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Welcome to-BSI Training

  1. 1. Who are we? As the world’s first National Standards body, our expertise in shaping business standards spans more than a century. Our tutors are skilled in transferring knowledge contained within each standard to help you embed excellence within your organization. With over 65,000 clients in 150 countries world-wide, you can trust BSI to help you perform better, reduce risk and grow sustainably. Why train with us? We understand that business success starts with people. And we’ve audited thousands of businesses, applying the same standards to each, so we can genuinely benchmark performance. We’ve also trained many auditors who carry out these assessments and know we can take you from beginner to certification to expert quickly – wherever you are on your learning journey, we can tailor training to you and your business. Call and ask us about training designed to suit you with our in-company option. Our tutors Train with the best to become the best. Our tutors are recognized as leaders in their field, offering a world-class learning experience. They are trained to understand and meet your different learning needs, and they have years of industry experience. What’s more, our tutors train assessors who look at your organization to keep your learning in line with your company’s accreditation. Our approach We accelerate your learning. Everyone has preferred learning techniques which we introduce to our training to help you progress naturally and quickly. We encourage interaction and collaboration because the more involved you are, the more positive the outcome. We also keep the courses varied and put your learning in context to give you an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience. Find and book your course online by visiting bsigroup.co.uk/training or call us on +44 845 086 9000 today Welcome to BSI Training BSI Training Course
  2. 2. Our venues We deliver five star learning at first class venues. These are selected especially to make sure you learn in the best possible environment with great facilities, refreshments and quality accommodation. This way you can focus on and maximize your learning experience. Also, any of our public courses can be tailored to your specific needs and delivered at your premises making it even more convenient for you. Our legacy Our work doesn’t stop with certification. We stay with you all the way, supporting you with follow-up courses and webinars to keep you at the top of your game – and all this for the price of your course. You’ll also get access to the best audits and reports to help you keep tabs on management system performance. So we’ll be with you every step of the way. Did you know? As the first National Standards Body, we are responsible for originating many of the most widely used and implemented management systems standards worldwide, including ISO 9001. Next step To find out more about any of our training courses visit us at bsigroup.co.uk/training. You can also talk to a dedicated training expert about your training needs including our in-company option by calling +44 845 086 9000 BSI-UK-003-TS-0512-E-DD BSI Kitemark Court Davy Avenue Knowlhill Milton Keynes MK5 8PP T: +44 845 086 9000 E: training@bsigroup.com bsigroup.co.uk/training