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Student Speaks about Bukovinian State Medical University
Student Speaks about Bukovinian State Medical University
Student Speaks about Bukovinian State Medical University
Student Speaks about Bukovinian State Medical University
Student Speaks about Bukovinian State Medical University
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Student Speaks about Bukovinian State Medical University


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  • 1. "Chernivtsy rocks - all the advantages of a city (nice people, culture), but none of the drawbacks ( like pollution, congestion, lack of green spaces). It is a quiet city, having high street shopping and cultural venues all on the door step. The situation of BSMU is perfectly student friendly. The BSMU itself is amazing - such a huge variety of people and societies. You're guaranteed to find something to keep you busy. The friends I've made here make Chernivtsy my home and I always look forward to the end of the holidays so I can come back. Study at Chernivtsy is amazing - well structured and highly organised. The lectures are constantly upgrading because the material is at the forefront of research. The academic staff are enthusiastic and down to earth" Deval Pancholi – 1st Year, BSMU GUJARAT-INDIA What I found here at Chernivtsy is that, "Committed and approachable staff, enthusiastic and friendly students, cooperative faculties and more opportunities than you can possibly wish for - all this in a fantastic city atmosphere. What more could you want?" Umang Vijay B Patel – 1st Year, BSMU GUJARAT-INDIA I am proud student of BSMU, because I am fulfilling dreams of my parents here with having world class education with such a friendly environment. I am confident, I will achieve my goal as the atmosphere here is peaceful and pleasant and student- friendly. Avnish Patel – 1st Year, BSMU GUJARAT-INDIA "I love the social life at Chernivtsy and get to meet lots of great people. The campus is fantastic and I feel that all the services are supportive, making students feel that they could get help for anything if and when it is needed. I am very much comfortable, as every thing is available in campus. Staff and faculties are very kind and having assisting nature." Jay Vaghela – 1st Year, BSMU GUJARAT-INDIA
  • 2. "The facilities at BSMU are very good and it is all within a compact area so you don’t have to travel to get anywhere, unlike some universities where there's a bus journey between each site. The personal support services are excellent." Hiral Vasava – 1st Year, BSMU GUJARAT-INDIA Being a medical student, what I need, maximum exposure at labs & renowned & highly committed faculties. All this I have got at BSMU. Jaimin NatuBhai Patel – 1st Year, BSMU Ahemdabad , India "BSMU is one of the best places to study medicine. The research here is exceptional. I am planning to stay at BSMU and continue with a career in post graduation." Uvesh Mansoori – 1st Year, BSMU GUJARAT-INDIA As my name is Shubham means good. The moment my parents decided to send me to Ukraine for MBBS, that moment was also good means Shubham. Every thing is suitable to my needs and style of education is excellent. I am hopeful of my career. Shubham Gautam Kota , Rajasthan Before I came here at BSMU, I was just thinking that how it will be there, how I will find at a new place, very far from my native place. But after reaching here, very soon I was adjusted here, since the atmosphere and surrounding is got very friendly. Students are mixing. Professors are very kind and helpful. Climate is nice and everything is available in campus, so I am, not wasting time in going here and there. Chintvan Vyas – 1st Year, BSMU GUJARAT – INDIA
  • 3. "As soon as I came to BSMU I was made to feel very welcome by the friendly atmosphere on campus, particularly in the departments and hostel. MD Physician is a very broad degree and I'm really enjoying my studies because it brings together all the different things I've learnt so far. My degree will also give me plenty of employment opportunities because I know that once I graduate I can work anywhere." Samata Marx – 1st Year, BSMU ANDHRA PRADESH-INDIA I am very happy at BSMU. I got homely environment at Chernivtsy, as I find here so many students from different – different places in India and also from Gujarat. Very clean and calm atmosphere, favourable for study. Other facilities are also very good like hostel, library, mess etc. every thing is in campus and we have not to run after it. I am enjoying my studies. Faiz Patni – 1st Year, BSMU Ahemdabad , India "Its an honor to work with such great Professors who have helped change the face of modern medicine. The World - renowed Faculty of BSMU makes it one of the Best Medical Colleges in Ukraine" Nimay Hazare- 1st Year - Medical Faculty, BSMU GUJARAT-INDIA " Once I got admission in BSMU I guessed my dreams came through. I was searching for a good Medical Institution that could make me an internationally reputed doctor. I found it here at BSMU. I am really proud my decision in choosing BSMU." Pervinder Kaur - 2nd year, Medical Faculty -BSMU PUNJAB-INDIA
  • 4. This is a great opportunity I had in my life. The best education is given by BSMU Professors, which enrich practical skills motivate me to study more harder" Bhavik Parmar -1st year, Medical Faculty –BSMU Baroda , India I am Gulam E Nasir and a 1st year student – M D Physician and my feeling is : “Best destination for doing medicine studies is BSMU “ No Doubts at all. Gulam E Nasir - 1st year, Medical Faculty -BSMU Surat , India "BSMU encouraged me to pursue my other interests outside Medicine and still maintain top-grades. If you are imaginative, persevering and motivated, BSMU is the place for you " Kanwaljeet Kaur, 2nd Year - BSMU HARYANA-INDIA "BSMU provided me a great opportunity to study among students from all around the world & it’s recognitions opened me new paths to follow my higher studies & Employment in a European Country S. KamalKishore – 1st Year, BSMU Vishakhapattnam , India
  • 5. I had a dream of becoming a Doctor, but was not sure that this dream will come true. But now I can say that my dream will become true. I proud that I got admission in such a reputed university. Malik Zaid A – 1st Year, BSMU GUJARAT - INDIA " The importance of imagination, openness and flexibility of mind, integrity, initiative, respect for self and others are taught here at BSMU from the very first day. I have achieved more at BSMU than I ever thought possible " Shailza Dogra -1st Year-BSMU HIMACHAL PRADESH-INDIA In my opinion, World Class Studies with extra curricular activities, approachable faculties & advance methodologies = BSMU Moin Khan – 1st Year, BSMU Ahemdabad , India "I've just got transferred from ODESSA and I'm amazed to find how safe it is here. I am totally ease, even if I have to walk home at night. It's also bonus that the people are really friendly" Mohan Sunder – 2nd Year, BSMU TAMILNADU-INDIA