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The good the bad and the ugly sw gf_l_7.7.11_delegate version

The good the bad and the ugly sw gf_l_7.7.11_delegate version



SWGfL ICT Conference 7th July 2011. Session 3h 'Engaging parents in learning through ICT: the good, the bad and the ugly.' Hosted by Iain Williams, Deputy Headteacher, Bradley Stoke Community ...

SWGfL ICT Conference 7th July 2011. Session 3h 'Engaging parents in learning through ICT: the good, the bad and the ugly.' Hosted by Iain Williams, Deputy Headteacher, Bradley Stoke Community School



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    The good the bad and the ugly sw gf_l_7.7.11_delegate version The good the bad and the ugly sw gf_l_7.7.11_delegate version Presentation Transcript

    • Engaging Parents in Learning through ICT Iain Williams – Bradley Stoke Community School
    • BSCS_Consultant_School @Iain_BSCS
      • Principles of engaging parents – the WHY
      • Reasons to engage parents – the fringe benefits
      • Methods to engage parents – the HOW
      • Choosing your battles – the WHEN
      • Littered with practical tips – keeping it REAL
      What we’re most likely to cover… Session foci
    • Current Y6 parents coming into Y7 OR Pre-school parents coming into YR Many of them will stay connected to your school longer than a significant proportion of your colleagues… SO… what is the balance of time and effort invested in your parent body compared to that of your staff body ? THINK ABOUT
      • New secondary school in Sept 2005 – now 1020 students
      • Community school – a key driver
      • Oldest students now in Y12
      • Judged as outstanding by OfSTED in 2009
      • Culture of innovation
      • SSAT Consultant School
      • PEQS Gold Award – first school nationally
      • Ethos crucial and often commented upon
      • Stakeholder voice central to development
      • Inclusive: low exclusions, high attendance
      • Comprehensive intake – full age and ability
      • CVA - 1012– high attaining
      Bradley Stoke Community School (BSCS) Contextual Information
    • Our journey with technology 2005 24hr school 2007/8 EPRA 2009 FROG 2009 Texting 2009 Website review 2009 PEP 2010 Digital Signage 2011 PEP/online booking 2011 Online event management
    • Warwick University Research – Alma Harris 80% of factors affecting children happen in the home, only 20% in school Why do schools put 100% effort into addressing 20% of the problem? Where is our focus? Home School 80% 20%
    • DAMASCUS Don’t forget…
    • What does the research tell us? A paradigm shift?
    • Are you ready for a challenge? Shift Happens…
    • How many teachers does it take to change a light bulb?
    • CHANGE ?!
    • No longer a 19 th Century model 21 st Century Welcome to the…
    • How ?!
    • Stop focusing on your model for ICT…
    • and start focusing on your model for learning and teaching…
    • ICT is a means to an end NOT the end in itself
    • Winning Hearts and Minds…
    • People expect technology to fail It’s YOU they need confidence in
    • Be strategic about…
      • Your outcomes
        • what do you want to achieve using ICT?
        • what will the impact be?
        • how will you know ?
      • Your skills
        • what can YOU actually do?
        • what can you get/buy/beg/bribe someone else to do?
      • Your buy-in from others
        • how can you get others involved?
        • what are the incentives? Use them!
        • how can you make sense of it for them? Initiative overload or seeing the joined up thinking?
      What technologies?
    • 8 key areas
      • Area Cost
      • Website small
      • Email small - medium
      • Texting medium
      • Slideshare n/a
      • Drop Box n/a
      • Online booking facilities small
      • Learning Platform high
      • Social Media n/a
      Examples of ICT engagement tools
    • Website & Digital Signage ICT – parental engagement tools Simple and fresh Updating – anyone? Bottlenecks QA/QC systems Open Source? Link to other info systems
    • Email
      • Develop a Communications Policy and an email policy (alongside Complaints Policy)
      • Electronic communication is our STANDARD method
      • Parents need to request a paper copy of correspondence
      • One colleague co-ordinates most mass parent emails
      • Important to check integrity of MIS data (in our case, SIMS)
      • Caution about over-reliance on email to communicate emotive issues
      • Use it carefully for staff to parent communication
      • Have a few generic email addresses:
      •  [email_address]
      •  [email_address]
      •  contactteacher@bradleystokecs.org.uk
      • This helps to filter lots of emails
      ICT – parental engagement tools
    • Texting
      • Cost SAVINGS!!!!
      • Really useful for quick contact
      • Limited number of characters
      • Great for info on: detentions, trip letters, meeting reminders etc.
      • Does Email too
      • You WILL get a reaction! (mostly ours have been positive)
      • Make sure someone oversees and develops good systems!
      ICT – parental engagement tools
    • ICT – parental engagement tools 9th most visited website in 2009 Free online repository for all your online presentations Basic analytics in free version Can link to your website via a really simple widget Inspiration for your own presentations – any theme Loads of other features: MP3, video, webinar, PDF/MS Office share
      • Free 2GB online storage
      • Syncs with ALL your PC/MAC/Mobile devices
      • Lost your memory stick?
      • Memory stick too small?
      • Want to share files with parents?
      • Private and public files
      • Go mobile and still connect?
      • Untapped potential
      ICT – parental engagement tools
    • Online Booking Facilities
      • Booking Appointments - http://bradleystoke.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/
      • Booking appointments with staff was a problem
      • Reliant on forgetful students
      • Office taking too many calls about bookings
      • Confusion over what had been booked
      • Managing tickets - http://www.eventelephant.com/frogparentportallaunch
      • Free if event is free
      • Manages booking, communication, sales and generates badges
      • Links via a URL
      • Also manages most admin (e.g. name badges, contact lists etc.)
      ICT – parental engagement tools
    • Online Booking Facilities ICT – parental engagement tools
    • Learning Platform ICT – parental engagement tools Learning focused Fully owned by you Fully controlled by you Fully developed by you
    • Learning Platform ICT – parental engagement tools
    • Lessons learnt with Learning Platforms
      • Remember ‘Measure twice, cut once…’
      • Only launch when ready and confident – you get one shot!
      • It’s not just about information (e.g. data) exchange
      • Your learning platform and parent portal must link – remember learning is central!
      • MUST be simple and user friendly
      • Can an idiot use it?
      • Designed by parents, for parents…
      • Think about the total cost of ownership. Don’t forget things like:
        • Reduced printing costs (e.g. exam/SATs papers)
        • Extra network storage
        • Streamlining communications (integral email)
      ICT – parental engagement tools
    • How do parents GET your info? PULL Vs. PUSH
      • FACEBOOK - 30 billion pieces of content shared each month
      • UK  51M internet users in June 2010  82% population online  48.5%% of population are on FB
      • 25% of UK FB users in 13 – 19 age range
      • TWITTER – 300,00 new users per day, 3 billion requests per day by 180M unique visitors
      • 75% of Twitter’s visitors use third party apps!
      • UK = 5 th / 10 for Twitter traffic  18% of US Tweets are from teenagers
      • YOU TUBE  every minute 24h of video uploaded
      • 2 billion viewers per day, 50% are under 20 years old
      • Today, You Tube occupies the same amount of bandwidth the entire internet used in 2000
      • 90% of internet users use at least 1 social networking site…
      Social Networking The ‘S’ word
    • Social Networking & Mobile /Smart Technology
      • Soon, we will not be able to ignore its implications (limited resources/funds and student trends)
      • If such technologies are used, fear of ‘what might happen’ drives us
      • The possibilities of how we MIGHT engage them are overlooked – calculated risks are not taken
      • No different to a uniform policy in terms of the WAY you work with students – rewards and sanctions
      • ENGAGEMENT with the REAL issues
      • Better managed and in the open than wanton misuse behind closed doors – EDUCATE users
      • Costello Technology College – Google them (School Facebook site and YouTube channel)
      • PUSH technology is the key (Twitter client or RSS feed)
      • Start with TWITTER  1) CPD for yourself 2) Learning and Teaching
      The ‘S’ word
    • By 2014, South Korea plans to digitize all elementary level materials. By 2015, the entire curriculum will be delivered via an online device. A cloud-based system will host all software and content… MIT Technology Review
      • Parents: Do they know they matter?
        • https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/standard/publicationDetail/Page1/DCSF-RBW004
        • http://www.amazon.co.uk/Parents-Know-They-Matter-Achievement/dp/1855394790
      • Bradley Stoke Consultant School
        • www.bradleystokecs.org.uk/consultantschool
      • Useful Tools
        • 100 top tools for eLearning
        • www.teachers2parents.co.uk
        • www.slideshare.net
        • www.eventelephant.com
        • www.sliderocket.com
        • www.prezi.com
        • http://www.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/
      Useful Resources
      • Useful Tools (cont.)
        • www.dropbox.com
      • Useful websites
        • http://shifthappens.wikispaces.com/home
        • www.2020plus.net
        • www.digeratidom.com
        • www.frogtrade.com
        • www.twitter.com
        • http://www.2mminutes.com/
      • This presentation can be found at  http://www.slideshare.net/BSCS_School
      Useful Resources Feel free to contact me on… [email_address] www.bradleystokecs.org.uk