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  • SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS SECTION ANNUAL REPORT RETURN THIS FORM TO THE SPE SECTIONS MANAGER NO LATER THAN 1 JUNE. Please submit electronically as a Word document, if possible. If handwritten, please use black ink. Attach additional sheets if needed. Please limit total submission (report and attachments) to no more than 100 pages. Please include only 1 example of newsletters, meeting minutes, etc. If necessary, you may state “additional documentation available upon request”. Where applicable, please distinguish between the ongoing annual events or programs and those initiatives that were new or begun during the past section year. Section Name: Alaska Petroleum Section Year (month)(year): June 2007 to (month)(year): May 2008, inclusive 1. Technical Dissemination 1.1 List all regular meetings of the section, meeting topics, attendance and sponsors (if any) Date Name of Speaker (Note if Company/Affiliation Title/Topic of Speech Sponsors Attendance Distinguished Lecturer) of Speaker Sept 12, Implementing a Well Integrity SPE Distinguished Joe Anders BP 52 2007 Management System Lecturer Nov 14, Pioneer Natural Mike Dunn Oooguruk – A Story of Firsts 77 2007 Resources Kenai LNG Export License Dec 12, Scott Jepsen ConocoPhillips Extension & Cook Inlet Gas 64 2007 Supply Outlook Low-Cost, Non-Invasive, Jan 17 SPE Distinguished Dr Alberto Di Lullo ENI Tecnologie Remote Pipeline and Well 31 2008 Lecturer Inspection Techniques Twenty Years of Wellwork: Feb 21, Jennifer Julian BP Interventions and Innovations at 56 2008 Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
  • Mar 13, SPE Distinguished Dr Mohan Kelkar University of Tulsa Integrated Reservoir Modeling 26 2008 Lecturer Maximizing Oil Recovery Apr 10, Advanced Resources Efficiency and Sequestration of SPE Distinguished Vello A. Kuuskraa 60 2008 International CO2 with “Next Generation” Lecturer CO2-EOR May Pioneer Natural Undulating Well Performance 15, Andy Bond 68 Resources Model 2008 1.2 Did an SPE officer (SPE President, Past President, President-Elect, or Treasurer) visit during the section year? Date of Visit Name SPE Office Held Attendance Jan 17, 2008 Dr William Cobb President SPEI 12
  • 16 January 2008: Dinner with 2008 SPE International President Bill Cobb, SPE Distinguished Lecturer Alberto di Lullo, students from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and officers of the Alaska Petroleum Section. 1.3 List all study-group meetings, with attendance numbers, of the section. Date Title/Topic of Speech Name or Speaker (Note if Speaker is Distinguished Lecturer) Attendance None
  • 1.4 List all short courses, seminars, and workshops, with attendance numbers, sponsored by the section. Date Title/Short Description of Activity Funds Raised No. of Participants None 1.5 List all technical conferences, exhibitions and symposia, with attendance numbers, sponsored by the section. None 1.6 List ways your section shares technology with other sections, the Society and other industry groups. The Alaska Section typically provides one or two distinguished lecturers each year. The 2007-2008 program year was no exception, with Joe Anders (BP) traveling around the world to give his talk “Implementing a Well Integrity Management System”. Two of our section members were nominated for future years of distinguished lecturer tours. The section also works to coordinate with the Western Region Leadership Council to communicate regarding areas of specific interest to our section and region. This process helps to ensure that topics of interest are well represented at the Western Region Meeting. 2. Section Operations 2.1 Officers – List current officers. SPE Office Held Name Beginning-Term End-Term (month/day/year) (month/day/year) Chair Christopher Jenkins 8/1/07 7/31/08 1st Vice-Chair Programs Jack Hartz 8/1/07 7/31/08 2nd Vice-Chair Membership Chidiebere Igbokwe 8/1/07 7/31/08 Treasurer Olivia Bommarito 8/1/07 7/31/08 Secretary Matt Mower 8/1/07 7/31/08 Director Jennifer Julian 8/1/07 7/31/09 Director Tim Crumrine 8/1/07 7/31/08 Director Chineme Eke 8/1/07 7/31/09 Director Randy Roadifer 1/1/07 7/31/08 Director Brian Magruder 8/1/07 7/31/09 Director Robert Younger 8/1/06 7/31/08
  • Attach list of incoming officers (Form can be found in Chapter 20 of the Section Operations Officers Manual.) 2.2 List all board meetings of the section. Date Number of Board Members Present Items Discussed 8/08/2007 12 New section secretary due to move, new BOD introduced, Golf Tournament Success, Speakers for this year, Possibility of moving WRM to AK in 09. Section meeting fees 9/6/07 Scholarship BBQ fundraiser, YP activity update, volunteering at 2007 ATCE, WRM updates and planning for 2009 & 2010, BOD secretary vacancy, September section meeting 10/2/07 Scholarship BBQ fundraiser, monthly section meeting (including technical highlight), YP update, ATCE officers meeting & Western Region poster, BOD secretary vacancy 11/07/2007 5 SPE Section ATCE flyer, EOY Awards, WR Awards, Cost of section meetings, Scholarship BBQ recap 12/05/2007 7 Publications for SPE BBQ success, How to coordinate things with Slope, Web Site Update, Budget Update, New BBQ and Golf Chairs, ATCE Feedback 1/16/2008 10 YP Event, February Section Meeting talks, E-Week, 2008 Membership Drive, Permit/Gaming Training for Section BBQ, Scholarship applications out, WRM regional awards 2/20/2008 12 Distinguished Lecturer nominations, Regional awards, new Continuing Education Program Chair, Golf Tournament, Budget Update, E-Week Events 3/19/2008 11 Scholarships to be decided this month, YP to do AADE Event, Title Sponsor for Golf Tourney, 08-09 Elections, Formation of Audit Committee, Look at current investment portfolio 4/16/2008 14 Scholarships, Young Professionals events, Golf Tournament, WRM Report, Engineering Explorers 5/21/08 11 Golf Tournament, Energy4Me books, sponsorship of SWE and other engineering students, Programs speakers for ’08-’09, YP participation at AADE FFFFF event, YP kickball team, SPE annual report
  • 3. Financial 3.1 Include copy of section financial statement at end of the section year. See Appendix B 3.2 List the section’s sources of income and list of sponsors (if any). • Annual Scholarship BBQ o Sponsored by: Alaska Frontier Constructors, Alaska Instrument Corporation, Arctic Lift Systems, BP, Champion Technologies, ConocoPhillips, Downhole Video, Dowland-Bach, Doyon Drilling, ExxonMobil, Fairweather, FMC, MapMakers Alaska, Marathon, Nalco BrightWater, OilTracers LLC, PDS, Petroleum Reservoir, Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska, Schlumberger, Shell, Tuboscope, Udelhoven, WellTec, Petroleum News • Annual Golf Tournament o Sponsored by: Fairweather, ASRC Energy Services, Alaska Instrument Company, FMC Technologies, Schlumberger, Tubular Solutions Alaska, LLC, Petroleum News, Lynden, Doyon Drilling, Shell, Nabors, CONAM Construction Company, Dowland-Bach Corporation, Peak Oilfield Service Company, Great Northern Engineering, BJ Services, BP, Halliburton, Weona Corporation, Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska, Weatherford, Marsh Creek, Tuboscope • Western Region Meeting profit sharing • Donations from SPE members & local companies • Corporate matching for volunteer time of Board of Director members • Newsletter Advertising • Dividends 3.3 Does the section require payment at the time a reservation is made for section meeting? No 3.4 Does the section bill persons who make reservations for a meeting but do not attend? No. We ask for a RSVP as a courtesy from our members to help in planning the catering. Our meetings are generally not limited by seating capacity and we happily accept walk-ins. We budget to break even on our monthly luncheons. 3.5 Does the section have section dues? (Do not include charges for section luncheon/dinner meetings.) No
  • Communication Within the Section 4.1 Enclose a copy of one monthly section newsletter or meeting notice with an average preparation and distribution per unit cost and total cost. April 2008 AK SPE Newsletter.pdf See .pdf attachment of the Section’s April newsletter. Each newsletter is prepared electronically by one of our volunteers, who posts the file to our website in addition to sending it to each of our members via e-mail. No printed copies are provided, thus our per unit and total costs are zero. Recently the newsletter has included advertising towards the latter pages, and revenue from the ads supports the Section’s general operating account. 4.2 In what way does the section distribute its newsletter (check all that apply): postal hardcopy email fax website download 4.3 Does the section have a website? If so, please list the website’s address 4.4 List other methods your section uses to communicate with its membership (e.g., email, the internet, broadcast faxing, etc.) and describe how they are used. The primary communication method is via an email distribution list. Information is also distributed at luncheon meetings and via the website. 5. Communication and Participation Outside the Section 5.1 Describe your relationships with other professional societies (national or international) which are active in petroleum engineering or related areas. Describe any joint activities and initiatives (ongoing and new). The Alaska Petroleum Section has participated in the Engineer’s Weeks for a number of years. Collaboration between various professional societies is essential for the Engineer’s Week Activities. The Alaska Section has been recognized for its best practices regarding E-Week and the collaboration required to host a successful week. See section 7.3 for additional information.
  • Alaska Petroleum Section officers maintain contact with the Western Region director and other section chairs, principally by means of the Western North America Region Leadership Council, which holds a conference call every six weeks to discuss business of interest to the entire region. The Alaska Petroleum Section sends notices of its luncheon meetings and fundraising events to other professional societies such as the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), and the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE). Upon request, we also publicize activities for other professional societies in our monthly newsletter or by e-mail. The section’s YP’s also participated in the AADE “Fin Fur Feather Food Festival” (see section 6.4). 5.1.1 Do you see ways to change your relationships with other societies to improve the benefits to members? Can SPE assist in any way? We have begun talks with the local AADE section to host joint technical meetings in the future. There are a few logistical and financial challenges to holding joint meetings, but both societies believe that holding joint meetings on topics of mutual interest can help to increase membership in both societies. 5.2 List ways the section encourages its members to participate in SPE committees and subcommittees at the Society level and the SPE activities such as the Membership Workshop and the Section Officers Workshop. All section officers traveling to SPE conferences are actively encouraged to attend all leadership meetings--our section leaders have always attended leadership sessions when at a conference. Many of our more experienced members have served on a variety of SPE conference and editorial committees. We have taken advantage of these members by asking them to talk about their involvement during our section meetings. They offer a little bit of background about committee work and a brief “testimonial”. We continue to have problems, however, with members volunteering through and not hearing back for a very long time. This dampens enthusiasm and gives SPE an unprofessional appearance. 6. Membership Development Which, if any, major industry employers (include approximate number of SPE members if known) moved in or out of the section during each of the last 3 years? While several major employers have moved commenced operations in Alaska over the past several years (e.g. Anadarko, Shell, ENI), their Alaska operations are relatively small compared to the oilfield in general. Several companies have bought and sold businesses, resulting in changing names of companies rather than the actual large-scale transfer of personnel.
  • 6.1 List methods the section uses to encourage member participation in the section and its activities. The Section seeks to provide technical and social activities that cater to the availability and interests of our membership. The section is rightfully proud of its history of scholarship (both in terms of fundraising and awards) and members are keen to participate in the scholarship program through donations of time and funds. We hold an annual golf tournament which is structured to provide a small financial nudge to join SPE (non-members are charged more than members). We strive to hold our monthly luncheons at a convenient location for our members—usually within a major company’s office. Our programs chair seeks out timely topics, arranges for good (if not fancy) food, and promotes attendance by giving away a few Alaska SPE logo items at each luncheon. Above all, we rely on our SPE board and volunteers to create events that are technically worthwhile, entertaining, provide good networking opportunities—quality events build our reputation as a society and help to promote participation and membership in SPE. 6.2 List activities related to recruitment, retainment, and/or reinstatement of members. The section holds an annual membership drive during the spring months. New members note who referred them to SPE, and both the recruiter and new member are entered into prize drawings for hotel stays, gift certificates, and electronics. The cost of the promotion is ~$250 and typically yields 5-10 new members, in addition to being a reminder for current members to pay their membership renewal dues. 6.3 Describe how the section recognizes membership recruitment efforts. See section 6.2. 6.4 List and describe efforts by the section to engage and organize young professionals and emerging leaders. The Alaska section YP program is starting to take off with renewed enthusiasm. In January 2008 the YP's held a networking social at a local pub and pizzeria, the Moose’s Tooth. The event was well attended with over 20 young professionals participating. For the first time, the Alaska Petroleum Section participated in the Fin Feather Fur Food Festival, a charitable event sponsored by the Alaska Section of the American Association of Drilling Engineers. SPE’s participation was entirely coordinated and staffed by the section’s YP's. For this event, the YP's prepared Sicilian spedinis, dubbed “SPEdinis”, and dressed in colorful superhero costumes all for a chance to bring awareness to SPE and show support for the Anchorage community. The Alaska section young professionals are also working on professional development opportunities for fall 2008. In March 2008, YP liaison Tim Crumrine stepped down to focus on other opportunities within SPE. Erica Kappel (ConocoPhillips) took Tim’s place and is a welcome addition to the Alaska section leadership. Erica has led the formation of an SPE YP kickball team which will compete in the city’s recreational league this summer, complete with SPE logo T-shirts for uniforms. The Alaska Petroleum section has always had a high level of YP involvement, and that trend is continuing.
  • The section also provided an Ambassador Lecturer (Section Chair Chris Jenkins) for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. His talk at the university was attended by ~30 undergraduate students. The YP group accomplished a number of long-term goals established for the program--in some cases reaching these milestone a year or two earlier than anticipated. Milestones of the 2007-2008 program year Host 3 well attended YP networking socials (15+ people present) Host an SPE community related or charitable event--participation in AADE FFFFF Established a formal YP committee Provided an Ambassador Lecturer to UAF For the 2007-2008 program year, well more than half of the section’s elected officers and volunteers were YP’s. For 2008-2009, that trend will continue. The section has been consistent over the years in using YP’s in leadership positions, where they are enthusiastic, quick to learn, and eager to make SPE a fun and valuable addition to their careers. Experienced members help to channel the enthusiasm and focus efforts towards reaching the society’s goals.
  • SPE YP’s at the Moose’s Tooth social event.
  • SPE Young Professionals at the AADE “Fin Fur Feather Food Festival”. 6.5 List and describe efforts by the section to liaise with industry employers. 2007 was the most successful year to date for our scholarship fundraising BBQ. Our net proceeds increased more than 8% to $18,523.83, which can be largely attributed to the continued support and sponsorship of industry with cash donations totaling $16,100, with additional donations of door prizes. All of the net proceeds generated from the scholarship BBQ are used to support local high school graduate and continuing college students pursuing degrees in engineering and earth sciences that can lead to employment in the petroleum industry. 85 SPE members attended the event.
  • SPE BBQ Historical Results 30,000 SPE BBQ Net Revenue SPE Scholarships Awarded 25,000 20,000 Net Revenue ($) 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Year SPE also hosts an annual golf tournament that has been labeled a social activity for several years--traditionally the event has broken even and it has been a struggle to fill out the tournament schedule. 2007 was the first year many can remember that we had a full tournament (144 players plus a dozen volunteers) with several teams on the waitlist and actually generated a profit! 100% of the 2007 net proceeds ($4679.74) were fed into our scholarship program. While these events functioned at fundraisers for SPE programs, these are events that industry employers believe in and feel strongly about. All of our local industry is invested in the success of our local graduates, and they are proud to have their companies recognized for donations made in association with SPE.
  • 7. Student Activities 7.1 List all activities sponsored by the section that were attended by members of a student chapter. Include section meetings, study-group meetings, field trips, regional meetings, short courses, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Offshore Technology Conference, etc., with attendance numbers. Date Meeting Location Student No. of SPE Chapter Student Members Attending 9/14/07 Resumes & Interview Skills – Workshop UAF UAF 20 11/2/07 The Next 50 Year Challenge – Progressing Resources to UAF UAF 24 Reserves to Production 11/5/07 North Slope Field Trip – Sponsored by BP Greater Prudhoe Bay UAF 12 11/5/07 North Slope Field Trip – Sponsored by ConocoPhillips Kuparuk UAF 9 11/16/07 Multi-Finger Caliper Study UAF UAF 25 2/1/08 BP’s Integrity Management Program UAF UAF 13 2/15/08 BP Projects in Alaska & Your Career in the Oil and Gas UAF UAF 20 Industry 2/29/08 20 Years of Wellwork: Interventions & Innovations at UAF UAF 15 Prudhoe Bay, AK 3/21/08 An Overview of Prudhoe Bay, AK Orion-Polaris Heavy Oil UAF UAF 18 Matrix Bypass Events 4/25/08 Bottom Hole Assemblies Used in Drilling & Underreaming UAF UAF 15 while Drilling 7.2 Discuss participation of the section in student paper contest and other student chapter activities. The Section sponsored the student paper contest held in Bakersfield, CA in conjunction with the Western Region Meeting. A $1000 contribution was made for the general operations of the contest. The section also makes a $1500 annual contribution to the student section at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) to offset travel expenses for students to attend the student paper contest and ATCE. In 2007, the Alaska section made an additional $2000 donation to UAF to support travel for several of their SPE student section executive members to attend ATCE in November, 2007 in Anaheim, CA.
  • The bulk of Alaska Section membership resides in Anchorage, while the student chapter we support at UAF is over 350 miles away. This distance presents some challenge to our ability to directly support the student chapter, yet the Alaska section still provided eight technical speakers (plus an Ambassador Lecturer) to the student chapter during the school year. It is worth noting that for the speakers who travel to Fairbanks, the distance involved necessitates missing at least one day in the office (assuming they fly out and back on the same day). This travel and time away represents a substantial commitment not only on the part of the speakers, but also on the part of the businesses and government agencies that pay for this travel. We are especially grateful for their financial contribution because the Alaska section could not afford to pay for these speakers’ travel. In order to involve the UAF student section more fully in the Alaska Petroleum Section’s technical meetings, we investigated holding our section meetings with a videoconference link to the university system. Unfortunately, there are technical issues that prevent the videoconferencing system at the university from communicating with the system at our normal meeting venue. An upgrade to the university’s system is planned that should alleviate this problem in the future. 7.3 List all activities sponsored by the section to educate students/instructors/counselors on the profession/industry. (Indicate at what level activities are directed; i.e., elementary, secondary, or senior high school; teachers; or counselors.) National Engineers Week National Engineers Week ran from February 18-23, 2008. This annual event is sponsored by the Anchorage engineering community (the Alaska SPE section contributed $500), and focuses attention on the importance of engineering in our daily lives. A wide variety of activities organized during the week were designed to encourage students to consider a career in engineering. Among the events were classroom discussions, forum meetings, tours, engineering competitions held at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), and culminating with an awards banquet. In addition to SPE’s monetary contribution, members of the Alaska section contributed to the success of Engineers Week in a number of ways. Section members organized a tour for high school juniors and seniors from a number of local high schools. The tour consisted of visiting the H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark and touring the Engineering Department at University of Alaska Anchorage. While at UAA, approximately 100 hundred high school students heard from local engineers representing different engineering disciplines. SPE members shared their experiences and insights about the many opportunities available in the petroleum industry. National Engineers Week concluded with an Awards Banquet at Anchorage’s Millennium Hotel. At the banquet over $5000 in Junior Engineer Scholarships was awarded to Alaskan high school students who plan on pursuing engineering careers. In addition, our own SPE Engineer of the Year Jennifer Julian competed with representatives from other professional societies for the honor of being named the overall Alaska Engineer of the Year (see photo in section 9). Engineering Explorers
  • The Engineering Explorers is an Anchorage-based high school club sponsored by the Alaska Section of SPE and led by our own Alex Yancey, Micaela Weeks, and Jenny Vorpahl. This club is open to any high school student in the Anchorage region and currently has about 35 members. The Engineering Explorers meet twice a month throughout the school year to learn about a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines including mechanical, chemical, structural, electrical, petroleum, mechanical, and aerospace. Each meeting has an engineering discipline as a theme. The meetings begin with an engineering professional giving a brief presentation, which is then followed by spending the bulk of the time on a challenging activity related to that session’s theme. The students divide into small groups where they must use inductive reasoning, effective teamwork, and demonstrate problem solving skills to complete the challenge successfully. Some of the more interesting activities included building Mars rover style vehicles from the Challenge Alaska Space Center, constructing incredibly tall gingerbread structures, and engineering clean water systems for rural Alaska. Local high school students participating in activities at an Engineering Explorers meeting.
  • Other topics and activities included: • Oil production, pipeline construction, and the Trans Alaska Pipeline • Learning the scientific method by building egg drop parachutes • Making wireless home computer routers • Corrosion Engineering and metal analysis • Aquifers and ground water management • Tour of University of Anchorage Alaska's Engineering Department and meeting faculty and students Under the leadership of our very enthusiastic volunteers, attendance at Engineering Explorers meetings has maintained the high level that was established last year. The Engineering Explorers leaders have continued on with last year’s program “improvements” by keeping lectures brief and focusing meetings on the activities. Following each meeting feedback surveys are completed and the students emphasize that they are very excited about the activities (and prefer that the lecturing is kept to a minimum!). 7.4 List all activities sponsored by the section that were attended by elementary, secondary, or senior high school students, with attendance numbers. See the comments in Section 7.3 regarding National Engineers Week and Engineering Explorers. 8. Scholarship List all scholarship activities of the section and the percent of the section’s budget distributed as scholarships. The Alaska Petroleum Section awarded a total of $20,500 in scholarships to 15 individuals, two of which are dependants of SPE members. $20,500 in awards represents 34.2% of the section’s annual budget. These scholarships were funded through annual fundraising events (Scholarship BBQ Fundraiser, Golf Tournament), rebates from SPE headquarters, dividends from investment accounts, corporate giving directed by section members, and donations from local section members.
  • Recipient School Section Contribution and How Funded (e.g., interest bearing Percent of Section Budget account, technical meeting, social Distributed as Scholarships activity, general fund) Alexander See note above Janorschke University of Alaska Fairbanks $2,500 Stephanie Pilch University of Alaska Fairbanks $2,500 See note above Bethany Freel University of Alaska Fairbanks $1,500 See note above Cody Pohler Texas A&M $1,500 See note above Isabel Bush Harvey Mudd $1,500 See note above Joseph Patz University of Alaska Fairbanks $1,500 See note above Kelly Edmond University of Portland $1,500 See note above Kirsten Schultz University of Alaska Fairbanks $1,500 See note above Kyle Little University of California $1,500 See note above Marina Critchett University of Alaska Fairbanks $1,500 See note above Steven Gieryric University of Alaska Fairbanks $1,500 See note above Adeshka Carroll University of Alaska Anchorage $500 See note above Jeremiah Davidson University of Alaska Fairbanks $500 See note above Joseph Heimerl University of Alaska Fairbanks $500 See note above Megan Reimer Colorado School of Mines $500 See note above Attached below is an article from a BP internal publication about the scholarship BBQ. Planet BP Scholarship Article
  • From left to right: Scholarship Committee Chair / Section Director Chineme Eke (Baker Hughes), five scholarship recipients, Section Chair Christopher Jenkins (BP), Scholarship Committee member Tami Wheeler (BP), and Scholarship Committee Member / Section Director Brian Magruder (ExxonMobil)
  • 9. Awards List any SPE national, regional, or section awards, nominations and similar, distinguished recognition from other organizations received by section members. Title of Award Nominee Recipient (yes or no) 2007 Western North America Regional Outstanding Olivia H. Bommarito Yes Young Member Award 2007 Western North America Regional Service Taylor West Yes Award 2007 Western North America Regional Drilling & Jennifer Y. Julian Yes Completions Award 2008 Western North America Regional Drilling & Mark O. Johnson Yes Completions Award 2008 Western North America Regional Outstanding Christopher N. Jenkins Yes Young Member Award 2008 Western North America Regional Service Randahl D. Roadifer Yes Award 2008 Western North America Regional Service Robert O. Younger III No Award 2008 Western North America Regional Service Christopher N. Jenkins No Award 2008 Western North America Regional Reservoir Patrick L. McGuire No Description & Dynamics 2008 International Young Member Outstanding Tim W. Crumrine TBD Service Award 2008 International Drilling & Completions Award Jennifer Y. Julian No 2008 International Young Member Outstanding Olivia H. Bommarito TBD Service Award
  • Alaska Section Award Winners at the 2007 ATCE in Anaheim, CA. Pictured from left to right are Olivia Bommarito (BP, Regional Outstanding Young Member Award), Med Kamal (SPE Regional Director), Jennifer Julian (BP, Regional Drilling & Completions Award), and Taylor West (BP, Regional Service Award).
  • Alaska Section Regional Award Winners at the 2008 Western Region Meeting in Bakersfield, CA. Pictured from the Alaska Petroleum Section are Mark Johnson (BP, far right back row, Regional Drilling & Completions Award) and Christopher Jenkins (BP, on left in front row, Regional Outstanding Young Member Award). Not pictured is Randy Roadifer (ConocoPhillips, Regional Service Award).
  • Shown at the Alaska Engineer of the Year Banquet: From Left to Right, 2006 Engineer of the Year Joe Anders, 2005 Engineer of the Year Shirish Patil, Section Chair Christopher Jenkins, 2008 Engineer of the Year Jennifer Julian, and 2007 Engineer of the Year Mark Johnson
  • 10. Community Outreach List all activities sponsored by the section in which members participated that enhanced the image of the petroleum industry or the petroleum engineering profession. Include local community activities. Activities include, but are not limited to, presentations concerning the petroleum industry, energy education, charitable causes, and community action projects. a. Engineers Week - See section 7.3 b. Alaska State Science & Engineering Fair - Annual $500 sponsorship of a local engineering science fair. SPE often provides judges at local schools for this event. c. SPE Student Paper Contest - See section 7.2 d. UAF Student Support - See section 7.2 e. UAF Society of Women Engineers donation - The UAF SWE chapter has requested funds for their officers to travel to a national conference in Washington, D.C. Our section has agreed to give a $500 donation. 11. Other Activities Complete the table for any other activities sponsored by the section, such as social events or activities not mentioned elsewhere in this report. Date Brief Description of Activity Income Expenses Profit Number of Participants All are covered elsewhere in the report. 12. Goals Outline goals established at beginning of year and report progress in meeting both long- and short-term goals. Goals from the current program year: Long-Term Goals: • Continue a strong scholarship program. We raised more funds for scholarships during the last year than at any time in our history. We continue to enjoy an exceptionally strong and diverse base of applicants for the scholarship who hail from across Alaska.
  • • Focus time and efforts on programs that add the most value. Our volunteer ranks have grown this year, enabling us to add additional activities and events rather than having to scale back as we thought we might need to. The Young Professionals group in particular has become more and more a part of these core activities as well as branching out on their own. • Align our goals with SPEI: Our section had two nominees for Distinguished Lecturer service this year, and several individuals volunteered to serve on SPE conference committees. Short-Term Goals: • Involve young professionals in Section leadership: Well over half of the section’s board of directors and volunteers are YP’s. This continues an established trend of providing opportunities to these enthusiastic new members of our section. We have continued to involve a new crop of YP’s from year to year. • Increase recognition of the Alaska Section internally within SPEI: The Alaska Section had offered to host a Western Region Meeting as early as 2009. However, the Western Region Leadership Council decided that Alaska would next host a meeting in 2011 (we last hosted in 2006. • Increase SPE Alaska peer recognition: We enjoyed an unprecedented year of recognition with 6 regional award winners among 9 nominees. We have a number of nominees for international awards who are still awaiting word of their status. We changed the way that we reward past officers and volunteers, who universally rejected “desk trinkets” in favor of a social dinner. • Support the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Student Section: Although 350 miles away, we enjoyed a fantastic year of support for the student section with 9 speakers visiting UAF (see section 7.1). The students continue to benefit from funds we provide for travel to SPE conferences (where they routinely place well in student paper contests!). • Update Section Bylaws: The Alaska Section’s bylaws were updated at the end of the previous program year--something that had not been done since 1990. Throughout the program year, the board referred to the updated bylaws and was able to use them to guide our activities and processes. Please note that a copy of these revised bylaws was provided as Appendix C to the 2007 Alaska Petroleum Section Annual Report. Goals for the next program year: Long-Term Goals: • Maintain the high quality of the Alaska Section’s meetings and events. All of the social and fundraising events have continued to blossom and grow over the past several years. We have seen a record level of involvement and donations. Our goal is to maintain the established success and to increase value to our membership and our donors that will help to reinforce the importance of what SPE does for the industry.
  • • Add value from Young Professionals activities. While it is relatively easy to organize social events, we will need to remember that the objective of these events is to foster continued SPE membership and be a bridge to full technical participation in the society. We need to take some time at the social events to promote the technical side of SPE. • Provide volunteers for SPEI: We have so many enthusiastic YP’s that we do not have enough leadership positions to accommodate all the volunteers. We are trying to organize SPE members into larger committees, but for some of these members to be fully engaged we will need to encourage them to participate on regional, national, and international committees. We need SPEI’s help to make this a worthwhile experience. Short-Term Goals: • Begin preparations necessary to host the Western Region Meeting in 2011. We need to get the ball rolling during the next program year. • Increase volunteerism from the Alaska Section internally within SPEI: The Alaska Section has one member serving on the SPEI membership committee. We have a number of members volunteering on various conference and editorial committees, but there is a great deal of untapped resource available. • Increase SPE Alaska peer recognition: We want to keep up the recognition of past and current officers, volunteers, Engineer of the Year candidates, and Regional and Society Award winners. Recognition helps with networking and can provide an incentive for future volunteerism. • Support the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Student Section: Although 350 miles away, we continue to support the student section by identifying speakers to visit UAF (see section 7.1), communicating with student officers, and providing funds to support travel to SPE conferences. The Alaska section has a track record of reaching these goals every year. Next year we would like to begin videoconferencing our section meetings if and when that becomes technically feasible. 13. Constraints List unusual constraints of the section in (1) membership development, (2) technical/educational activities, (3) scholarship activities, and/or (4) financial activities. The Alaska Section covers a tremendous geographical area---many members (and potential members) have difficulty participating fully in the section’s activities because the industry is so dispersed throughout the state (e.g. North Slope, Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula, etc.). The section faces similar challenges in coordinating with other sections within the Western Region or the broader SPEI organization---distance and cost of travel sometimes prevents our members from having the opportunity to participate in conferences. Distance also present some challenge to our ability to support the student chapter at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, which is roughly 350 miles away from the bulk of our membership in Anchorage.
  • Another challenging area for our section is that of providing educational courses for our members. In the past we have not been successful in identifying courses that would be beneficial for our members, with the exception of a course to prepare petroleum engineers to take the professional engineer’s exam. However, SPE may take on a larger role, as the Alaska State Legislature has recently increased the continuing education requirement for registered professional engineers. With increased educational requirements, we expect there may be a greater niche for training provided facilitated through SPE. We now have a continuing education chair, who plans to contact other SPE sections to learn about their experience developing successful programs. He also plans to conduct a survey of our local membership to assess the needs and desires of the SPE population. Our section attempted to add a “technical highlight” to each of our monthly section meetings. We noted that the typical presenter at our section meetings was either a Distinguished Lecturer or an employee of an oilfield operator. In the past we had some experiences with talk given by employees of service companies where the talks seemed overly commercial, so these companies have often not been invited to speak despite that fact that they do offer a great deal that is of technical merit. Thus we decided to add the “technical highlight”, a display area where service companies could display a technology before and after the main portion of our section meeting. This was viewed as an avenue to increase exposure for the companies without seeming excessively promotional. To our surprise, only one company chose to provide a technical highlight topic during the program year. We will have to revisit our plans and brainstorm how to further involve service companies in the technical side of SPE in Anchorage. Lastly, as we place tremendous emphasis on YP activities and development in our section, and since so much of our section leadership is composed of YP’s, we must be careful not to alienate our more experienced members. Without them, we have comparatively little to offer our younger members. It may be wise to consider holding events that may cater more especially to our experienced professionals. 14. The President’s Award for Section Excellence is given to up to six outstanding sections each year based on the activities of the sections identified in the Annual Report. Why should your section be considered for the President’s Award for Section Excellence? (If this question is answered, this annual report will serve as an application for the award.) See award rules, attached. If a qualification category does not apply to your section, you may attach an additional page that provides details about why that category should not be used in considering your section for the award. When detailing the reasons why your section should be selected for this award, emphasize those programs, events or circumstances that were new or changed during this past year. The Alaska Petroleum Section wishes to be considered for the President’s Award. The section has a fantastic track record of delivery for a section of its size. A few highlights: • Alaska consistently provides one or two Distinguished Lecturers for the society as a whole. This year Joe Anders will speak on Well Integrity Management. Jennifer Julian and Shirish Patil were nominated for future Distinguished Lecturer service.
  • • Alaska membership efforts have been included in SPE’s annual Section Best Practices for the last four years. The section consistently gives away a half-dozen SPE logo items at monthly meetings. We advertise our monthly meetings with other petroleum-related professional societies in Anchorage (e.g. AAPG, AADE, etc.) and provide reciprocal publicity for these societies upon request. We are progressing to hold joint meetings with AADE in order to expand membership and participation in both SPE and AADE. • Alaska’s community outreach efforts have also been included in SPE’s Section Best Practices for the past four years. This most recent year was our most successful yet, as the Engineering Explorers program maintained the incredible growth of the last year and continued to introduce high school students to the world of engineering. The Engineer’s Week activities continued to be a great success, due in large part to the field trips organized by our SPE volunteers. • Our scholarship program is among the largest of all SPE sections, notwithstanding that there are many sections much larger than our own. The section awarded $20,500 in scholarships to 15 high school graduates and continuing college students. Two of these were dependents of SPE Alaska section members. Our scholarship program was paid for by our most successful BBQ fundraiser ever—over $18,500 was raised from private and industry sources—this represents a 8% increase over last year (which was also a record-setting year). • 2007 was the first time in many, many years that the SPE golf tournament turned a profit. A revised tournament plan and an enthusiastic corps of volunteers yielded nearly $4,700 that was deposited to the scholarship account. • The Alaska Section has a strong and rapidly developing group of young leaders. Over the past four years, well more than 50% of the Alaska Section’s board of directors and volunteers has been composed of young professionals. We are tremendous pleased with the maturing of our Young Professionals program during the last year. With energetic new leadership, this committee kicked off with social events, a community service activity, and even a kickball team for a community sports league. Young professionals also lead the committees for our two biggest events, the scholarship BBQ fundraiser and our annual golf tournament. • The Alaska Section supports the University of Alaska, Fairbanks both monetarily (for travel to SPE events) as well as through providing guest speakers. These speakers (nine this year!) must travel over 700 miles roundtrip and miss a day of work to volunteer in Fairbanks. We are grateful to our local companies and agencies that have been supportive of these efforts. • The Western Region Leadership Council decided that the Alaska Section would next host a Western Region Meeting (WRM) in 2011. However, for several months during the program year, the location of the 2009 WRM was in doubt, and the Section offered to host the 2009 meeting if necessary (quite a short fuse for an event of that size). This spirit of volunteerism is very typical of our section and permeates all of our activities (both social and outreach). The Alaska Section has a history of delivering top-notch performance for a section of its size (one of the smaller “big” sections). The Section is particularly proud of the many ways we reach out to the community to promote engineering in general and especially the petroleum industry. Students in Alaska are fortunate to have a section as active as this one to help them in their engineering education, in their early career as young professionals, and throughout their careers in the petroleum industry. Section Chairperson: Christopher N. Jenkins Email: Date: 30 May 2008
  • Submit report to: SPE Sections Society of Petroleum Engineers, Inc. Mailing address: P.O. Box 833836, Richardson, TX 75083-3836, U.S.A. Delivery address: 222 Palisades Creek Drive, Richardson, TX 75080, U.S.A. Facsimile: +1.972.952.9435 Email:
  • Appendix A SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS (SPE) INC. Incoming Section Officers Form Please type or print All officers must be members of the section and SPE members in good standing. Section Name: Alaska Petroleum Section Number: Term Beginning Date: 8/1/08 Term Ending Date: 7/31/09 Position # Position Name (Description) Member # Member Name E-mail Address (SPE Use Only) CHAIR Section Chairperson Tim Crumrine PCHAIR Program Chairperson Robert Younger MCHAIR Membership Chairperson Chidiebere Igbokwe SECT Secretary Matthew Mower TREAS Treasurer Olivia Bommarito 424 Publications Mentor Vacant 425 Technology Transfer Officer Randy Roadifer 432 Career Guidance Chairperson Vacant 434 Continuing Education Chairperson Jack Walker 440 Section/Student Chapter Liaison Emberley Riddle 446 Scholarship Chairperson Chineme Eke 452 Section Director Tim Crumrine 452 Section Director Christopher Jenkins 452 Section Director Forest Bommarito
  • Appendix A Continued Position # Position Name (Description) Member # Member Name E-mail Address (SPE Use Only) 452 Section Director Jennifer Julian 452 Section Director Brian Magruder 452 Section Director Chineme Eke 460 Micro Computer Chairperson Scott Stanley ??? Young Professional Liaison Erica Kappel ??? Publicity Chairperson Meghan McKee Please return this form as soon as the new officers are elected and no later than the day before the previous officers terms expire. Submitted by: Name: Christopher Jenkins Telephone: 907 339 5068 Return to: SPE Sections Society of Petroleum Engineers SPE Office Held: Section Chair Facsimile: 907 339 5088 P.O. Box 833836 Richardson, TX 75083-3836, E-mail: U.S.A. Telephone: 972.952.9393 Facsimile: 972.952.9435 E-mail: For changes to individual member records, please complete a Change of Information form. An electronic version of this form is available upon request
  • Appendix B SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS SECTION FINANCIAL STATEMENT FOR FISCAL YEAR 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008 Section Name: SPE Alaska Section TOTAL RESOURCES 1 April 2007 Cash, checking, and savings accounts U.S.$ 28,582 Bonds, securities, and other (at cost) U.S.$ 159,166 TOTAL—CASH & INVESTMENTS (A) U.S.$ 187,749 INCOME 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008 Interest and dividends earned U.S.$ 525 Social events U.S.$ 53,688 Meetings and special technical events U.S.$ 11,875 Educational courses, symposia U.S.$ 0 Scholarship support from SPE Americas Office U.S.$ 2,386 Rebates from the SPE Americas Office U.S.$ 759 Local dues collected U.S.$ 0 Advertising Income Print Advertising U.S.$ 600 Section Website Advertising U.S.$ 0 Other U.S.$ 2,050 TOTAL—INCOME (B) U.S.$ 71,883 EXPENSES 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008 Meetings (notices, meals, rentals) U.S.$ 9,936 Educational courses, symposia U.S.$ 0 Scholarships U.S.$ 25,000 Donations U.S.$ 4,500 Operating expenses (stationery, supplies, postage, etc.) U.S.$ 881 Social events U.S.$ 32,881 Other U.S.$ 0 TOTAL EXPENSES (C) U.S.$ 73,198 TOTAL RESOURCES 31 March 2008 (Cash U.S.$27,267, Other U.S.$162,418) TOTAL—CASH & INVESTMENTS (D) U.S.$ 189,684
  • No local bank account. Any assets are on account with SPE for use by the section Newly established section. Not in operation during most of this fiscal year; therefore, no financial report is available at this time Olivia Bommarito 5/27/08 Section Treasurer Date Submitted by: Name: Olivia Bommarito SPE Section Office: Alaska Company/Address: BP, 900 E. Benson Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99507 Telephone: (907) 564-4096 Facsimile: (907) 564-4014 Email: Date: 5/27/08 Return to: SPE Sections Manager Society of Petroleum Engineers P.O. Box 833836 Richardson, Texas 75083-3836, U.S.A. Telephone: +1.972.952.9393 Facsimile: +1.972.952.9435 E-mail:
  • Appendix C Results of Alaska Petroleum Section Financial Audit SPE financial audit 4-28-08.pdf