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Millionaire template 2nd yrs economics (1)

Millionaire template 2nd yrs economics (1)






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Millionaire template 2nd yrs economics (1) Millionaire template 2nd yrs economics (1) Presentation Transcript

  • 3 lifelines: •50/50 – yourteacher will tell you which two are available •Phone a friend –choose one person in the audience to ask•Audience – hand up for A/B/C/D
  • Which of the following is the reward for EnterpriseA. Wages B. RentC. Interest D. Profits L W
  • You have €10. You can buy a cinema ticket or a football ticket. You choose the cinema ticket. What is the Opportunity CostA. The €10 B. The Cinema TicketC. The football Match D. The Financial cost L W
  • Who beat Manchester United 6-1 last SaturdayA. Man City B. ChelseaC. Liverpool D. Spurs L W
  • What is Inflation?A. The total amount of goods produced in a country B. The cost of importing goodsC. The difference between Gov D. The increase in price of G&S Revenue and Expenditure L W
  • What is an example Capital ExpenditureA. Building a new Motorway B. Social Welfare PaymentsC. A Loan from the European Central Bank D. Debt Servicing L W
  • Who did Ireland lose against to get knocked out of the Quarter final of the Rugby World cupA. Wales B. New ZealandC. France D. South Africa L W
  • Corporation Tax is tax on which of the followingA. Surpluses B. ProfitsC. Goods and Services D. Alcohol, Cigarettes & Petrol L W
  • Which of the following is an example of a Invisible Export?A. The Script playing in London B. The Script playing in DublinC. Oranges D. Beef L W
  • How many years can a president remain in office?A. Until they die B. 7 yearsC. 3 years D. 14 Years L W
  • What word describes replacing imported goods with Irish produced goods?A. Balance of Trade B. Invisible ImportsC. Balance of Payments D. Import Substitution L W
  • What are the two PAYE tax rates on wages?A. 10% for both B. 20% & 41%C. 50% and 75% D. 13.5 % & 25% L W
  • Who won the 2011 GAA football player of the YearA. Colm Cooper B. Bernard BroganC. Alan Brogan D. Brian Sheehan L W
  • What year was the Euro introduced into Ireland?A. 2002 B. 2000C. 2001 D. 1999 L W
  • What is a paypath? B. When an employer transfers anA. Transferring money between accounts employees wages from their bank a/c to the employees bank a/cC. A form of income tax D. Paying for electricity bills L W
  • Which Premier league footballer’s father and uncle were arreseted in October on suspicion of taking part in an alleged betting scamA. Ranaldo B. SuarezC. Rooney D. Gerrard L W
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