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Entropy knowledge management datasheet


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Entropy knowledge management datasheet

  1. 1. Entropy Software Knowledge & Training Management TM The Knowledge & Training Management Workflow of Entropy Software has a suite of features that ensures all users have instant access to all the information needed for their roles within your business. With powerful training management features and userspecific responsibilities notification and reporting, this workflow provides instant visibility of all of a user’s training needs, tasks, and responsibilities. Communication and people search tools make it quick and easy to locate and connect with other users within your business, ensuring that you have the ability to continuously improve and build on past learning. As a central feature of the Knowledge & Training Management Workflow, the ‘dashboard’ is a customizable noticeboard that ensures all users are aware of the tasks, actions and documents that they are responsible for or need to be aware of. The dashboard also provides user-specific traffic light performance and compliance scorecards and keeps users up-todate with news, events and alerts. training needs across your business Reporting and managing user’s actions, tasks and responsibilities Corporate-wide information sharing and notification reporting User-specific dashboards for responsibilities reporting Corporate portal for shared resources, news, alerts and events Retention and sharing of best practices across your business User-specific communication and notification Resource features allow users to share information and enable executives and senior managers to set, communicate and monitor compliance with policies, procedures and guidelines. The Resources library also provides easy access to best practice and corporate guidance and provides all the features necessary to document, retain and share your business’s expanding knowledge base of experience and expertise. Audit & Compliance Management Incident Management Performance Management Risk Management Knowledge & Training Management Key Benefits • Increase efficiency by providing • Workflow – High-Level Features • • Document control and document management • Tracking and managing • • • • • • • • employees with a user-specific dashboard highlighting their actions, tasks, responsibilities and training needs Reduce the cost of document management and knowledge transfer with the portal and best practice features Reduce loss, incidents and cost and improve overall business performance with improved training and awareness of taskspecific procedures and policies Improve overall performance by providing consistent and corporate-wide policies, procedures, noticeboards and resources Reduce cost and improve efficiency with company-wide communication and information management tools Base System – High-Level Features • • • • • • • • • 100% web interface User-centric Dashboard Easy-to-use, intuitive interface Secured system access Ad hoc query, search and report building capabilities System notifications (e-mail and reports) Record referencing features 20+ languages for localization Configurable interface Use this Workflow for: • Reporting and managing user’s actions, tasks and responsibilities • Tracking and managing train- ing needs across your business • Document control and docu- ment management • Corporate-wide information shar- ing and notification reporting • Corporate portal for news, alerts and events • Retention and sharing of best practices across your business
  2. 2. Can you quickly locate other team easily access all information relevant prove by learning from past successes members based on their skills and to them? and failures? experience? Entropy Software’s Knowledge & Training The Knowledge & Training Management With powerful people-based search Management ‘dashboard’ feature provides Workflow’s best practice tool enables the features that allow you to locate and com- a noticeboard for alerts, news, and events. information and experiences of your team municate with others based on names, This is combined with a real-time personal- to be captured and shared, thus roles, responsibilities or past experience, ized view of all tasks and documents for providing an evolving knowledge base Entropy Software can ensure that you which they are responsible, so all users that communicates success, while help- always connect to the right people at the have relevant information readily available. ing to ensure that past mistakes are not right time. Users can also receive automatic task noti- repeated. Are employees across your business fications, which are also linked to Entropy Do you have the ability to share key Software for easy access. aware of and appropriately complet- management system information and ing training required for safe and Do you have the means of resources? effective operations? setting, sharing and managing stan- The Knowledge & Training Management The Knowledge & Training Management dards and procedures? portal Resources library provides all users Workflow provides all users with a train- Using Entropy Software, executives and with instant access to business-wide in- ing needs analysis, training records and senior managers can set, manage and formation and resources. From corporate archive and allows users and managers to instantly communicate corporate policies and procedures to best practices ensure that all employees have been ap- policies, procedures and guidance docu- and guidance, the portal provides a single propriately trained on the policies, ments across your business. Combined point for information that can be shared procedures and courses needed to ensure with regular compliance auditing, you are by your entire organization. the business is operating safely and effectively. able to ensure your business is operating in accordance with business standards. Entropy Software's Knowledge Management Workflow provides users, according to their access privileges, with their own "My Entropy" dashboard, targeted noticeboard, list of current responsibilities (sorted in this example by 'tool') and documents about which they need to be familar. The Resources area provides users with corporate and other required information, all of which can be crosslinked for easy reference. The training component automatically reminds users of training requirements, and managers can run reports to see the status of training. 1 Waterview White Cross Lancaster • LA1 4XS • UK T: +44 (0)1524 389 385 555 Legget Drive Suite 630 - Tower B Ottawa • ON • K2K 2X3 • Canada T: +1 877 766 7679 12110 Sunset Hills Road Suite 200 Reston • VA • USA • 20190-5902 T: +1 877 766 7679 www.bsi-entropy.com BSI Group: Standards • Information • Training • Inspection • Testing • Assessment • Certification BSI/GM/ES/MS/200708/DS/KMW-03 Does your business continuously im- © Copyright BSI 2007. All rights reserved. Can your managers and co-workers