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Entropy brochure

  1. 1. Drive Continual Business Improvement visibility – insight – action
  2. 2. BSI Entropy™ Software What is Entropy™ Software? BSI Entropy Software provides a powerful business improvement solution that significantly reduces the cost and effort needed to proactively manage risk, quality, and sustainability activities. Used globally, by companies of all sizes, Entropy Software enables organizations to streamline critical processes that drive continual improvement across all areas of their business. Quite simply, BSI helps organizations make excellence a habit – all over the world. For more than a century our experts have been helping to embed excellence into the way people and products work and to empower organizations to perform better, reduce risk, and achieve sustainable growth. Entropy Software helps organizations take their operations to the next level, delivering real-time visibility and a consistent framework upon which to improve supply chain, health and safety, environmental, and quality system performance. Information is simplified, activities are in focus, and results are available faster. To experience real, long-term benefits, organizations need to ensure ongoing compliance to best practice so that it becomes an embedded habit. BSI makes it easier for our clients to maintain compliance, drive continual improvement, and deliver long-term excellence through our innovative business improvement solution – Entropy Software. With features that include document control, reporting tools, and closed-loop action management, organizations have a more complete view that is shared by the entire team. Replacing doubt with certainty, reducing drift with control, and resolving chaos into order, Entropy Software enables best practices, smarter decisions, and improved transparency across an organization. 2
  3. 3. How we help our clients... At BSI, we build and maintain relationships with our customers, and we have a proven track record of helping companies large and small to benefit from integrated business improvement solutions. Efficiency Up... Costs Down BSI clients have reduced their management systems implementation time an average of 50% by using faster, smarter work tools. Once they have a business improvement software solution in place, those organizations save on average one day per week on maintenance. And, a vast majority of customers (80%) see efficiency increase while costs decrease. Faster Tools Mon Tues Wed Thurs 1 Day per Week Resource Time Saved Based on BSI Entropy Software Customer Survey 3
  4. 4. BSI Entropy™ Software Operational excellence and compliance For Quality... Improving business management and delivery of quality products and services. Entropy Software provides a certifiable framework for ISO 9001, as well as for ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 820, and 21 CFR Part 11. It has all the features and functions required for an efficient quality management system, helping you to assess and investigate quality events and address process gaps across the business. For Sustainability... Helping you be socially responsible, manage energy consumption, and minimize environmental impacts. Centralizing environmental metrics within a management platform like Entropy Software enables organizations to create direct cost savings, avoid compliance penalties, and establish competitive advantages. For Risk... Keeping people safe and protecting your business. Whether you are managing incidents, operational procedures, supply chain compliance, or hazard registers, Entropy Software can help you stay in control. Communication and feedback tools coupled with instant access to required data and information help you motivate employee participation and demonstrate compliance. 4 "...[our program] has resulted in a 68% reduction in injuries..." "...almost 100% transparency to our customer..." "the savings are the costs you avoid because you could not see what was happening at the facility level..."
  5. 5. Five Modules Overview Composed of five core modules, Entropy™ Software allows users to add and integrate any number of disciplines into their management process and provides a complete framework for organizations to efficiently manage risk, quality, and sustainability activities. Flexible and scaleable for your business requirements EntropyTM Software delivers solutions for a wide range of industry sectors and business challenges through its independent modules. This allows users to focus on the features they need in order to cost effectively deal with the areas of their business that cause the most challenges. The flexibility of Entropy Software allows organizations to add or remove modules as the business challenge or needs change. The scalability of Entropy Software allows organizations to choose the modules that will deliver the greatest benefit and prevents the wasting of precious resources on features and applications that are not necessarily needed for your business requirements. You can easily simplify your most complex operations through a single online solution that can be rapidly deployed across multiple departments and locations. 5
  6. 6. BSI Entropy™ Software Entropy™ Software modules can function independently for targeted issues or as an integrated, full management system suite for a standards-based approach to risk, compliance, and performance improvement. Compliance Management Module management of audits to help achieve and demonstrate compliance with internal procedures, international standards, and regulatory requirements. Knowledge Management Module single source portal for controlled documents, resources, and best practices. • Create, review, and approve policies and procedures • Ensure up-to-date version history and document control • Create audit checklists and protocols • Schedule and conduct audits/assessments • Alert employees about documents for which they are responsible • Raise non-conformances and submit recommendations • Notify employees of their training requirements automatically • Conduct root cause analysis (RCA) • Provide search, communication and feedback tools • Open, monitor and close corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) • Report performance using traffic-light dashboards • Improve compliance and implement best practice Incident Management Module comprehensive set of features for documenting, reporting, and investigating injuries and incidents/events. • Record incidents, adverse events, complaints • Set automatic incident notifications • Investigate and conduct root cause analysis (RCA) • Open, monitor and close corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) • Report performance using traffic-light dashboards • Analyze trends and reduce incidents 6
  7. 7. Targeted Applications ...powered by Entropy Software. Quick, easy, and economical , our targeted applications address key challenge areas within your business and help you to drive towards continual improvement. The scalability of Entropy Software allows you to choose tools that will deliver the greatest benefit to the specific application in your organization. Performance Management Module timely, reliable, and verifiable performance information at a site, business unit, or across an entire organization. • Set corporate objectives • Establish targets at group, business unit, or site level • Create key performance indicators (KPIs) and performance metrics • Receive automatic data input reminders to ensure up-to-date information • Validate and approve data Available to you as a low monthly. subscription. Action Manager Enables organizations to capture, track, and maintain accurate auditable non-conformance records across the organization. Powerful analytics and reporting capability offers real-time visibility into the remediation process – from initiation to close. Audit Manager Manages all aspects of internal and external audit programs from scheduling and planning through to performing and reporting. Ensuring consistency and clarity in your audits. • Report using performance using traffic-light dashboards • Analyze trends and make performance improvements Risk Management Module identification, assessment, and management of risks across an organization. Document Manager Provides a single-source portal for controlled document, resources and best practices. Easily retain, access, and share your businesses expanding knowledge base of experience and expertise Training Manager • Create risk and control assessment methodologies • Identify and track regulatory requirements Simplifies the enterprise training process through efficient notification, tracking, and reporting. Overall business performance is improved through awareness of corporate procedures and policies. • Conduct risk and control assessments • Raise, monitor, and close risk response actions • Obtain system notifications for re-assessment • Create and report on risk registers • Analyze response actions to reduce residual risk Learn more about all of our tools powered by Entropy Software Visit: bsi-entropy.com/explore-entropy Call: +1 800 862 4977 email: info@bsi-entropy.com 7
  8. 8. BSI Entropy™ Software Key Features Only Entropy™ Software offers an on-demand solution that meets the varied needs of everyone from small businesses to large, global organizations. Explore some of the key features included within Entropy Software: Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Task Management Files and Libraries A company’s ability to effectively correct existing problems and implement controls to prevent potential problems is essential to ensure efficient operations and achieve customer satisfaction. Entropy Software enables and supports the closed loop process that is key to continual improvement. Entropy Software’s task management features deliver a centralized and controlled process for crucial tasks and actions across departments, or across a multi-site organization. Users are given appropriate access to create and allocate tasks. Now it’s easier to share files, discuss them, publish the best, and track your content in real-time. Quickly find what you are looking for, share it securely, and even subscribe to receive alerts when something changes. Data Collection Configurable Forms and Workflows Notification Configurable notification workflows are one of the key features within Entropy Software. These workflows allow users to improve efficiency through automation notifications sending email notifications to the user and providing reminders for overdue responsibilities, requests for action, and/or escalations for high severity issues. Use configurable web forms, workflows, email notifications, and reporting capabilities to capture critical data and replace paper-based or spreadsheet-based processes. You can continuously modify created applications supporting evolving business needs by allowing users to configure and improve forms and workflow. Dashboards Reports & Graphs No more hunting around for information from multiple reports and sources. Dashboards provide a single, corporate scorecard for an at-a-glance overview of your entire organization, covering all areas of your management system and featuring benchmarks and critical corporate metrics and data.. Entropy Software provides you with real-time access and enhanced visibility of management information through clear reports and graphs, which transform data into meaningful information that can support decision making. 8 Entropy Software allows users to easily and accurately input data related to audits, incidents, risk, and performance. Information and instructions on how to perform the tasks are also included in this innovative data capture application. Multi-lingual A user-friendly interface with an increasing number of language packs to meet your mulitnational needs, Entropy Software is available in 24 languages. It is also available in many wide character languages, such as simplified Chinese and Russian.
  9. 9. Everything You Need, for the Role You Play Entropy Software can provide your organization with a complete view that is shared among auditors, managers, and executives in real-time, so you can collaborate more effectively. by often tasked with data input want • Embracedthatauditors. Auditorseasier. With fast, easy-access, online solutions make their jobs features, including advanced scheduling and a user interface rated “simple and intuitive” by customers, Entropy Software is the audit and compliance solution every auditor will love and use. Critical for managers. • need the right tools toManagers gain visibility into their risk and compliance status and activities. With powerful Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reporting, task assignment, and dashboard reporting, managers can be confident they are maximizing productivity. Trusted by executives. Executives • need fast, accurate answers to critical business questions. With Entropy Software’s unique customizable dashboards, reporting, and analytics, executives get real-time answers and business insight with a single click. Learn about the full range of features that Entropy Software has to offer: Visit: bsi-entropy.com Call: +1 800 862 4977 email: info@bsi-entropy.com 9
  10. 10. BSI Entropy™ Software Benefits EntropyTM Software provides a number of benefits to organizations who are looking to effectively and efficiently manage internal systems, processes, and business challenges. • Reduces operational and administrative time, costs, and risk • Promotes greater communication and collaboration • Improves current management system performance, accelerates implementation of new management systems, or easily integrates multiple management systems or processes • Improves productivity and accountability of management teams and auditors • Provides greater control of your people, processes, and systems throughout your organization and among multiple locations 10 • Provides enterprise/portfolio-wide visibility of critical information • Transforms data into meaningful information to support decision making • Identifies trends and provides warning of non-conformance and potentially costly failures • Allows for quicker and easier collection, capture, and reporting on data
  11. 11. We are proud to partner with a company like BSI. BSI maintains a global reputation for best practice and continual improvement not only in standards and management systems, but also in the innovative solutions they provide. Chief Sustainability Officer - VP Health & Safety, Fortune 500 Food Consumer Products Entropy has provided us with a truly integrated risk and compliance management solution. The ability to integrate our health and safety and environmental data into one system saves us both time and money and has enabled us to improve our management processes significantly. Director of EHS Impact Assessment, Top 10 Global Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Company Entropy Software is as powerful as you will get in the market today. Its strength lies in the knowledge that it provides and it allows everyone to spend time doing their job rather than hunting for information. Director of Sustainable Construction, Leading Global Construction Materials Company Entropy’s reporting capabilities really streamline the auditing process. If an auditor wants any document or specific report, we can get it from Entropy as quickly as it takes to pull up a search box and enter a couple of key words. It definitely improves my ability to access my data, systems, documents and records. General Manager, Medical Device Manufacturer See for yourself: Visit the Entropy YouTube channel youtube.com/BSIEntropySoftware 11
  12. 12. The Entropy Software solution offers more features, more powerful configuration, easier integration, and an excellent end-user experience. Thanks to an on-demand model, it can be deployed immediately around the globe, freeing you from traditional software and its hidden costs, high failure rates, unacceptable risks, and prolonged implementations. Rapid ROI Analyze Data Scalable & Configurable With Entropy Software, you get an effective, complete solution at a fraction of the cost of conventional software. This translates into quick ROI. In fact, most Entropy Software customers achieve significant ROI in much shorter time periods. Entropy Software provides you with complete visibility by enabling you to know where you are with your risk, quality, and sustainability initiatives at any time and with very visible and transparent metrics. Having all of your data at your disposal in a framework that makes it easy to analyze and communicate, Entropy Software gives you complete confidence in the management of your systems. The scalability of Entropy Software allows organizations to choose the targeted applications or modules that will deliver the greatest benefit to the specific need in your organization. All Tools in One Place Entropy Software is the most comprehensive platform for effectively managing risk, sustainability, and quality initiatives. With Entropy Software you will find all the tools for intelligent enterprise system management in one place. Organizations can concentrate on analysis, decision making, and driving continual business performance. Secure Entropy Software is built with security in mind, and is trusted by some of the biggest businesses in the world. BSI - EMEA Kitemark Court Dovy Avenue Knowlhill, Milton Keynes MK58PP T: +44 845 080 9000 E: info.entropy@bsigroup.com Easy to Use Entropy Software is easy to learn and use, which means it delivers high adoption rates within organizations and increases your productivity. Rapid Deployment Accessible from anywhere in the world via any standard Web browser, Entropy Software applications require minimal training and can be implemented in days rather than the months or years required by conventional software. BSI - AsiaPAC 23rd Floor Cambridge House TaiKoo Place 979 King’s Road Island East Hong Kong T: +852 3149 3320 E: info@bsi-entropy.com Copyright © 2013 The British Standards Institution. All Rights Reserved. BSI – Americas 12110 Sunset Hills Road Suite 200 Reston, VA USA 20190-5902 T: +1 800 862 4977 E: info@bsi-entropy.com .Site Branding We can create a unique, secure URL for your company. You will be able to brand your account login screen by adding your corporate logo. In addition, you can easily customize your whole account by adding a logo and changing color themes. Customer Engagement At all times, your Client Services Consultant is available to answer your questions, arrange training, and ensure you get the highest ROI from Entropy Software. Support With Entropy Software, you benefit from best practices, fast support response times, comprehensive and customizable training, and extensive administrative services to drive productivity and accelerate ROI. BSI/USA/338/MS/0513/E Why Choose Entropy™ Software