MDSi Mocassin Newsletter - Fall 2009


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Mobile Diabetes Screening Initiative (MDSi), University of Alberta

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MDSi Mocassin Newsletter - Fall 2009

  1. 1. The Moccasin Results From the MDSi Telephone Survey Our Survey Says: In July and August of 2006, 2007 and 2008, we conducted a telephone survey of MDSi clients to find out how well clients remembered their MDSi results, and what clients did after getting screened by MDSi. Did clients go and see their doctor after seeing MDSi? Did they start getting more exercise? The survey also asked clients how they felt about getting screened for diabetes. 175 MDSi clients completed our survey. We divided them into three groups, according to their MDSi diabetes screening results: 23% 25% Mobile Screening Programs Are Well Received in Rural Communities Our survey results show screening programs may be making a difference. The MDSi team is trying to help a challenged health system by providing timely and professional assessments and counseling regarding diabetes and cardiac risk. We will be repeating the MDSi telephone survey in 2009-2010, in order to continue our followup with our clients. Summary of Survey Answers: Group 1: MDSi screening showed they "probably have diabetes" (N = 41) Group 1 Group 2: MDSi screening showed they have "pre-diabetes" (N = 44) 51% Volume 4, No. 1, Fall 2009 More than half of the clients we surveyed correctly remembered what MDSi said about their diabetes results. But, for the clients MDSi told they “probably had diabetes”, only 24% correctly remembered this. This shows there is some “denial” for those clients who may have diabetes and need to get follow-up medical care. Only half of the clients surveyed said they saw a doctor after getting screened by MDSi. However, for most of these people, the doctor confirmed their MDSi “diagnosis”. This shows that MDSi is finding people who need follow-up care for diabetes or prediabetes, but that some clients are not taking MDSi’s advice to get medical attention. Many clients are taking MDSi’s advice to live healthier lifestyles, however. Most clients said they felt the need to change their lifestyle to improve their health. The majority of clients said they have done something (better diet, more physical activity, less stress, etc.) to improve their lifestyle since seeing MDSi. Almost all clients said MDSi screening was a good idea, and would recommend it others. Most clients said they knew more about diabetes after seeing MDSi. This shows that MDSi has helped to raise awareness of diabetes for individuals, and within the Communities. What did clients do after getting screened by MDSi? Saw a doctor 66% 59% Saw a doctor about their MDSi 39% 54% results The doctor confirmed their MDSi 56% 86% diabetes screening results Saw a dietitian 17% 7% Improved their eating habits 76% 64% Increased their physical activity 50% 59% Decreased their stress levels 44% 29% All 37% 51% 39% 48% 77% 72% 4% 72% 58% 33% 8% 72% 57% 36% How do clients feel about getting screened for diabetes? It’s a good idea 98% 95% 97% Would recommend it to friends 93% 91% 96% and family Feel they know more about 78% 68% 63% diabetes after getting screened 96% 95% 70% Test Results of Clients Surveyed: Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 All Normal Weight Results (BMI) Normal Cholesterol Results Normal Blood Pressure Results 5% 40% 51% 16% 30% 81% 16% 58% 84% 14% 49% 75% Visit MDSi online @ pg.1 Group 3 How well did clients remember what MDSi told them about their diabetes screening results? Correctly remembered 24% 55% 82% 61% Incorrectly remembered 76% 45% 25% 39% Group 3: Their MDSi screening results were "normal" (N = 90) Mobile Diabetes Screening Initiative 4100 - 8308 114 St., Edmonton, AB T6G 2V2 Ph: (780) 407-1627, Fax: (780) 407-1715 E-mail: Group 2 Oster et al., 2009 Visit MDSi on
  2. 2. MDSi Moccasin The Th Welc Cultural Pride & Self-discipline: Tools for escaping poverty and violence Hobbema Cadets Learn What Life is Like in Jamaica’s Ghettos On April 9th, 22 members of the Hobbema Community Cadet Corps program traveled to Jamaica to spend 10 days in the community of Spanish Town, and saw some of Jamaica’s poorest neighbourhoods. The Hobbema Cadets (boys and girls, ages 12 to 17) were welcomed by the Jamaica Police Cadets, who showed them neighbourhoods ravaged by gang warfare, drugs and poverty. They saw garbage piled in the streets, bullet holes in the building walls, and portraits of murdered gang members hung on building walls. But cultural pride has helped the Jamaican Cadets to escape the poverty, drugs and violence that surround them everyday. The Jamaican Cadets greeted their visitors with performances of traditional songs and dance. The Hobbema Cadets in turn performed traditional dancing th at the Jamaican Cadet’s 9 Anniversary celebration. RCMP Sgt. Mark Linnell leads the Hobbema Cadets. He took the kids to Jamaica to show them that what happens in Hobbema also happens other places in the world. The trip was meant to inspire the kids. Sgt. Linnell will be visiting other communities in Alberta to help them set up their own cadet program. In August 2009, 32 of the Jamaica police Cadets came to Hobbema for an 11-day visit. See pictures of the trip on the Hobbema Cadets’ web site: MDSi’s “NEW” Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) Congratulations Jane! You probably recognize Jane… Jane has worked for MDSi for the past two years as a Registered Dietitian, counseling MDSi clients in the Communities. Jane recently passed the “Certified Diabetes Educator” exam through the Canadian Diabetes Association. This success is great professional development for Jane, and a great asset for the MDSi team. Way to go, Jane! HERE COME THE VANS! Watch for MDSi in Your Community The MDSi Team (Virinder, Jane, Darren and Mindy) are back on the road, bringing diabetes screening services to your area. Have you gone to see MDSi yet? MDSi provides diabetes screening in a “one-stop appointment”. Your test results are ready in 10 minutes, so you get them during your appointment. You receive personal counseling based on your test results. (MDSi also does eye photos for people who already have diabetes.) Please contact your Settlement or Community Office to book your appointment with MDSi. A CBC reported travelled to Jamaica with the group. You can watch the CBC “Pride Beyond Poverty” documentary online at: Hobbema Cadets Captain Trent Young is presented with Jamaican Police Cadet Epaulettes, in recognition of Captain Young's leadership. Photos and graphics courtesy of the Hobbema Community Cadet Corps. pg.2 JANE JENSEN Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator Members of MDSi on the ferry crossing Peace River MDSI Visit Schedule Fall 2009: Sep 8th-11th: Conklin Sep 21st-24th: Buffalo Lake Sep 29th-Oct 1st: Ft. Vermilion Oct 1st-6th: La Crete Oct 7th-8th: Paddle Prairie Oct 26th-29th: Grande Cache Nov 2nd-5th: Fishing Lake Nov 16th-19th: Elizabeth Nov 23rd-26th: Kikino Nov 30th-Dec 3rd: Hinton Dec 7th-10th: Bent Arrow