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The consumer


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  • 1. COBrien Chanel College
  • 2. Is anybody who buys G & S for his/her own use and not to sell againI don’t buy impulsively! I ask for advice! I compare prices! I know my Consumer Rights! COBrien Chanel College
  • 3. Questions you should answer before you head to the shops!! Will I receive proof of purchase?Have I shopped Do I need it?around? Can I afford it? Is it value for money? COBrien Chanel College
  • 4. COBrien Chanel College
  • 5. She onlyNooooooo!! cost a euro dad and she is going to have puppies! COBrien Chanel College
  • 6. Spending money on something which appears tosave you money but in the long run costs you more money COBrien Chanel College
  • 7. COBrien Chanel College
  • 8. COBrien Chanel College
  • 9. COBrien Chanel College
  • 10. Brand Awareness COBrien Chanel College
  • 11. Brands cont’d…A brand is a name given to a product to distinguish it fromother products.Advantages:1. Recognition2. Reputation3. Associated products4. Sponsorship COBrien Chanel College
  • 12. COBrien Chanel College
  • 13. An agreement between the seller and the consumer which promises that in return forpayment by the consumer, the seller will provide services or goods. COBrien Chanel College
  • 14. ReceiptsIt is a written proof of payment for G & S Date Name of Shop Time Receipt No. Amount due Cash back COBrien Chanel College
  • 15. COBrien Chanel College
  • 16. • Unsafe or Low Quality Goods• Overcharging and incorrect weights• Misleading Advertisements• Slick sales method COBrien Chanel College
  • 17. Goods must be of:1. Merchantable Quality2. Fit for purpose intended3. Match their description4. Sample goods sold should match samples shown COBrien Chanel College
  • 18. 1.Merchantable QualityGoods should be of reasonable quality taking into account:1. what they are supposed to do2. Price you paid3. How long they should last My Sony TV which I paid €499 gave up after three weeks!! COBrien Chanel College
  • 19. 1.Fit for purpose intendedGoods should fulfil a specific purpose Why isn’t this glue working??? COBrien Chanel College
  • 20. 3. Match their descriptionIf seller describes the goods in a certain way they should matchthat description 10 Km 4 Star Hotel located 500m from the beach its They lied… 10Km… COBrien Chanel College
  • 21. 4. Sample goods sold should matchsamples shownIf you buy a good or service based on the sample shown it should be the same t- Ca rlsb n’t the This is ered!! erg rd shirt I o I Liv erp o ol COBrien Chanel College
  • 22. Also under the Sale of Goods & Supply of Services Act 1980….The person selling the goods has a licence/ a legal right to do so. Licenced Unlicensed Business Business COBrien Chanel College
  • 23. Also under the Sale of Goods & Supply of Services Act 1980….If a service is being provided, the person must be qualified to carry out the service Ye qu s! I pl ali am um fie a be d r! COBrien Chanel College
  • 24. Under the Sale of Goods & Supply of Services Act 1980…. What am I entitled to? RefundRepair Replacement COBrien Chanel College
  • 25. Under the Sale of Goods & Supply of Services Act 1980….What am I entitled to? A Credit Note: Document which allows the customer to purchase an item in the shop to the same value as the returned item Credit Note to the value of €20 COBrien Chanel College
  • 26. In the event of No a fault contact No Refund theExchange Given Manufactureron Goods No Return We only on Goods give credit Purchased notes during Sale COBrien Chanel College
  • 27. Forbids suppliers giving any misleading info about: • Goods • Services • Price • Quality Information Act 1978 Quiz COBrien Chanel College
  • 28. Labelling  Name  Nutritional Facts  Quantity  Ingredients  Best before date/ Use by date  Storage Conditions COBrien Chanel College
  • 29. SymbolsSymbols of qualityIt tells the buyer that the good is of good quality COBrien Chanel College
  • 30. Bar Codes • Series of lines on goods that allow computers to identify products • Scanned at check outs • Less mistakes • Records stock COBrien Chanel College
  • 31.  It is illegal to give misleading info to the public COBrien Chanel College
  • 32. COBrien Chanel College
  • 33. COBrien Chanel College
  • 34. COBrien Chanel College
  • 35.  Labelling a product or a service at a certain price but when customer goes to pay for it, it is more expensive Cheap flights to London Heathrow only €9.99 return no extra charges COBrien Chanel College
  • 36.  It is illegal to make a false claim about a good/service Petrol station open 24 hours COBrien Chanel College
  • 37. Goods sold must be on sale at a higher price for 28 daysconsecutively in previous 3 months before price can be lowered 0 €3 COBrien Chanel College
  • 38. Is a written promise that the manufacturer/ retailerwill repair or replace an item within a stated periodof time after the purchase date COBrien Chanel College
  • 39.  It enables a consumer to decide what is the best value. Food labels must show the price per kilo/litre rather than overall price. Consumers can compare prices the best prices per kilo/litre rather than total price by using the formula Price ______ Quantity COBrien Chanel College
  • 40. Calculate which size is the best value for money 700 grams @ €1.95 350 grams @ €0.95 1.95 .95 _______ = .00278c per gram _______ = .00271c per gram 700 350 COBrien Chanel College
  • 41. Which of the following is better value for money:1. 200 tea bags for €1.50 or 80 tea bags for €0.56c.2. 800g sliced pan for €0.64 cents or 300g sliced pan for €0.27c.3. Box of 10 computer discs for €12 or 2 discs for €34. 100 ml of washing up liquid for €0.20c or 280ml for €0.70c COBrien Chanel College
  • 42. On Monday the 12th of December 2011. You purchased a Widescreen Tv from PC World, Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin.The TV cost E450. You paid by cash and received a receipt.When you brought the TV home and tried to set it up you noticedthat the screen of the TV was broken.Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of PC Worlddemanding a replacement. Letter format word document COBrien Chanel College
  • 43. You go out for a family meal on the 13th December to the local “Steakhouse”, Coolock, Co.Dublin. Your dad pays for the meal by cash. Whenyou go home you study the receipt and discover they have overchargedyou, They have included three items that you didn’t order.Your parents ask you to write a letter of complain to the restaurantabout this. COBrien Chanel College
  • 44.  Voluntary Body Advises consumers about goods and services and laws affecting them Consumer Choice magazine COBrien Chanel College
  • 45. - Person responsiblefor investigating andresolving complaintsfrom consumersagainst a business.- E.g. StateombudsmanFinancial ServicesOmbudsman COBrien Chanel College
  • 46.  Enforces the Consumer information act 1978 Publishes booklets advising consumers of their rights € COBrien Chanel College
  • 47.  Deals with consumer claims up to €2,000 Handles claims speedily – no solicitors needed Fee of €15 Need to settle dispute with seller before going to the small claims court COBrien Chanel College
  • 48. COBrien Chanel College