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BSE delivers IT consulting and implementation services. Experts in ERP technologies with acute knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), CRM and SharePoint, our multilingual team speaks Korean, English, and French. We are able to accompany foreign companies in Korea and also develop and follow IT projects worldwide.

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BSE Consulting Korea - Presentation

  1. 1. - Table of contents -1 Presentation2 History3 Mission4 Competency5 Products6 Methodology7 International7 References
  2. 2. Presentation Company Name ㈜BSE Consulting CEO Leo Oh (오 형 근) Date of Establishment 9th July 2009 Field of Expertise IT consulting and integration services MS Dynamics NAV/CRM/SharePoint Web-Site Address Koram Venture Building 3rd floor, Daechi-4-dong 907-1, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-841, Korea Contact Phone 82-2-501-1335 Fax 82-2-501-1436 E-mail
  3. 3. History2012.04 Gigaphoton Korea: NAV roll-out project starts, in Partnership with PBC Japan2012.03 Sheppard & Mullin Korea: Dynamics CRM Online project2012.01 Oticon Korea: Localization and e-Tax integration2011.12 Arthrex Korea: Dynamics NAV roll-out project starts, in Partnership with PBC Japan2011.11 Hawe Hydraulics Korea: Maintenance contract2011.11 Acrex USA: Maintenance contract to support end-users in New-York2011.10 Haglofs Korea: Localization and e-Tax integration, in Partnership with SYSteam Sweden 발전기2011.09 ACE Power Utility Service: Dynamics NAV projects starts2011.07 R.Stahl Korea: Dynamics NAV roll-out project starts, in Partnership with Modus Consult Germany2011.07 SB Consulting France Partnership2011.03 Guerbet Korea: SharePoint Project, Korea, India, Japan, HK2011.02 Jet Reports Partnership2010.11 eSys Distribution: Integration of automated e-TAX module2010.07 Samsung Medison: Dynamics NAV Netherlands project starts2010.04 Samsung Medison: Dynamics NAV Brazil project starts2010.02 Guerbet Korea: Development of automated e-TAX module2009.11 BSE Consulting: Capital increase2009.10 Samsung Medison: Dynamics NAV USA project starts2009.09 Samsung Medison: Dynamics NAV Europe project starts2009.09 BSE Consulting becomes a Microsoft Certified Partner2009.07 Pields engineering: ERP project starts2009.07 Establishment of BSE Consulting
  4. 4. Our missionOur mission is to accompany you through the entire IT project, and this, by:  Performing the Needs Analysis  Providing the licenses for Microsoft Dynamics Solutions  Integrating of your informational system 발전기  Personalizing and optimizing your informational system  Training end-users  Supporting and maintaining after Go-Live Achieve your Improve international vision competitiveness and corporate value Increased productivity and profit improvement
  5. 5. Competency Proven MS Dynamics Consulting skills BSE consultants and developers are Microsoft Certified Professional 발전기 Microsoft solutions Know-howMicrosoft provides high quality BSE consultants have severals softwares, and consistently years of hands-on-fieldinvest in research to upgrade experience in various areas such its solutions . as: manufacturing, distribution, logistics, services
  6. 6. ProductsMicrosoft ERP Solution Microsoft ECM Solution Microsoft CRM SolutionEnterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Content Management Customer Relationship Management• Finance • Manage Documents • Sales Automation• BI Reporting • Share Information • Marketing Campaigns• Manufacturing • Search Content • Service Management• Supply Chain • Create Communities• Project Management • Approval System• Human resources
  7. 7. A proven methodology : Sure StepBSE Consulting uses a western methodology for its projectmanagement. Indeed, the Sure Step methodology (conceived byMicrosoft), help us to: Reduce risks Implement faster Maximize the ROI (Return On Investment)
  8. 8. International Software Human resourcesMicrosoft Dynamics Multilingual teamSolutions are speaking:deployable worldwide.  KoreanSupporting:  English multi-lingual  French multi-legislation  Japanese To best meet customer’s needs, multi-currency BSE allocates its foreign multi-site language-speaking consultants to your projects We are able to accompany companies in Korea and also develop and follow IT projects worldwide.
  9. 9. Customer Reference Reference list Company Website Sheppard & Mullin Gigaphoton 발전기 Oticon Arthrex Hawe Haglofs Acrex Ace Power Utility R. Stahl Guerbet Korea Samsung Medison Pields engineering eSys Distribution Copal electronics Miele Becker Korea
  10. 10. Thank you