importance
      • 4 hour training session for the management team so they “get it”
      • Work with outside SEO to get leverage from their multi-dimensional experience
    • Thank You!
      • Eric Enge
      • [email_address]
      • @stonetemple
      • (508) 485-7751
      • For a One Sheet SEO Checklist, email me, or drop off a business card